Order of the Silver Gryphon - Becoming a Member


The Gryphon Holding is located within the area outside of Wehnimer's Landing, beyond the Mine Road, in the vicinity of the Lyserian Hills.

Meetings & Times

Regular meetings are held on alternate Sundays at 9:00 p.m. EST., at the Order Holding.


A Squire to a Member of the Order of the Silver Gryphon is a person of the warrior profession who has demonstrated serious interest in becoming a full member of the Order, and has formally entered into the Order's Squire program via sponsorship by an active full member of the Order and acceptance as a Squire by the Order. Squires may not vote in Member-Only matters.

For more information on Squires, we advise you read our Handbook.

Friends of the Order

A Friend of the Order is a person of any profession and age/trainings who has been adopted by majority vote of the active full members of the Order. Friends of the Order may not vote in Member-Only matters.