Order of the Silver Gryphon - Largesse Forum

Cryheart exclaims, "good evening everyone!, and welcome to our informal discussion regarding largesse..which will be defined shortly."

Draegar smiles at Cryheart, as Geijon grins and exclaims, "evenin Cryheart!"

Cryheart chuckles as he leans on Errick.

Errick says, "one hopes anyway."

Cryheart nods to Errick and grins.

Errick says, "I guess that's my cue... "

Wanton winks and says, "Be kind to Errick. I think this is his first time speaking in front of a large group."

Draegar smiles at Errick.

Zhalamar smiles.

Cryheart rubs Errick gently, as he says, "I think so"

Haephestus chuckles.

Errick says, "so welcome to the second of what should be several talks on what makes knights knights"

Zhalamar applauds.

Haephestus says, "Far ta weel do I ken dat"

Cryheart sits down.

Errick chuckles as he says, "or at least hopefully knights"

Wanton smiles at Errick.

Errick grins and says, "What is largesse? It doesn't mean a large woman contrary to popular belief..."

Errick says, "So what is it? And what has it to do with chivalry? That's what tonight's talk is going to explore... I'm going to give a general definition, and open up the talk to ye folks so ye can offer your ideas about what it can be or should be."

Haephestus exclaims, "Nae!"

Errick chuckles.

Errick smiles softly as he opens his notebook. He flips rapidly through the pages for the right one and then grins a bit as he finds it.

Errick says, "Alright, scholars define largesse as two things: 1: a liberal giving (as of money) to or as if to an inferior; also : something so given; and 2: Generosity"

Errick asks, "heheh, that *inferior* thing is really going to chafe some hides I'll bet. Does anyone have any thoughts on if that relates to knightly largesse?"

Haephestus says, "Aye"

Haephestus nods to Errick.

Errick asks, "Haephestus?"

Barex says, "Knights have always been known to help those of a "weaker" fashion."

Haephestus says, "Lets droop inferior an use folk, boot...."

Sati beams happily at Haephestus!

Haephestus says, "Fer me largasee involve helpin odderes as I was hepped, hae a rather large selection O blades an sich in mee locker, dese I "gift"ta younger folk, wit da oonderstandin, dat once dey hae nae use, dey kin nae sell em, boot gift ta odders da same way. Dis my way O passin oon ways ta hep odders wit kindness."

Haephestus sit down, as he says, "Dat all"

Errick nods.

Humongor nods to Haephestus.

Draegar raises his hand.

Errick asks, "Draegar?"

Sati raises her hand.

Draegar says, "Think not of inferior with the negative connotation most folk associate with it. Take it in context of the definition. Largess is an act of givin...or generosity. Those gifts are given to those in need....not of inferior standing, but in need of something, be it silvers, items...or more importantly, general help or instruction"

Awan, Zhalamar and Elyna nod, as Haephestus nods to Draegar.

Errick says, "aye that's a good distinction"

Cryheart says, "aye"

Zhalamar says, "More so the later two than the former I think"

Haephestus asks, "Jin oos Drallen?"

Cryheart smiles and says, "hello Drallen"

Drallen sits down, as Errick tickles him and Humongor smiles and bows to him.

Drallen says, "Thank you", as he stands back up and bows to Humongor.

Errick asks, "Are ye done, Draegar?"

Draegar nods and says, "aye"

Wanton winks at Drallen, as Geijon waves to him and smiles.

Drallen turns towards Geijon and renders a sharp hand salute.

Errick grins.

Errick asks, "Sati?"

Sati says, "Being a cleric I find it hard for youngester to get blesses and some require tips doing so. I nae want tips for blessing a young ones weapon and am always willing to help em. By doing that I feel it will set a good example for the others. I feel the same as raising. So not only giving material things and assistance there are many other things they need."

Wanton, Haephestus and Cryheart nod to Sati.

Wanton raises her hand.

Awan nods and says, "Be too few good examples in da lands"

Errick smiles at Satim as he asks her, "Ye done, m'lady?"

Sati smiles at Errick as she replies, "Yes."

Cryheart raises his hand.

