Order of the Silver Gryphon - Origins and Duty

[Gryphon Holding]
The stone tower rises above the surrounding marsh, narrow window slits and a battlement about the gabled roof giving it an almost sinister appearance. To the north, east, and west, the slope of the hillock descends sharply and is quickly lost beneath the reeds and cattails. You also see a portcullis. Obvious paths: southwest
Xanith, Evia, Brinn, Chivalrous, Ichiko, Karibeth, Greganth, Perivan, Aydan, Vilkea, Cryheart, Bristenn, Gillien and Balantine followed.

A massive bearded white tiger saunters in.

Ichiko stretches.

Brinn put a soul stone hilted vultite claidhmore in his alloy shoulder sheath.

Evia rubs the stone tower.

Cryheart points at a polished silver plaque.

You say, "This be our tower if you've never been."

| *----- -----* |
| *--- The Chivalric Order of ---* |
| *--- the Silver Gryphon ---* |
| *------ ------* |
| |
| |
| To Defend Our Town and The |
| People Who Live Within It. |
| |
| To Protect Those Who Cannot |
| Protect Themselves. |
| |
| To Aid Those Who Are In Need, |
| If Their Cause Is Just. |
| |
| To Serve With Honor, By |
| Example And By Deed. |

You tap a polished silver plaque.

You say, "Motto."

Gillien nods.

You say, "We can offer a full tour another time."

Cryheart points at a table.

Geijon's group enters the Holding through the portcullis then under the arch.

[Gryphon Holding, Open Courtyard]
Designed to be used for training, the courtyard is ringed with several devices for improving combat skills. In the center is an arena of sand for practicing skills against opponents. A set of racks rests against the south wall, storing several items of weaponry and armor. Near the western wall, a wide stone staircase leads up to the door, giving entrance to the tower. A selection of refreshments wait on a nearby table. You also see an arch and a large iron bound chest.
Obvious exits: none
Xanith, Evia, Brinn, Chivalrous, Ichiko, Karibeth, Greganth, Perivan, Aydan, Vilkea, Cryheart, Bristenn, Gillien and Balantine followed.

On the table:
other (8): a stein of barley ale, a chunk of spit-roasted boar, a creamy bowl of frumenty, a herb-crusted grilled turkey leg, a mug of spiced honey mead, a roasted honey-glazed parsnip, a small fried apple rissole, some dwarven stout.

Cryheart pours himself a mug of spiced honey mead.

You exclaim, "Help yerselves!"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

You help yourself to a chunk of spit-roasted boar.

Gillien exclaims, "Ah, the drinks!"

Balantine pours himself some dwarven stout.

Cryheart says, "Grab what ye want."

Brinn pours himself a stein of barley ale.

Karibeth glances at a table.

Cryheart says, "Drinks and food."

You exclaim, "Mead see...I didn't lead anyone astray!"

You grin.

Gillien pours himself some dwarven stout.

Ichiko helps herself to a small fried apple rissole.

Gillien put a cedar-hafted vultite battle axe in his leather weapons case.

Evia helps herself to a herb-crusted grilled turkey leg.

Karibeth asks, "No wine?"

Cryheart helps himself to a chunk of spit-roasted boar.

You pour yourself some dwarven stout.

Evia pours herself a mug of spiced honey mead.

Karibeth shakes her head, clucking her tongue.

Gillien takes a drink from his dwarven stout.

Cryheart says, "Apparently not."

Cryheart grins at Karibeth.

You say, "Honey mead is rather light."

You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Perivan takes a drink from his cold spring water.

Cryheart says, "Oh."

Cryheart points at a massive oak door.

Carved into the center of this massive oak door is an intricate battle scene. The battle scene depicts a group of knights holding a banner of the Order of the Silver Gryphon. As if invading, a group of Jantalarian soldiers are poised to attack the holding tower. In the corner, a fallen knight is surrounded by his fellow troops.

Sir Metadi and Kateerina just came through a massive oak door.

Metadi attempts to hum a merry little tune.

Kateerina softly says, "Good eve."

You say, "A pleasure to meet you Lady Kateerina. Metadi speaks highly and often of you."

Kateerina rests a gentle hand on Metadi's arm.

You smile.

Kateerina flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

You chuckle.

Metadi smiles.

Speaking softly to you, Kateerina says, "Thank you I hope all his words were kind."

You say, "Mostly, beyond his admiration of your...beauty, yes. His descriptions of your beauty. He was very generous and excited there

You chuckle.

Kateerina stares off into space.

Metadi clears his throat.

Metadi appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Geijon's group goes through the massive oak door.

[Gryphon Holding, First Floor]
Unadorned stone walls and narrow windows leave this room rather stark and austere. A fireplace fills most of the north wall, and the large oak table and benches that stand in the center of the room appear to be polished and new. Against the south wall, two rearing ivory gryphons hold between them an ebony and crimson dart board with silver numerals. You also see a basket of sticks, a massive oak door and a newel staircase.
Obvious exits: none
Xanith, Evia, Brinn, Chivalrous, Ichiko, Karibeth, Greganth, Perivan, Aydan, Vilkea, Cryheart, Bristenn, Metadi,Kateerina, Gillien and Balantine followed.

Geijon climbs the stairs accompanied with the others.

[Gryphon Holding, Great Hall]
A light draft stirs the banners draped overhead, each measure of silk representing a knight of the Order. Dominating the room is a massive oak table with a dozen tall chairs around it. Three smaller tables are set up in an alcove off the eastern wall for more private gatherings. Elaborate figurines of former members line the mantle of a huge fireplace set at the far end of the room. Flanking the hearth, floor-to-ceiling shelves hold a wide selection of reading material and ancient tomes. You also see a newel staircase, a wooden ladder and a basket of sticks.
Obvious exits: none
Xanith, Evia, Brinn, Chivalrous, Ichiko, Karibeth, Greganth, Perivan, Aydan, Vilkea, Cryheart, Bristenn, Metadi, and Kateerina, Gillien and Balantine followed.

Cryheart says, "Welcome to the Hall."

You point at a huge fireplace.

Cryheart points at a tall chair.

Cryheart says, "Take a chair, and get comfortable."

Balantine stands in front of a huge fireplace.

You settle yourself on the tall chair for a moment's rest.

Cryheart points at some elaborate figurines.

Cryheart says, "I want to welcome ye all, to our Greath Hall in the Holding."

Gillien says, "A very kind welcome indeed."

Cryheart says, "Tis hae a grand history it be."

Cryheart says, "Afore I begin my long winded speech."

Cryheart coughs.

Cryheart says, "If ye hae questions, feel free to ask."

Bristenn folds his hands in his lap.

Vilkea walks over to the chair and settles down.

Gillien asks, "How many memebers does the Order currently have?"

Cryheart says, "Well..I am noot good with the figures..about 12 to 15 active."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Gillien nods to Cryheart.

You say, "Perhaps a bit over one hundred in our history."

The lace agate on Xanith's forehead dims, then suddenly brightens in a luminous plume of tiny silver and blue-violet sparks that radiate out from his eyes in a feather-like pattern.

Evia says, "About that many, come and go a few on journeys now and then."

Cryheart says, "Next month, we will be inviting all to another discussion...speaking about our purpose...and hopefully attracting potential squires and Friends of the Order."

Cryheart says, "And again hopefully regaling ye of tales of our past."

Cryheart says, "So..much for that....let us begin."

Cryheart says, "Tonight we talk about our origins and duty."

Cryheart says, "And dinnae fault me if I skip a month or so of history."

Cryheart says, "Getting old ye know."

Cryheart grins.

Brinn begins chuckling at Cryheart!

Cryheart says, "Will nae take long I am sure."

Cryheart smiles.

Cryheart recites:

"Early in 5096, Hochstib sent his chief knight, Sir Maldon Wellesborne, to take command of a holding near the Landing, so that he could lay claim to the land there when the time came for the Baron to enact his next expansion plan. Maldon's son stayed behind, as he was the lieutenant in charge of the army sent by Hochstib into the mines to put down the uprising. "

Cryheart says, "Which would be this one, but it was a bit drafty then."

Cryheart says, "We hae remodeled it since."

Cryheart gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Cryheart recites:

"Sir Maldon's son was still inside the mines when the Baron ordered them sealed."

Cryheart recites:

"Once Maldon arrived at the Holding, he made it clear that his intention was not to lay claim to the Landing in the Baron's name nor assist his plan, but instead start an order of knights to help protect the town from Hochstib -- both militarily and politically. By producing a class of nobility here, he hoped to thwart the Baron's contention to the Empress that the Landing was unclaimed territory free for the taking.

Cryheart smacks his lips.

Cryheart recites:

"There were some who assumed that Maldon was acting out of anger, turning against Baron Hochstib over the alleged death of his son. Regardless of his motives, twelve warriors were present when Maldon assembled his order in an effort to stop the Baron's expansion and racial tyranny. The Order of the Silver Gryphon was born."

