Jantalar, Vornavis, and Bregandian Mediation

You hear the voice of Devestior say, "You will be transported to speak with the Barons of the lands."

You hear the voice of Devestior say, "You have been chosen to speak for Wehnimers."

You gulp.

The world grows blurry and indistinct. After a moment everything becomes clear again. Looking about, you see...

[Land Tower West, Roof]
A small overhang on the south side of the tower provides the on-duty guards with some shelter from the elements. From there, you can see the roofs of the town buildings to the south and southeast. Directly south, you can see a large open square among the buildings. Your view east is blocked by another guard tower. To the north, you can see the road that leads to the main gate of Wehnimer's and beyond it, to the shoreline. You also see a dented silver box and a wooden ladder.
Also here: Lord Traleon, Holswort, Lord Dunrith
Obvious paths: none.

You ask, "Me?"

You hear the snapping of fingers as Lord Devestior fades into sight before you.

Dunrith says, "Leave it to Jantalar to think of posteriors."

Traleon throws his head back and howls!

Traleon glances at you.

You curtsy to Dunrith.

You curtsy to Holswort.

Dunrith bows to you.

Holswort says, "Ever we must, with the likes of the Free Port of Solhaven at our backs."

Devestior says, "Ok, we have a speaker for the town."

Holswort bows to you.

Devestior bows to you.

You furrow your brow, probably adding a wrinkle or two in the process.

Traleon chuckles.

Holswort says, "Well met, freelander."

You say, "Greetings M'Lords"

Arwen smiles nervously

Holswort put an elegant blue vultite longsword in his silver sheath.

Dunrith says, "I trust we have not met, dear Lady, else I should surely recall the pleasure of your acquaintance."

Traleon groans, "Like I said Holswort, what have you to offer me, to keep my interests turned?"

You ask, "To whom do I have the honor?"

Devestior smiles at you.

You see Holswort Niffelheim the Human.
He appears to be in his 30's, has long, straight golden blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a silver vultite tower shield, a shining silver vultite hauberk, a polished gilt helm sporting a maroon horsehair plume, an onyx-inlaid white mithril belt, a gold trimmed ivory-and-black quartered herald's tabard with a large red gold triskelion in the center, some highly polished black boots, a polished silver sheath, and a satin belt pouch.

You smile at Devestior.

Holswort says, "I offer you nothing, aside from a front upon which you can rest. Turn your attentions eastward, and you will be set upon like you have not seen."

Traleon glances at Holswort.

Dunrith says, "Myself, Lord Dunrith Malwind, Baron of Vornavis and Lord Protector of the Free Port of Solhaven."

Dunrith bows to you.

Traleon chuckles.

You curtsy to Dunrith.

Dunrith says, "These others are various interlopers with their own interests."

You say, "I have heard much of you, M'Lord."

Traleon speaks softly, "You are leaving me no choice but to take a ripe apple from the tree."

You glance at Traleon.

Traleon slings a black vultite shield over his shoulder.

Traleon smiles at you.

Dunrith says, "Although I confess Lord Devestior's place in this is unclear to me."

Holswort says, "I am Holswort Niffelheim, Herald of Jantalar for Lord and Baron Hochstib, of the Turamzyrrian Empire."

Holswort bows to you.

Devestior says, "I yeild to the town."

You blink.

Devestior says, "I fight for them, beside them."

Traleon scoffs.

You stare at Holswort.

You ask, "Herald of Jantalar?"

You gulp.

Dunrith asks, "Why so, Lord Devestior?"

Holswort sneers at you.

Holswort asks, "You have heard of your protectors to the east?"

Devestior says, "I have learned more from these people then scum like Traleon ever will."

Dunrith says, "He is a lapdog, Lady, an official one and well groomed, but a lapdog nonetheless."

Traleon glances at Devestior.

(Arwen stands tall and looks Holswort over.)

Devestior says, "I favor that Dunrith."

Holswort says, "I am truly smitten by my brother, Vornavis."

Devestior says, "And I seek to send Traleon back to the lands he should die in."

Traleon chuckles.

Holswort says, "But know ye all....."

Traleon raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Holswort says, "Today, I seak for Jantalar, and for Hochstib."

You ask, "Am I permitted to speak and ask questions here?"

