Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament (9/9/18 Event)

Sponsored by OSG and Helden Hall

When: Sunday, September 9th, 6PM Elven

Where: Helden Hall, Wehnimer's Landing (down the cobblestone path off North Ring Road)

Helden Hall and the Silver Gryphons invite you to the Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament. Join us as we host this tournament of skill in the Helden Fighting Pit, and earn your chance to win glory, silvers and more! If you have any questions, reach out to a Helden officer or member , or ring the bell at the gate located down the cobblestone path on North Ring Road (a member might be resting inside). We look forward to seeing you there!

This event is intended to represent the memory of lost members of our organizations, Namely Dame Wanton and Sir Yarx, but for all of those who have left us missing them. Be sure to remember monuments in the Halycon Hills and to visit when appropriete or just spare them a thought.


Rules of Helden Hall fighting pit: (so arena or game will not crash or kill others once they leave the pit)

NO area spells like unfocused or focused implosion (we don't want folks to lose weapons or gear)

Arena Mechanics: (Will Crash Arena if violated)

NO Invisibilty
NO Sandstorm, NO Insect Swarm (They do not stay within combat area)
NO Carn's Cry
NO V’Tulls Fury
NO Weapon fire
NO Maelstrom
NO Meteor swarm
NO Gerrelle's Growl

Round the Horn Dart Tournament (8/22/18 Event)

Sponsered by OSG and Daingneach Onoir

When: Wednesday, August 22nd, 9PM Elven

Where: Outpost Blue Phoenix Tavern .... This is NOT the Old Brick Tavern, Old Brick is the Bartender.


1st 1 million Silvers

2nd 500k Silvers
3rd 250k Silvers

Champion Challenge: any who beat Goldstr will recieve 50K. (regardless of personal finish)

Website Updates

We've updated Becoming a member, Officers, archives, meeting minutes and I've added a meeting schedule section that is a work in progress, but normally we plot out 6-12 months in advance so people can prepare for meetings. If you want to attend as a guest feel free to look there.

Protecting the Landing - Open Discussion with the OSG (6/17/18)

The Order of the Silver Gryphon discusses protecting the landing. We'll explore our combat tactics, alliances, relationships and struggles to weigh against our ideals, morals and oaths during the event. All questions are on the table so feel free to join us and ask. Good versus evil is a constant balance we must weigh. How do you accomplish it? Come and discuss it with us at our tent on North Ring Road on Restday, the seventeenth day of Lumnea at 8pm Elven (Sunday, June 17th at 8pm EST)

Landing Mayoral Debate: Lylia and Leafiara (3/9/18)

Where: Moot Hall, Chamber of Justice - head up to the Observation Balcony

When: Tonight, Friday, March 9th at 8pm EST.

Why: Come hear the answers the two candidates will give to some unique questions!

*Hosted by the Order of the Silver Gryphon.

Order of the Silver Gryphon with Sir Balantine hosts a Forging Workshop (2/22/18 Event)

Join the Order of the Silver Gryphon in Wehnimer's Landing on the 22nd day of Fashanos at 9pm elven for Sir Balantine's Forging Workshop. We'll meet in front of Dakris the Furrier where we'll head to Iron Jacks, the Blacksmith. Step by step instructions for weapon forging will be given and tips for all skill levels. Prizes will include at minimum an elegant vultite maul and other weapons of rare metal plus an armor and perfect weapon auction will be part of the occasion.