Order of the Silver Gryphon - Respect Forum

Gilwen sighs.
Slinn peers quizzically at Jettha.
Wanton nods to Cryheart.
Hyoko smiles at Awan.
Wanton grins.
Jettha says, "exactly."
Jettha nods to Slinn.
Morzathis leans on Gilwen.
Hyoko says, "And greetings to you, honorable Awan"
Metadi leans on Gilwen.
You hear the voice of Flamma say, "I wouldn't be surprised if everyone here saw me."
Gilwen laughs!
Gilwen says, "See"
Metadi says, "And ye jes' used me as an armrest too Gilwen."
Gilwen says, "Evening, Flamma"
Gilwen says, "Well, more like a pole, actually, Metadi, but you're right, the principle is the same"
Metadi stares off into space.
Metadi says, "Sure, bring back sensitive memories.."
Gilwen just hugged Metadi.
Metadi chuckles as he hugs Gilwen.

You hear the voice of Flamma say, "Evening."

Jettha puffs on a fat pungent cigar.
Jettha parts his lips and blows a steady stream of clove and spices smoke into the air before him.
Jettha puffs on a fat pungent cigar.
Jettha puckers and blows a perfect circle of clove and spices smoke into the air.

Goldstr arrives and sits down.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Goldstr)

Ruffelin bows to Goldstr, Slinn, Jettha, Wanton, and Awan.

Jettha removes an iced lemon cookie from in his raven-hued cloak and takes a bite of it.

Awan bows to Ruffelin.
Goldstr bows to Hyoko.
Jettha waves to Ruffelin.
Goldstr grins.
Ruffelin smiles.

Flamma comes out of hiding and slings a midnight blue vultite kite shield over her shoulder, then puts a diamond-edged black vultite falchion in her leather sheath.
Flamma removes a small silver mirror from in her traveller's cloak, and gazes into it, looking lovingly at her own reflection. How vain.

Jettha buries his face in his hands.
Jettha pulls lustily from his cigar, then purses his lips and blows out a stream of clove and spices smelling smoke.
Slinn glances at Jettha.
Jettha points down.
Jettha asks, "Here?"
Jettha takes a bite of his lemon cookie.
Jettha fans himself.

Ruffelin bows to Flamma as she waves to him.

Slinn asks, "Everyone's a bit formal, yes?"
Awan says, "More like respectful"

Flamma nods and , "Nothin formal about me. You won't catch me dead in a dress or a skirt."
Slinn smiles at Flamma.
You say, "everyone's just trying not to be the object lesson of the night"
Awan chuckles.

(Ruffelin tucks his helm under his arm and finds a nice spot of grass to sit upon.)

Lady Fwelthearna's group just arrived.
Fwelthearna just hugged Metadi and gave him a smooch, as Metadi returns her hug and smooch.

Goldstr takes a golden vultite helm off his head and places it in his golden pack.

(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Fwelthearna)
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Aintryg)

Ruffelin bows to Fwelthearna.
Gilwen just hugged Fwelthearna.

Fwelthearna curtsies to Hyoko.
Fwelthearna says, "It has been a while since I last saw ye Hyoko"
Hyoko says, "Indeed, honorable Lady Fwelthearna. You are still just as lovely."

Metadi glances at Fwelthearna as he says, "Ruh roh..."
Fwelthearna raises an eyebrow as she asks, "Something wrong Metadi?"
(Metadi reminds himself to immediately withdraw from any arguments that Fwel gets into.)

Ruffelin chuckles.
Fwelthearna smiles at Hyoko.
Fwelthearna says, "Thank ye again m'lord"
Metadi nods to Hyoko.
Fwelthearna curtsies to Hyoko.

Gilwen says, "Evening, Fwel"

Cryheart says, "hmm..can ye delay a few minutes Hyoko..going to escort someone who doesn't know where Kai's Shrine is"
Cryheart says, "I will be right back", as he heads down.

Goldstr removes a patched gold cap from in his golden pack and places it on his head.

Azarael arrives and sits down.

Jettha asks, "Is it getting hot in here?"
Jettha's face pales a half a dozen shades as he sucks on the stub of a cigar.
Jettha howls and shakes his hand wildly as a cigar stub he is holding bursts into brilliant flame and disappears in a puff of smoke.
Gilwen says, "Oh, nice trick, Jettha"
Slinn begins chuckling at Jettha.
Jettha says, "It was startin ta burn me..."
Slinn asks, "Thought the water might put it out?"
Gilwen begins a careful examination of Jettha -- she takes his pulse, checks his temperature, and checks for broken bones or any other ailments.
Gilwen frowns.
Gilwen says, "Seems you tried to put your cigar out on your leg, Jettha."
Gilwen shrugs.
Slinn says, "Actually, that was a little...accident."
Slinn idly picks at a seedy crimson linen cloak.
Jettha smirks.
(Jettha nurses his thumb...)
Jettha nods to Slinn.
Jettha says, "I was tryin ta keep a dark orcs Weapon from hitting the ground actually."
Gilwen asks, "Accident?"
Gilwen glances at Slinn.
Gilwen says, "Ah. . . ."

Metadi says, "Aye, I agree with ye there Hyoko."
Metadi leans on Fwelthearna.
Azarael mutters waldo2.
Fwelthearna says, "Ye are a wise man Metadi"
Hyoko smiles at Metadi.
Fwelthearna grins.
Metadi chuckles as he says, "No..But even I eventually get out of the way of a charging bull if I get hit enough times."
Goldstr chuckles.

Fwelthearna asks, "Metadi, have ye met m'lord Aintryg?"

