Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament

Where: Wehnimer's Landing, Helden Hall's Fighting Pit
When: 3pm EST, Saturday, August 25th

It's time again to "pit" your might against other challengers in the annual Dame Wanton Memorial Tournament!

The Bregandian Saga Additions

I completed editing the two additional logs from Khazaan from August and October of 1999 entitled the White Wizard Visits and Devestior and the Last Key. It explains a bit more of the pre-Bregandian War backstory for Devestior and his wyvern. Enjoy!

Meeting Minutes Update

Meeting Minutes under the Members section has been updated to the most recent 7/10/2011 entry. Due to the real world holidays Summers are more sporadic meeting times, but August we have gatherings on 8/8, 8/21, and our Wanton Memorial Games on Saturday 8/27.

The Knights Corpse Visit and some others that were members only at the time of minutes have been posted on the Official Forums and in some cases within our Library.

Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal - The Complete Story

It is after exhaustive research, fact checking, and extensive digging that the Order of the Silver Gryphon is pleased to unveil the complete Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystal saga. The collective memories and transcribing along with archival information has allowed us to be able to present the entire storyline in the most cohesive form possible.

Baron Hochstib and Jantalar played a key role in the War of Nations from 2003-2004. This is the meat and potatoes of this story along with Hochstib's demise as a conclusion. This is not where the story of the Empire and it's vassal states begins or ends, but it's certaintly one of the most contentious periods as it pertains to Wehnimer's Landing history and our dealings with the Empire.

GM Mikos began the story of Jantalar in 1996 and over the years planted the seeds that would lead to the opening of Solhaven in 1998, the stories of Hendor, Vornavis, Mestanir, Jantalar, and numerous other empirical locales. For that he and the GMs since then have touched on this rich reservoir of lore and continue to delight the characters and players of the lands we call Elanthia and the roleplay driven by the Empire stories.

In conjunction with this much of the Evolution of the Order and Our Charge section is prologue leading up to the War of Nations events. These would eventually be followed by the trial of Baron Malwind for the Empress' Murder and the most recent Squidwar with Lord Venquinor and various other Turamzzyrian NPCs.

It is our hope that you enjoy this piece of history and we have long looked forward to presenting it in its complete form so that everyone, be it you were involved directly, or have only heard fragmented tales of it, can appreciate and reminisce in one of Wehnimer's Landing achieving moments. The defeat of Baron Lerep Hochstib.

The War of Nations - Baron Hochstib and the Mandis Crystals is split into 25 sections and can be found here: The Great Hall or by following the Library link in our Great Hall section.

As mentioned the Evolution of the Order and Our Charge section contains significant additional stories and information as pertaining to this time in history.

OSG Meeting Minutes Archive Complete!

We have completed posting of the entire catalogue of Meeting Minutes. We are in the process of searching for additional records, but all that are currently in our possession have been posted for review. In the case something has been redacted it is to protect personal information or private matters and is so noted.

Highlights are below. They are from 1998 to 2011(Current). Much more to come. Check back for a huge library unveiling very soon!

1/3/99 - Order Structure
9/12/99 - Apprentice Packets
3/5/2000 - First of the Order Position
3/26/2000 - Former Member Policy
5/5/2000 - 2 Hour meeting rule
11/3/2000 - Second Scribe Position
12/29/2002 - Inactivity Amendment
3/12/2002 - Amendment Procedure
6/2/2002 - Code of Conduct Policy
5/2/2004 - Squie Reform (Apprentice becomes Squire)
9/5/2004 - PRO/MHO Acceptance
7/25/2004 - 2/3 Majority Rule
12/5/2004 - Master of Scions
1/5/2005 - Tier 2 MHO status
3/4/2005 - Paladins Member Status

11/8/98 Gurbah Visits/Invitation to Court
3/28/99 - Bane Weapons and the Mandis Crystal
6/13/99 Bregandian War Covered
11/14/99 - Holswort and Edumond
7/23/2000 Wehnimer's Guard disbands
11/13/2000 - Saplings [Banaltra]
1/28/2000 - Fury truce with Thurfel
9/9/2001 - Wehnimer's Barricade - Kobold Archmage
10/17/2001 - Tome discovered at Shrine of Mularos
3/15/2003 - Red Rot and Teras Trouble
3/30/2003 - Czag Dubra Alert
4/27/2003 - Jantalar Scouts
7/13/2003 - Jantalar Invaders
1/25/2004 - The Obsidian Legion and Holding robbery
3/21/2004 - Dark Alliance siege of Solhaven
11/21/2004 - Eryael Dream Attack
1/30/2005 - 4th Piece of the Griffon Sword located
2/13/2005 - Dark Alliance camp assault by air
3/13/2005 - 4th Piece attained by the Resistance and Ulstram
10/11/2009 - The Scatter released

The Bregandian War Volumes

As promised the Order of the Silver Gryphon has made available the volumes and resource material for the Bregandian War and additional documents from the War of Nations. The full War of Nations story has not been told yet so additional work will become available and added to this section as it's completed, retranscribed, and presented. We look forward to additional Tales presentations in the future to share these.

Thank you to everyone who attended and you can locate the entire Bregandian War Volume in the Library under the Bregandian War section along with two new additions to the War of Nations section. Including:

-The False Death and Grave of Spike the War Rat
-Spike Speaks, or Does He?
-Devestior and Spike
-Glotach and Devestior
-Formation of the Elanthian Defense Forces
-The Approaching Bregandian Menace
-Jantalar, Vornavis, and Bregandian mediation
-Devestior warns the Wehnimer's Guard
-The Teras Reinforcements
-The War of Black [Full War Summary]
-Protectors and Guard Battle Commendations

Tales and Purporse Event!

Come join the Order of the Silver Gryphon in celebrating the importance of Duty, complete with tales of the early days of the Order and the War of Nations. Come meet the Knights and Members, and see if the Order may be your calling as well. The discussion will occur on April 24, 2011 (the 24th of Olaesta), at the Hearthstone steps, near the town of Wehnimer's Landing, at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (elven).

New Library Additions

We've added some additional works to the Library at the Gryphon website. You will also see several other articles currently be arranged and edited that will arrive in a few weeks.

-Questions at Court - The Knighting Ceremony of Hyoko, Brinn, Waldo2, and Wanton.

-Tenets of Knighthood - An essay by Sir Brinn regarding goals to strive for and qualities to live by.

-Summary of the Summoners Event (Aug 2010-January 2011) - Saved post by GM Kenstrom regarding the Wehnimer's Summoners storyline.

-Knightfall's Letters to Gilwen - #1 - The first of 13 letters written from Knightfall to his love, Lady Gilwen.

Unveiling the OSG Website

With the conclusion of our event we wanted to inform anyone who has an interest in Wehnimers history, the Order itself, or the members who have filled our ranks over the years we have endeavored to present to the public a wide view that helps to answer these questions from our founding in 5096 to the present in 5111.

Look frequently for updates, additions, and tomes as they become available. This is actually a small portion of what we have and we will endeavor to quickly make more and more available. If you have questions or requests feel free to post here or contact one of us and we'll attempt to answer any and all inquiries.

Look for our next event towards the end of next month!

Origins and Duty

Come join the Order of the Silver Gryphon in a recollection of the origin of the Order. We will follow the recollection of the Order's founding with a discussion on the duty and purpose of the Order. The Order will entertain the thoughts of the current milieu as well from other folks. The discussion will occur on the 20th of Charlatos, (March) at the Holding, near the town of Wehnimer's Landing, at 9 PM elven (eastern.)

Our New Web Home

And so we begin...again.