Errick says, "Aye and a good point"

Errick asks, "Wanton?"

Wanton smiles as she stands up and says "Thank you, Errick."

Wanton says, "I noticed that at least two people put more value on giving help, or assistance, rather than silvers or items. I have a few questions about that..."

Sati just hugged Haephestus.

Haephestus raises his hand.

Wanton asks, "One: Is that a general consensus among those of us here?"

Wanton asks, "If so, why?"

Awan raises his hand.

Haephestus raises his hand.

Wanton asks, "What makes giving of your time and knowledge more valuable than giving silvers that so many young people need?"

Wanton sits down.

Zhalamar raises his hand.

Wanton says, "I guess there's no official "two".

Errick grins.

Wanton grins.

Zhalamar says, "As a young person I think I can probably answer that one"

Errick says, "Keep those in mind..."

Errick asks, "Cryheart?"

Cryheart stands up.

Errick nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart bows to Errick.

Wanton winks at Zhalamar.

(Cryheart bows to the audience)

Zhalamar smiles at Wanton.

Slinn raises his hand.

Zhalamar nods to Wanton.

Haephestus says, "Make dat three, advice and help I give sa oft as ta nae consider it a gift oor largasee, rahte an obligation owed ta them as follers"

Slinn nods to Haephestus.

Cryheart says, "well...my first thought was to giving time. I remember when I was a wee lad..and several..as in Lady Reklawthur...gave me time as to advice; and when Lord Ruffein and Lady Ravynne took this young warrior and hunted with him.."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully, as he says, "as to Dame Wanton's question.."

Cryheart says, "I think the measure of the gift is most likely the measure of the need"

Cryheart scratches his head, then bows before sitting down.

Sati and Humongor smile at Cryheart.

Sati says, "very good"

Errick says, "aye that's also a good point..."

Haephestus raises his hand.

Errick says, "Haephestus ye are next"

Errick grins.

Awan raises his hand.

Haephestus says, "Agin I say make it three, soom things hae we all doon fer sa long as ta nae consider it special. As many here, I recall di ace ages; Formin rescue parties, Recoverin gear. Dese were tings dat den we all took fer granted, hepin each other. Da folk dat taught me taught me weel. Da ferst step wi hepin eny be findin da need an fillin it, if wit boot werds. Wit my example, I used material tings, as dat what I considered oot a do ardinary, I tink da hep we gi odders wi advice be , or at least should be, ordinary"

Tanivar takes a drink from his blackberry tea.

Celtillusd just arrived.

Errick bows to Celtillusd.

Celtillusd bows to Cryheart.

Celtillusd sits down.

Celtillusd put a diamond-edged black vultite falchion in his golden leather sheath.

Wanton nods to Haephestus.

Haephestus bows to Errick.

Draegar raises his hand.

Allequerie thinking, "Evening, Lylia."

Errick asks, "Ah... but is it ordinary?"

Errick asks, "Awan?"

Awan stands up.

Haephestus says, "as I said, fer soom, aye"

Geijon nods to Cryheart and chuckles.

Sati giggles as Elyna chuckles.

Zhalamar works his fingers under his elven warhelm and scratches his head.

Humongor nods to Errick.

Awan says, "Well, I heps as I cans. Ya don't hears dat many askin fer coins, but many askin fer hep either findin someplace or wid a task. I has led many ta da various shrines ta heps em and even some to out o' da way places dat dey needs ta gets to. If it be advice, I gives as I can and only ask dat dey heps others as dey can and when dey can to pass on da knowledge."

Awan bows and then sits down.

Cryheart nods.

Slinn raises his hand.

Draegar takes a drink from his rich dwarven ale.

Sati beams happily at Awan!

Errick asks, "And another thing to ponder... what about those that give too much advice? And tell the answers?"

Humongor nods to Errick.

Errick says, "Zhalamar... you're next"

Dionket raises his hand.

Zhalamar stands up and begins to fidget, as Wanton smiles encouragingly at him.

Zhalamar says, "I feel rather strange talking to so many lords and ladys"

Sati just hugged Zhalamar.