Ruffelin bows to Aintryg and Azarael.
Fwelthearna says, "Ain, this is Metadi, a very old friend of mine."
Metadi says, "Nae, I don't."
Azarael and Aintryg smile.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Azarael)
Azarael bows and says, Hi", as Hyoko smiles at him.
Hyoko says, "Greetings, honorable Azarael."
Humongor smiles at Azarael.

Metadi says, "Good eve Aintryg."

Fwelthearna cocks her head at Metadi as she asks him "And are ye equatin me to a chargin bull, then, Metadi?"
Metadi says, "No..But you have the same destructive potential as one, if not more."
Ruffelin begins chuckling at Fwelthearna.
(Fwelthearna looks for a comfortable place to sit.)

Cryheart just arrived, panting.

Aintryg says, "evening milady Gilwen, been a long while."
Gilwen just hugs Aintryg, as she says, "Hiyas, Aintryg. It has been"

Hyoko asks, "Getting yourself in trouble, Lord Metadi?"
Metadi says, "If I am Hyoko, I'll find out too late, methinks."

Fwelthearna asks, "And have I destroyed anythin that ye know of Metadi?"
Metadi nods to Fwelthearna as he chuckles and says, "Aye, my dignity."
Fwelthearna says, "I dinna destroy it Metadi"
Metadi says, "Yes you did, temporarily.", as he leans on Fwelthearna.
Fwelthearna says, "I simply pointed ye in the right direction to help it."
Metadi chuckles and says, "Many times."

Cryheart searches around for a moment.
Jettha says, "I'm quite good at it."
Fwelthearna cocks her head at Metadi as she sits down.

Jettha says, "Oh yeah, and Slinn here here tried to kill me."
Jettha nods and says, "Yess sirry."
Gilwen glances at Slinn.
Slinn blushes a nice shade of off-pink and hangs his head.
Gilwen says, "Oh, dear. Not a good idea Slinn"
Slinn nods and says, "I'm sorry...I was...umm..it was a bad thing."
Gilwen nods to Slinn and says, "Yes, it was"
Slinn just hugged Jettha.

Antryg just hugged Gilwen.
Gilwen smiles at Aintryg as she says, "I haven't seen you in a while"

Azarael says, "I'll drop some free stuff fer you peoples"
Azarael removes a white ora whetstone from in his crystal-scaled cloak.
Azarael drops a white ora whetstone.
Azarael removes a lovely pair of sapphire earrings from in his crystal-scaled cloak.
Azarael drops a lovely pair of sapphire earrings.
Azarael removes a faceted obsidian earring from in his crystal-scaled cloak.
Azarael drops a faceted obsidian earring.
Azarael removes a sparkling dragonfire ruby earring from in his crystal-scaled cloak.
Azarael drops a sparkling dragonfire ruby earring.
Azarael says, "take what ya like"
Ruffelin smiles at Azarael as he says, "Tis verra kind o' ye, Azarael."
Azarael smiles at Ruffelin.

Awan says, "Metadi, ya still likes livin on da edge like me great uncle said ya did"
Metadi nods to Awan.
Metadi says, "There's no better place to be alive."
Hyoko chuckles.

Aintryg says, "I'm to stubborn to die lass"
Aintryg says, "but sometimes I sleep long"

Polledra's group just arrived.
Germinal just arrived, and bows, smiling.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Germinal)
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Polledra)
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Belgarathi)
Gilwen curtsies to Germinal.

Gilwen removes a well-worn leather prayerbook from in her blue leather cloak.
Gilwen says, "But, you are fortunate."
Gilwen raises her leather prayerbook skyward!
Gilwen nods to Jettha.
Jettha says, "I think he was just excited that a monster showed up after a nigh well unending wait."
Gilwen glances at Slinn and asks, "Slinn, do you pledge not to try to slew Jettha again?"
Slinn nods to Gilwen and exclaims, "Sure do!"
Gilwen beams and exclaims, "That's good then!"
Jettha says, "Well in that case, I do."
Gilwen says, "Killing people is a bad idea."
Gilwen put a well-worn leather prayerbook in her blue leather cloak.
Gilwen says, "Whoops"
Jettha gazes in awe at Slinn.
Jettha smirks.

Aintryg sits down, and scratches Fwelthearna's back.
Metadi says, "Anyhow Fwel, yes, ye are exceedingly dangerous."
Fwelthearna says, "mmmm"
Fwelthearna smiles at Metadi.
Metadi says, "Especially with that sharp tongue of yours...Well, in a frightening but lovely way."
Fwelthearna says, "But in a very good way, I trust"
Metadi says, "Oh yes.."
Fwelthearna grins.
Metadi says, "Verra sharp. And I think she coats it with acid too."
Awan nods to Metadi.
Fwelthearna grins and says, "Say the wrong thing Errick, ye shall see"
Errick says, "I'm good at that... perhaps I'll keep quiet"

Ruffelin bows to Polledra, Belgarathim and to Germinal.
Germinal bows to Hyoko and to Ruffelin.
Cryheart waves to Germinal, as Germinal grins and waves to Cryheart.

Hyoko smiles and asks, "Alright, perhaps we can get started here?"
Hyoko says, "People may filter in. It will be no problem."
Hyoko exclaims, "Excuse me!"
Hyoko recites:

"Excuse me."

Fwelthearna says, "And now"
(Fwelthearna gives all her attention to Hyoko.)

Hyoko smiles.
Fwelthearna smiles at Hyoko.

Haephestus's group just arrived.
Flamma fidgets.
Haephestus bows to Hyoko as Ruffelin bows to Haephestus.
Slinn, Cryheart, Haephestus, Germinal, Metadi, and Humongor and Killjar sit down.
Azarael takes a drink from his Elven brown ale.
Humongor bows to Haephestus as Haephestus bows to Ruffelin.
Ruffelin bows to Killjar.
Haephestus bows to Metadi as Metadi nods to him in return, giving him a nudge.