Cryheart sings melodically:

"The Soul arrived on Landing's water
Shorn of son, no longer father.
A dozen warriors strong and brave
Stepped up and heard the story grave."

Cryheart coughs.

Cryheart says, "Excuse me singing, I am nae a bard."

Cryheart fidgets.

Greganth adopts an agreeable expression.

You chuckle.

You applaud Cryheart.

Cryheart chuckles.

Perivan appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Brinn begins chuckling at Greganth!

You say, "Approved regardless."

Cryheart sings melodically:

"The Holding searched and death was found
Death abed and beheaded to ground.
Assassin's badge and parchment torn
Knife in hand and armor worn."

You grin.

Karibeth murmurs, "No comment."

Cryheart gives Karibeth a good pinch!

Karibeth winces.

Karibeth folds her arms over her chest.

Cryheart sings melodically:

"Forge discovered, dwarves revealed
Message to Baron safely repealed.
A dozen warriors stood side by side
And swore to avenge that dwarven tide"

Cryheart sings melodically:

"Landing Safe and People true
The warriors pledged their strength to You
A dozen warriors a fortress small
Warriors against the Landing's fall."

Cryheart smiles.

Evia takes a drink from her spiced honey mead.

Karibeth clasps her hand over her mouth.

Cryheart recites:

"Another Knight of Jantalar had previously occupied the Holding, and discovered a a forge and a dwarven mine in the basement. He disappeared under mysterious circumstances, his whereabouts and final fate unknown until the Holding was rediscovered by Maldon. "

Cryheart says, "The tunnels hae long been abandoned."

Cryheart recites:

"Upon searching the Holding, two bodies were found in the upstairs bedroom, revealing the knight's final fate. One corpse, a headless skeleton, still clutched a rusted knife that had been dipped in a sticky substance -- no doubt poison. On the skeleton's persons was a small triangle of parchment, a sort of Imperial "permit to kill" that Maldon claimed was often give to assassins and the ilk. "

Cryheart recites:

"The other body was found on the ruins of the bed. Apparently, the assassin had managed to get his job done -- possibly nicking his target with the poisoned blade -- before losing his head to the dying knight's sword. Some armor was also discovered, as well as a page from a journal in which the knight noted that he found out something by accident during the solstice, and did not think the Baron would be pleased to hear of it. "

Cryheart recites:

"Baron Hochstib sent a champion to the Holding to kill Maldon. Maldon picked his own champion, Lord Waldo2 Ptolomy, to fight him and succeeded in vanquishing Hochstib's errand boy. "

Cryheart recites:

"Two other attempts on his life would follow. The most noteworthy was in 5098, when an assassin named Craban Agnarkris attacked from the shadows at Dame Deavon Laeran's and Lord Errick Dyfedd's wedding

An event well-attended by members of the OSG. A parchment found on Craban read: "Craban, you are to journey to the town of Wehnimer's Landing and seek out this group calling themselves the Order of the Silver Gryphon. You are to remove as many of these individuals as possible, as they have interfered in our plans too oft {the parchment is torn here and is missing a large section, near the bottom, you can barely make out the following} ...ron Hochsti.... {the rest of the letter is unreadable}." The second attempt was mere months later, but that assassin was also defeated."

Cryheart says, "First real evidence we had in the Baron Hochstibs plot."

Cryheart recites:

"Early on, the Order had heard rumors about the Mandis Crystal in the Baron's possession, supposedly obtained from the Empress by him. According to reports given by Sir Maldon, clerical and empathic spells were unaffected by it, but the Order discovered through intelligence work that bane weapons might be used against this threat. "

Gillien asks, "At a wedding!?"

Cryheart nods to Gillien.

Xanith says, "Bad things always happen at weddings."

Cryheart grins at Xanith.

Cryheart recites:

"Korm Khorzanamdur, a dwarf from the first Juggernaut, indicated that he might be able to assist them with the creation of these types of weapons, and so he became an ally, teaching the members of the Order how to forge. "

Chivalrous whispers something to Xanith.

Metadi mutters, "It's smart tae wear armor tae Gryphon weddings."

Xanith grins.

Vilkea nods in agreement to Metadi.

Cryheart says, "Thus began the Order to learn the rudimentary skills of forging."

Cryheart says, "We used those skills to forge many bane weapons afore the Jantalarian War."

Cryheart recites:

"Unfortunately, in a scouting trip to find more glyphs for forging he was kidnapped by Jantalarian forces and imprisoned. Talenni Shadowkyn, the Queen of Thieves in Jantalar, aided the Gryphons with their plans for a rescue mission to Jantalar."

Cryheart says, "The rescue of Korm..that is another story." Cryheart recites:

"It was at this time that the Order decided a "spy" should be sent to Jantalar to see if any information could be discovered about the Mandis Crystal."

Cryheart sings melodically:

"Many years then did pass
For the two barons, peace was no easy task.
the Crab was determined to cut off the sea,
But to the landing the Swan could trade free
Beg the Crab did, upon bended knee
for the empress to bestow upon him, Mandis Crystals three
One for Koar's fist, another for the cold north
But to the landing, the largest was brought forth"

Cryheart coughs.

Cryheart says, "The Crab being Baron Hochstib, of course."

Cryheart gazes heavenward.

Cryheart sings melodically: "The Crab approached from the south east, ten thousand men strong was his war beast "Give up, give up" , he cried, "in my rule, redemption you shall find!""

Cryheart recites:

"The Jantalarians approached the landing from the South East, setting up camp south of the Dragonsclaw. Their initial attack would surge through the Elven village, past Potter's Field, and into Danjirland. As Baron Hochstib's forces slowly brought the Mandis Crystal closer to the front lines, its effects would spread first through Danjirland, then Upper Trollfang, and eventually all of the Landing. "

Chivalrous says, "Good, no one likes symbolism."

Cryheart grins at Chivalrous.

Cryheart asks, "How many of ye recall those days?"

Karibeth raises her hand.

Gillien nods to Cryheart.

Chivalrous gazes at his surroundings.

Metadi raises his hand.

Chivalrous says, "Most here I would wager."

Karibeth says, "Hated the loss of my magic skills."

Karibeth mumbles something under her breath.

Ichiko raises her hand.

Balantine raises his hand.

You raise your hand.

Cryheart says, "I recall the first wave of attack..majikers could not use em."

Cryheart nods to Karibeth.

Gillien says, "I remember watching a large dust cloud approach with their armies."

Metadi says, "Oh, the screaming."

Cryheart nods to Metadi.

Cryheart says, "The Jantalar champions used mithril claids...then second wave the used feras weapons."

Cryheart scowls.

Metadi winces.

Aydan says, "Most of the manor in the outlands near Solhaven still suffers the lingering effects of the crystal there."

Cryheart nods to Aydan.

Ichiko says, "Was still new to this area in those days, but I remember."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Cryheart nods to Ichiko.

Bristenn nods in agreement to Aydan.

Cryheart recites:

"At first, the Jantalarians could be heard singing in their encampment every night, certain their victory over the landing was inevitable and confident in their skill in arms. However, after weeks of battle, the songs of battle and valor turned to cries and screams of pain, as the mad Baron fueled the Mandis crystal with his own troops. Doing so only increased the crystal's power, extending its range closer and closer to the landing."

Cryheart recites:

"Eventually, Hochstib's army would move the mandis crystals in place. The crystal in the Landing would be located at Kai's shrine, where many Jantalarian troops worshipped during their siege. The mandis crystal in Mestinair, was on Koar's fist. Finally, the third mandis crystal was found on the path up to Icemule , in the Deep Freeze"

Vilkea folds her hands in her lap.

Bristenn lets out a long, contemplative breath.

Kateerina's sylvarraend ruby, which is set against her forehead, dims and then suddenly brightens again as silver sparks swirl within the gem.

Cryheart says, "I recall us destroying the one in Kai's shrine, resulting in a gigantic explosion, sending many of us to the Town Square in the Landing."

Cryheart winces.

Bristenn nods in agreement to Cryheart.

Cryheart recites:

"The battle to destroy the Crystal at Kai's shrine would be a difficult one for the Landing. Fortunately, Baron Malwind of Vornavis and the newly appointed Northern Sentinel, Earl Jovery lent their aid to the situation. Both the Northern Sentinel and Baron sent troops north to support the Landing and defend against Hochstib. "

Cryheart says, "We had a lot of allies to help thwart the attacks then."

