Order of the Silver Gryphon - Timeline

This is a work in progress! The outline and file content of this may change as it evolves. I have also not included everything at this time to confirm dates and some of it may not be relevant to non-members. It is much more extensive.

5095-5099 - The Early Years
Founding of the Order of the Silver Gryphons by Maldon (GM Mikos) – (December 1995)
Baron Malwind Knights Cemb and Welan for their bravery in Korm’s rescue - (late 1996/1997)
Solhaven road to Wehnimers completed - (1998)
Waldo2, Brinn, Wanton, and Hyoko are Knighted - (11/18/1998)

5098-5102 - Settling in
Bregandian War - (6/5/1999)
Holswort, Herald of Baron Hochstib arrives in Wehnimers - (10/19/1999)
Deavon and Ruffelin Knighted - (3/19/2000)
Silver Gryphons in a joint venture with the Northern Fury assault Thurfel's Keep - (10/22/2000)
Banaltra attacks, defense of Wehnimer's against the Feithidmor - (11/19/2000)

5103-5104 - The War of Nations
War of Nations begins - (1/5/2003)
Wehnimer's falls - Gryphons lead resistance forces - (7/21/2003)
Eahlstan, Yarx and Kinshack are Knighted - (6/13/2003)
Mestanir Mandis Crystal destroyed - Gryphon attack force infiltrates enemy lines - (7/2003) Cryheart, Yviara, Morgiest and Valicar are Knighted. Eahlstan, Valicar, and Brinn are promoted- (7/23/2003)
Baron Hochstib is killed by Falicor and the Mandis Crystals are destroyed - (11/17/2003)

5104-5105 - 2nd Griffin Sword War
Gryphons respond to attacks, combat Dark Alliance throughout war, heavy fighting in Solhaven
Solhaven lost to the Dark Alliance, becomes Nighthaven
Sir Kinshack and Tebon lead Elanthian Alliance in Elven Nations
Solhaven is attacked by the Dark Alliance in search of the 4th sword piece- (3/21/2004)
Final piece of the sword is located by a solhaven merchant - (1/30/2005)
Destruction of the Black Temple, end of the Griffin War Saga - (9/8/2005)

2007 - Empire Unrest
Empress Mynal'lyanna assassinated - (5/1/2007)
Hochstib is declared dead, his sister inherits all of Jantalar, Mestanir restored as Barony - (5/22/2007)
Baron Chydenar invested as Baron of Mestanir - (6/1/2007)
Inquisitor Usyian Denturei is revealed as Empress’ assassin by Salnim Maldwind - (6/5/2007)
Baron Malwind invested as lord of Vornavis, Solhaven renewed as a freeport - (6/13/2007)

5109-5110 - Chaos in Solhaven
Solhaven is destroyed by Charl to close the portals - (9/2009)
Aydan, Tebon, Metadi, and Bristenn are Knighted in Solhaven - (3/27/2010)
Tseleth and the tale of the Red Dreamer - (5/2010)
The Demon of Nostus - (9/12/2010)
Call to the faithful - (11/22/2010)
Ronan's Blockade (10/19/2011)
In Fire - Morvule Reborn! - (10/24/2011)
The Duskborn - (1/30/2012)
Last of the Dreamwalkers - (3/27/2012)
Schism of Ronan! - (4/2012)
The Red Dreamer safely slumbers - (8/18/2012)

5110-5112- The Summoners
Thrayzor appears in Wehnimers Landing - (8/28/2010)
Mirayam appears in Wehnimers Landing - (9/22/2010)
Albright sends ultimatum to Wehnimers Landing to hand over Mirayam - (9/26/2010)
A plague is spread in Wehnimers Landing, Raznel, another Summoner is the culprit - (10/2/2010)
Walkar Wellington is elected Mayor of Wehnimers Landing - (10/2010)
Attacks on Wehnimers Landing near nightly, among the attackers are demonic Vathors - (12/2010)
Lady Chambeli is murdered by the orc Thrayzor, while being controlled and manipulated - (1/2010)
Portals to Mestanir open in Danjirland - Gryphons muster and defend Barony - (2/2010)
The portals close shortly after Odilia, who's true name is Arlaestra, is killed - (3/2010) Grishom Stone destroyed, Elithian Cross escapes with Urnon Golem - (1/14/2012)

5112 - The Star of Khar'ta
Re-discovery of the artifact, Sir Cryheart consults Mayor Walkar - (5/2012)
Artifact stolen by Thanden and taken to Teras - (6/2012)
Krolvin obtain Star of Khar'ta, attack Wehnimers. Gryphons respond in force- 7/2012)
Krentuk finally defeated, ships destroyed with help from Parlay - Gryphons are part of spear attack(8/1/2012)

5112-5113 - Of Rooks and Undead
Fire at guttin goods, anti-krolvin believed at first, Meurii (A half-Krol gryphon is concerned) - (12/2012)
Burrow Way discovered under city. Rooks make appearance - (12/2012)
Ghostly lights appear, undead attack, Gryphons respond with heavy Voln contingents - (12/2012)
Gryphons capture a rook. Identify Rooks are humans and not birdmen - (1/2012)
Meureii kidnapped, left on glatoph as diversion - (1/2012)
Lich Landing discovered under Wehnimer's. So called King Barnom Slim, the lich appears - (1/2012)

Sir Cryheart and Sir Brinn hung in town square by Mayor in an uncontrolled fit.

Drangell's Murderous lair (2/23/13)
Barnom's phylactery (3/1/13)

5113-5115 - Cross into Shadows
Kuligar Coronation gone wrong! (3/1/14) Salnim meets with Sir Davard to stop the War (4/14)
The Holding Captured by Sir Davard of Talador! (4/23/14)
Holding Retaken - Raznel's rituals (5/16/14
Balantine's blue eyes (6/21/14)
Walkar the Abomination - Cryheart's stand (7/17/14)
Cross Defeated!
Sir Thadston Andrews read Jovery's Decree - impacts order (1/13/2015)

5115 - By the Empires Reckoning
Hendoran Outpost complete and tour (7/14/15)
Earl Jovery visits - Order restored to Scrolls of Immuron(7/17/15)

5116 - Earl Jovery
Earl rescued in Talador! (11/6/16) Lady Kasendra arrives in Solhaven to aid the north.