Ruffelin smiles at Hyoko, as Hyoko grins.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Haephestus)
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Killjar)
Gilwen just hugged Killjar.
Killjar coughs, then stands up and bows to Hyoko. He then sits back down.

Hyoko says, "We're here to discuss chivalry and respect this eve. Mostly 'respect'. Chivalry will take many evenings to fully discuss."

Hyoko grins and says, "Respect, to me, is an external thing...It is something you give to another. Self-respect not included at this time."
Hyoko says, "What I would like to hear from each or all of you...Is what you think about the idea that 'people must prove to me that they deserve respect'?"
Hyoko says, "I know many in the lands that live by that creed."

Haephestus raises his hand.
Hyoko asks, "Haephestus?"
Hyoko says, "I shall try to keep track of the hands as raised in order."

Killjar, Cryheart, and Awan raise their hands.

Haephestus says, "Fer me tis a simple rule me da taught me hae allas werked, All flk start oon da same level, dere raisin or losin O respect soley based on da merits O dere actions. Dis be O course colored by me own predjudices and toughts O right an wrong. A simple way O lookin at it boot hae sustained me fer many years. I hae said me piece."

Hyoko nods to Haephestus.
Humongor, Ruffelin and Cryheart smile at Haephestus.
Hyoko says, "Oh, each of you, please to let me know when you are done speaking, in some manner."
Haephestus bows to Hyoko.

Aintryg waves to Wanton as Azarael smiles at her.
Ruffelin smiles at Belgarathi.
Wanton smiles, as Metadi scratches her back.
Anarsh just arrived, putting a white ora blade in his leather sheath and slinging an ora shield over his shoulder. He sits down.
Fwelthearna leans back.

Jettha bows as he says, "I'm in 25 minutes. "Jeez..."
Gilwen curtsies to Jettha as Jettha bows to Gilwen.
Jettha says, "Good night all."
Gilwen says, "Good eve, Jettha"
Jettha says, "You too my lady Gilwen."
Goldstr says, "Nite Jettha"
Ruffelin bows to Jettha.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Jettha)
Jettha tries to pull Slinn to his feet, but he is too heavy.
Jettha raises an eyebrow in Slinn's direction.
Slinn stands up, as she blinks, drools, and then joins Jettha's group.
Jettha's group just went down.

Pouchon just arrived and he smiles, bowing.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Pouchon)

Hyoko asks, "Killjar?"
Hyoko says, "And I may take the devil's advocate position, if needed."
Hyoko grins, then Cryheart grins.

Killjar asks, "Its nay dat ah feel peoples need to earn ones respect...it is earned, an nay given...but ah give all da same respect, until ya show me ya dunt deserve it. Ifn all of us is equals, why should sumun need to prove dey get mah respect? Wouldnt then ah needs prove it tae all rather then jus bein deservin of da same dey woulds want?"

Killjar shrugs, then bows to Hyoko.
Germinal nods to Killjar as Hyoko nods.

Gilwen removes a gleaming eonake mace from in her blue leather cloak.
Gilwen slings a white vultite shield off from over her shoulder.

Hyoko asks, "Cryheart?"
Cryheart stands up, bowing to Hyoko and to the audience, as he says, "good evening all"

Humongor smiles at Cryheart, as Gilwen curtsies to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "respect to me..has always been honor and esteem, with consideration for others without intrusion"
Cryheart bows to Hyoko, then sits down.

Hyoko and Ruffelin smile at Cryheart.

Hyoko asks, "Awan?"

Awan says, "Well, I tries ta respects everyone what I meet. But if by dey actions dey shows me that it is wasted, den dey goes down in dat respect. An I always tries ta show respect ta da Lords and Ladies what really deserves it"
Awan bows to Hyoko.

Humongor nods to Awan, as Pouchon smiles at Awan.

Portthos just arrived, sits down, smiles, then sits down.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Portthos)
Portthos bows to Hyoko.

Goldstr raises his hand.

Hyoko asks, "Goldstr?"
Goldstr stands up, bowing.
Goldstr says, "I guess most a us feel bout the same. I fer one show and give respect to all citezens. they must prove ta me that they dont deserve it, then it be a different story"
Goldstr blushes a nice shade of off-pink, bows, and sits back down.
Hyoko smiles at Goldstr.

Journeyman Sati just arrived and sits down, as Awan clasps Sati's hand tenderly.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Sati)
Sati stands back up and Sati curtsies to Hyoko, as she Sati says, "evening milord", then returns to her seat.

Gilwen raises her hand.
Hyoko asks, "Gilwen?"
Gilwen says, "A question for the group."
Gilwen says, "Several have mentioned all are respected until they show otherwise. What happens when you feel a person has lost your respect"
Cryheart smiles at Gilwen.

Cryheart gazes up into the heavens as he touches a dark crimson Kai symbol.
Azarael nods as Wanton grins.
Killjar shows Cryheart his Koar medallion.
Killjar exclaims, "False!", as he cackles!

Hyoko asks, "Do you have more, Lady Gilwen?"
Gilwen says, "No, sorry, Hyoko. That was all"
Humongor smiles at Gilwen.
Gilwen blushes a nice shade of off-pink as she saysm "Sorry, I forgot to raise my voice at the end"
Gilwen says, "But anyone who wants to answer, please, I'd like to know"
Killjar rubs Gilwen gently.
Gilwen curtsies.
Gilwen says, "Excuse me a minute"
Lady Gilwen went through a tall grey granite arch.