Cryheart recites:

"While fighting the Jantalarian troops, it became apparent they were truly not as misguided as their Baron. Many expressed regret for their actions, doubt in their Baron, and even a wish to return to their homes. Of course, all were fiercely loyal to Jantalar and the Baron, and there were some that did approve of the Baron's actions and followed the Edict"

Cryheart recites:

"After the crystal was destroyed in the landing, several of the local defenders would be captured by Hochstib with the intention of taking them before the Emperor, and accuse them of treason against the empire. "

Cryheart recites:

"Those captured included several members of the Order, Sir Maldon, Sir Eahlstan, Kriztian, Guarrin and I. In addition, several other local defenders were captured, Izalude, Perigourd, Haxley, Ichiko and Kabriel. Finally, to prove how far his madness has taken him, the Hochstib also captured his sister Delphinuria, Philnep (the Emperor's inquisitor), and Orthen (the Mystic of koar that opened up the portal to Mestanir)."

Gillien shudders.

Gillien's jaw drops.

Karibeth smiles at Ichiko.

Ichiko hangs her head.

Cryheart says, "His sister, has been appointed the Baroness of Jantalar, by his Imperial Majesty since then."

Cryheart says, "Baroness Delphinuria, I recall her well."

Balantine grins.

Cryheart recites:

"However, it would be one of the baron's own Herald, Holswort Niffelhelm, that would free the captives, and the Baroness, who would join in on the final assault against the mad Baron. The final battle against Hochstib would take place inside the Tower in the Outlands Manor. "

Cryheart says, "I recall being tied up, and we could hear the commotion outside....."

Aydan looks over at Vilkea and shakes his head.

Cryheart says, "Many other Orders, Miltia, Factions and citizens came to our rescue and to battle the Baron Hochstib."

Gillien asks, "Were you tied up in the same room with all the other prisoners?"

Cryheart nods to Gillien.

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Cryheart says, "We were all tied up in the same room."

Gillien nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "I was on a patrol near the Artificial Inn, when I was ganged up with several of his thugs..and dragged all the way to the Outland Manor."

Cryheart nods to Gillien.

Cryheart says, "Half conscious...I had no idea where they were taking me."

Cryheart recites:

"After the defeat of Baron Hochstib, families, towns and the counties of Jantalar and Vornavis began to recover and settle down. Sir Maldon had heard of the possibility of his son actually being alive. He removed himself as leader of the Order and thusly disbanded the group. The members of the Order though took over the purpose of defending the Landing, and thus it remained as it always had before."

Cryheart recites:

"Several months later, Earl Jovery of the county of Hendor, and Northern Sentinel, and Baron Malwind of Vornavis held a post-war court, whereupon a few members were knighted, and Earl Jovery gave the Order of the Silver Gryphon charge as before to follow the chivalric code and to swear to continue to protect those whom seek the protection of our arm and the generosity of our heart, those too weak to protect themselves, and the virtue of every pure lady whom fate or fortune may cause to cross our paths"

Cryheart grins.

Cryheart bows.

Cryheart says, "That concludes the history."

You applaud.

Gillien applauds.

Evia lets out a cheer!

Brinn applauds Cryheart.

Greganth applauds Cryheart.

Chivalrous nods.

This concluded our History. A discussion on Duty and general topics continued as an open forum.

Perivan applauds Cryheart.

You say, "When did he become so eloquent. Who knew."

You chuckle.

Evia raises her spiced honey mead in a toast!

Gillien says, "A story well told... And well fought."

Cryheart says, "Those were the days."

Balantine applauds.

Brinn says, "Well spoken and sung, Sir Cryheart."

Evia takes a drink from her spiced honey mead.

Vilkea applauds.

Bristenn applauds.

You raise your dwarven stout in a toast!

Bristenn nods in agreement.

You take a drink from your dwarven stout.
You feel your nerves loosening as you begin to relax.

Cryheart starts chuckling at you!

Cryheart says, "Thank ye."

Speaking quietly to Brinn, Greganth says, "Well spoken, at any rate."

Gillien asks, "Were those the days of Spike and Devestior?"

Balantine quietly says, "I remember the size of those roltons that pulled the Crystal wagon...huge beasts."

Cryheart says, "Somewhat."

Balantine quietly says, "I also remember the drumbeats...and those feras lancers."

Balantine winces.

You say, "Bregandians were a few years before that in 5099. Hochstib was killed in late 5103."

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Bristenn sheepishly mumbles, "Excuse me."

Cryheart says, "Those feras weapons caught many of us off guard."

Gillien says, "Ah yes."

Gillien nods to you.

You say, "But Spike I think did make an appearance around then."

Cryheart nods to you.

Cryheart says, "So...our duty, and purpose."

Cryheart says, "Remains the same."

Cryheart says, "To defend the Landing and citizens for any cause that is just."

Gillien smiles.

Gillien asks, "Do any pieces of the Mandis crystal still exist?"

You nod to Gillien.

Greganth raises his hand.

Brinn nods to Gillien.

Evia removes a Mandis Crystal shard from in her thraak skin sack.

Cryheart says, "Next month we will continue..about our purpose and how we conduct ourselves."

Cryheart nods to Gillien.

Evia shows Gillien her Mandis Crystal shard.

Gillien gazes fondly at Evia.

An iridescent hummingbird flies into the room, landing on Kateerina's shoulder. It nuzzles her ear for a moment, warbling a message before settling down to preen its feathers, slowly stilling its movement until it finally freezes in place.

Greganth quietly asks, "Does the order swear fealty to the Empire?"

Cryheart says, "I hae a few pieces left...I even donated a piece to the Landing Museum."

Gillien says, "Very interesting artifact indeed."

Kateerina takes off an iridescent hummingbird charm.

Kateerina put an iridescent hummingbird charm in her silk neckpouch.

Cryheart says, "A few of us knights of the Empire do."

Greganth nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "But mostly the fealty is located to our duty and to Vornavis."

You nod to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "We hae several knights, knighted by Baron Malwind."

Evia put a Mandis Crystal shard in her thraak skin sack.

Evia just closed a gold-stringed thraak skin sack.

You say, "That is also a difficult question for some of us based off how th' first two Knights came to be as well, Greganth."

Greganth quietly asks, "You mentioned 12 Knights at the beginning, who were they?"

Cryheart says, "Now ye really stretching me mind."

Greganth nods to you.

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Gillien grins.

Balantine smiles at Brinn.

Karibeth grins slowly.

You say, "I try to live th' ideals, but spurs are granted by regents and officials of th' Empire. Cemb and Welan were Knighted to add legitimacy to th' Landing, not to serve th' Empire.

Brinn smiles at Balantine.

Cryheart nods to you.

Greganth nods slowly to you.

Gillien nods to you.

Brinn says, "The first members were not knights at the time, and many of them never became knights."

Cryheart says, "Aye..the original purpose was to prevent Baron Hochstib of claiming the Landing."

Cryheart nods to Brinn.

Brinn says, "Geijon has reconstructed the history of that time."

Brinn says, "He states the first members as Jakester, Berr, Geoff, Heinrich, Brinn, Cemb, Welan, Cinabar, Wanton, Pip, Waldo2, and Skull. "

You say, "To th' best of mine and our recollection."

You nod to Brinn.

Brinn says, "We did not have squires back then."

You say, "Ruffelin, Kytaara, and I believe Aonghus were th' first group of squires. Potentially. I'm still trying to piece that together with Shirkon."

Brinn says, "Aonghus was earlier than the others."

Brinn says, "Aonghus was brought in by Lord Geoff."

Cryheart nods to Brinn.

Balantine takes a drink from his dwarven stout.

Gillien asks, "Which was more important in repelling the Baron - the political forces of the empire, or the armed insurrection in and around the landing?"

Goldstr just arrived.

Cryheart says, "Aonghus eventually left to form the Onoir."

Cryheart and Goldstr bash their forearms in greeting.

Bristenn leans forward and rests his chin in his hand, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Goldstr sits down.

You wave to Goldstr.

Bristenn nods in agreement to Cryheart.

Brinn bows to Goldstr.

Evia and Goldstr bash their forearms in greeting.

Karibeth nods to Goldstr in greeting.

Karibeth smiles.

Goldstr and Brinn bash their forearms in greeting.

Metadi rubs his leather wristlet, causing darkness to stream across its surface briefly.

Cryheart says, "The first task, was to hold off his army."

Cryheart nods to Gillien.

Goldstr says, "Hail all."

Gillien nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "That was the most important."

Bristenn gives Goldstr a firm handshake.

Brinn ponders.

Cryheart says, "The political factions came later."

Cryheart says, "When Baron Malwind had to deal with an Inquistion of the death of one of his Barons."

Cryheart says, "That occurred a few years ago."

Cryheart says, "Of course we still hae to wait for the political issues of Hendor and Vornavis sending troops to aid us."

Gillien asks, "Was the Emperor himself ever involved, or was it more Hochstib?"

Cryheart says, "Not being of the Empire."

Gillien nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "It was the Empress."

Gillien says, "Ah, excuse me."

Cryheart says, "Nae the current Emperor."

Greganth whispers, "Can someonee get Seomanthe at the door?"

