Order of the Silver Gryphon - Courage Forum

[Hearthstone, Front Porch]
Airy and open, the porch is enclosed by smooth, freshly painted white modwir up to a height of about four feet. As you ponder the sky-blue color of the ceiling and a lacework of deep green ivy that crisscrosses the open space between posts, the hubbub of the world beyond quickly fades away. Rocking chairs of various sizes are an inviting sight, and an elegant green marble arch provides a tantalizing view of the splendors inside the old manor. You also see a black-eared red and grey fox, the Guarrin disk, the Balantine disk, the Roelaren disk, the porch steps, a doorman, a purple modwir bin and a scorched oak sideboard with some stuff on it.
Also here: Zosopage, Willow Guardian Lehon, Goldstr, Akenna, Lady Regwen who is sitting, Trisu, Guarrin, Sir Balantine, Grand Lady Roelaren, Khazaann, Sir Cryheart, Seegan who is sitting, Fych who is sitting
Obvious paths: none

You say, "We'll get started in a minute or two. My apologies."

A tall herald strides into the area holding a banner for the Order of the Silver Gryphon. In a booming voice he announces, "The Order of the Silver Gryphon is telling personal stories at the Hearthstone porch now. Come learn more about the individual members." Upon Completing his annuncement, he moves on through the town.

You say, "Let it ride, Guarrin."

Guarrin grins.

Guarrin says, "Didn't realize we're doing storytime."

Guarrin chuckles to himself.

Guarrin strides a few steps forward.

Guarrin nods in greeting.

Guarrin formally greets, "Welcome, everyone, we are glad you could make it to tonight s discussion, hosted by the Order of the Silver Gryphons."

Guarrin continues, "The focus for tonight s discussion is Courage. I m Guarrin, and I ll be moderating the discussion. I ask that we keep the discourse civil and once we open the floor the questions, if you wish to speak, please raise your hand."

Guarrin formally introduces, "It is my honor to introduce two of our speakers this evening. First, it is my privilege to introduce Sir Geijon Khyree, Leader of the Silver Gryphons and Knight Errant of the Empire."

Guarrin nods once to you.

Guarrin formally continues, "It is also my honor to introduce Sir Cryheart Thaxin, Knight Banneret of the Northern Sentinel."

You say, "Geijon is fine."

You smile.

Cryheart forcefully crosses one arm over his kroderine plate and offers a formal bow.

Speaking to you, Guarrin asks, "Geijon, if you d like to get us started?"

You nod at Guarrin.

You nod at Cryheart.

You ask, "I'd like to ask everyone who inspired you? Why?"

You say, "Raise your hand and please give an answer."

Regwen raises her hand.

Cryheart raises his hand.

You say, "Roelaren moved first."

You say, "Regwen, Cryheart and Goldstr after."

Speaking to Guarrin, Regwen says, "Clunk inspired me. When I returned he was so helpful and caught me up on much of the history I missed."

Guarrin flashes a wide grin.

Regwen says, "He spoke to me about House of the Rising Phoenix and helped clear the town of rubble piles."

Regwen smiles.

Regwen nods at Guarrin.

Guarrin says, "So it was through his actions that inspired you."

Regwen nods in agreement at Guarrin.

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin asks, "Sir?"

Cryheart says, "I have been inspired by many of the legendary warriors of our time."

Cryheart says, "Berr, Gaq, Waldo2..etc..etc."

Guarrin nods in agreement at Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "But the most was my mentor, Sir Ruffelin."

Cryheart nods at Khazaann.

nods in agreement at Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "I was hunting greater orcs when he and his lady dropped by."

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin asks, "And what about them inspired you?"

Cryheart says, "They just watched me, and I was slightly amused."

Cryheart says, "And it piqued my interest."

Cryheart says, "They did that a few times."

Guarrin nods at Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "On the last time I was engaged with the orcs...he asked me if I hae hear of the Order of the Silver Gryohon."

Guarrin nods at Goldstr.

Cryheart asks, "And I replied..the what?"

Cryheart grins.

Guarrin begins chuckling at Cryheart!

Balantine appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Cryheart says, "He took me to hunt the wraiths."

Cryheart says, "Showed me how to use shield and sword and dance with em."

Cryheart grins.

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin says, "Fortunate for all of us that he asked."

Cryheart says, "Thank ye."

Goldstr agrees with Guarrin.

