Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament (11/8/2020 Event)

Sponsored by the Order of the Silver Gryphon and Helden Hall

When: Sunday, November 8th, 8pm CST/9PM EST

Where: Helden Hall, Wehnimer's Landing (down the cobblestone path off North Ring Road)

Helden Hall and the Silver Gryphons invite you to the Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament. This tournament represents a combat in singles and team format to honor the memory of lost members of our organizations, namely Dame Wanton, whom it's named after, and Sir Yarx along with all of those who have left this realm to the next. Be sure to remember them either in the Halycon Hills or spare them a thought and remembrance.

Sir Cryheart will be officiating the action and we hope to have a good turnout for the fights. Who is ready to get into the pit!?

By my hand,

Sir Geijon Khyree
Leader, Order of the Silver Gryphon


Rules of Helden Hall fighting pit

Arena Mechanics: (Will crash Arena or game if violated)

NO AOE spells
NO Implosion
NO Invisibilty
NO Sandstorm, NO Insect Swarm (They do not stay within combat area)
NO Carn's Cry
NO V’Tulls Fury
NO Weapon fire
NO Maelstrom
NO Meteor swarm
NO Gerrelle's Growl

Website Updates

I've added the Courage and Justice & Mercy forums in July and August to the Discussions and Event page.

I've added a few Meeting Minutes as well. We have them all, but a thorough update is delayed.

4th Annual Dragonspine Darts Tournament

Hear ye! Hear ye!

The Order of the Silver Gryphon is hosting a dart contest at their Holding tower. The event will occur on May 17th, on a Restday at 9 pm as the elves tell time. There will be prize money offered. Escorting will be provided just inside the North gate of Wehnimer's Landing.

Prizes will be up to 5 million in coin and includes a Champion bonus for beating Sir Goldstr. Everyone will recieve 50,000 coin for topping his score, if they can.


Sir Cryheart Thaxin