Order of the Silver Gryphon - Loyalty and Mercy Forum

[Abandoned Holding, First Floor]:
Unadorned stone walls and narrow windows leave this room rather stark and austere. However, the fireplace that fills most of the north wall has a cheerful fire burning in it, and the large oak table and benches that stand in the center of the room appear to be polished and new.:
Also here: Mourdeyan who is sitting, Shallimar, Pomic, Koleph who is sitting, Morgiest, Metadi, Shirkon who is sitting, Murgin who is sitting, Metier, Yviara, Tagg, Daiven, Kriztian who is sitting, Ysidrian who is sitting, Cryheart:
Obvious exits: none

Cryheart says, "Tonight we shall have a discussion about loyalty and mercy. Loyalty...is about faithfulness, to a person, government, cause or duty. An mercy...well. Meaning showing mercy."

Cryheart grins.

Cryheart says, "As a Gryphon, many of us take an oath of loyalty to defend the Landing and it's citizens. If you read the plaque outside. We also have an oath to one of the lieges who have relied on us to defend in the past."

Cryheart says, "So, let us first speak about loyalty. To whom to each of you feel loyal? Or do you feel loyal to anything?"

Shirkon deeply says, "I loyal ta our stout.", as he removes a stein of dwarven stout from on a polished oak table.

Cryheart appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Ysidrian and Pomic both nod to Shirkon; Ruffelin chuckles at him; while Kriztian and Koleph grin at him, Shallimar smirks, and Tagg giggles.

Cryheart says, "Aye, we have learned never to step between Shirkon and the stout."

Pomic chuckles as Shirkon nods to Cryheart.

Shirkon deeply says, "Even if we is in Illistim. Da Dark Alliance couldna stops me from gittin more. A dwarf builds ups a powahful thirst fightin da Da an fightin da Red Rot."

Cryheart and Ruffelin grin at Shirkon.

Murgin says, "To my order, to my house, to my blood."

Ruffelin nods to Murgin.

Daiven says, "To my home."

Cryheart nods to Daiven as he asks him, "And what do you call home Daiven?"

Daiven says, "Vornavis."

Cryheart nods.

Daiven nods to Cryheart and says, "Loyal to the city, barony, and to Baron Malwind himself."

Cryheart asks, "What if you had to choose between any? Whom or what would you choose first?"

Daiven says, "It would be difficult, Sir. To me, they are linked and joined at the hip."

Cryheart asks, "Do you choose loyalty to the Empire over the barony..or the barony over the Empire?"

Cryheart nods to Daiven.

Cryheart asks, "Or to both? Is it possible to be loyal to both?"

Yviara ponders.

Daiven says, "It is. But that does not mean it is not possible for your loyalty to be divided. The recent Troubles with Jantalar certainly tested our loyalty to the Empire."

Talismyn softly asks, "Should not the Empire come first?"

Metier says, "Loyalty to your leige should come first."

Yviara says, "I believe you would be loyal to your liege first, empire second."

Cryheart says, "Many of the Landing would not like to be part of the Empire, due to it's history of oppresion of non humans. Though that has changed in the near past."

Kriztian nods to Daiven.

Talismyn softly says, "Are we not an Altruistic society? Then the many need our vow."

Shallimar concentrates deeply for a moment and then smirks.

Cryheart says, "I have sworn an oath to protect the Landing, and also not to oppose the Empire...so I must be loyal to my oath."

Daiven nods.

Shirkon deeply says, "I has sworn above all ta protects uddahs, be it froms da Empire er a buncha uppity weeds."

Cryheart and Pomic grin as Metadi chuckles.

Cryheart says, "Personally, my loyalty is to my oath, which is being loyalty to my liege when I serve it."

Mustardseed says, "So ... small government, and non-lethal salad greens."

Kriztian grins at Mustardseed.

Talismyn rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah serve tha Empire, an tha ideals o' 3 orders."

Cryheart asks, "Does one loyalty conflict with another Sir Morgiest? Or do they overlap? It seems, we choose our loyalty based first on our beliefs...."