Speaking to Goldstr, Guarrin says, "Sir? You had your hand up as well."

Goldstr says, "Well I had heard a da Gryphons fer some time."

Cryheart says, "I went to a few meetings..then ye asked me to be his squire."

Cryheart says, "Sir Ruffelin showed me the way."

Cryheart nods at Guarrin.

Guarrin nods encouragingly at Goldstr.

Cryheart smiles.

Cryheart nods at Guarrin.

Cryheart says, "Done."

Guarrin grins at Cryheart.

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin says, "Didn't mean to cut you off there."

Goldstr says, "And me friend Sir Morgiest who taught me da ways a Kai invited me to a meeting."

Cryheart says, "I sok."

Goldstr says, "He became me Mentor and taught me to nar rely on all sem spells to do me fightin."

You smile at Goldstr.

You ask, "Why do people think I asked that question?"

Speaking to Goldstr, Guarrin asks, "And was it his actions that inspired you? To fight without spells that is?"

Elbromo says, "Damn wagglers."

Goldstr nods to you.

Speaking to Pukk, you ask, "Ready for a question?"

You grin.

Speaking to Pukk, you ask, "Why would I ask you, who inspired you?"

Speaking to you, Pukk says, "No, I only make up the answers when I don't know em. Which is usually all the time."

You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.

You say, "Aiska inspired me. Ruffelin of course. Gaq. Flaws and all."

You say, "So we are here today to talk Courage."

You say, "As a virtue."

You say, "One a knight or someone striving to achieve something and love others, would choose."

You say, "It's hard being a leader, a servant leader."

Roelaren says, "Sir Cryheart has inspired me."

You nod at Roelaren.

Cryheart blushes a red shade at Roelaren.

Guarrin nods in agreement at Roelaren.

Cryheart coughs.

Pukk says, "I encouraged myself. I'm pretty inspiring."

Pukk strikes a heroic pose.

Khazaann concentrates deeply for a moment.

You say, "Cryheart has inspired me. He's been my friend. We've been mentors to one another, confidants and guides."

Roelaren says, "He was always there for invasions leading the group to fight."

Cryheart agrees with you.

Bernadette softly says, "Fer me Morgiest and o' course Shirkon."

Roelaren says, "And still is."

Zosopage says, "Morgiest. Haven't heard that name in a long time."

You say, "So we wanted to ground our discussion in an example so I'll hand it over to Guarrin to introduce our first example."

You nod at Guarrin.

Guarrin nods appreciatively to you.

Guarrin says, "Thank you, Sir."

Guarrin continues, "Next, Sir Cryheart will relate a tale from which we will frame our discussion around. Sir Cryheart."

Cryheart nods at Guarrin.

Guarrin nods encouragingly at Cryheart.

You chuckle.

Cryheart says, "Ahem."

Cryheart recites:

""How many of you remember the Dark Alliance during the Griffin Swords war?"

Guarrin nods at Cryheart.

Goldstr raises his hand.

Zosopage raises his hand.

Chamorr heartily says, "Nope, i was nappin."

Pukk says, "I think Raelee remembers everything though."

Balantine raises his hand.

Cryheart recites:

""The Dark Alliance was the name of the alliance formed between the high priests of Luukos (Morvule), Sheru (Draezir), Mularos (Eryael), and V'tull (Zerroth). The Dark Alliance worked to obtain the four pieces of the Griffin Sword during the Griffin Sword Saga, while The Resistance worked against them"

Cryheart recites:

""Wehnimer's Landing was attacked by the high priest Morvule during the second Griffin sword war. He delivered an ultimatum to return the sword, or they would lay waste to the town of Wehimer's Landing."

Cryheart recites:

""At one time, the high priest Morvule attempted to enter Wehnimer's Landing via the North gate. I stood just inside the North gate and informed Morvule he had to pay a fee to enter."

Guarrin chuckles to himself.

Cryheart recites:

""Was that courage or foolishness?"

Roelaren says, "Courage."

Goldstr says, "Bit a both der."

Guarrin nods at Roelaren.

Regwen nods in agreement at Roelaren.

Speaking to Roelaren, Guarrin asks, "Why was it courage?"

Zosopage says, "Foolishness is wraught with courage."

Cryheart recites:

"The reason I did that was to give folks time to move away from the north gate to seek safety"

Roelaren says, "Because Cryheart could have been killed at that moment."

Roelaren says, "But he did it any way."