Aydan says, "One of the first things His Majesty did after Mynal'lyanna was assassinated was try to reign Hochstib in, but given the turmoil with the succession, that was largely left to Earl Jovery."

You point at Evia.

Metadi asks, "And was she involved much?"

Metadi cocks his head at Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "The question was did she give approval for him to use the mandis crystals, before she was assassinate."

Cryheart says, "Assassinated."

Cryheart coughs.

You say, "Th' political nature of th' Empire in ways beget th' invasion. If he could have politically usurped us he would not have had to send his military. It also bought us time, years in fact, where Hochstib could not simply roll our frontier with his military."

Cryheart says, "Got to love the political intrigue of those times."

Evia stands up.

Great Lady Evia just went down a newel staircase.

Gillien nods.

Gillien says, "Fascinating."

Aydan says, "Well, she's the one who gave the crystals to him."

Cryheart nods to Aydan.

Great Lady Evia's group just climbed a newel staircase.

Cryheart says, "And it is supposed she gave permission."

You wave to Seomanthe.

Evia says, "Here we are."

Greganth quietly says, "Is anything known of their creation?"

You smile.

Seomanthe softly says, "Hi all, sorry I'm late."

Seomanthe ducks her head.

Bristenn slowly muses, ".. a rumor I've heard, actually, and I'm not sure how much of this is based in fact, but that they could have come from the Sea of Fire."

Bristenn quietly adds, "Specifically, that city whose name I won't mention."

You say, "Th' Empress was assassinated in 5103. Her murder wasn't solved until th' inquisition in 5107 into Malwind's part in her death Hochstib had still not been declared dead. That is when his Sister, who Cryheart forementioned, was granted all of his lands as heir and th' Barony of Mestanir was restored."

Aydan says, "Her assassination happened under the comet, and the turmoil is basically what gave Hochstib the inclination to press the attack."

Cryheart says, "They were huge crystals of black stone that would absorb mana in the surrounding area."

Brinn says, "Lady Vilkea hails from the Sea of Fire."

You say, "Hm."

Cryheart says, "Aye..the Blue Comet."

You say, "That is a large gap."

Gillien says, "Quite a large one."

Chivalrous nods.

Aydan nods to you.

Brinn smiles at you.

Chivalrous says, "These things happen."

Chivalrous says, "The machinations of government."

Chivalrous says, "Slow and crushing."

Chivalrous says, "Like my ex-wife."

Seomanthe appears to be trying hard not to grin.

Gillien laughs at Chivalrous!

Brinn says, "The Empire is vast, and sometimes slow to action."

Cryheart says, "The orginal use of the mandis crystal were indeed approved by the younger Empress for Baron Hochstib to stop mages in Mestanir."

You say, "We never did learn much of th' creation, origins, or whereabouts of th' Mandis Crystals. I believe those secrets may have died with th' Empress."

Cryheart says, "When he attacked there."

Several of the darkened leaves on Aydan's ebonwood armband slowly bend across the wood until their vein-spliced surfaces come to rest against his skin. Cryheart nods to you.

Aydan says, "The Emperor may still have a few. I remember one of his first decrees was to recall them to Tamzyrr for safe keeping, though he wasn't able to get Hochstib to return his."

Cryheart takes a drink from his spiced honey mead.

Cryheart nods to Aydan.

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Brinn leans against a huge fireplace.

Aydan says, "Doesn't necessarily mean there were others, but there may've been."

You say, "Between 5103 and 5105 th' Order spent significant time on th' front lines or leading assaults against th' Dark Alliance. Markedly on Teras in Solhaven and in th' Elven Nations."

You say, "Well 5105 when th' Black Temple was destroyed that is."

Xanith says, "Probably one of our least favorite alliances, that Dark Alliance."

Cryheart grins.

Bristenn furrows his brow.

Cryheart says, "Indeed."

Cryheart takes a drink from his spiced honey mead.

You say, "Sir Tebon was commander of th' Eastern Alliance that fought in th' Elven Nations. Guarrin brought th' Protectors to Teras where Siwas found th' first piece and we fought extensively in Solhaven. When Morvule slew th' children in vornavis and raised them against us remains many of our most heartbreaking memories."

Cryheart nods to you.

Bristenn amusedly mumbles, ".. we're still not very supportive fans of that cabal's last few retainers, down south."

You agree with Bristenn.

Cryheart nods to Bristenn.

Balantine mutters something about morvule.

Cryheart nods to Balantine.

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Cryheart says, "Those were hard days of fighting."

Cryheart takes a deep breath.

Kateerina frets.

Kateerina glances at you.

Kateerina nods.

Kateerina softly says, "Those children."

Metadi rubs Kateerina tenderly.

Cryheart nods to Kateerina.

You nod to Kateerina.

Kateerina softly says, "And so many others."

Cryheart says, "It broke my heart to see them as such."

Kateerina shakes her head.

A pained expression crosses Seomanthe's face.

Cryheart says, "I could not raise my hand to release them."

Cryheart gazes heavenward.

You say, "We didn't have long to recover because it was a distraction. He let th' Vathors loose on us after that. Th' first time any of us had ever encountered them."

Balantine quietly says, "I remember that slit-eyed scale-skinned lizard gating into the broken town during triage, and slaying all there, including the newly raised, healers, and clerics... everyone."

Vilkea shakes her head.

Gillien gasps.

Seomanthe cringes.

Bristenn glances away.

Gillien says, "No respect for the fallen..."

Ichiko slowly empties her lungs.

Metadi grunts.

You say, "For many of us Solhaven is like a second home, or for some now, their first home."

You say, "During th' Inquisition we were gravely concerned about Baron Malwind and his Family also. We did what we could in those trying time to lend support and clear his name."

Cryheart nods to you.

Cryheart says, "Aye, his Lordship Salnim and her Ladyship Athalia."

Cryheart says, "Was indeed worried about them."

Cryheart says, "And his Excellency."

You say, "Morvule rivals Terate in terms of a mortal wielding power. He was nearly godlike and incredibly destructive."

Bristenn runs a hand through his chin length brown hair, trying to make himself presentable.

Cryheart says, "Speaking of Morvule, there was one bright moment....I was laying stunned in the Market Square in Solhaven...."

You say, "After those events we fought in Solhaven with Lord Venquinor. Perhaps Aydan is a better storyteller for that tale though."

Cryheart says, "And he was standing over me...and up comes the old woman in Solhaven...walked right up to him, not missing a step..."

Balantine quietly says, "When I met him face ta face in the North Market, he summonned a dozen eidolons then fled, instead of doing battle."

Gillien smiles at Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "And told him he should write his mother."

Cryheart grins.

Greganth chuckles.

You chuckle at Cryheart.

Seomanthe bursts out in a sudden snort of laughter.

Evia chuckles.

Gillien laughs at Cryheart!

Karibeth grins at Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "I will never forget that."

Cryheart chuckles.

Balantine laughs at Cryheart!

Perivan grins.

Aydan says, "That would be a story for another night, I think. This is the Gryphons' night, not the Azure Sun's."

Ichiko smiles.

You say, "Cryheart anecdotes."

Goldstr begins chuckling at Cryheart!

Cryheart says, "I hae a few."

Cryheart nods to you.

Cryheart grins.

You shrug at Aydan.

You say, "We were all Gryphons then."

Cryheart nods to you.

Balantine raises his hand.

Seomanthe leans softly against Greganth.

Cryheart says, "We were brothers in arms, everyone of us."

Cryheart nods to Balantine.

You agree with Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "And sisters."

Cryheart coughs.

You chuckle.

Brinn says, "We still are."

Evia grins.

Cryheart nods to Brinn.

Cryheart says, "Amen."

You say, "Indeed."

Balantine quietly asks, "What 'ere happened to the dwarven mines, and the clan that worked them?"

Bristenn nods in agreement.

Cryheart says, "Well..those who were sealed up in the mines, including the son of Sir Maldon...were thought to be dead."

Cryheart nods to Balantine.

Cryheart says, "Then Sir Maldon thought he had heard of his son being alive."

You ask, "Those in...Talador or th' ones under th' holding?"

Cryheart shrugs.

Cryheart asks, "Talador I think ye meant?"

Cryheart glances at Balantine.

Speaking softly to Metadi, Kateerina says, "I watched one of those demons as he ripped out my spine and killed my first husband.... Don't you dare ever let that happen."

Kateerina nods to Metadi.

Cryheart rubs Kateerina tenderly.

Metadi smiles slightly.

Balantine quietly says, "I'd lay a wager that at least some of those dwarves survived, and may have e'en helped some of the others."

Speaking to Kateerina, Metadi asks, "I trust ye'll nae object tae me ripping out its spine instead?"

Cryheart says, "Well..knowing the dwarves, I am sure they could hae tunneled out again elsewhere."

Cryheart nods to Karibeth.

Karibeth leaves your group.

Brinn says, "They likely went underground, so to speak. The anti-humanoid sentiment in Jantalar was growing at the time."