Mustardseed asks, "Isn't it always a question of scale?"

Mourdeyan just came through a trapdoor, then bows respectfully, her eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Mourdeyan says, "Sorry.", as she sits down.

Pomic smiles at Mourdeyan.

Morgiest deeply says, "It hasnae tae this point. But ah reckon it could at some present a conflict. Ah could imagine such a circumstance in ana event, nae matter 'ow small that actual chance."

Ysidrian fidgets.

Cryheart nods to Morgiest and says, "Which leads to a similarity amongst our loyalties."

Morgiest shrugs as he deeply says, "Earl Jovery could command me tae destroy tha landin fer instance. Ifin ah thought he would do that though, ah wouldnae agreed tae serve 'im."

Morgiest sits down.

Cryheart nods to Morgiest as he says, "I doubt that he would. But, politics do change. Considering it was Earl Jovery who swore us to continue to defend the Landing."

(Ysidrian scoots his way quietly halfway between Pomic and Mourdeyan)

Mustardseed says, "I see no similarity."

Ysidrian nods to Pomic.

Ysidrian raises his hand.

Cryheart nods to Ysidrian.

Ysidrian says, "I have a comment sir...I think dis runs deeper then jus Lords and the Empire and the Landin. The bigger battles are normally waged in yer own heart over things held deeply personal. I would think loyalty to yer God would come first, ta yer oaths second, and to yer ideals third, with all other things fallin after that."

Ysidrian blushes a nice shade of light pink.

Mustardseed nods to Ysidrian and says, "It runs in at least three channels."

Cryheart says, "Some choose oaths based on their beliefs. Some accept oaths based on their principles."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ye mus be a vera religious man then..."

Ysidrian says, "Aye one would have to take an oath based on belief or principles."

Pomic nods to Cryheart.

Mustardseed says, "Loyalty to an oath ... is that not called 'Honor?'

Metier says, "I would not take an oath that did not agree with my general beliefs, so to me the oath that I took comes before all else."

Ysidrian says, "But when they come into conflict which someday they will... which comes first? yer word or yer own belief."

Morgiest deeply says, "It is a part of honor."

Cryheart says, "Honor is esteem given to others by a society or culture."

Morgiest nods to Mustardseed.

Ruffelin nods to Metier.

Mustardseed asks, "And is it not thus omitted from this discussion?"

Ysidrian nods to Metier.

Mustardseed says, "I speak of personal honor. The integrity of one's word."

Cryheart smiles and says, "We spoke of honor and courage at our last discussion."

Mustardseed and Metadi nod.

Cryheart says, "Loyalty is following an oath, cause or duty. Honor is one of respect given by others."

Mustardseed says, "But to continue, I see at least three families of loyalty, in what all have said. Save for Cryheart, the others speak of loyalty to a group: be it society, army, leader, culture, city, or family. Cryheart speaks of a more abstract -- a purer loyalty -- to a form of personal integrity, which then translates to adherence in the real world. And there's implicit a third kind of loyalty. Are there other Elves here?"

Murgin says, "Where one places one's heart most strongly is the measure of that person."

Ysidrian nods to Murgin.

Pomic says, "One's ideals i think must come first, cause from those ideals everythin else is chosen, Gods, duties ya affiliations etc."

Metier agrees with Pomic.

Metadi nods to Pomic.

Ysidrian nods to Mustardseed, then blinks at him.

Mustardseed points at Ysidrian.

Shallimar glances at Yviara.

Cryheart says, "There be a few."

Cryheart and Mourdeyan smile.

Cryheart says, "Ok..let us talk about mercy."

Mustardseed says, "As eternals, we Elves tend to think of loyalty in none of the above terms. Because our experience is long -- so long that all practical loyalties _will_ be tested, and all objects of loyalty will unravel."

Ysidrian frowns.

Ruffelin furrows his brow as he rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Mourdeyan raises her eyebrow, the silver ring set within only enhancing her skeptical expression.

Ysidrian raises his hand.

Cryheart nods to Ysidrian.

Metier says, "I wouldn't refer to anything as eternal."