Chamorr heartily asks, "Did he pay?"

Guarrin nods in agreement.

Speaking quietly to Cryheart, Balantine asks, "Did he summon 30 eidolons like he did when I parlayed with Morvule?"

Cryheart says, "He stared at me."

Cryheart says, "A bit later one of his occuloths possessed me..and I blacked out."

Elbromo says, "Did he ask 'how much?'."

Cryheart looks over at Elbromo and shakes his head.

Balantine cringes.

Cryheart says, "Morvule had no sense of humor for certain."

Cryheart starts chortling.

Elbromo says, "Those are the wprst."

Balantine quietly says, "Also, he nae fights his own battles."

Balantine mutters coward.

Cryheart recites:

"Having courage dinnae mean you are without fear"

You ask, "Courage is a virtue, but is intent more nuanced?"

Cryheart recites:

"I wanted to provide a distraction for others to escape"

Cryheart whispers something to Guarrin.

Cryheart nods at Guarrin.

Guarrin nods appreciatively at Cryheart.

Guarrin says, "Thank you Sir, for sharing your story."

Guarrin asks, "Now, let's reflect upon it a bit. Sir Cryheart acted courageously...but what if his intent was different?"

Guarrin asks, "Can someone be courageous when the cause is not just or noble?"

Goldstr says, "Aye."

Zosopage nods.

Cryheart nods at Guarrin.

Speaking to Goldstr, Guarrin asks, "Interesting, how so?"

Goldstr says, "No matter wha yer beliefs, be dey nar be honorable."

Guarrin nods slowly.

Speaking to Goldstr, Guarrin asks, "Is a thief that is afraid of heights courageous if he has to climb a tall building to steal something? What if they do so to feed their family?"

Goldstr says, "If ye stands up fer dem against others ye has courage."

Goldstr nods at Guarrin.

Cryheart nods at Guarrin.

You ask, "What are some incidents that struck you all as courageous?"

Guarrin nods to you.

You ask, "Or when have you shown courage?"

Zosopage raises his hand.

Guarrin points at Zosopage.

Chamorr heartily says, "If ya faces yer fear and stands against it, no matter what the reason, thats courage."

Roelaren says, "No matter what those are."

Chamorr heartily says, "Like that time i robbed that bank in sylverend."

Zosopage says, "Any time that there is a battle with overwhelming odds and there are dead people on the ground and someone goes in risking their own life to save others. Thats courage."

Chamorr heartily says, "Was skerred."

Goldstr begins chuckling at Chamorr!

Cryheart nods at Zosopage.

Guarrin looks thoughtfully at Zosopage.

Speaking to Zosopage, Guarrin asks, "What about situations that are not physical?"

Roelaren says, "Empaths and clerics who stay in triage and heal and raise the wounded and dead, even though the enemy could run in and kill them all, that is courage."

Guarrin asks, "Surely courage is not limited to physical encounters?"

Guarrin nods in agreement at Roelaren.

Guarrin says, "Ahh, Lady Roelaren read my mind."

Cryheart nods at Roelaren.

Zosopage says, "Restraint when any action you do could cause harm is in a way courageous."

You say, "True Elbromo. Is inevitablitity courage."

Guarrin nods in agreement at Zosopage.

Elbromo asks, "Really?"

Speaking to Zosopage, Guarrin says, "Sometimes, staying your hand is the more courageous action."

Elbromo says, "Hmm."

Elbromo nods at Guarrin.

Guarrin asks, "What of courageous acts for selfish motivations? Those that expect rewards for their courageous acts? Are they any less or more courageous?"

Guarrin glances around the area.

Zosopage says, "That would be in the eye of the beholder so to speak."

Goldstr nods.

Cryheart says, "Their courage is a based on greed or vanity it seems."

Guarrin asks, "Is it still courage then? If it is based on greed, or vanity?"

Cryheart says, "Some courage is honorable, others may not be perceived as such."

Guarrin raises an eyebrow.

Zosopage says, "It is still courageous to them or their kind even though not to others."

Cryheart says, "It is courage."

You ask, "What is your most courageous moment?"

Guarrin ponders.

Speaking to Chamorr, you ask, "Bear?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Me."

Goldstr says, "I would say Aye even if nae fer da right reasons."

Chamorr heartily says, "When i had to tell that barmaid i was married."

Goldstr laughs at Chamorr!

Chamorr heartily says, "Thought she was gonna kill me."

