Shield Maneuvers Round Table(6/23/2013)

With combat utilization of shield maneuvers still in the early stages the Order feels it's a good time to have a public discussion on the tactics, training, and usefulness of these maneuvers. The collective experience of the Order and the populace should help move us in the direction of a greater understanding of these combat abilities in both offensive and defensive situations.

We ask that you all join us on Sunday, June 23rd at 6pm EST (Location TBD) where Goldstr and Shirkon will be leading the forum. If you have questions in advance please locate a member and we can research your inquiry and place it on the agenda.

Gryphons Meet and Greet(4/24/2013)

We welcome all of you to join the Order of the Silver Gryphon in a fellowship event. The Order of the Silver Gryphon will assist warriors with guild tasks. In sharing our bond with fellow warriors, paladins or potential friends, we will introduce our Order to citizens. The event will take place on the 24th of Olaesta, (April) at the Warrior's Guild, in the town of Wehnimer's Landing, at 9:00 PM elven (eastern.)

A tent will be outside for those who are not Warriors and cannot enter where the main stories will be told. If you have interest in particular first hand story telling please present your ideas on the official forums.

The Gryphons Cry, Tales of Love and Heroism (2/17/2013)

Come join the Order of the Silver Gryphon in celebrating Voaris and Laethe Day on the 17th of Fashanos (February). Prepare to sing or recite songs, prose, tales, and poems in a competition for prizes. Do you feel forlorn or battle ready? Come join the Order in the Holding for a festive event beginning at 4:00 PM (Eastern) as the elves tell time.

Site Updates Trois(Look & Feel Part: 3)

More Updates:

1. Added 10/18/98 and 1/10/99 Meeting Minutes
2. Added the death shriek to the Hochstib Demise log in the Library
under WoN: Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal
3. The Timeline has been heavily updated. More to additions pending
4. Added new song to beginning of At Our Doorstep in the Library under WoN: Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal
5. Heavily updated The Empress is Dead - Long Live the Emperor in the Library under WoN: Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal
6. Added Setting the Record Straight to the Library under Evolution of the Order
7. Added an intro to An Encounter with Holswort in the Library under
Evolution of the Order 8. Improved section and retitled Glotach the Wyvern Hunts in the Library under The Bregandan War
9. Added Interview with Spike the War rat to the Library under Bregandan War
10. Added Devestiot tells his Tale to the library under Bregandan War
11. Added Storm over Wehnimer's to the libary under Bregandan War
12. Added Spike reports on Breganda to the library under Bregandan War section
13. Added new song to beginning of Baron Hochstib and the Silver Gryphons in the library under Evolution of the Order

The Website Mad Dash (Look & Feel Part: 2)

A few, many, more changes:
1. Location and Meetings Schedule sections have been consolidated into "Becoming a Member".
2. The Squire Handbook has been added to the "Becoming a Member" section.
3. Member Roster has received a partial update. This work is ongoing. I have also posted a notice that our geneology, the entire relationship of members from our Founding to beginning will be posted in the future.
4. Updated the Timeline. Work in progress. More dates will be added throughout the week.
5. Updated the Library, including all 9 parts of the The Imperial Inquisition of Baron Dunrith Malwind
6. Added several more of Knightfall's Letters to Gilwen.
7. Added Mustafo's Interview of the pair.
8. Added Ideals and Perceptions of Knighthood
9. Amended the Summoners Storyline Summary
10. Added the Star of Khar'ta Summary
11. Added the All the Lich King's Men Summary
12. Updated Minutes to include all of 2011, 2012, and our first two meetings of 2013.

Many of the above is ongoing work, but you can expect more.

Works in progress:
1. The Banaltra/Feithidmor - ETA - Very soon
2. The Bregandian War - Date corrections and new documents - this month
3. Evolution of the Order and Our Charge - New Empire documents - this month
4. War of Nations - Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal - More stuff! - this month
5. Solhaven Restored - Honor and Recognition of the Defenders Log - Tonight
6. Contact us section - communications with Order [Internal & external members] - soon

Look & Feel

A few changes:
Made a some grammatical fixes to the menu systems.
Font clarification - Silver to Grey.
Font changed required a-links to require a color change - Testing still ongoing.
New Contact Us section in progress

Work, Work

The Meeting Minutes section has been updated to include all of the 2011 and 2012 Meetings. We've also added summaries, in full, of the Summoners, Star of Khar'ta, and the to date information for all the Lich King's Men. On top of this the Ideals and Perceptions of Knighthood discussion has been added to the Library along with several of Knightfall's Letters to Gilwen and finally, the entire Imperial Inquisition of Baron Dunrith Malwind. More to come!

I've removed the FAQ button. I am reviewing the Location and Schedule sections to possibly expand/condense them differently. Our 2013 Leadership voting is taking place now so look for an update there. I'll attempt to get to the Membership Roster section soon with proper updates along with possibly some new Squire and Scion information pending approval to release it.

Much more to come in the library also. I've had the Squidwar documents nearly done for some time so I've been trying to complete them. Interest hasn't been high on it so I haven't prioritized finishing them until recently.

We hope you all enjoy and come visit us on February 17th for The Gryphons Cry!