Errick chuckles, as he says, "we're people too"

Wanton says, "Just regular folks."

Elyna, Cryheart and Humongor smile at Zhalamar.

Awan says, "Don'ts be, I ain't been one all dat long"

Cryheart says, "your thoughts are welcome lad..feel free"

Geijon says, "me nae a lord", as he smiles and starts jumping around like a twelve-year-old.

Awan chuckles.

Zhalamar asks, "I wanted to say that without advice from elders how many youngins would make it very far past their second training? Without the knowledge of how to get deeds most folks would hunt rats until they titled if they could."

Geijon grins as he nods to Cryheart.

Awan says, "Overlord maybe"

Geijon throws his head back and howls!

Elyna chuckles.

Geijon waves as he says, "please scuse me..haf a trophy presentation"

Draegar takes a drink from his rich dwarven ale.

Geijon smiles and bows.

You hear the voice of Haephestus ask, "I spose ta stop huntin rats?"

Humongor smiles at Geijon.

Geijon just went down.

Humongor and Errick chuckle as Sati laughs!

Haephestus comes out of hiding and tickles Draegar.

Draegar looks over at Haephestus and shakes his head.

Zhalamar says, "Beyond that only older folks have the ability to cast mass spells with many youngins literally need to survive the early years. Both I think are vital to having any sort of future"

Zhalamar smiles sheepishly as he sits down.

Sati says, "What ya said is true"

Humongor and Cryheart nod to each other.

Haephestus says, "Good werds"

Errick nods to Zhalamar.

Zhalamar smiles, as he says, "Thank ye"

Errick exclaims, "ye did fine!", as he rubs Zhalamar gently.

Sati beams happily at Zhalamar!

Awan says, "Well said"

Errick asks, "Slinn?"

Slinn smiles and clears his throat.

Wanton smiles at Slinn.

Slinn says, "I'm not much one for talkin to crowds, but I guess I got a thought about all this. When you're thinkin of "largesse," is it really the importance of the need that makes the difference? Or maybe is it the amount of sacrifice involved? I'm thinkin if some fella comes to me askin directions, I tell him because it's nothin to me where he goes. But some fella comes to me askin for a million silvers, and shucks, I'd have to give that a lotta thought. So maybe if you're just doin somethin that doesn't mean any trouble to ya, you're not really bein so generous, just more like helpful. But when you're givin up important stuff, then there's what really makes the difference, huh?"

Slinn shrugs as he nods.

Zhalamar and Elyna nod to Slinn.

Elyna nods to Tantaro as they exchange hugs.

Tantaro bows, as he waves and says, "i must go everyone"

Sati, Elyna and Errick wave to Tantaro, as Errick says, "thank ye for coming"

Tantaro just went down.

Haephestus says, "Weel reasoned"

Draegar says, "the importance of the need wins out. Largess isna something t' be done t' prove yer worth, it is done fer its own sake, t' assist. As such, sacrifice shuld not come inta play when determining it's magnitude"

Slinn rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Dionket, Sati and Awan nod to Draegar.

Slinn grins as he says, "Welp, that's about all I was thinkin."

Haephestus says, "I think da point what folk consider plain help versoos largasee"

Draegar says, "but a good thought"

Zhalamar asks, "But what if their need for the million coins was greater than your need?"

Slinn nods to Haephestus.

Errick asks, "Draegar ye want to take your turn and expand on that?"

Draegar says, "well, aye...I suppose I can"

Haephestus says, "Largasee ta many, me included ferst mean a gift O werth, nae necisarilly hep, as dat of given freely"

Errick grins and says ye don't have to"

Draegar says, "have a few points I suppose. As t' the initial question, concensus of help over silvers, which is more important, I feels that it be most obviously the more intangible...the help. Hows the old saying go? Give a man an ale an ye quest 'is thirst, show him were the tavern is an he kin get drunk all the ti...er...well...that might not be the best example...but anyhow..."

Draegar says, "er quench"

Errick and Elyna chuckle as Cryheart grins, and Zhalamar cackles!

Awan says, "It should be o' worth ta dem dat recieves it, not necessarily ta dem dat gives it"

Zhalamar raises his sparkling wine in a toast!

