Order of the Silver Gryphon - Membership Roster

Membership in the Order of the Silver Gryphon consists of Full Members and Squires

Status of members is classified as either Active, Inactive, Retired, Former or Emeritus.

We have also just about completed the Geneology of the order. At present the best way to display such information is being decided as it's a large document with a great many names on it tracing the history of the orders Founders, it's members, and all of their squires. It will be made available when it can be properly displayed.

Full Members


  • Avalera
  • Sir Balantine Farhorizon
  • Bernadette Via-Delorosa
  • Sir Cryheart Thaxin
  • Cinabar Cederic
  • Dame Deavon Laeren
  • Drung
  • Elbromo
  • Dame Evia Aramathia
  • Sir Geijon Khyree
  • Sir Goldstr Aimright
  • Khazaann Colquhoun
  • Meureii
  • Roelaren Tharbirieign
  • Sir Shirkon Rockcleaver
  • Svantai Everbranch


  • Barzillia to Sir Goldstr
  • Darcena to Dame Evia
  • Umbraxi to Sir Cryheart


Inactive is defined as missing three meetings out of three months to maintain an active status and voting privileges. Attending an event that doesn't take place on a meeting night would count toward the three meeting qualification to maintain vote eligibility. (11/22/09 bylaws)

  • Asglyn
  • Azanoth
  • Sir Brinn Mithrandir
  • Falicor
  • Falvicar Jalcon
  • Frorin Falagun
  • Guarrin
  • Khristal Zalian
  • Sir Metadi Treyetha
  • Sir Morgiest Frostgiant
  • Sir Ruffelin Highstem
  • Murgin
  • Perivan HonorFist
  • Xanith Sourcerus


  • Kriztoffen
  • Hakonne Darqmein
  • Geoff Stonehand
  • Gaq Azan
  • Mourdeyan Drayk'art
  • Sir Waldo2 Ptolomy
  • Sir Welan Cadwalider
  • Sir Kinshack Starblade
  • Shallimar Wyldcat
  • Tagg Highstem
  • Sir Tebon Hawggweiler
  • Thrudh Crushbone
  • Kiora Lionblood
  • Typhus
  • Dame Yviara Hjeldin
  • Zyanna


  • Dame Wanton Destruction
  • Sir Yarx Teelf
  • Lady Galadriel Light


  • Sir Eahlstan Hjeldin

Friends of the Order & Scions (Aged titles)

Friends and Scions were retired as a designation in 2016. All members of the Order or those affiliated with us are members, regardless of profession, race or religion.


  • Gilwen Uilos - Cleric
  • Knightfall Boxpopper - Rogue
  • Spaewife - Empath
  • Errick Dyfedd - Rogue - 1st Scribe of the Order
  • Karibeth - Ranger
  • Cosannie Hawggweiler - Sorcerer
  • Matti - Empath
  • Arpelli - Bard