Ysidrian says, "I agree ta some degree wif dat... But some things outlive Elves. Perhaps dats why I put my loyalty ta my God first."

Cryheart says, "Indeed..but he was talking about perspective. Our beliefs can shape our loyalties."

Morgiest furrows his brow.

Mustardseed smiles at Ysidrian.

Ysidrian says, "Aye and all perspective is different, fer each of us, dat dont change loyalty, ya either follow sompin ya bleive in er ya dont."

Mustardseed says, "Some things outlive Arkati, too."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah was unaware that most elves looked on the Arkati as gods...."

Mourdeyan says, "So Loyalty has no value."

Ysidrian says, "Aye but I wont."

Morgiest scratches his head.

Mustardseed says, "No! That's not what I meant. I mean only that loyalty has value with respect to scale."

Ysidrian asks, "We are sayin loyalty is much like faith?"

Ysidrian peers quizzically at Mustardseed.

Cryheart says, "Not I."

Mourdeyan turns an inquisitive ear towards Mustardseed.

Pomic looks over at Ysidrian and shakes his head.

Speaking to Mustardseed, Daiven asks, "Do Elves not marry?"

Metadi says, "Except faith can be recanted."

Kriztian deeply says, "Loyalty includes faith accordin to the original definition. Or being 'faithful'

Daiven peers quizzically at Mustardseed.

Mustardseed says, "I feel great love and loyalty to the Landing, where I was raised, and where I may -- for all I know -- live the next thousand years."

Mourdeyan says, "Oh aye, they wed."

Cryheart nods to Kriztian.

Ruffelin says, "Mayhap 'tis why we shorter lived bein's consider loyalty ta oaths an' causes an' individuals sae important. We depend on th' integrity o' our word an' th' bonds o' others."

Ysidrian asks, "Ahh, levels of loyalty?"

Mourdeyan grins wryly.

Ysidrian peers quizzically at Mustardseed.

Daiven asks, "And Elves often marry for life?"

Mustardseed says, "But the Landing might be dust one day. And I still young."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah would simply include faith under tha personal kind o' loyalty 'e were speakin o' earlier."

Metier says, "Thanks to Manny the landing was almost dust already."

Ysidrian nods to Morgiest.

Metier hums a seemingly random tune.

Tagg squeakily says, "I'd think, hope at least, that my loyalties would not change if I lived 5 millenia. Or 5 more minutes, for that matter."

Kriztian smiles at Metier.

Ruffelin nods to Tagg.

Yviara shifts her weight.

Cryheart smiles and says, "Well..some folks are only loyal to themselves. Others choose a certain cause or duty. Meaning they are loyal to a cause."

Morgiest smiles at Ysidrian.

Daiven says, "If they do, then they certainly do know loyalty."

Kriztian agrees with Cryheart.

Speaking to Tagg, Pomic says, "Hopefully what ya loyal ta nae change as well."

Pomic grins.

Metadi raises an eyebrow and asks, "So, what's the difference between being loyal tae oneself, and loyal tae enlightened self-interest?"

Ysidrian blinks at Metier.

Talismyn softly asks, "Empathy?"

Tagg squeakily says, "Being loyal to others or a belief can be being true to yewrself, though."

Kriztian deeply says, "I would argue that the latter involves self-less-ness but one might characterize both as selfish I suppose."

Mustardseed nods to Talismyn.

Speaking to Metadi, Pomic says, "I nae think any at all."

Morgiest deeply says, "Loyal tae oneself in nae always loyalty tae self interest."

Talismyn rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Ysidrian frowns and raises his hand.

Morgiest deeply says, "Fer instance, ifin ah died protectin my charge, ah would be loyal tae me duty, but nae loyal tae me own self interest.."

Cryheart nods to Ysidrian.

Speaking to Morgiest, Metier says, "But commitment to your duty is your own self interest."

Pomic nods to Metier.

Ysidrian says, "Please fergive me fer bein so loud, this is gettin my blood pumpin, but in a good way"

Metadi asks, "Ah, but what would happen tae your self-interest if ye didnae do your duty?"