Pouchon just arrived.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Pouchon)

Germinal, Haephestus, Killjar, Aintryg, and Awan raise thier hands.

Ethlen just arrived.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Ethlen)
Ethlen says, "Hmmm", and asks, "Need any of that on the floor?"
Wanton says, "Azarael left it there for anyone to take, I believe."
Azarael nods.
Ethlen raises an eyebrow and says, "ooo"
Ethlen put a white ora blade in his knotwork harness and slings a golden mithril shield over his shoulder.
Ethlen smiles as he asks, "Really?"
Azarael says, "aye"
Ethlen says, "Thanks", as he picks up a sparkling dragonfire ruby earring.
Azarael bows.
Ethlen removes a pure white earring from his earlobe and attaches a sparkling dragonfire ruby earring to his earlobe.
Ethlen picks up a white ora whetstone and put it in his damask cleric's cloak.
Ethlen says, "Hehe"
Ethlen picks up a faceted obsidian earring and puts it in his damask cleric's cloak.
Ethlen picks up a lovely pair of sapphire earrings and puts them in his damask cleric's cloak.
Ethlen put a pure white earring in his damask cleric's cloak.
Ethlen went through a tall grey granite arch.

Hyoko asks, "Germinal?"

Germinal stands up.
Germinal says, "Though I'm just a woodsman...have been all me life...I've learned a lot from my brothers and sisters in Phoenix. I've watched Lady Mirarte organize youngin events. And I think one aspect of respect some elders sometimes forget. I've watched Lord Waldo2 and Lady Hyssopp work with youngins. Is that, bein young aint a piece of cake, Sometimes, I think ye needs to go out of yer way to show respect to the young. Lead by example. I show everyone I meet the same respect I'd show Lord Truekillr. And sometimes, that shocks em."
Germinal grins.
Germinal says, "then they see...I respect em as a person. And whatever problem we had, is gone. Tis all I hae t'say."
Germinal smiles and sits down.

Goldstr grins and nods.
Fwelthearna, Portthos and Humongor nod to Germinal.
Wanton smiles at Germinal and says, "A very good point."
Hyoko and Portthos smile.
Humongor says, "Aye."
Cryheart, Goldstr and Fwelthearna grin as Wanton chuckles and Azarael laughs!
Killjar smirks and says, "Poor TK"
Goldstr says, "well said"

Cryheart raises his hand.

Hyoko asks, "Haephestus?"
Hyoko asks, "Lord Haephestus, you are composing your thoughts?"

Haephestus says, "Aye. In a short reply ta Da Lady's question aboot what gi doon when respect oor honor lost, fer me tis a simple answer still. I hae nae dealins wi dat soul, short O rescues, fer dat I gi ta eny, till I see dere ways change, e'en one I nae hae mooch respect fer naow kin, and hae in da past, regained respect in me eyes. I nae believe eny soul nae capable O change, so da door ta me respect allas dere ta be re-opened."
Haephestus bows to Hyoko and says says, "Doon"

Hyoko smiles at Haephestus.
Humongor nods to Haephestus.

Hyoko asks, "Killjar?"

Killjar says, "Ah jus gots a comment from what Gilwen said...when ya loose mah respect ya usually gain mah pity. Ah kin have a bitin tongue jus as easy as a smooth one. Course it depends on da error...ah forgive easily...but mah wrath of thieves an killers is strong. But lemme also say ahve naer kilt another...well...not intentionally...once killed sumun who wanted tae see how dey spells was doin..."

Killjar chuckles and says, "Haein said that, Ah fear ah mus be off."

(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Killjar)
Killjar bows as he waves and says, "May Koar guide yer blade an yer step, that both may fall true."
Killjar says, "Mah pleasure certainly"
Portthos waves to Killjar.
Wanton says, "Thank you for joining us, Killjar."
Fwelthearna waves to Killjar and says, "Good eve Killjar"
Cryheart smiles and waves.
Killjar just left.

Hyoko asks, "Aintryg?"

Aintryg says, "I will address tha last question first, then the more general"
Hyoko nods.

Aintryg says, "if one manages to lose my respect then much as many here have said, there is a varity of responses, however my can range to leathel confrontations if the affront is severe enough, for myself there are somethings that I canna let pass."

Azarael nods and says, "thankfully those instances have been rare."

Aintryg says, "now onto the broader question"

Aintryg says, "I believe respect is something basic every true gentleman, or gentle lady if you will is honor bound to exhibit. It is a free thing and easily given. I can say here before you all and the gods I have respected my foes no less than any I have ever counted friend. After all, surely at some point everyone, no matter how seemingly evil, crass, or rude, has committed some act of charity, or made someone else joyful...if for nothing else I respect everyones potential. That is my short thoughts on the matter, I can discourse at leangth on the subject, buts thats basically my philosphy on it in short."

Hyoko smiles and nods as he asks, "Have you more, honorable Lord Aintryg?"

Aintryg leans on Fwelthearna as Fwelthearna grins.
Gilwen smiles at Aintryg, as Germinal nods and smiles.
Fwelthearna smiles at Aintryg.
Goldstr nods to Aintryg.
Haephestus smiles softly.

Ethlen just arrived.
Ethlen scratches his head and sighs.
Ethlen removes a leather sheath from in his damask cleric's cloak.
Ethlen shakes his head as he opens a leather sheath and removes a fanatic's falchion fron it.
Ethlen put a leather sheath in his damask cleric's cloak and then removes a white ora whetstone from in his damask cleric's cloak.
Ethlen stretches and asks, "Hm...How do i polish my sword with this thing?"
Ethlen smiles and says, "Oh...I see"
Ethlen put a white ora whetstone in his damask cleric's cloak.
Ethlen smiles and removes a faceted obsidian earring from in his damask cleric's cloak and attaches it to his earlobe.
Ethlen removes a leather sheath from in his damask cleric's cloak and puts a fanatic's falchion in it, placing the leather sheath in his damask cleric's cloak.
Ethlen nods to Gilwen.
Ethlen just left.