Cryheart nods to Brinn.

Brinn says, "Talador was part of Jantalarian holdings at the time."

Cryheart says, "Chaston's Edict was still going strong then."

Guillen says, "Were the Black Wolves connected to this at all?"

You look over at Guillen and shake your head.

You say, "Th' Wolves Den is a very old tale, more connected to Despana an' th' Unlife. I guess they were criminals of sorts fleeing Empire oversight perhaps."

Cryheart takes a drink from his spiced honey mead.

Gillien nods to you.

Cryheart says, "Well..if there be no more questions or such..."

Kateerina agrees with Metadi.

You say, "After th' events in Solhaven a while later th' Summoners appeared. We've been engaged heavily since they threatened Wehnimers, River's Rest, and now Mestanir."

Cryheart says, "I would first like to thank ye all for attending our discussion."

Brinn takes a drink from his barley ale.

Cryheart says, "Afore ye leave."

Cryheart grins.

Cryheart nods to you.

Cryheart says, "Feel free to take some refreshments afore ye go."

Cryheart says, "The largest figurine on our mantle."

Cryheart taps some elaborate figurines.

You say, "So while th' Baron Hochstib was ended, numerous threats have risen through th' years that have required our diligence, and in times of peace we've focused on being stewards as best we can."

Cryheart says, "Is representative of our founder."

Speaking to Cryheart, Brinn says, "Thank you, Sir Cryheart, for a heartfelt tale and engaging discussion."

Cryheart bows.

Ichiko applauds Cryheart.

Goldstr applauds Cryheart.

Gillien says, "Yes, thank you all for a great evening."

Cryheart says, "Welcome..and agin thank ye all for coming."

Bristenn applauds Cryheart.

You say, "Ah."

You say, "We also had another announcement."

Evia pokes you in the ribs.

Cryheart nods to you.

You ask, "Evia, if you would?"

Cryheart takes a drink from his spiced honey mead.
Cryheart gasps for breath after he swallows a large draught of mead.

You chuckle.

Gillien says, "It was a story i've heard alluded to many times, but never told as cohesively as this."

Cryheart smiles at Gillien.

Evia stands up.

You agree with Gillien.

You take a drink from your dwarven stout. The hearty, grainy flavor is mostly spoiled by its peculiar fungal undertones.

You take a bite of your spit-roasted boar.

Goldstr inclines his ear, but doesn't hear anything unusual.

Evia says, "Well, we have been hard at work reconstructing a new portal, as it were, to house our histories, and other information."

Cryheart turns an inquisitive ear towards Evia.

Goldstr inclines his ear, but doesn't hear anything unusual.

You nod to Evia.

Cryheart says, "Our library."

Cryheart nods to Evia.

Evia says, "We would like very much to have you all visit it, and of course, we would welcome any and all comments."

Evia says, "One navigates to it by uttering the phrase....Http://www.gsgryphons.net/"

Evia says, "Odd phrase, but this is such."

Evia grins.

You chuckle.

Cryheart mutters majiks.

Goldstr grins.

Gillien says, "Congratulations on the library of sorts, I'll be sure to peruse."

You nod.

Seomanthe claps her hands.

Greganth quietly says, "Mus be dwarvish."

Cryheart nods to Greganth.

Seomanthe begins chuckling at Greganth!

Cryheart smiles at Gillien.

Cryheart says, "Well..feel free to stay about and chat if ye wish."

Evia says, "It contains quite a bit of history thus far, with much still remaining."

Cryheart says, "Oh look..a toy Spike."

Cryheart removes a collared toy war rat from in some shelves.

Balantine grins.

Cryheart glances at a collared toy war rat in his hand.

Cryheart waves a collared toy war rat around.

Vilkea gazes heavenward.

Goldstr tips his head back and empties some dwarven stout down his gullet!

Seomanthe begins chuckling at Cryheart!

Cryheart says, "Down ye ugly trolls."

Gillien grins at Cryheart.

Cryheart starts chortling.

Gillien begins chuckling at Cryheart!

Cryheart rubs a collared toy war rat in his hand.

Cryheart says, "Be nice, Spike."

Goldstr stands up.

Cryheart gazes heavenward.

You say, "It's a good start, but th' history you've heard here are parts many large tales that Cryheart has said eloquently, but th' details are almost endless. Th' larger bound tomes are contained there and we hope to give unprecedented access to our workings, our members, and our history for members and th' public alike."

Cryheart put a collared toy war rat in some shelves.

Cryheart says, "I suspect...."

Cryheart says, "There will be a celebration of some sorts in a few weeks...in all of our parts in aiding Mestanir lately."

Cryheart says, "As I read a post on the town oak tree."

Aydan says, "A week from today, actually."

Cryheart says, "Ahh."

Cryheart nods to Aydan.

Seomanthe nods.

Balantine turns towards you and renders you a sharp salute with his dwarven stout.

You grin.

You nod to Balantine.

Balantine tips his head back and empties some dwarven stout down his gullet!
Balantine looks rather relaxed.

Cryheart gently takes hold of Karibeth's hand.

Cryheart leans on Karibeth, giving her a companionable grin.

Perivan rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Brinn smiles at Cryheart.

You say, "I will try to edit and post th' documentation of Hochstib's death as soon as possible along with as much of th' smaller tomes as I can."

Cryheart says, "Tis times of peace, that allows one or all to enjoy the efforts made ni the past in war and such."

Kateerina softly says, "A celebration."

Cryheart gazes heavenward.

Cryheart nods to Kateerina.

Speaking softly to Metadi, Kateerina asks, "Do you need me to accompany you?"

Metadi nods to Kateerina.

Cryheart grins at Kateerina.

Speaking to Kateerina, Metadi says, "If ye'd like tae."

Metadi smiles at Kateerina.

Cryheart just nudged Metadi.

Kateerina softly says, "And wear a gown I suppose."

You look at the gathered attendees one by one.

Kateerina grumbles.

Brinn takes a drink from his barley ale.

Speaking to Kateerina, Metadi teases, "Ye can bedazzle e'eryone, distract them from my auld and tattered wardrobe."

You see Lord Chivalrous GrayHaven.
He appears to be a Human.
He appears to be in the prime of life. He has grey eyes and tanned skin. He has long, charcoal black hair pulled back into a low-tied ponytail.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing some harnessed vertical-oriented hussar's wings banded with sleek raven feathers, a white doublet embroidered with the GrayHaven crest, a matte black golvern hauberk, some blackened alloy bracers, a wax-caked signet ring, a quadruple knotted pouch, and some soft black leather boots.

You see Gillien Luddy the Berserker.
He appears to be a Dwarf.
He appears to be very young. He has brown eyes and tanned skin. He has short, wavy dark brown hair.
He is in good shape.
He is holding some dwarven stout in his right hand.
He is wearing a voluminous black stalking cloak, a silver spidersilk backpack, a leather weapons frog with an evil-looking dwarven cutlass hanging from it, an icy blue medallion, a carved ivory skull earring, a braided black rope belt, a golden spidersilk gem pouch, some reinforced black leather pants, a tooled leather weapons case, some polished black leather boots, a crystal amulet, a spiral-linked black vultite hauberk, a glaes mesh coif, a large gold ring, and a jet black vultite shield.

You see Kateerina Treyetha the Protector of Solhaven.
She appears to be a Half-Sylvan.
She is taller than average and appears to be in the spring of life. She has sparkling long lashed hyacinth-hued eyes and lightly tanned skin. She has waist length, copper red hair divided into several elegantly twisted sections and adorned with some polished jade beads. She has a slim, softly-contoured face, a freckled nose and slightly pointed ears. A sylvarraend ruby centered with an incised vaalin starburst is positioned between her eyes, which casts a sparkling crimson sheen across her face.
She has an opalescent starfly tattoo on her ear, and a spiral of iridescent vaalin displaying a prismatic radiance in the upper ridge of her left ear.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a graceful coppery bobcat earring, an ebon silk neckpouch, a deeply hooded brushed suede cloak, a jade-beaded vaalin handflower, a neck-strapped ebon silk bodice, an ebon lacquered scabbard, an ankle-length ebon silk loincloth adorned with pale jade beading, and a triple-linked vaalin footflower beaded with tiny pale jade nodules.