Ruffelin grins at Ysidrian.

Ysidrian says, "As I was gonna say."

Ysidrian rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Pomic grins at Ysidrian.

Cryheart says, "Keep in mind, loyalty to one's cause, is most always serving oneself. We chose a loyalty, cause it ultimately serves our own purpose...that goes without saying."

Morgiest deeply says, "AH would argue most would consider thier own lives thier highest self interest."

Metier says, "Self preservation is not necessarily ones self interest."

Metadi nods to Morgiest.

Morgiest deeply says, "Tha be wha seperates those whom follow a code o' chivalry from thoer whom do nae. Least part o' it."

Ruffelin nods to Morgiest.

Mourdeyan says, "Self preservation can serve the greater good as well."

Kriztian nods to Morgiest.

Talismyn softly says, "A good fifty fifty balance is what I use."

Ruffelin grins at Talismyn.

Ysidrian says, "I would think the difference between self interest and selfless interest would not be the decision of the individual, but of society or a group. If ya decide what is right and wrong allthe time ya risk making a mistake. If society decides a value and you work for it... That is selfless."

Cryheart asks, "Ok..what about mercy...and being loyal to a cause?"

Pomic asks, "I think it important that we not mix up loyalty ya self and selfishness t'gether, or do we believe it is the same?"

Cryheart says, "Aye, I think we forget that loyalty is always being self-altruism at its cores."

Tagg raises his hand.

Talismyn softly says, "To serve others, one must protect the self as well."

Pomic nods.

Metadi nods to Cryheart.

Mourdeyan agrees with Pomic.

Mourdeyan smiles.

Ysidrian glances at Pomic.

Cryheart asks, "What if you are loyal to defend the Landing...and you have captured some enemy....what conflict could arise from being compassionate?"

Metadi says, "Aye. It's ultimately selfishness that drives us. For example, we will often give loyalty tae those things that we judge more precious than ourselves."

Tagg squeakily says, "Mercy might advance yer cause, because it will show yer enemy the character of those who serve that cause."

Pomic grins at Ysidrian.

Kriztian deeply says, "Mercy is a tough one for me, in that sometimes it can have the effect of doing a dis-service to the group or to society as a whole."

Cryheart nods.

Talismyn softly says, "Virtue is not weakness."

Speaking to Cryheart, Daiven says, "If the enemy is to be tortured or treated poorly. That would conflict with compassion."

Morgiest ponders.

Cryheart says, "Mercy is having a disposition to be forgiving, to have pity or to be kind...I would doubt many Showed mercy towards the Jantalarian soldiers during our war."

Shallimar deeply says, "Mercy is jess self-restraint... ya dun gotta do yer worst tae fufill yer oath."

Metadi says, "Beyond a quick death, at any rate."

Kriztian deeply says, "Most parents understand, being merciful can wear many masks."

Cryheart says, "Indeed, being merciful could also mean to relieve suffering."

Talismyn rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to Metadi, Ruffelin says, "Well, I tried talkin' ta 'em, but they were nae in th' mood."

Cryheart says, "To end the suffering of a valiant soldier who asked for it."

Cryheart and Metadi grin at Ruffelin.

Cryheart says, "Indeed."

Ruffelin grins.

Cryheart asks, "What if a soldier asked for mercy? How would you respond?"

Talismyn softly says, "Tis only honorable to give quarter."

Mourdeyan appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Metadi asks, "And if it's a trap?"

Mourdeyan raises her hand and Cryheart nods to her.

Daiven says, "If asked, it should be given."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ye would need tae be a bit mer specific. Ah could forsee occasions where pleas fer mercy would go unheard."

Mourdeyan stands up.

Cryheart asks, "Well..a dying soldier asked for you to end his suffering, but, your liege asked for you to capture a soldier....how would you respond?"

Mourdeyan says, "When I meet Lorminstra and beg succor, I will surely beg mercy instead of justice, if I cry justice, I will surely be lost."

Mourdeyan ducks her head and sits down.

Metadi tickles Mourdeyan as they grin at each other.