Lady Gilwen just arrived, placing a sparkling dragonfire ruby earring in her blue leather cloak and removing a gleaming eonake mace from in her blue leather cloak.
Azarael smiles and bows to Gilwen.
Gilwen just hugged Azarael as Azarael returns her hug.
Hyoko nods to Gilwen.
Gilwen gestures into the air. A silvery fog coalesces around Gilwen, obscuring her form. When the fog dissipates, Gilwen is gone.

Varkindal's group just arrived.
Varkindal's group just went down.

Lord Tzigfried just arrived.
Tzigfried smiles.
Cryheart and Wanton smile at Tzigfried as Germinal waves to him.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Tzigfried)
Tzigfried waves and bows as he exclaims, "Evenin all!"
Metadi just hugged Tzigfried and Tzigfried just hugged Metadi.
Germinal grins as Tzigfried nods to Germinal.
Tzigfried grins and sits down.
Goldstr and Tzigfried bow to one another.
Tzigfried bows to Hyoko and smiles at Wanton.

A cloud of dense silvery fog suddenly appears. The fog quickly dissipates to reveal Gilwen.
Tilarium just left.

Hyoko says, "Awan, then Cryheart, then I have an example to bring up."

Awan says, "I feels da respect what is lost be like a pane o' glaes, once broken tis hard to repair. Some there be dat I respects da title dey has much more den da person what wears da title. I be done"

Goldstr raises his hand.

Cryheart nods.
Hyoko smiles and asks, "Cryheart?"

Cryheart stands up and bows to Hyoko.

Cryheart says, "with respect to Lady Gilwen's question...I cannot control others feelings or actions, only my own..with that respect..toleration and understanding come to mind. Also...I can have respect for a creature that beats me in fair combat"

Cryheart bows to Hyoko and sits down.
Hyoko smiles at Cryheart as Cryheart smiles.

Gilwen smiles at Cryheart as Germinal, Awan and Humongor nod to him.

Hyoko says, "Now I would like to know a bit about what respect means..."
Hyoko says, "And for that I will ask you about an example, first."
Hyoko asks, "How many of you know who Traleon is?"

Cryheart, Gilwen, Morzathis, Germinal, and Azarael raise their hands.

Hyoko asks, "Or, perhaps, who does not?"

Azarael says, "aye"
Fwelthearna looks over at Hyoko and shakes her head.
Fwelthearna raises her hand and says, "I dinna"
Aintryg narrows his eyes.
Germinal smiles.
Humonfor and Wanton nod, as Haephestus nods to Hyoko.
Awan carefully braids his beard.
Sati raises her hand.
Goldstr says, "not i"
Awan raises his hand and says, "Nay I"
Sati says, "I donae"

Hyoko says, "Traleon is the leader of the Bregandian invasion that took place awhile back."

Fwelthearna nods to Hyoko as she says, "Ahhh"
Aintryg says, "not so long ago..."
Awan exclaims, "OH, HIM!"
Germinal chuckles as he nods to Awan.

Hyoko asks, "Now, is there anyone here that does NOT think Traleon is an enemy of the Landing?"
Hyoko says, "I agree. He is an enemy of the Landing."

Haephestus says, "Nae, an enemy sure, boot a worthy foe nae tha less."
Awan says, "Dat would seems ta be a reasonable assumption"
Fwelthearna nods to Hyoko.
Goldstr nods.

Hyoko asks, "Now. If he were to appear right now, here, under a flag of parlay, should he be treated with respect?"

Fwelthearna, Germinal, Goldstr, Sati, and Awan say, "Aye"
Fwelthearna and Haephestus nod to Hyoko.
Cryheart, Errick, Gilwen, Portthos, and Aintryg nod.

Hyoko says, "It is most interesting. I observed many people speaking to Holswort, if you know of him, in the Landing. Holswort is the emissary from Baron Hochstib. Holswort was NOT getting treated with respect. What does a person have to do to lose respect?"

Germinal says, "there are rules in war"
Wanton chuckles.
Awan and Sati shake their heads.
Goldstr rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Germinal, Awan Fwelthearna, Gilwen, Haephestus, Goldstr, and Sati raise thier hands.

Hyoko asks, "Germinal?"
Germinal nods to Hyoko and says, If Holswort had attacked a citizen...or been otherwise aggressive. He was an emmissary, and should have been treated as such. If Holswort had been caught in an obvious attempt to spy upon the Guard, yhen he should have been 'escorted' out of the landing"
Germinal bows to Hyoko.
Tzigfried nods to Germinal.

Awan breaks up the braids on his beard, leaving it all curly.
Lady Rayyne just arrived and sat down, placing a void blade in her cloak of Illistim.

Gilwen just hugged Rayyne as Rayyne gives Gilwen a smooch.
Rayyne just hugged Aintryg, as Aintryg just gave Rayyne a smooch.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Rayyne)
Tzigfried smiles at Rayyne.

Hyoko asks, "Fwelthearna?"

Fwelthearna stands up and clears her throat.

Fwelthearna says, "Well, there be two questions here...The first was whether someone under a flag of parlay should be treated with respect, and the answer to that is a qualified yes. Because enemies canna all be trusted, and therefore even if respect is shown, precautions should be taken. Just in case yer opponent is not as honorable as yerself. As to the second question, for me, the quickest way for someone to lose my respect is the willing and malicious mistreatment of those who are weaker than ye."

