Order of the Silver Gryphon - Membership Roster

Membership in the Order of the Silver Gryphon consists of Full Members and Squires

Status of members is classified as either Active, Inactive, Retired, Former or Emeritus.

We have also just about completed the Geneology of the order. It's a large document with a great many names on it tracing the history of the orders Founders, it's members, and all of their squires. At this time a form of it is on the GSWIKI.

Full Members


  • Akenna Laeraun
  • Sir Balantine Farhorizon
  • Bernadette Via-Delorosa
  • Sir Cryheart Thaxin
  • Dame Deavon Laeren
  • Dame Evia Aramathia
  • Falicor
  • Sir Geijon Khyree
  • Sir Goldstr Aimright
  • Sir Guarrin Hjeldin
  • Khazaann Colquhoun
  • Koergun
  • Mourdeyan Aimright
  • Oxhammer Bjornhild
  • Perivan HonorFist
  • Roelaren Tharbirieign


  • Alosaka squired to Guarrin
  • Kothos squired to Guarrin
  • Delindra squired to Cryheart
  • Missoni squired to Akenna
  • Perigourd to Geijon
  • Regwen squired to Evia
  • Caranorn squired to Khazaann
  • Skorrian squired to Deavon
  • Ulfwine squired to Mourdeyan

In Memorium

  • Dame Wanton Destruction
  • Sir Yarx Teelf
  • Lady Galadriel Light
  • Lord Drung Farhorizon
  • Elbromo