Humongor grins.

Zhalamar takes a drink from his sparkling wine.

Draegar says, "young folk and in general anyone, 'as the ability by themselves t' earn the silvers needed t' exist at a level befitting their age. While many folks "want" more silver, it is not necessarily "needed". Knowledge, experience, etiquette, on the other 'and, those are much more valuable for success in life and are much more difficult t' gain on one's own. They must be gleaned from others. Thus a more important gift, regardless of the age of the person receiving them. Another important gift be patience, understandin, an perhaps friendship. Silver kin be taken, the rest must be given. As t' what defines t' ACT of largess, it is simply the giving of somethin t' fulfill the need of another who is lackin in a given area. As such, the magnitude of the act, both in definition and ideal, should be the depth of the need that is served. Selflesness may be more appropriately gauged by sacrifice, but largess is done without consideration fer that"

Draegar bows.

Humongor and Awan nod to Draegar.

Haephestus raises his hand.

Zhalamar asks, "Can I clarify my statement real quick?"

Errick says, "When Draegar's done, aye."

Zhalamar nods to Errick.

Zhalamar takes a drink from his sparkling wine.

Errick asks, "Zhalamar, ye want to clarify?"

Zhalamar says, "I just wanted to say there is a line between desire and need. A person may want better gear but not really need it. Where as a person who slew a person who stole from him in town and had all their belonging taken might have a literal need for the money to pay their fines. There a distinct difference there"

Errick nods.

Tanivar takes a drink from his blackberry tea.

Errick says, "How often have we heard someone screaming that they NEED a however many enchants rolaren falchion with crits yadda dabba? That's a very good point."

Zhalamar says, "The later would have a greater need than the the former"

Haephestus nods to Draegar.

Zhalamar takes a drink from his sparkling wine.

Draegar takes a drink from his rich dwarven ale.

Errick says, "Dionket... thank ye for your patience."

Dionket smiles gently as he stands up, and then bows.

Dionket says, "I thank you, M'lord Errick, for this chance to speak. Long have the mages of my people stood behind the knights of our Houses, providing what guidance and counsel may be had. I learned, as a welpling at the knee of one of the greatest of Fair elven knights, that in truth largesse wasn't about giving of monies, or giving of items, or perhaps even the giffing of advice. To the sages of our House, largesse was ensuring a fair and equitable distribution of all things available in the society. It could include money, it could include a sword. It could include advice. But it often included service. Such service as bringing an herb to an empath in order to have a mage imbed a device with a spell. Service such as seeking wisdom with another, helping them and having them help you along the way. Such service as is being displayed tonight by several, adding theeir ideas, hosting this discussion, improving all of our lives. Even the lives of those that know not what we sit in council about."

Dionket smiles gently.

Dionket says, "A sad truth, though, is that none but the knight can determine the exact distinction between largesse, charity, and abuse of ones good nature."

Dionket rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Dionket says, "Often, we required a small act of some simple service, such as a minor gifting before we would give our knowledge, or share our powers or skills. This prevented such abuses as might occur. To this day, I practice this particular form of sharing. I am frequently requested to imbed my magics in devices for another's use. I request a payment, a simple enough service, first, though, before I complete the act. You would be surprised at how often my simple requests are denied. And then, I know in my heart, that abuse of my kindness was avoided...even though I grieve for he who would not commit his part to this sharing."

Dionket nods.

Dionket says, "Such, in my history, is largesse. My thanks to those assembled for all that you do each day, and continue to do, even through this very discussion."

Dionket smiles gently as he bows and sits down.

Humongor and Sati smile at Dionket.

Errick bows to Dionket and says, "thank ye for sharing that as well"

Errick smiles at Haephestus and asks, "Haephestus, ye ready?"

Haephestus says, "Aye, ta a point"

Haephestus says, "I am findin dat what I consider normal an natural, da givin O advice and help, da aid ta them as needs, dese be considered by many Largasee, I learned early on. Dese be tings nae sa mooch gifted, rather things dat be da norm, I mourn dat in dese days it hae becoom a gift O sorts. Ta me da sharin O advice, direction, oor hep will allas be a part O being me. Tis da way I was raised, and I hope true example, kin raise odders dat way as weel, boot nae consider it Largasee, fer dat I apologize. Fer tis more O a civilized norm."