Fwelthearna curtsies, then sits down.
Goldstr and Portthos nod to Fwelthearna.

A cloud of dense silvery fog suddenly appears. The fog quickly dissipates to reveal Hyssopp.
Hyssopp enfolds Tzigfried in a warm embrace.
Germinal smiles.
(Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to Hyssopp)
Hyssopp just hugged Rayyne, Cryheart, Humongor and Metadi.
Germinal just hugged Hyssopp.
Tzigfried enfolds Hyssopp in a warm embrace.
Cryheart just hugged Hyssopp.
Goldstr bows to Hyssopp.
Humongor smiles at Hyssopp.
Hyssopp smiles and curtsies graciously to noble Hyoko.
Gilwen smiles at Hyssopp, as Rayyne gives Hyssopp a smooch.
Hyssopp curtsies to Hyoko.
Hyssopp smiles at Gilwen and Goldstr, then sits down.
Tzigfried jabs an elbow into Hyssopp's ribs. The honeymoon must be over.
Hyssopp put a diamond-edged black vultite falchion in her rolaren thigh-sheath and slings a midnight-blue rolaren shield over her shoulder.

Hyoko asks, "Gilwen?"

Gilwen says, "I'm with everyone about treatment under a flag of parley. For the general populace, I am somewhat leery of judging their motivations and not respecting them. Oftentimes, I have no idea what else is going on in their lives. From my experience, mostly when I talk to people, it works out."
Gilwen shrugs and says, "Only less than one handful of times it hasn't. I'm done"

Hyoko smiles at Gilwen as Germinal nods to her.

Goldstr raises his hand.
Goldstr nods to Hyoko.

Hyoko asks, "Sati?"

Sati says, "Milord Hyoko I can see this as respect and also trust. I can show respect to Holswort, but trust would be another thing. There is a difference between the two. The word respect means fear. Thank you"

Fwelthearna and Germinal raise their hands.

Hyoko says, "Haephestus, then Goldstr, then Fwelthearna, then I have another example."

Haephestus stands up, then smiles as he takes the soapbox out of his cloak and stands on it....

Hyssopp begins chuckling at Haephestus as Portthos chuckles and Sati giggles.

Haephestus says, "Ferst, let me start by sayin, Traelon, Da gent did as he tought was right fer his folk, dere nae evil intent in dat, jest actions we foond objectionable. He was hae O a civil war lookin fer funds ta fight dat war. We jest happened ta be what he pervieved ta be da easiest way ta gain em. However, wi Hockstib, he be a slave maker, a murderer, decietful, all dese ting he hae proved himself ta be repeatedly. Be dere small wonder dat da gent dat cooms ta gi his werd to oos garner small respect, when da man he speaks fer hae so little respect among da folk? He be Hockstib's mouthpiece, as sich he moost suffer froom dat association, regarless O how good da man may be apart froom da Baron."

Haephestus bows to Hyoko and Haephestus sits back down.
Awan nods to Haephestus.

Tzigfried scratches at his beard as Germinal scratches his ear.

Hyoko asks, "Goldstr?"

Goldstr stands up.
Goldstr says, "This mainly concerns da titled peoplem and what one does may reflect on all. When I was first off the turnip farm, I wandered up on HS porch, and a lord there stole all me coins. A mere pitance ta him, but all me worldly goods. At that point I didnt know ta trust any Titled person, so we should kinda watch our steps around the youngins. But i soon realized it was just one bad apple"

Goldstr bows and returns to his seat.

Germinal nods to Goldstr.
A pained expression crosses Fwelthearna's face, as Germinal groans and Gilwen sighs.

Hyoko asks, "The fidgety Fwelthearna?"

Fwelthearna stands up and blushes a nice shade of off-pink, as she says, "Sorry bout that"

Hyoko and Cryheart smile as Wanton and Gilwen grins, and Morzathis begins chuckling at Hyoko.

Fwelthearna says, "I had two points to bring up. One was I dinna understand the comment about 'respect' meaning 'fear'. But the largest was this. Haephestus, I hate to disagree with ye in such a public forum, but I fear I must. I dinna believe that we canna hold against a man that he is doing what is the most expedient for his people, no matter who it harms. I believe any person who tries to enrich himself or his folk at the expense of others, without value being given in exchange be not deserving much respect at all. But I would truly like to know how respect means fear, I am puzzled by that comment. Thank you"

Fwelthearna curtsies to Hyoko and returns to her seat.

Haephestus says, "Ta each O us an opinion be given, willna cause bad blood. Might I counter dat quickly?"

Hyoko smiles at Haephestus and says, "No."
Haephestus nods to Hyoko.

Morzathis, Germinal and Sati raise their hands.

Sati says, "I can expalin if I might Lord Hyoko"

Hyoko says, "Germinal, then Morzathis, then I would like to take this discussion to a specific point. Alright, Germina, then Morzathis, then Sati."

Germinal says, "Well, just a quick comment on the difference between fear and respect. Fear is irrational, respect involves knowledge. Respect is knowin yer opponent and understanding what problems he might cause ye. Fear is blind apprehension."
Germinal coughs as he bows to Hyoko.

Tzigfried and Awan nod to Germinal, as Fwelthearna rubs her chin thoughtfully and Gilwen frowns.

Hyoko asks, "Morzathis?"

Morzathis nods to Hyoko.

Morzathis says, "My response would be to that of Fwelthearna's question about fear and respect. There are many reasons to respect another. Of the many I will bring up two exapmles and hopefully it can help clear things up fer you. I respect Traleon...Not because of what he stands for but because he is older than I and greater in combat skills. It would be stupidity of me not to fear my life around him. In the case of my friend Celtar, I respect him becuse I admire him. Not because of any fear I have of him."
Morzathis bows.