Guarrin nods at Chamorr.

Guarrin scratches his chin.

Guarrin asks, "If courage is overcoming inner fears, does a courageous act witnessed by others become greater if it inspires others against their inner fears?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Facin death is a warriors way a life."

Goldstr says, "As a group da Gryphons went agin da Northern sentinel's orders an we lost da Holding fer awhile."

Zosopage says, "I would say yes."

Roelaren says, "I think it does."

Zosopage nods at Guarrin.

Guarrin asks, "If Chamorr's confession inspired another, would it be a greater example of courage?"

Chamorr laughs!

Goldstr says, "Dat to me wan couragous an honorable."

You say, "It wasn't about the punishment. It was about the choice."

You say, "Certain death is not courage."

Goldstr nods to you.

Cryheart takes a drink from his ruby red wine.

Guarrin asks, "Let's hear some more examples of courage. What has been overcome? Did you inspire others?"

You say, "It's when you can choose."

Trisu raises his hand.

Guarrin points at Trisu.

Guarrin nods encouragingly at Trisu.

Balantine quietly says, "There are things worse than death."

Speaking to Guarrin, Trisu says, "I was challenged by a great warrior many moons back."

Zosopage says, "I had to fight Cryheart."

Trisu says, "He told me, I hide behind the tricks of My Grandmaster."

Trisu says, "That my magics and such dont mae me a great warrior or even honorable."

Trisu says, "That I needed to hunt naked, in the bowles and survive."

Trisu says, "If I wanted to be somebody."

Trisu says, "So it took me many many days and weeks and even years to get the courage."

Trisu says, "To abandoned the magics and the tricks of my grandmasters."

Zosopage says, "That definitely took courage."

Trisu says, "I learned to don full plate, I completely gave up using any magics."

Elbromo asks, "Suicide is courasge?"

Trisu says, "I only rely on my sword arm and my natural gifts, nae magics, or tricks."

Guarrin says, "One thing we've learned is that there are very different opinions on what is considered courage."

Guarrin nods in agreement at Trisu.

Trisu says, "It is not as other of my art."

Roelaren says, "Tis a warriors way to prove themselves."

Guarrin looks thoughtfully at Roelaren.

Elbromo asks, "Did you live..did you expect to get out alive Trisu?"

Roelaren says, "Like a rite of passage."

Trisu says, "But, now I feel like i conquored my courage, like I can be free, not because of that warrior, but despite him."

Trisu rubs his vultite plate.

Chamorr heartily says, "Sometimes."

Speaking to Trisu, Guarrin says, "Thank you for sharing."

Chamorr heartily says, "Being caught in a situation with no way out, might not be courage, but no other choice."

Guarrin nods in agreement at Chamorr.

Guarrin says, "Good point. So the intent, does matter then? Why you are acting with courage."

Cryheart says, "For me...my oath and duty."

Chamorr heartily says, "Cryheart was courageous cause he had a choice."

Guarrin nods in agreement at Chamorr.

Balantine quietly says, "Tis a fine line 'tween courage and foolishness....like fightin' Illokes in yer forgin' apron."

Zosopage says, "Following Sir Valicar, Sir Perigourd, Shonison and Syberus to name a few, I saw lots of feats of courage that inspired me."

Guarrin asks, "Ah, so facing and over coming your fear and making a choice to overcome said fear?"

Guarrin asks, "And, to Zoso's point, inspiring others with your courage is...a greater form of courage?"

Guarrin glances around the area.

Guarrin asks, "'What are some other methods to inspire courage? Outside of a demonstration of physical prowess?"

Chamorr heartily says, "Inspiring others, is in the eye of the inspired."

Goldstr says, "Do ye intentionaly inspire er does it jess be dat way/."

Cryheart says, "Standing up for one's beliefs in verbal discussion."

You nod at Chamorr.

Roelaren says, "Standing with a friend when they are in trouble."

Guarrin nods at Cryheart.

You ask, "When have folks seen act with cowardice?"

Guarrin nods to you.

Roelaren says, "Not doing something that would not hurt you but would cause a friend to stumble."

You say, "So what is the middle and th' extreme of courage."

Chamorr heartily says, "Cowardice is also in the eye of the beholder."

Cryheart raises his hand.

Goldstr says, "I nae see it in levels."

Guarrin nods at Cryheart.

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin asks, "Sir?"