Holswort says, "As you speak to me, so you speak to him."

Devestior says, "Please do M'Lady"

Holswort says, "A slight to me, is also a slight to him. And will be repaid."

Holswort glances at Dunrith.

Traleon begins chuckling at Holswort.

You ask, "I'm curious what the relationship is between Jantalar and Breganda?"

Traleon throws his head back and howls!

Holswort mutters under his breath.

Devestior says, "There is none."

Traleon speaks softly, "Nor will be."

Traleon chuckles.

Dunrith says, "Rival dogs, ready to tear at what is not there own."

You ask, "Both wanting the same spoils, Wehnimer's?"

Holswort says, "We do not see Bregandia as a rival. Simply a...."

Traleon glances at Holswort.

Holswort says, "Force of nature."

Holswort sneers.

Traleon chuckles.

Traleon speaks softly, "I shall fight then."

Devestior glances at Traleon.

Holswort says, "Lady Arwen...."

You ask, "Yes?"

Holswort says, "We only seek to protect you from such threats as oppose you, now on all sides."

(Arwen turns to look at Holswort.)

You ask, "Jantalar seeks to protect us?"

Holswort says, "Under the kindly rule of the Empire, your town would be protected against such thugs."

You cough.

Holswort says, "A garrison would be put here to keep you safe. Your walls fortified."

Traleon chuckles.

You ask, "Kindly rule of the Empire?"

Devestior glances at Holswort.

Traleon leans back.

You ask, "Do you take me for a fool?"

Traleon smirks.

Holswort says, "You have listened to the poisoned words of some embittered knights who have lost favor with the Empress for far too long, Lady Arwen."

Holswort says, "Vornavis thinks there is a nobility and a great value to the people of your Landing, and seeks to knight some of you."

Traleon chuckles.

You ask, "Even a halfbreed such as myself?"

Devestior glances at Traleon.

Holswort says, "Concern yourself not too much with race, Milady. All races have a role in the Empire."

You smile at Holswort.

Dunrith says, "Race is not an issue for those of us in Vornavis, Lady."

You ask, "Yes they do. But what would you have that role be?"

Dunrith says, "Pray do not confuse the opinions of Vornavis and Solhaven with those of Hochstib's regime."

Traleon chuckles.

Holswort says, "The economics of an empire are somewhat different than that of a frontier town, as you likely know. There would be many new positions for all."

You nod to Dunrith.

Holswort says, "Our brother Vornavis speaks poorly of us, but we are arms unto a single body, and are both loyal to the Empire."

You see Lord Dunrith Malwind the Half-Elf.
He appears to be in his 60's, has receding light brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a pair of polished black boots, some gold and grey striped trousers, a gold link belt, a gold-trimmed belt pouch, a gold-trimmed burgundy doublet, a deep burgundy cloak, a baronial coronet, and a pair of golden spurs.

You say, "Lord Malwind has been a friend to us for many years."

Dunrith says, "The Empire is not Hochstib. You sit on his lap and simply bark of the Empire."

You say, "I have no reason to doubt him."

Holswort says, "So be it, Malwind. I know well now your position."

Traleon speaks softly, "I think your lands have missed one point."

(Arwen turns her attention to Traleon.)

Traleon glances at Holswort.

Traleon speaks softly, "I am poised over this town like a snake about to bite, its mine, and soon will be the lands beyond."

Traleon speaks softly, "What I ask you is."

You scoff at Traleon.

Traleon groans, "Shall you stand against me?"

Traleon speaks softly, "I see no arms to back your words Holswort."

Holswort sneers.

Dunrith says, "I would have said, "strike" as in "poised to strike" rather than bite, but your grasp of our language is clearly still beyond you to some degree."

Traleon speaks softly, "Nor yours Dunrith."

Traleon begins chuckling at Dunrith.

Dunrith says, "What I can muster will stand against any that try to take what is not their's by right."

Traleon speaks softly, "As the lady has spoken, this is not yours by right, or unless my ears fail me."

Traleon scratches his ear.

Traleon groans, "Am I wrong?"

You say, "We will welcome aid from our friend Lord Malwind."

Dunrith says, "I have an alliance with the people here, and your claims of grasping reach beyond this town."