Aintryg raises an eyebrow.
Goldstr works his fingers under his gold cap and scratches his head and nods to Morzathis.
Wanton smiles at Morzathis.

Tzigfried, Errick, and Aintryg raise their hands.

Hyoko asks, "Sati?"
Sati says, "Actually Morzathis explained it very well, for respect not only means fear but it also means showing of honor"
Sati smiles at Morzathis, as Morzathis bows to her.
Sati stands up, Sati curtsies to Morzathis, and then sits down.

Hyoko says, "Alright, please to let me now return to a previous question...and then we will wrap up for the evening."
Hyoko asks, "What does it take for someone to lose your respect?"
Hyoko asks, "A word? An action? A change of heart? A lie? What?"

Awan raises his hand.
Hyoko asks, "Awan?"

Awan says, "can be any of those or all of them. Depends on what is done. If I sees someone constantly belittlin others me respect fer him goes down. If I sees someone what should knows better constantly poachin then again me respect fer him goes down. Can be a multitude of reason someone can lose respect."
Awan bows to Hyoko.

Tzigfried, Haephestus, Germinal, Wanton, Gilwen, and Errick raise their hands.

Germinal raises an eyebrow as Fwelthearna bites her lip and Goldstr grins.

Sati says, "You not only would respect your mother and father because you honor them but you also fear them to a point"
Gilwen gasps.
Sati blushes a nice shade of off-pink and says, "Ooops, Sorry, that was ment to be a whisper."
Gilwen grins, as Hyoko smiles at Sati.

Fwelthearna clasps her hand over her mouth
Metadi glances at Fwelthearna.
Fwelthearna raises an eyebrow in Metadi's direction.
Fwelthearna grins and bites her lip.

Hyoko asks, "Haephestus?"

Haephestus says, "I kin boil me reasoons doon ta one werd...Intent. Let me explain. If a lad, lets use a young rogue, tries ta lift soom coin in da North gate, say he lifts it froom a corpse. Once da wrong O dat been tol ta him, an he stops, he keeps me respect. However, an he keeps it oop, e'en after kennin da wrong O it. Misuse O guild skills, but da intent be da thing, "Regardless o da act"
Haephestus bows.

Goldstr and Tzigfried nod to Haephestus.

Hyoko asks, "Fwelthearna?"
Fwelthearna stands up and says, "Intent, while a very good measure of what be deservin of losin respect, does not cover everythin"
Fwelthearna sighs and says, "I know I shall anger some by this comment, but stupidity is also a measure. There are some who do not *intend* to harm or do bad things. But through blind stupidity and bullheadedness and refusal to listen to those who know better will also harm someone's honor in my eyes."

Fwelthearna smiles at Haephestus.
Haephestus winks at Fwelthearna.

Goldstr works his fingers under his gold cap and scratches his head then rubs his chin thoughtfully.
Metadi rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Metadi coughs and Metadi glances at Fwelthearna, clearing his throat.
Fwelthearna raises an eyebrow in Metadi's direction.
(Metadi tries to look inconspicuous.)

Fwelthearna says, "I am not speaking of ignorance, for that can be rectified. I am speaking of stupid bullheadedness"
Metadi nods to Fwelthearna.
Fwelthearna shrugs as she then curtsies and returns to her seat.
Fwelthearna sits down.

Sati raises her hand.

Hyoko smiles.
Hyoko asks, "Germinal?"

Germinal says, "Well, just to comment on what Haephestus said...the only way someone can truly lose my respect, is if they just won't learn the error of their ways. If you point it out to em...then they do it again, and again...and, like Fwelthearna said, just are too stubborn to cut it out.."
Germinal sighs as he shrugs and says, "That person is on my list. That simple"
Germinal bows to Hyoko.

Gilwen, Fwelthearna and Errick nod to Germinal.
Goldstr says, "aye"

Hyoko asks, "Wanton?"

Wanton stands up and says, "Thank you, Hyoko. The question was, "What does it take to lose one's respect? Of course there can be many things.. we can't account for all circumstances all the time, but the thing that will make me think twice about someone is seeing them abuse their power or Position. Specifically, badgering or harrassing someone in a weaker position. Not enough to get into trouble, of course, otherwise they're easily taken care of. with power comes responsibility. You need to use your skills wisely. You need to realize that you are an example for each new person in the lands."

Wanton smiles wryly as she says, "I think I got on a soapbox a bit there.", sitting back down.

Fwelthearna, Sati, Aintryg, Metadi, Tzigfried, and Cryheart nod to Wanton.

Goldstr nods and says, "aye"
Germinal grins and Hyoko and Tzigfried chuckle, as Gilwen beams happily at Wanton!

Hyoko asks, "Gilwen?"

Gilwen says, "First, I want to borrow the soapbox."

Gilwen and Metadi grin.
Wanton chuckles and says, "Sermon time."
Sati giggles and Tzigfried smiles.
Metadi's face turns slightly pale as Goldstr cowers.

Gilwen says, "After that, in addition to what others have said and which I agree with. I lose respect for people who don't take responsibility for their actions."

Wanton nods to Metadi.
Awan ducks his head as Goldstr nods and Aintryg smirks.
Wanton nods to Gilwen.
Haephestus smiles as he quickly snatches his soapbox back and stashe it away in his cloak.

Gilwen says, "There have been those who have been not so nice, but have willingly accepted the consequences. Them, I still respect. Those who claim they didn't really mean it, but don't change, or who deny what they've done. No respect. I'm done"

Sati nods to Gilwen.
Hyoko smiles.
Goldstr says, "aye"
Haephestus nods to Gilwen.