You see Lord Balantine Farhorizon the Master Blacksmith.
He appears to be a Human.
He is very tall and appears to be very old. He has gentle wise sable brown eyes and tanned skin. He has short, light brown hair with grey at the temples. He has an angular face, a broken nose and broad shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing an azure vultite helm, a tree bark amulet, an alexandrite inset ora talisman, a polished gold key-shaped pendant, a mithril metal aventail, a gold-trimmed black silk greatcloak embroidered with a thorned Elanthian snow rose, a blued steel shoulder pauldron etched with a snarling hydra, a golden phoenix pin, a lapis-inlaid platinum pin, a stylized crimson phoenix crest atop crossed gold feathers, some heavy pyrothag hide gauntlets, a blood-red thorned rose stickpin, a platinum armband, a ruby-studded eonake armband, a tasselled dark red armband, a perfect winter rose adorned with golden ribbons, a braided mithril armlet inset with a cabochon emerald blazestar, a Warrior Guild member pin, an Order of Voln pin, an obsidian-bound silk Adventurer's Guild badge, a black and red Onoir crest, a red and black silk surcoat, a formal platinum-edged silk tabard emblazoned with a large cross and secured with a dragon's-head clasp, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a talon-fringed verdant dagger harness, a silver arced split-moon charm, a mane fringed lion skin weapon harness, an ornate golvern shield, a silver spidersilk backpack, some radiant white alloy platemail, a thick strip of white gauze, an emerald encrusted armband, a glittering steel bracer, a bone-inlaid silver alloy bracer, an exquisite gold ring, a smoky topaz studded iron band, a filigree star diamond wedding band, a burnished leather belt, a gold chain-link keyring, a charred deep black pouch, a salt-stained foraging pouch, an ora-edged suede satchel, some fitted griffin leather trousers, and some ironshod black leather boots.

You see Seomanthe Bartley the Bladesinger.
She appears to be a Human from Bourth.
She is tall and appears to be in the spring of life. She has wide, rich green-gold eyes and smooth, densely freckled ivory skin. She has chin length, shiny black hair that has a slender braid at the temple adorned with a tertiary white hawk feather painted with geometric patterns. She has a delicate face, a straight nose and a narrow waist.
She has a small dark shard-shaped mark on her neck, a rainbow-hued hummingbird tattoo on her ankle, a colorful jester tattoo on her wrist, and an ornery orange pixie tattoo on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a silver-edged obsidian sword symbol, a blue lapis lazuli amulet, a shimmering rainbow pelisse, a slim ivory silk shirt pin-tucked with golden thread, a rainbow-stitched ivory suede harness slung over her shoulder, a vibrant rainbow spidersilk satchel with suede straps, some ivory leather brigandine worked with interlocking rings of bronze and steel, a silver-edged crimson ruby wristlet, an aquamarine and diamond-set engagement ring, an enameled rainbow-hued signet, a pristine dark silk coin pouch, a folded ivory suede belt case, some silken rainbow-hued knee-breeches, and some colorful socks and suede clogs.

You see Greganth Olberath the Renegade.
He appears to be a Half-Elf from Ta'Faendryl.
He is average height and appears to be very young. He has silver-flecked steel grey eyes and tanned skin. He has long, straight blond hair woven from the temple into twin herringbone braids that are joined at the nape of his neck and bound into a single, wrist-thick braid. He has an angular face, a classical nose and slightly pointed ears.
He has a black dragon tattoo on his neck.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a drake-carved red fireleaf shield slung over his shoulder, a veniom-toggled rugged suede weapon harness slung over his other shoulder, a large hooded jet velvet cloak with a pewter thistle clasp, a coiled mithglin chain armband, a tailored multicolored armband, a lacquered modwir keg pin, a coral-bound ceramic badge, a sleek crimson leather satchel, some battered imflass scale mail, a gold-streaked black marble wristlet set with a blue crystal, a crimson-edged pale green jade bracelet, a pair of cerulean silk gloves embroidered with black drakes, a silvery mithril ring, a ruby-inlaid silver signet band, a star-etched silver ring set in lustrous alexandrite, a dark grey belt, a felt-lined narrow gem bag, some tailored grey wool trousers with narrow pleats, and a pair of dark grey calf-length boots marked with wine thistles.

You see Goldstr Aimright the Warrior.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and appears to be advanced in years. He has stormy grey eyes and tanned skin. He has shoulder length, golden brown hair. He has a weathered face, a straight nose and a generous mouth.
He has a golden angel tattoo on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a glyph-etched fire opal pin, an elegantly carved jade earcuff, an eahnor-inset silver fist symbol, an enruned white sunstone necklace, a dreamstone inset eonake torc, an ivory-inlaid pink topaz medallion, a jade-clasped spidersilk cloak, a coral-bound maoral Adventurer's Guild badge, a gold-fluted blue velvet vest, a Warrior Guild Master pin, a tigerfang crystal Kai symbol, a black and red Onoir crest, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a bright snapdragon, an engraved bronze sigil, a glyph-etched sterling silver stickpin, a shiny silver knight pin, a white diamond phoenix pin, a silver bound leather weapon sling fringed with blue griffin feathers slung over his shoulder, some veniom edged polished platemail, a brilliant fire opal armband, a phoenix-inset mithril signet ring, a leather survival kit, a golden spidersilk gem pouch, a fused gold mesh satchel, a silver bound lacquered ankle sheath fringed with griffin talons, some calf-high laced moccasins, and a black alloy full shield slung over his other shoulder.

You see Sir Metadi Treyetha the Knight of the Empire.
He appears to be a Human from Dragach.
He is average height and appears to be mature. He has silver-flecked sea green eyes and tanned skin. He has shoulder-length, straight sandy blonde hair drawn back into a severe braid along the neck and secured with a silver-whorled midnight rolaren ring. He has a lean, slightly windburned face, a crooked nose and broad shoulders. He has a short and well-trimmed slightly reddish blonde goatee.
He has a simple rolaren ring in his right eyebrow, an intricate stalking bobcat tattoo on his neck, and an inked fist and shield on his wrist. He is in good shape.
He is wearing a dappled morduska hide warcloak, a polished Helden Hall pin, a knotted ebon silk armband, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a silver-worked Kai badge, a silver trimmed black boar hide baldric inlaid with selanthan bloodjewels slung over his shoulder, a sturdy translucent battlepack, an emblazoned lamb's wool tabard over some shining rolaren battle plate, a simple leather wristlet, a black rolaren mesh sporran emblazoned with a silver hammer and anvil badge, a midnight and sanguine tartan kilt pleated to the stripe, a copper bobcat kilt-pin, some sleek mountaineer's boots, and a pair of golden spurs.

You see Xanith the Warlord.
He appears to be a Human.
He is average height and appears to be mature. He has tranquil soft blue eyes and nearly translucent pink skin. He has short, dark brown hair dusted with dark silver. He has a strong muscular upper body with chiseled definition. A periwinkle lace agate banded with cream-colored striations is positioned between his eyes, which casts a sparkling blue-violet sheen across his face.
He has a wingless faerie tattoo on his neck, a Rone Academy scholar's tattoo on his wrist, a tiny faerie tattoo on his wrist, and a tattoo of a small winged faerie brandishing a mighty waraxe over his head on his upper arm.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a thin krodera cord with a silver faerie charm dangling from it, a warlord's warcloak, a gold-fluted blue velvet vest, a smooth vaalin relic, a pair of mithril-plated gloves, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, an invar-bound ebonwood badge, some veniom faerie-shaped cufflinks, a blue-spotted pink bowtie, a glowing pink faerie tower shield with spikes, a sturdy leather weapons harness, a warlord's warpack, a suit of spiked black plate armor with shoulder guards forged to resemble silver faerie wings, some sleek black vambraces trimmed with silver moonstones, a thick ebonwood armband, a twisted gold and onyx wristlet, a tome-inlaid mithril signet ring, a gold ring, a warlord's battle belt, a shuttered laje lantern charm, a warlord's toolkit, and a large pink cupcake sack with a studded opal icing top and a ruby cherry clasp.

You see Sir Brinn Mithrandir the Knight Banneret.
He appears to be a Giantman.
He is average height and appears to be old. He has piercing steel grey eyes and fair skin. He has long, tied back coal black hair with grey at the temples. He has a clean-shaven face and broad shoulders.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a stein of barley ale in his right hand.
He is wearing an inlaid gold ring, a silver gilded imflass field plate armor, a crystal amulet, some polished black leather boots, a black satin surcoat, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, some mithril gauntlets, a shimmering shadowy grey cape, a light steel alloy shoulder sheath, a mithril banded sheath, a mithril mail satchel, a wide mithril band inset with a purple amethyst, a Warrior Guild Master pin, a scorched leather belt, a large tan kidskin sack, some black silk trousers, a pair of golden spurs, and a black imflass tower shield.