Cryheart and Koleph grin at Mourdeyan.

Cryheart nods to Mourdeyan.

Ruffelin grins.

Mourdeyan winks and says, "Sorry, lil levity."

Shallimar deeply says, "Tend tha would an bring em back captive."

Talismyn softly says, "Capture another."

Kriztian, Talismyn and Cryheart grin.

Pomic grins at Mourdeyan.

Murgin says, "The purpose of mercy, is really secondary, I think. It is unearned compassion. It measures only the the one that gives it.."

Ysidrian smiles at Mourdeyan.

Mourdeyan says, "Mercy, to me...should be added a bit to temper justice."

Pomic grins at Ysidrian.

Kriztian deeply says, "It would seem mercy, like loyalty, also includes trust, or faithfulness."

Cryheart nods.

Ysidrian grins at Pomic.

Tagg squeakily says, "Compassion needn't always be earned."

Murgin says, "The reasons will always vary, and must be balanced with the other virtues."

Mourdeyan agrees with Murgin.

Metadi nods.

Cryheart says, "Indeed, all situations vary from one to another."

Speaking to Cryheart, Daiven says, "It would depend upon the wounds of the soldier. There is no guarentee that he would survive being brought back for capture and interrogation."

Pomic nods to Murgin.

Ysidrian raises his hand.

Cryheart says, "Would be a hard to task."

Cryheart nods to Ysidrian.

Ysidrian says, "Daiven brings up a fine point I think, one that many decisions come down to in da long run. I dont know xactly how ta say it, hope I am understandable... Does the ends justify the means? Is the act more important or the rusult."

Ysidrian rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Morgiest deeply says, "The result is always mer important then the act."

Ysidrian says, "Do a bring him back and interogate him cause it will save the town perhaps, despite his bein alive is constant torture. Or da ya release him because mercy is more important."

Kriztian deeply says, "It would seem that intention must be a consideration."

Ysidrian says, "I am sorry Sir but I hafta challenge that."

Ysidrian nods to Morgiest.

Ysidrian says, "It is the act that defines us, not the results of that act.. I could save the landin by bein a monster. But I am still a monster."

Speaking to Ysidrian, Pomic asks, "What bout mercy ta the town?"

Ysidrian smiles at Pomic as he chuckles and says , "Aye I was waitin fer dat."

Ruffelin and Pomic grins.

Morgiest deeply says, "A follower o' tha Gryphons code o' chivalry followers em nae cause they seek recognition. They follow em because they believe they are.... correct..."

Shallimar mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Cryheart says, "Acts varies...depends on one's perspectives.....killing a soldier...can have different motives."

Ysidrian nods to Morgiest.

Shallimar deeply says, "Good ole Spike.."

Cryheart grins.

Metadi agrees with Shallimar.

Ysidrian says, "Aye I agree, so the loyalty ta yer oath comes afore yer ideals perhaps, ifn ya be a very merciful man."

Ysidrian rubs his chin thoughtfully and nods to Morgiest.

Ysidrian rubs his chin thoughtfully as he nods to Pomic and says, "And yer question sir, is unanswerable. Least by me."

Morgiest shrugs.

Ysidrian grins.

Cryheart says, "If my liege wanted a prisoner...then a prisoner would be taken hopefully, alive and tended."

Ruffelin says, "Yer ideals, hopefully, be part an' parcel o' yer oath, 'r ye dinnae take tha' oath."

Ysidrian and Tagg nods to Ruffelin.

Kriztian adopts an agreeable expression.

Tagg squeakily says, "And if they conflict, it might be time to evaluate one or the other."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah would say, er least ah would hope, that folks take an oath, because they believe it fits within thier own personal code afore takin it. There should be nae diference."

Ruffelin says, "An' before ye acts, ye thinks. Ye hae ta look at th' larger picture. Ye cannae jus' act wi'out thinkin'

Ruffelin nods to Tagg.

Cryheart nods to Morgiest and says, "We usually accept oaths, cause they serve some inner purpose we choose to serve."

Pomic nods to Ruffelin.