Hyoko asks, "Errick?"
Errick stands back up.
Errick says, "I have to ask... back to the respect out of fear question. Is fear a good reason to respect someone? Or is it simply wiser in the long run... but sort of false? If ye respect someone because yer simply afraid of them, what happens when yer not anymore? Just some questions to chew on I'm guessing"
Errick returns to his seat.

Morzathis raises his hand.

Hyoko says, "Tzigfried and Sati will be after Morzathis. My mistake."

Hyoko asks, "Morzathis?"

Morzathis bows to Hyoko.

Morzathis says, "You bring up a very interesting question. If it is false respect for respecting another out of fear. I think when respect comes out of fear...it is an attribute that you are respecting more than the person. This may not be the right thing to do, but I think that's the case. Because there is a thin line between stupidity and bravery."

Morzathis bows to Hyoko and kneels down.
Sati and Portthos smiles at Morzathis as Wanton nods to him.

Wanton raises her hand.

Hyoko asks, "Tzigfried?"

Tzigfried stands up and bows as he , "I thankye all fer hearin me thoughts. I respect Traeleon as me enemy, though I find me bein cordial to im as nae possible, he seeks to cause me evil and nearly has wi his attempt to kidnap and kill me wife!"

Tzigfried says, "degrees o respect I see, I think intent and action call for ones just desert!"
Tzigfried exclaims, "that was all I had to say, I thank thee all!"
Tzigfried bows and returns to his seat.

Germinal clenches his fist.
Germinal, Goldstr and Cryheart nod to Tzigfried.

Hyoko smiles.
Hyoko says, "Sati, then Wanton, then I shall close things up."

Sati stands up and curtsies, then says, "I lose respect when I put full trust in a person and find they cannae be trusted. At the sametime I will still show respect to the title.....fear.....no respect to the person"
Sati sits down.

Hyoko smiles.
Hyoko asks, "Wanton?"

Wanton smiles and stands up, as she says, "Thank you again, Hyoko."
Wanton says, "There are many reasons to respect someone: For their skill, for their seemingly undending patience...For the fact that they're new to town and working hard to make their way. I think the overall view though is that everyone deserves to be treated with respect." Wanton sits down.

Metadi glances at Wanton.
Metadi, Gilwen, Cryheart, Germinal, and Goldstr nod to Wanton.

Hyoko smiles and says, "Honorable friends...Thank you all for joining me here. As is normal with a discussion on a subject such as 'respect', those who do not give any respect do not show up for such a discussion. We have had small differences of opinion...But we all have the same general idea." (Hyoko clasps his hands and bows low to all assembled.)
Hyoko says, "Good evening."

Germinal smiles.
Gilwen beams happily at Hyoko!
Morzathis, Portthos, Goldstr, Germinal, Cryheart, Awan, Haephestus and Errick stand up.
Wanton begins chuckling at Hyoko.
Goldstr, Cryheart, Germinal, Haephestus, and Goldstr bow to Hyoko.
Haephestus and Cryheart turn towards one another and render a sharp hand salute.
Goldstr and Gilwen grin as Germinal chuckles.
Fwelthearna and Cryheart nod to Hyoko.
Portthos smiles at Hyoko.
Wanton says, "Or are at a storytelling or a meeting."
Haephestus begins chuckling at Hyoko.
Cryheart nods to Wanton.
Metadi chuckles.
Gilwen says, "You want, Hyoko, we can bring 'em here and I'll bind 'em to get their attention"
Gilwen just hugged Hyoko.
Hyoko chuckles.
Tzigfried beams happily at Hyoko!
Fwelthearna says, "Thank ye Hyoko, for takin the time for this."
Portthos just tickled Gilwen.

Awan raises his hand.
Hyoko exclaims, "No more hand raising!"

Germinal says, "Thank you, m'lord, for having this discussion"
Cryheart says, "thanks for coming friends"
Gilwen grins.
Metadi glances at some wraith talon gloves.
Goldstr waves.
Gilwen says, "Thanks to all who organized this meeting"
Portthos stretches.
Sati says, "Thank thee milord Hyoko"
Awan says, "I wants ta thanks everyone here for something we don't sees much eithr"
Gilwen smiles.
Metadi shows Hyoko his wraith talon gloves.
Gilwen just hugged Wanton.
Goldstr just went down.
Gilwen just hugged Cryheart.
Metadi put a silver-edged crimson Kai prayerbook in his threaded war harness.
Cryheart just hugged Gilwen.
Metadi takes off some wraith talon gloves.
Gilwen just hugged Hyoko.
Metadi raises his wraith talon gloves skyward!
Metadi whistles tunelessly to himself.
Haephestus smiles as he wanders around randomly shaking hands and giving hugs.
Metadi puts on some wraith talon gloves.
Hyoko just hugged Gilwen.
Germinal says, "And my thanks of course to the Gryphons"

Wanton says, "Oh.. one last thing.. we hope to continue discussions such as this in the future. If you have topics that revolve around the chivalric ideal that you'd be interested in discussing, please whisper suggestions to me now, or just talk to any of the Gryphons at some future date."

Cryheart nods and says, "amen to that"
Awan says, "Was the best meetin I has ever attended. Vera lil wigglin around and much respect for each speaker while dey was speakin"
Hyoko nods to Wanton.
Haephestus says, "I gi ye one in pooblic ta mull o'er"
Hyoko smiles at Awan.
Aintryg stands up and pulls Fwelthearna to her feet as Fwelthearna smiles at him.
Haephestus asks, "a code O honor, what be it truely?"
Haephestus winks at Wanton.
Cryheart and Metadi smile.