You see Ichiko Daiumi.
She appears to be an Elf.
She appears to be very young. She has sleepy sea green eyes and fair skin. She has very long, flowing copper red hair. She has a heart-shaped face, a small nose and slightly upswept pointed ears.
She has a faint silvery mark on her wrist, a sleeping kitten tattoo on her ankle, and a silver and azure comet tattoo on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a small fried apple rissole in her right hand and a dolphin etched vultite parma in her left hand.
She is wearing a white mithril Ashrim-crested medallion, a crystal amulet, some thigh-high ice blue boots trimmed with white cuffs, a frosty white cloak lined with ice-blue silk, a bluish-black pin, a gem-encrusted gold medal, a crystal temple pin, a crystal sword-shaped pin, an engraved blue mithril medallion, a gilded eahnor campaign pin, a small four-pointed azure star insignia inset with a golden drake, a silver-edged blue pelican feather, a golden phoenix pin, a wave-crested silver mithglin insignia, some white wolf hide arm wraps, a pair of white puma hide gloves, some white wolf hide leggings, a fur-lined steel aventail, a spiral-inset black leather pack, some regal golvern-edged chainmail, a diamond and gold earrings, a leaping silver dolphin symbol, a blue spinel inset silver necklace, a frilled orange dahlia, an unfurled dusky pink dog rose, a golden feather charm, a veniom threaded harness, a delicate silver charm bracelet, a shuttered brass lantern charm, a skunkhide sack, and a stark white sack.

You see Karibeth Wyldivee the Woodsmistress.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She is average height and appears to be very young. She has gentle, amber-flecked tawny eyes and sun-blushed, pale mocha skin. She has long, flowing chestnut hair gathered into a sleek ponytail at the nape of her neck and secured with a black silken hair ribbon. She has a delicate face and small pointed ears.
She has a twining ivy tattoo on her ankle.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a tan leather hooded cloak, a faenor-banded elven longbow carved with a tangle of intricate vines, a leather forester's satchel, a mystical jade dragon pin, a black Ronan symbol, a lacquered modwir keg pin, a vaalin-edged carved ivory feather pin, a silver armband set with a twilight-hued sapphire, a hunter green raw silk shirt, a shapely fawn-hued corselet embossed with a faint pattern of leaves, a vine-etched faenor band, an antique silver wedding band, a leaf-stamped dark suede feed pouch, some side-laced smoky leather pants, a silver-laced black suede thigh-quiver, a filigreed azure blazestar anklet, and some elven hunting boots.

You see Lord Perivan HonorFist the Officer of Helden Hall.
He appears to be a Human from Hendor.
He is taller than average and appears to be advanced in years. He has vibrant, silver-flecked cobalt blue eyes and ivory skin. He has short, slightly tousled thick black hair shot with grey at the temples. He has a time worn clean shaven face, a classical nose and deep laugh lines. He has a mounted knight tattoo on his arm.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a polished Helden Hall pin, a single deep red passionflower, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a white laen scabbard, a simple leather cloak, a gold-edged mahogany warhorn, a large sack, a black leather belt with a vultite weighted bola hanging from it, a silver-edged white formal surcoat, a suit of fitted black plate with intricate silver etchings, a thick quilted linen aketon, and some supple brown leather boots.

You see Sir Aydan Mursilis the Knight Banneret.
He appears to be a Human from Seareach.
He is average height and appears to be young and robust. He has grey-tinged deep celadon eyes and fair skin. He has short, slightly wavy dark mahogany hair shot through with lighter hues. He has a smooth, finely distinguished face, a straight nose and broad shoulders. He has a wearied and hardened visage made more noticeable by the three faint scars on his left cheek.
He has a tattoo of a gold scroll overlaying five multihued conjoined circles on his right hand.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a foggy grey crystal strung with a dark leather cord, an argent shield emblem set with an azurite sunburst, a full-sleeved cream linen shirt with iron-wrought closures, a thick ebonwood armband, a diamond-set green imflass ring, an azure-inlaid silver signet ring, a mithril-bound ebonwood scabbard, a wide leather belt, some brown linen pants, a pair of golden spurs, and some cuffed brown leather boots.

You see Vilkea the Squire.
She appears to be a Human of the Tehir tribes.
She is taller than average and appears to be in the bloom of youth. She has almond-shaped honey brown eyes and freckle-dusted pale sepia skin. She has long, thick deep ebon hair worn in elaborate braids to her mid-back held together with a single ivory ring and a few randomly interwoven silver and pitch black beads.
She has a trio of curvilinear lines tattooed from her cheek to her jaw.
She has a black-and-blue left eye.
She is wearing an imflass clasp, a brilliant bloodjewel earring, a chiseled star ruby medallion, a dragon's-tear ruby heart pendant, a white-lined midnight black burnoose, a moonlight cactus-bloom, a Tehir travel satchel, a midnight ebon cobra skin baldric inlaid with wolf-shaped malachite stones, a long-sleeved white linen shirt, a bronze morduska-shaped armband, a morduska fang-inset wristcuff, an ivory-inlaid yierka hide sword belt, a pair of black-sashed dusky grey silk pantaloons, some knee-high camel hide boots, and a bronze-inlaid spiked imflass breastplate.

You see Sir Cryheart Thaxin the Knight of the Empire. He appears to be a Human from Honneland. He is taller than average and appears to be in the prime of life. He has piercing blue-grey eyes and tanned skin. He has cropped, tousled golden brown hair shaved at the temples. He has an angular face, a prominent nose and broad shoulders. A slight scar, barely visible, indents his left cheek. He has a pair of small ivory bone rings in the upper ridge of his left ear, and a rampant silver gryphon tattoo on his neck. He is in good shape. He is wearing a silver gryphon talisman flecked with rubies, a mystical jade dragon pin, an oval-cut alexandrite earring, a tree bark amulet, a pair of Felcour duelling gauntlets studded with sharp steel spikes, an embroidered silver tabard, a gold-fluted blue velvet vest, some ebon full plate armor, a black enameled bracer with a silver gryphon set in a ruby circle, a black tower shield, a supple brindlecat hide herb satchel with a leaf-shaped eahnor clasp, a sturdy leather weapons harness, a black cotton twill cloak, a silver-edged emerald hair ribbon, a black rolaren mesh sack, a drawstring leather pouch, some rugged black leather boots embossed with griffins in flight, and a pair of golden spurs.

You see Sir Bristenn Mires the Knight-Errant.
He appears to be a Human from Honneland.
He is tall and appears to be in the bloom of youth. He has brooding, haunted pale ice-grey eyes and fair skin. He has chin length, tousled brown hair that falls stubbornly over his left eye. He has a grim, stalwart visage accented by deep frown lines at the center of his brow. A deep scar mars his face, running across it from above his right eyebrow to under his left eye.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a buckled leather harness with a faenor claidhmore strapped to it, a silver locket, a side-buckled white wool surcoat crossed at the hip with two leather belts over some heavy steel field plate, a leather swordbelt, an old leather medical kit, a pair of heavy steel hourglass gauntlets, some leather breeches, a pair of tall leather riding boots, and a pair of golden spurs.

Cryheart begins chuckling at Kateerina!

Vilkea gets a blank look on her face.

Cryheart says, "It will nae chafe ye."

Gillien says, "Ah yes i have a question."

Brinn just nudged Vilkea.

Vilkea looks over at Metadi and shakes her head.

Cryheart turns an inquisitive ear towards Gillien.

Gillien says, "I remember many years ago the Landing attempted to organize a militia."

Cryheart nods to Seomanthe.

You say, "We've another event at Hearthstone that Cryheart mentioned next month on th' 24th I believe."

Gillien asks, "Was that in response to the Jantalarians or the Bregandians?"

Metadi whispers something to Kateerina.

Cryheart nods to you.

Metadi grins at Kateerina.

Kateerina flushes slightly, some color reaching her cheeks.

Evia asks, "Prior to, was it not?"

Gillien asks, "Oh was it?"

Cryheart says, "I think so."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Greganth whispers something to Seomanthe.

You say, "It was in preparation of, but th' Bregandians attacked first when it was in place."

Seomanthe grins at Greganth.

Cryheart says, "Now ye really testing my memory."

Cryheart nods to you.

Evia says, "It was in place at the time the Bregandians came."

You say, "Th' Protectors and Northern Fury were established along a similar timeline in that year."

Evia nods.

Cryheart nods to you.

Cryheart says, "Those bloody Bregandians assassinated many."

Gillien nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "Would not stand for an one on one fight."

Balantine quietly says, "Was that nae Titiannia's group."

Cryheart snorts!

Brinn grins at Vilkea.

Goldstr says, "Tink so Balantine."

You say, "Titaniia an' Asglyn spoke to Phoenix which formed Protectors in response. Then I believe th' Militia was formed under Draegar, but it was plagued by Officer problems."

Cryheart says, "Sir Welan was the original commander of the militia as I recall."

You say, "Ah yes it was Welan."

Metadi nods.

Perivan nods.

Cryheart says, "Then Titaniia took over."

Cryheart nods to you.

Evia says, "Many folks participated."

Cryheart nods to Evia.

Metadi says, "Draegar took o'er after Welan stepped out."

Xanith says, "I still have my tabard somewhere."

Cryheart says, "Oh."

Cryheart nods to Metadi.

Perivan nods to Xanith.

Balantine quietly says, "I was a wee mercenary back then, nae even a squire."

Balantine begins pouting.