Ysidrian nods to Cryheart.

Ruffelin says, "Sae yer decision ta be "merciful" might be weighted towards mercy ta th' soldier 'r mercy towards th' town."

Koleph pours himself a stein of dwarven stout.

Ysidrian says, "I agree wif all of ya, don't get me wrong, I jus hold forth that the world will challenge anything dear ta yer heart, and that sometimes ya realize that sompin ya didnt think was important is actually vera important to ya."

Cryheart grins and says, "I doubt in our times we shall find many foes who ask for mercy, as they serve one purpose...to destroy us. Look at our foes in the past. The vvrael. The bregandians. Kobolds. Luukosian forces. The demons. Morvule's forcues. The Jantalarians."

Kriztian nods to Ysidrian.

Koleph takes a drink from his dwarven stout.

Tagg squeakily says, "Roa'ters, as he lets loose with an involved and improbable curse against the day he was born.

Cryheart and Ruffelin grin.

Murgin says, "Greens gone wild."

Cryheart chuckles and nods to Murgin.

Morgiest deeply says, "Tha whole point o' a code, is tae make those beliefs instinct."

Tagg squeakily says, "Don't forget roa'ters."

Ruffelin chuckles at Tagg.

Kriztian grumbles as he deeply says, "The Baron's men camped out at Kai's Shrine."

Cryheart nods.

Daiven's entire body tenses as he clenches his fist.

Morgiest deeply says, "Ye react under presure in an honrable way, because ye study it, jes like a master armorer studies at tha forge..."

Cryheart says, "I don't recall any of em asking for mercy from us..as they had chosen to show us none."

Metadi exclaims, "And the occasional troll prince swarm tae. At least they were more merciful than the troll princesses!"

Cryheart nods and says, "But...There might be some time, when one asks for mercy."

Ruffelin chuckles at Metadi and nods to him.

Metadi shudders as Cryheart grins at him.

Ruffelin says, "Th' ainly 'uns I've seen ask fer mercy be th' foolish kobolds."

Ruffelin, Cryheart and Mourdeyan chuckle, while Metadi grins at Ruffelin.

Cryheart says, "Well...kobolds are foolish little critters."

Pomic grins at Ruffelin.

Cryheart nods to Ruffelin.

Ruffelin exclaims, "An' I dinnae e'en hae a weapon in m'hand at th' time!"

Ruffelin and Cryheart grin.

Kriztian deeply says, "They meant it was time to shower."

Shallimar deeply says, "Jess give em uh boot on tha arse."

Kriztian nods to Ruffelin.

Speaking to Ruffelin, Pomic says, "Its the look."

Pomic nods to Ruffelin.

Cryheart chuckles.

Ruffelin exclaims, "Bah!"

Ruffelin elbows Shallimar in the ribs in a playful sort of way.

Pomic grins.

Kriztian appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Ruffelin grins at Pomic.

Cryheart says, "Most of our foes will not ask for mercy in general."

Kriztian deeply says, "Aye, it's my kids who do all the askin fer mercy", as he stares off into space.

Ruffelin chuckles at Kriztian.

Cryheart says, "You think any of Morvule's demons would have...not...they would have been afraid of facing Morvule if they had."

Metadi asks, "Nae ye?", as he leans on Kriztian, giving him a companionable grin.

Pomic begins chuckling at Kriztian!

Kriztian coughs.

Pomic grins at Metadi, while Cryheart grins at Kriztian.

Morgiest smikes as he deeply says, "'e dinnae hae a weapon in 'and.. A course.. "e were wearin round bout 100 stones worth a steel full plate at tha' time..."

Ruffelin and Cryheart grin, while Metadi chuckles.

Speaking to Cryheart, Daiven says, "In order to be considered for mercy, one would need to stop with rampaging carnage. A demon is not likely to ever do such."

Shallimar deeply asks, "Snowin tae?"

Ysidrian grins at Mourdeyan.

Cryheart nods and says, "Demons are not the general run of the mill type foe we face."

Ruffelin chuckles.