Traleon chuckles.

Traleon leans back.

You say, "Traleon, you underestimate us....and that shall be your downfall."

Holswort says, "Traleon, my master bids you thus: We have measured your forces, and find them formidable, but not such as we have not dealt with before. We do not oppose you, but confine yourselves, or you will come to know us all too well, Bregandia. If you turn your dogs eastward, you face only Bloody retribution. You will face a force you cannot overcome, even with your power as it is."

Traleon chuckles.

Holswort says, "If you decide to turn our way, though, Bregandia, we welcome you. We are practiced at war, and would gladly hone our younger warriors against your forces."

You see Traleon DeLooker the Bregandian Seeker.
He appears to be in his 130's, has long bony fingers, tinted eyes, and scarred skin.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a black vultite shield, some knee-high boots, some black body leather, a pair of black shiny leather elbow-length gloves, and a crystal amulet.

Traleon groans, "Turn our way to?"

Holswort says, "I am sorry, I will speak more plainly."

Traleon snorts.

You bite your lip.

Holswort says, "If you should turn your armies to the east to attack us, we will strike you down."

Traleon groans, "And just where are you drawing the lines?"

Traleon glances at Holswort.

Holswort says, "Confine your.....activities to the wilds, and you'll not have argument from us."

Traleon speaks softly, "hhmm"

Holswort says, "The border is well known."

Traleon speaks softly, "The wilds nay have much wealth, such as this town."

Traleon groans, "Do you concede to that?"

You mutter something about wealth.

Holswort removes a map from within a pouch.

Devestior leans on you.

Holswort offers Traleon a tattered map.

Devestior rubs you gently.

Traleon accepts Holswort's tattered map.

Traleon glances at Holswort.

Holswort says, "Study it well."

You give your eyebrow a little workout.

Holswort says, "Your borders are clearly defined."

Traleon ponders over the map.

Traleon chuckles.

Traleon speaks softly, "What you offer, and what is in my grasp, is clearly different."

Dunrith says, "In truth I am caught, Lord Traleon, I cannot honor my alliance with this town in significant force without opening my lands to Holswort's master. But I will defend all that is mine against you and shall aid these folks by whatever means I can."

Traleon begins chuckling at Dunrith.

You blink.

You stare at Dunrith.

Traleon speaks softly, "So you have no solid links here."

Devestior glances at Dunrith.

The smile on Holswort's face fades for a fraction of a second, then returns to a fixed sneer.

Traleon grins.

You ask, "We will not be able to count on your support, Sir Malwind?"

Dunrith says, "We have an alliance and our communities are linked by common goals, interests and ideals."

You nod to Dunrith.

Dunrith says, "You may, Lady, such as it is."

Holswort asks, "Has Vornavis ever supported you, Whenimer?"

(Arwen places her hand on Dunrith's arm.)

You say, "I understand M'Lord."

You smile at Holswort.

Traleon speaks softly, "I will make you a deal Holswort."

Traleon glances at Dunrith.

You say, "There are many means of support, Holswort."

Holswort glances at Traleon.

You say, "Vornavis has done that often."

Dunrith says, "I'm not Holswort, Lord Traleon, he is."

Dunrith points at Holswort.

You say, "But then, they are probably in ways you would never understand."

Traleon nods to Dunrith.

Traleon speaks softly, "Aye, I assume your interests will be gathered."

Traleon speaks softly, "I shall not bend my forces at your armies, pending you do not meddle with mine here."

Holswort says, "You chose an addled-minded representative for your Landing, Lord Devestior. You should have chosen a war counsellor. You chose a wet-nurse."

Devestior glances at Holswort.

Devestior says, "Hold your tongue against such a wizard as she."

Holswort sneers.

Devestior says, "She means no harm to you Holswort."

You raise an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Holswort says, "As you wish, My Lord."

Devestior nods to Holswort.

Traleon glances at Holswort.

Traleon groans, "And your offer?"

Traleon speaks softly, "Your interests, well..."

Traleon speaks softly, "Lets say, they are somewhat distant from mine here."

Holswort asks, "What is the deal you are offering, Bregandia?"

Devestior says, "Traleon speaks not for Breganda, only his army."

Traleon glances at Devestior.