Cryheart says, "Forgot about my former squire."

Metadi says, "Titaniia was his second."

Cryheart grins at Balantine.

Metadi just nudged Cryheart.

Cryheart nods to Metadi.

Xanith says, "I was still pretty great back then."

Xanith nods to Balantine.

Cryheart says, "Told ye I was getting ancient."

Cryheart grins at Metadi.

Cryheart nods to Karibeth.

Seomanthe begins chuckling at Cryheart!

Bristenn chuckles to himself.

Speaking to Cryheart, Metadi reminds, "The aulder we get, the better we were."

Karibeth glances at Cryheart.

You say, "Titaniia and Cryheart were Commanders at one point also, but because it was a conscript volunteer force people grew restless and sometimes organization would dissipate as people spread and moved, but some of th' early militia members went to Icemule and formed th' Fury under Valicar and they were a much longer lasting combat force."

Metadi flashes a quick grin.

Speaking to Cryheart, Seomanthe says, "Shhh you ent supposed to admit it."

Cryheart says, "Like wine."

Evia laughs!

Cryheart nods to Metadi.

Balantine grins at Metadi.

Balantine nods.

Cryheart whistles tunelessly to himself.

Karibeth squints at Cryheart.

Cryheart grins at Seomanthe.

Metadi says, "Nae, it's women who age like wine."

Karibeth examines her fingernails.

Kateerina grins at Karibeth.

Cryheart says, "Matter of fact, the militia fought against Morvule the first time he attacked the Landing."

Cryheart nods.

You nod.

Karibeth grins at Kateerina.

Cryheart says, "Afore the Dark Alliance."

Evia says, "In that case, I should be in a bottle, in a cellar, covered with dust."

You say, "It was a fine group when operational."

Cryheart says, "The militia managed to hold off his army."

Goldstr grins at Evia.

Cryheart says, "Then Morvule burned the town himself."

Cryheart grins at Evia.

Balantine quietly says, "I miss being able to rub the Griffin sword in the stone outside the temple."

Balantine sighs.

Cryheart says, "Aye..fond memories."

Bristenn scratches his chin.

Vilkea bites her lip.

Gillien exclaims, "It took so many rubs some times!"

You chuckle.

Cryheart grins.

Cryheart nods.

Seomanthe grins.

Cryheart says, "Aye."

Brinn takes a drink from his barley ale.

Gillien takes a drink from his dwarven stout.

Cryheart says, "I recall the saying about the Pope...when he blessed your weapon..it stayed blessed."

Cryheart starts chortling.

Kateerina whispers something to Metadi.

Balantine starts chortling.

Gillien chuckles.

Perivan grins.

Seomanthe pulls Greganth closer to herself.

Cryheart says, "Hmm..was not too long ago..we had bandits attacked us here."

Cryheart gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Greganth leans softly against Seomanthe.

Vilkea surreptitiously glances at Bristenn.

Vilkea clears her throat.

You stand back up.

You take a drink from your dwarven stout. Foamy on top and strong beneath, leaving a dank taste in your mouth after you swallow.

Balantine glances at a huge fireplace.

Bristenn chuckles to himself.

Aydan says, "I remember that one with the claidhmore wiped us all out."

Cryheart says, "Sir Eahlstan and Sir Yarx got throw off the top of the towers."

You take a bite of your spit-roasted boar. Savory herbs encrust the surface of the roasted boar, and their flavors infuse the hot juices that leak from inside.

Cryheart nods to Aydan.

Speaking to Vilkea, Aydan asks, "You were thrown off too, weren't you?"

Cryheart glances at Vilkea.

Cryheart grins.

Vilkea nods slowly.

Metadi grins at Kateerina.

Cryheart says, "I had forgotten that."

Aydan says, "She landed on her feet."

Bristenn offhandedly mumbles, ".. I don't think I was present for that skirmish."

Balantine grins at Aydan.

Cryheart says, "The scoundrels..throwing off a lady."

Speaking to Aydan, Vilkea says, "At least I didn't land in the water."

Cryheart chuckles.

Speaking to Aydan, Brinn says, "Of course she did."

Cryheart says, "Good for ye."

Cryheart nods to Vilkea.

Speaking to Cryheart, Bristenn asks, "Was this with the whole plague business?"

Metadi begins chuckling at Vilkea!

Metadi looks over at Bristenn and shakes his head.

Seomanthe grins at Greganth.

Metadi says, "Before."

Vilkea mutters, "I'm not much of a lady. They probably couldn't tell."

Cryheart says, "It was about when the mayor went missing."

Metadi says, "Two years before, I want tae say."

Cryheart nods.

Speaking to Bristenn, Aydan says, "No, this was when they kidnapped Walkar's predecessor a few years ago."

Cryheart says, "And Jasimine was leading them I recall."

Speaking to Metadi, Aydan says, "Closer to three."

Bristenn slowly observes, "Ahh."

Cryheart says, "We never did catch up with her."

Bristenn nods in agreement.

Kateerina softly says, "Oh when those Kobolds came to town."

Perivan leans back.

Evia says, "A good tale to hear is of Shirkon telling of being hurled all the way from Solhaven, or was it the Landing...to Pinefar."

Cryheart nods to Evia.

Aydan says, "Vilkea and I had only been squires for a month or two at the time."

Kateerina softly says, "There was a wedding of some sort."

Kateerina ponders.

Cryheart nods to Aydan.

Bristenn rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Balantine grins at Kateerina.

Speaking to Aydan, Bristenn asks, "What year?"

Bristenn scratches his head.

Aydan says, "I'm wanting to say that was right after Sir Eahlstan and I came back from River's Rest the first time."

Speaking to Aydan, you ask, "Any plans to share th' events surrounding Charl's destruction of Solhaven in th' near future perhaps?"

Aydan looks lost in thought.

Balantine quietly asks, "Kobolds and weddings nae mix well, was that Aonghus and Elena's wedding?"

Bristenn slowly asks, ".. 5107ish? 5108?"

Kateerina softly says, "No the kobolds were married."

Aydan nods to Bristenn.

Cryheart nods to Kateerina.

Bristenn nods in agreement.

Kateerina softly says, "And the mayor at the time gave them pardon for a month."

Cryheart says, "The queen Kobold herself came to visit."

Kateerina softly says, "Then he was kidnapped."

Cryheart asks, "Or was she chief?"

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Speaking to you, Aydan says, "The second year anniversery of that will be in.."

Cryheart nods to Kateerina.

Aydan looks lost in thought.

You say, "It occured on the 5th day of the 9th month in 5109."

Speaking to you, Aydan says, "I want to say the end of Phoenatos, beginning of Imaerasta. We may do a retelling of it."

Seomanthe gazes in amazement at you.

Aydan says, "A memorial, and such."

Aydan nods.

Cryheart nods to Aydan.

You chuckle at Seomanthe.

Speaking to you, Seomanthe asks, "You know what time too?"

Seomanthe grins impishly.

Cryheart begins chuckling at Seomanthe!

You hold up your hand and tilt it side to side in a so-so gesture.

Cryheart says, "He will be close."

Seomanthe laughs softly, trying to hide her amusement.

Cryheart nods to Seomanthe.

Cryheart grins.

Seomanthe grins at Cryheart.

Gillien exclaims, "I want to thank you all for an excellent evening, but I need to be on my way. Looking forward to another time!"

You nod to Gillien.

Cryheart says, "Next month then."

Cryheart grins at Gillien.

You say, "Next month, closer to th' city."

You grin.

Speaking softly to Metadi, Kateerina says, "It was very peaceful to be washed away from the waves."

Cryheart says, "And or at the celebration."

Gillien grins at Cryheart.

Cryheart nods to Gillien.

Gillien nods to you.

Goldstr faces Gillien and smartly brings his right fist up to his chest. Holding it there, he bows deeply.

Cryheart says, "Next week."

You ask, "Voln's powers work on th' roof no?"

Cryheart says, "Good night, and may Kai guard ye."

Cryheart says, "No longer."

Cryheart nods to you.

You nod.

Bristenn nods to Gillien.

Cryheart says, "I think."

You say, "Recent anomoly. I can lead everyone back."

Gillien says, "Oh it's ok I can find my way out."

You nod to Gillien.

Goldstr joins your group.

You point at a newel staircase.

Gillien says, "I promise i won't touch anything i'm not supposed to."

Gillien chuckles.

Metadi stands up.

Gillien nods to Cryheart.

Ichiko stands up.

Speaking to Gillien, you say, "No worries."

Goldstr exclaims, "May Kai walk wids ye's!"

Vilkea nods.

Ichiko gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Gillien waves.

Cryheart says, "May Kai guard ye path."

Cryheart waves.

You bow to Cryheart.

You grin.

Cryheart bows.

Gillien exclaims, "May Kai guard YOUR path!"

Gillien grins.

Gillien just went down a newel staircase.