Zosopage says, "Having faith in others is a form of coourage."

Cryheart says, "I hae seen bandits on the road run away."

Chamorr heartily says, "If trisu said thats nuts im not gonna do that."

Speaking to Balantine, Trisu asks, "If an Illoke appeared in your furnace room as you fabricate your next big weapon, do you stay and fight, defend yer honor, yer trade, yer space, or do you run away, thinking this is foolishness, Just surrender your possessions in a lack of confidence of your own abilities? Or are you the warrior that needs the godly built arsenal to face terrible odds, despite the feeling of foolishness?"

Speaking quietly to Trisu, Balantine says, "Well, fortunately I'm naee to bad with a hammer in battle, I would stay and face the foe."

Speaking to Balantine, Trisu says, "Then courage is not about the apron, or about foolishness, despite the fact they may be present."

Chamorr heartily says, "Thats not cowardice, thats be logical."

Speaking to Akenna, Guarrin asks, "Go ahead?"

Akenna says, "Loyalty can sometimes be a form of courage. When you truly stand for something and you are vocal."

Speaking to Akenna, Guarrin asks, "How so?"

Speaking to Guarrin, Akenna says, "I'm currently facing it at the moment."

Speaking to Akenna, Guarrin says, "This brings up a popular question actually."

Speaking to himself, Guarrin mutters, "Perhaps not popular."

Speaking to Akenna, Guarrin asks, "Is being loyal, for say Sir Cryheart, to his liege lord courageous then? If the orders he receives are improper?"

You shake your head.

Speaking to Guarrin, Akenna says, "I suppose it depends on the orders. I would say are you more loyal to the house or to the liege lord. Sometimes improper doesn't always mean wrong."

Speaking heartily to Guarrin, Chamorr says, "If he believes the order to be improper, standin against the order is courage."

Guarrin nods slowly.

Guarrin says, "Good points all around."

Chamorr heartily says, "I drinks, so courage not a problem."

Guarrin says, "Just one more question for the group then."

You say, "Does anyone want to pose any questions? We're at time."

Chamorr raises his hand.

Chamorr heartily says, "Is givin Raelee a smooch couragous, or foolish."

You say, "Foolish, you might die."

Raelee stares sternly down her nose at Chamorr.

Guarrin says, "Foolish. I'd also add somewhat incosiderate."

Guarrin coughs.

Guarrin adds, "Inconsiderate."

Raelee nods faintly at Guarrin.

Guarrin glances around the area.

Guarrin nods at Trisu.

Speaking to Guarrin, Trisu asks, "If I "Encourage" others, is that like motivating them to have courage?"

Speaking heartily to Raelee, Chamorr says, "Teasin is all, no offense meant."

Guarrin nods at Cryheart.

Speaking to Guarrin, you say, "He asked you."

Guarrin says, "Thought Sir Cryheart wanted to jump in."

Cryheart says, "As a mentor to others, you demonstrate courage by your actions."

Cryheart nods at Trisu.

Guarrin grins at you.

Cryheart says, "Sorry, I did interrupt."

Cryheart forcefully crosses one arm over his kroderine plate and offers Guarrin a formal bow.

You adopt an agreeable expression.

Speaking to Trisu, Guarrin says, "Motivating others, or exemplifying courage, so that others act courageously is powerful way to influence those around you."

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin says, "No worries."

You say, "Sir Balantine."

Guarrin nods encouragingly at Balantine.

Speaking to Cryheart, Zosopage says, "And on that, apologizing for ones mistakes or transgressions also takes courage."

Balantine recites quietly:

"Quite some time ago, back when I was still courting Raindove, a healer of reknown, about a dozen of us were tasked with patrolling a certain area during an invasion of undead"

Balantine recites quietly:

"Our group consisted of more than a dozen of varous professions, including Raindove and myself"

Balantine recites quietly:

"We encountered some undead led by a lich, who was highly trained more than any of us, and Raindove was overcome with fear and ran"

Balantine recites quietly:

"Within minutes she fell, alone, unable to defend herself against the swarms"

You frown.