Morgiest grins at Ruffelin, as he deeply says, "Nae, nothin fer a Kobold tae worry bout. Plenty a people wearin full plate come through jes all tha time..."

Ruffelin grins, and winking, says, "Aye, I might hae tripped an' fell on 'em."

Cryheart chuckles, while Ysidrian laughs at Ruffelin!

Morgiest starts chortling, as Tagg grins at Ruffelin.

Shallimar deeply says, "Sometimes them kobolds get right uppity though."

Ysidrian shakes his head as he says, "I been worried about you fallin on me too Sir, poor kobolds."

Ruffelin chuckles.

Cryheart says, "Well...someday, if one of my foes stopped and asked for mercy, I wonder if I would show them such."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah wouldnae be wearin plate fer tha tae be a danger tae a kobold, er even a 'uman fer tha matter."

Pomic grins.

Ruffelin says, "Hmmph.", as he folds his arms over his chest.

Cryheart and Morgiest grin at Ruffelin.

Ruffelin chuckles.

Cryheart says, "Nothing worse than a toppling giant to fall on ye."

Morgiest reaches out and touches his ice blue full plate.

Metadi and Ruffelin grin.

Ruffelin grins at Tagg as he says, "Tagg ne'er seems ta worry much when I take 'im huntin'. Course 'e dodges right well."

Metadi nods to Cryheart as he says, "Except a falling giant in plate."

Kriztian grins.

Cryheart grins at Metadi.

Tagg squeakily says, "I been dodgin fallin gargoyle corpses fer years, Sir."

Metadi asks, "But Ruffelin, what about when he has tae dodge left?"

Ruffelin gazes heavenward and snickers, as he chuckles at Metadi.

Daiven chuckles.

Tagg leans to his left slightly.

Cryheart asks, "Well...any more thoughts? Afore we close this discussion."

Yviara smiles at Cryheart.

Ysidrian says, "Aye I have one more ifn ya would hear me babble fer a second."

Tagg smiles at Ysidrian.

Cryheart says, "We hae a few who have fallen asleep here...hope they will be able to get out."

Pomic turns to face Ysidrian.

Cryheart nods to Ysidrian.

Speaking deeply to Ysidrian, Kriztian says, "Hardly babble from what I seen.", as he smiles at him.

Kriztian deeply says, "And heard."

Ruffelin agrees with Kriztian.

Ysidrian says, "Nothin deep think er anythin. I jus wanted ta thank ya fer lettin me come listen and talk.", as he blushes a nice shade of light pink.

Cryheart says, "You are welcome. I am glad you could come by."

Tagg stands up.

Ysidrian says, "First time I felt at home since my ma died."

Ysidrian nods to Cryheart.

Tagg squeakily says, "Yes, thank yew for the talk, and the tour."

Cryheart bows.

Cryheart says, "You are welcome."

Metadi smiles.

Cryheart says, "Gryphons please stay for a bit."

Kriztian nods to Cryheart.

Ruffelin says, "Aye."

Speaking to Cryheart, Daiven says, "Thank you and your Order for holding another one of these discussions, Sir."

Cryheart says, "Our guests can stick if they choose."

Cryheart nods to Daiven.

Ysidrian stands up.

Cryheart nods to Pomic.

Cryheart says, "Guests please join Lord Pomic."

Tagg and Ysidrian joins Pomic's group.

Ruffelin says, "Be well."

Morgiest smiles at Daiven.

Metadi says, "A good discussion, all."

Cryheart says, "Thank ye guests for coming."

Morgiest deeply says, "Sir Cryheart, ah hae some order businees, ah would like tae attend tae afore we be done fer tha evenin."

Cryheart nods to Morgiest.

Cryheart says, "We are going to conduct some short business."

Cryheart nods to Morgiest.

Pomic removes a silver gryphon key from in his leather tobacco pouch.

You hear a click as Pomic unlocks a trapdoor.

Pomic just opened a trapdoor.

Cryheart, Ruffelin, and Tagg wave.

Cryheart says, "Thanks for coming."

Pomic's group just went through a trapdoor.