Winter Giveaway

Had a fantastic turnout for the Winter Giveaway this year. For those who cannot hold vultite we provided spells, bounty and task help, along with gear and consumables. Special thanks to Beldin for joining us along with all of the Members and Friends of the Order.

This was our 4th or so consecutive year holding the giveaway and many were helped!

Dame Wanton Rally (8/25)

The Silver Gryphons will be hosting the Dame Wanton Rally Event at 8pm Elven! Look for the group forming outside of Wehnimer's North Gates to join the rally that will go all over town!


This game requires thinking creatively, sometimes outside of the box!

You must find 10 locations in and around Wehnimer’s Landing. No magic is needed to get to any location, and no location is beyond Coastal Cliffs or Upper Trollfang. (ie: not in the Graveyard)

Each correctly found location is worth 10 points.

There will be two rounds, each consisting of 5 locations.

Each location clue will have two general hints and one vicinity hint (ie: in town or out of town). The first general hint is worth 2 points and the second general hint is worth 3 points; the vicinity hint is worth 1 point. These points are cumulative and will be subtracted from your overall score.

Once you receive your clues, head to one of the five locations. Stand still and RECITE CHECK. If you are in the correct location, you will receive a whisper, and will be told to proceed to the next checkpoint.

If you need some help, send a THOUGHT to Arpelli and ask for one! You can do so in this manner: I need G1 /G2/V1 for Location 3 (or L3)

In some cases, you may benefit by going to the suspected area, and walking around. Something may spark your memory, or catch your eye.

Your clues contain very specific information. Yes, read into them.

At the end of the game, the one with the most points will be deemed the winner. First, second and third place winners will have a choice from the prize list.

Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament (8/19)

Where: Wehnimer's Landing, Helden Hall's Fighting Pit
When: 3pm EST, Saturday, August 19th

Our Annual Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament is upon us!

Meeting Tonight (7/1)

Hail members, squires and friends,

We have our bi-monthly meeting scheduled for this coming Restday at 9 pm eastern.

1. Choose specific time to run the Dame Wanton challenge matches.

2. Choose specific time to run the Rally.

3. Talk about krols, krols, krols.


5112 Gryphon Leadership and Council Members

Leader: Cryheart
First: Brinn
Council: Metadi, Evia, and Perivan
Alternate: Deavon