Balantine recites quietly:

"The group successfully defended the attack, and the lich retreated"

Balantine recites quietly:

"I then made the decision to leave the group and attempt to rescue my beloved healer"

Balantine recites quietly:

"Given that the group repulsed the undead, I felt they were sufficiently skilled to defend against any counterattack"

Balantine recites quietly:

"I successfully rescued Raindove, and took her to the Voln courtyard to be raised, then immediately returned to the group"

Balantine recites quietly:

"Later I was accused of cowardice in leaving the group"

Balantine recites quietly:

"I stated my reasons, but the accuser insisted that I fled from the lich"

Balantine recites quietly:

"I believe it took more courage nae to argue with the accuser, than the rescue itself"

Cryheart nods at Balantine.

Guarrin ponders.

Chamorr heartily says, "Ya do what ya must fer family."

Cryheart raises his hand.

Elbromo says, "Fear of cowardice is not bravery."

Speaking to Balantine, Guarrin says, "Thank you for sharing."

Balantine bows to Guarrin.

Guarrin nods at Cryheart.

Zosopage says, "The rescue was love nae courage, albeit one could argue they go hand in hand. Not arguing took courage."

Zosopage nods.

Speaking to Cryheart, Guarrin asks, "Sir?"

Zosopage nods at Balantine.

Cryheart says, "What his accuser did not take in consideration, that by leaving the group and other swarm could take over Sir Balantine after he went to save Raindove."

Chamorr heartily says, "And acusing anyone of cowardice, shows a lack of empathy."

Cryheart says, "Another swarm or lich could hae folowed him."

Zosopage says, "And therefore possibly ease off the attack on the group as well."

Zosopage nods at Cryheart.

You say, "Having a strong opinion or knee jerk reaction isn't kind or courageous. We have to assume positive intent."

Goldstr exclaims, "Now eatin Helga's stew be verra couragous!"

Zosopage says, "If anything accusing Blantine of cowardice is in itself cowardice."

Chamorr heartily says, "Defendin the west gate, and buggin out fer healin afore ya die isnt cowardice, its a tactacal redeployment."

Cryheart says, "Or even making a comment against her stew."

Speaking quietly to Goldstr, Balantine asks, "What about having it at your wedding?"

You ask, "Any additional comments, inquiries or scenarios before we wrap?"

Balantine quietly says, "Raindove and I had Helga make some for our wedding."

You ask, "Does anyone have another virtue they'd like to discuss next time?"

Cryheart says, "Oops...to the question of a question."

Goldstr asks, "Mayhaps Largesse?"

Roelaren says, "Tis a good one Goldstr."

Elbromo asks, "Too much mead makes one largesse?"

You nod at Zosopage.

You say, "I like that recommendation."

You ask, "Glory. Is it valid?"

Akenna says, "Valor."

Zosopage says, "It is one of the four corners of the quadrivial."

You say, "Lets close this out if we've ran it's course."

You say, "Going once."

Trisu says, "Before everyone slays the accuser, Theres something to be said of a military who knows the value of letting one die to save the rest, in Balantine's example, most military organizations would deem his actions as Nepotism, dangerous to the other soldiers lives, and an act of desertment, and they would be correct, despite the good intention of Balantine. I'm neither for or against the issue, but there really is too sides and two perspectives."

Chamorr heartily says, "Wait."

Speaking to Trisu, you say, "Tis based on perception then."

Speaking quietly to Trisu, Balantine says, "Actually, the fact she was a skilled healer played more into my decision than our relationship. I felt more of the group would be saved if she was able to return to the group and provide healing services."

Goldstr exclaims, "Off ta feed me belly!"

Cryheart raises an eyebrow.

Zosopage nods at Balantine.

Zosopage says, "I was just thinking that."

Chamorr heartily says, "No one gets left behind."

Speaking to you, Trisu says, "I think maybe based on the environmentals at the time, the event, social climate, sourrounding rules etc."

Elbromo says, "Good lawyers in here."

Elbromo winks.

Balantine quietly says, "I should also mention, she was the only healer of the group."

Zosopage exclaims, "The fact that they even argued that shows their lack of courage!"

You say, "We can conclude."

You say, "Folks are free to stick around."

You say, "I've been fortunate to stood my ground."

You say, "I was accused of being wild, but not a coward."

Zosopage says, "Yes it even taks courage to do this."

You say, "Thank you for coming everyone."

You say, "Good discussion."

Zosopage says, "After leading the Fury for awhile I know how daunting it can get."

You say, "Thank you on behalf of the Order of the Silver Gryphon for joining us."

You say, "Afraid I'm at my limit. Thank you to Guarrin and Sir Cryheart for faciliating our discussion."

Guarrin says, "Aye, thanks for coming everyone."