Order of the Silver Gryphon - Becoming a Member


The Gryphon Holding is located within the area outside of Wehnimer's Landing, beyond the Mine Road, in the vicinity of the Lyserian Hills.

Meetings & Times

Regular meetings are held on alternate Sundays at 9:00 p.m. EST./8pm CST, at the Order Holding, location of which is presented above.


A Squire to a Member of the Order of the Silver Gryphon is a person of any profession that embodies the ideals of honor, valor and the tenants of our Order who has demonstrated serious interest in becoming a full member of the organization, and has formally entered into the Order's Squire program via sponsorship by an active full member upon acceptance as a Squire by the Order. Squires may not vote in Member-Only matters until completion of their membership requirements.

We encourage those interested in membership to seek out members of the Order in or around the Lands. You may also contact us via scroll (email) to gain an invite as guest to an Order meeting.

For more information on Squires, we advise you read our Handbook.