Holswort asks, "You will remain outside of established Empire territories?"

Holswort asks, "Then, Lord Devestior, who does speak for Bregandia?"

Traleon speaks softly, "As you wish, given that my interests here are not disturbed. Surely you see the bloodshed shall our interests gather a common goal."

Holswort nods to Traleon.

Devestior says, "No one Holswort. He is but a man seeking wealth to aid his war in Breganda."

Devestior glances at Traleon.

Holswort nods to Devestior.

You ask, "So Traleon is a traitor to Bregandia?"

Traleon speaks softly, "I shall abide by this goal, but do not underestimate me."

Devestior says, "He is but 1 of many rulers over a devided land."

You nod to Devestior.

Holswort says, "Lord Traleon, you are welcome to take war counsel in the Capital of Jantalar. Only you and your Honor Guard will be permitted."

Traleon raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Traleon nods to Holswort.

Traleon groans, "What say you Dunrith, on this matter?"

Holswort says, "Lord Devestior, since you ally yourself with this town, we bid you only good fortune and a fair outcome to your disputes."

Devestior nods to Holswort.

Devestior says, "Honor and loyalty shall prevail."

Traleon snorts.

Devestior glances at Traleon.

Devestior glances at Dunrith.

You say, "Holswort....aid Traleon and he will soon be marching on Jantalar."

You say, "Help him get stronger and you help him to move upon your own doorstep."

Traleon speaks softly, "I do not ask for his aid silly one. I do not need it, we simply decided on our interests, and respect them."

Devestior glances at Traleon.

Holswort says, "Lady Arwen, I thank you for your counsel."

You ask, "Traleon, do you even know what respect for anothers interests are?"

Dunrith says, "I heard your offer pitched to Jantalar's man and interests, but not to Vornavis's. Nothing you have said addresses my situation. This town and my barony are allied, and although I can muster little in the way of aid I can divide your attentions and your resources at the least."

Traleon nods to you.

Traleon grins.

You look at Traleon and shake your head.

You say, "I think not."

Traleon begins chuckling at Dunrith.

Traleon groans, "That is your offer?"

Traleon smiles at you.

Dunrith says, "Offer? I offer you as much ill will and misfortune as I can bring your way, sir."

Traleon chuckles.

Traleon speaks softly, "Then so speak your words."

Traleon smirks.

Traleon speaks softly, "I must say, this has been most amusing."

Dunrith says, "I will also send a competent tailor, since your constant groaning bespeaks breeches that bind most grievously."

Traleon speaks softly, "I think that about gathers it all tho, unless I am mistaken"

Traleon throws his head back and howls!

Holswort says, "To Vornavis, Lord and Baron Dunrith Malwind, my Lord send this: Slight regard. Contempt. And whatever else is not below his noble station. Your jibes and insults of this day set into certainty your position against Jantalar, and in such a posture, you will be held accountable for the bloody days that follow. Know that you are bringing this to your lands, and thousands upon thousands of both of our peoples die. Know well, that many more shall mourn your words today than ever will have laughed at them."

Dunrith bows to Traleon.

Traleon speaks softly, "Oh, such a scholared one."

Traleon chuckles.

Traleon speaks softly, "Seems you have such friend there Lord and Baron Dunrith."

Devestior bows to Dunrith.

Dunrith says, "Your words are not news, Herald. Bray them loudly, but I bid you take the noise elsewhere."

Holswort bows to Dunrith.

Holswort bows to Devestior.

Holswort bows to Traleon.

Dunrith says, "Well met, Lord Devestior."

Traleon speaks softly, "Ah, I smell a nice rolton cooking on the fire, and a good ale to boot."

Holswort bows to you.

Devestior says, "And thee Lord DUnrith."

You curtsy to Holswort.

Devestior glances at Holswort.

Holswort says, "Good day to you all."

Devestior bows to Holswort.

Dunrith bows to you.

Traleon nods to Holswort.

Traleon nods to Dunrith.

You curtsy to Dunrith.

Traleon nods to you.

Traleon nods to Devestior.

Devestior clasps your hand tenderly.

Holswort says, "Lord Traleon, we will await your herald in our capital."

Devestior gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Devestior gestures.
Your surroundings blur for a moment . . .