The Approaching Bregandian Menace

Nearly a month earlier Glotach, Devestior's talking Wyvern arrived in Solhaven and warned us that the Bregandians were coming. Ristasen, who we'd learn later was the Bregandian Baron's apprentice, appeared in Wehnimer's Landing. He was killed and lifekept, but hr was protected by some magic and was sucked into the earth as his corpse laughed and then he appeared alive again, taunting those present with a riddle.

"In the days long past, of items lost.
Here within shall be the cost.
Find the foes from deep within,
And there you find me, looking back with a grin."

He was finally located on the roof of Hearthstone, doing mysterious things, so absorbed in what he was doing that he did not even respont to criticism of the quality of his riddle.

You see Ristasen Delangr the Bregandian Battle Mage.
He appears to be in his 70's, has long bony fingers, hollowed orbs that must have once been eyes, and pustulent skin.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing some leather sandals, a vultite shield, a bent earring, some full leather, a crystal amulet, and a blackened backpack.

Ristasen glances off at something in the distance.

As Ristasen touches the back of his amulet it gives off a powerful flash of light.

Ristasen searches the skies for something.

Ristasen places a hand on the back of Avantos' neck.
Avantos is stunned!

[Hearthstone, Roof]
High above the manor gardens, the roof slopes converge here, forming a small area perfectly pitched for sitting. Raised above the slate surface, a roof hatch provides a somewhat comfortable back rest. A warm breeze brushes the cool stone, bringing with it a hint of aromatic herbs and roasting meat. Voices drift on the air, but they are distant and but a whisper of sound that does little to disturb this peaceful retreat. You also see the Jeanius disk, the Metadi disk, a white cat who is sitting, a grey wolf who is sitting and a grey wolf who is sitting.
Also here: Lady Evialla, Geijon, Braenna, Misty, Dgry, Kerl, Lady Rayyne, Arwen, Lord Ketum, Lord Roelon, Lady Rezzette, Jeanius, Lady Hyssopp, Lady Xeldria, Yzan, Lord Metadi, Nanna, Lord Armaxis, Lord Arianiss, Lord Kriztian, Lady Lylia, Journeyman Hagen, Lady Titaniia, Lord Psionix, Lord Randsford, Lord Cryheart, a stunned Lord Avantos, Lord Silvean, Lord Ristasen
Obvious paths: none.

Avantos gestures at Ristasen.
CS: +365 - TD: +127 + CvA: +19 + d100: +73 - -5 == +335
Warding failed!
Ristasen suddenly stops all movement.

Ristasen snaps his fingers and fades out of sight!

Afterward in town square central a winged creature could be seen. Later information would lead us to believe this was Glotach.

A massive winged creature flies by overhead. It seems to study the ground carefully before swooping off in the distance.

The next day Traleon died--presumably killed by Glotach, Devestior's wyvern.

Lord Devestior was at the Landing, talking to people, and doing strange magicks.

You see Lord Devestior Alasian the Bregandian Assassin.
He appears to be very old, has long black hair, dark eyes and dark skin.
He has a tattoo of a wyvern on the left side of his face.
He is wearing a midnight black rose, a gold ring, a black aventail, a black leather satchel, a black helm, a flowing black cape, a grey stone amulet, a black leather sheath with a spider web etched in silver, a pair of black leather bracers with a great spider etched in silver, some polished black leather leg greaves, a shimmering tower shield, a pair of black knee high leather boots, a black velvet pouch with leather strings, some glossy black leather armor with faded silver buttons, a silken totem bag, a glaes spider charm, a black round button with the words "BOO!" etched in blood red and a crystal amulet.

Devestior spreads his fingers wider, farther apart then you thought imaginable. The blue glow surrounds now most of his arm.

Devestior clutches his hand into a fist. Just as he does, the magic flashes throughout the room, almost blinding you!

You hear the snapping of fingers as Simone fades into sight before you.

You see Simone LeRinon the Bregandian Stalker.
She appears to be in her 100's, has long bony fingers, hollowed orbs that must have once been eyes, and cracked skin.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a soft black leather sheath, a crystal amulet, a black flowing cloak stitched with golden thread and a high collar, a blackened satchel, some black body leather stitched with gold, a blackened vultite shield, some knee-high boots, and a pair of black shiny leather elbow-length gloves.

Devestior holds a hand over Traleon's mouth.

Devestior says, "He will not be able to speak for a long time."

Titaniia asks, "Can he not cast magiks?"

Devestior says, "He is bound by magics."

You see Traleon DeLooker the Bregandian Seeker.
He appears to be in his 130's, has long bony fingers, tinted eyes, and scarred skin.
He appears to be DEAD!
He has severe head trauma and bleeding from the ears.
He is wearing a pair of black shiny leather elbow-length gloves, a black vultite shield, some knee-high boots, a crystal amulet, and some black body leather.

So, after some debate, he was raised, and, helpless, escorted to a supposedly safe prison, Lord Blades tower.

Then, Devestior outlined what some of the issues were:

Devestior says, "Traleon is an arch enemy really."

Devestior says, "I was his apprentic long ago, if that gives ya his status."

Devestior says, "Simone is my apprentice."

Devestior says, "Ristasen is Traleon's new apprentice. An equal to me, tho has different magics so I am told."

Devestior says, "Here is the story..."

Devestior says, "Short and sweet"

Devestior says, "Traleon, seeks something here, in this town..."

Devestior says, "I know not what to be totally acurate."

Devestior says, "He has been trying to find a way to bring an army over through a magic portal for the longest time."

Devestior says, "To seek out what he wishes.."

Devestior says, "He failed to find this portal... for there are 4 keys to open it."

Devestior says, "And one final key to activate it."

Devestior says, "Had he found the keys, they he would not be doing what he is doing now."

Devestior says, "Instead.."

Devestior says, "He had decided to march an army on foot, hidden in the magic to not reveal them, towards here."

Devestior says, "Had he opened the portal, he would have been able to bring an army probably 10 times the size of what he has now."

Devestior says, "The army can be seen in the distance with the trained eye."

Devestior says, "I must rest everyone, but fear the coming days. I nay can see his army, but I would guess it will not be just a few kobolds."

Devestior says, "They are ranged from apprentices to grandmasters. It will be a tough battle on the top end, but, they will loose most of their army at the start."

Devestior says, "I'm sure it will be a battle that none have seen for since the wars before this town was here."

Devestior says, "Creatures from Breganda are not what you think."

Devestior says, "Nasty critters, and will do well with the best of your mages and warriors."

Devestior says, "Work together everyone, you are going to need it."

Lord Devestior snaps his fingers and fades out of sight!