Haephestus nods to Errick.

Errick nods.

Zhalamar nods to Haephestus.

Errick says, "well now... to wrap up for tonight..."

Elyna raises her hand as she ducks her head.

Errick asks, "Elyna?"

Elyna smiles at Errick and stands up.

(Elyna curtsies ta the assemblage.)

Cryheart smiles.

Elyna blushes a nice shade of off-pink as she says, "I nae much one fer speakin in front a folks."

Slinn and Humongor smile at Elyna.

Errick rubs Elyna gently; then grins as he asks, "who is?"

Cryheart says, "aye"

Humongor grins as he nods to Errick.

Cryheart grins.

Elyna grins and says, "And ye all speak so very well ta so many points. If ye nae mind I just share what hae come ta me mind as I hae listened."

Elyna ducks her head.

Cryheart nods.

Sati nods to Elyna.

Elyna says, "I hae ne'er really thought about it afore, but as I been listenin' I think what I feel meself be this..."

Elyna rubs her chin thoughtfully, as she continues and says, "That I consider largesse ta be what so many kind folks hae done fer me in one way or another. Whether it be advice or simple directions, or somethin' so material as silvers or a weapon or such. But when I do the same fer others... ta me 'tis simply somethin' I be duty and honor bound ta do."

Elyna blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Wanton smiles.

Elyna blushes a nice shade of off-pink as she says, "Nae in the sense that 'tis an onerous task I feel obligated ta do, bBut from me heart, and joyfully, in glad repayment fer the largesse I hae received from others."

Errick nods to Elyna.

Cryheart and Sati bot smile and nod.

Elyna sits down.

Errick smiles at Elyna.

Errick asks, "So... as a wrap-up thought, how can we as Wehnimarians add more generosity to enrich our lives?"

Draegar says, "well, I tell ye....ifn this night goes as I think it may...I may be needing generosity....like bail"

Humongor grins.

Draegar smiles wickedly.

Humongor smiles at Draegar.

Cryheart chuckles.

Errick begins chuckling at Draegar.

Haephestus says, "Be yerselves., nae more."

Elyna chuckles.

Sati nods to Haephestus.

Haephestus smiles softly.

Cryheart says, "just keep charity close to home and worn when traveling"

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Humongor smiles.

Cryheart smiles.

Cryheart says, "and actions speak to others"

Dionket nods to Cryheart.

Elyna nods to Cryheart.

Draegar says, "Donate t' yer local Bloodknife. Ale graciously accepted in quantity. But in seriousness, be aware of folks around you...thas the most important start. Knowin when and who is in need is the key t' givin assistance"

Sati nods to Cryheart.

Errick begins chuckling at Draegar.

Cryheart grins.

Errick removes a frosty keg of dwarven ale from in his roa'ter skin satchel.

Errick offers Draegar a frosty keg of dwarven ale.

Elyna nods to Draegar.

Draegar exclaims, "ahh...yer a prince among men!"

Draegar bows to Errick.

Draegar accepts Errick's dwarven ale.

Haephestus glances at Errick.

Draegar grins.

Cryheart, Dionket, Elyna and Humongor chuckle as Haephestus drools.

Errick says, "Well that concludes tonight's talk..."

Celtillusd offers Draegar some black demon rum.

Draegar says, "a whole keg even...this should last me a whole...um.....minute"

Wanton says, "Simply be willing to share of yourself with others. Be open to new friends."

Draegar grins.

Cryheart, Awan, Humongor, Elyna, Sati, and Dionket stand up.

Cryheart, Sati and Humongor applaud.

Awan bows to Errick.

Draegar declines Celtillusd's offer.

Errick begins chuckling at Draegar.

Draegar bows to Celtillusd.

Wanton smiles.

Cryheart says, "thanks for coming all"

Draegar smiles at Celtillusd.

Draegar says, "thankye much"