Special Operation Mandis

Kilthal softly says, "I have seen that circle on the floor."

Kilthal nods to Kimrella.

Kilthal softly says, "It be up on the tower floor of the Manor Tower. A very elaborate thing. Has a window with a view of Mestanir."

Kimrella says, "So the plan was to activate it long enough to get a raiding force into Mestanir. Evidently the diagram was made by some members of one of the fraternal mystic orders in Mestanir."

Kimrella nods to Kilthal.

Xanith asks, "Fraternal mystic orders?"

Xanith says, "I wonder how ye'd activate such an ancient thing"

You nod to Xanith.

[Captain's Rest, Common Room]
The age blackened beams and worn floors of this Common Room show the many years this inn has harbored guests. A long wooden bar sits along the north wall with bottles of every shape and size behind it. Ships' officers occupy several oaken tables discussing their trade in muted voices. You also see the sparkling Nixlsplixt disk.
Also here: Seablade who is sitting, Drallen, Kilthal who is sitting, Divid, Lord Tunder, Lady Charna, Xanith, Kimrella who is sitting, Glanvis, Nixlsplixt who is sitting, Archpain who is sitting
Obvious exits: west

Kimrella says, "I don't know how to activate it, I'm no magic user."

Kimrella says, "I was going to go on the raid."

Drallen asks, "I wonder who would know?"

You calmly say, "that makes two o' us"

Xanith says, "How would ye activate it if ye cannae use magic there though..."

Xanith exclaims, "Aye, if ye even got close enough to the Crystal, how'd you smash it without a bane weapon? Sounds crazy ta me!"

Kimrella says, "Well, that town by the manor was inhabited by halflings and we've heard since by a community of gnomes as well. Turns out some gnomes are usually watching things and there's one that knows how that diagram was made and how it's activated."

Kimrella says, "They're not convenient if you're into privacy."

Kimrella says, "Anyways, Talenni had hired this gnome to activate the diagram when we were set to raid."

Kimrella says, "Then we'd go through it to the chapterhouse in Mestanir."

Kimrella says, "And dressed in tabards we'd form up and march up to Koar's Hill and relieve the guards that were on duty."

Kimrella says, "Then we'd have time to figure out what to do with the crystal, because we never did figure out how we'd be able to break it."

Kilthal softly asks, "Did ye plan tae wear Bloodstone amulets tae keep yerselves safe from the Crystal?"

Kimrella nods to Kilthal.

Kimrella says, "Protection from what? The tabards aren't protection, just a ruse."

You see Kimrella de'Naut.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She appears to be in the prime of life. She has alert green eyes and tanned skin. She has shoulder length, dark brown hair.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a mug of Fleet Captain's rum in her right hand.
She is wearing a pair of seathrak hide seaboots, a dark green cloak with braided white epaulets, some bloused black silk pantaloons with a single white stripe down the seam, a gold-trimmed black leather belt pouch, a gold-stitched black leather swordbelt, a deep green brigandine vest, a bloused-sleeved white linen shirt, a crystal amulet, and a golvern shield.

Kimrella says, "We don't know of any other protection against the crystal than the bloodstones."

Kimrella says, "Some beat on the crystal and some fight returning guards until either we broke it, in which case we could easily use the diagram in the chapterhouse to return, or we'd all died."

Kimrella takes a drink from her Fleet Captain's rum.

Kimrella says, "Trouble is we're not as desperate now, and we've been ordered not to destroy any crystal."

Xanith nods to Kimrella.

Kimrella takes a drink from her Fleet Captain's rum.

Kimrella says, "But I understand the Baron was looking for an excuse to hand those tabards out so's someone could use them to raid if they had a mind to."

Shirkon asks, "Kimrella, ya evah tried our stout?"

Kimrella says, "No, but I'd like to."

((Someone asked the name of the Gnome))

Kimrella says, "I think her name was Leafblade or Bladeleaf, not sure which."

Kimrella says, "I understand most woods gnomes have names of some sort like that."

Kimrella says, "There was close on two hundred tabards last I counted."

Kimrella says, "Well, we figured we only would get one shot at it."

((what's the crystal like..))

Kimrella says, "I've heard it's as big as a cottage and mounted on some kind of double-wide wagon."

Kimrella says, "We figured if we couldn't break it at least we'd haul it south down the hill, past Koar's temple and try to dump it in the Opalsand River south of town."

Kimrella says, "Maybe if it likes mana it won't like water, or the water woule erode it or seep into the cracks."

Kimrella shrugs.

Kimrella says, "We weren't sure if it would or not, but it doesn't seem to exude poison at all that we've heard."

Kimrella says, "From when that party of dwarves attacked it and damaged it."

Kimrella says, "That's part of how we found out about the diagram. Brethren from that chapterhouse came to let us know that it could still be activated to get to Mestanir. They want anyone they can get to help them get rid of the crystal."

Kimrella says, "Well, last I heard from Talleni, she'd already paid out for the gnome to work the diagram. The gnome just needed to know the day and time. But at this point I'd think the sooner the better."

Kimrella says, "I'll have to check with Talenni if I can find her yet tonight, but I should think she'd be able to get the gnome to show up tomorrow night...assuming there was someone unattached to Vornavis's service...that needed such a diagram activated."

Kimrella asks, "I will see if I can't find out whether or not the gnome could be available tomorrow night at say...half past nine, empire time?"

Kimrella asks, "And maybe Gurbah can haul those crates of tabards to the charities just before that time?"

Kimrella says, "We figured in the dark the tabards would be good of nough."

Kimrella says, "No, in fact he assigns non-humans to guard the crystal so his human troops don't die of it."

Kimrella says, "But helmets can hide ears. Specially in the dark."

Kimrella says, "Dark complexion? Say you got poor circulation to your head."

Kimrella says, "Our sourceses said almost a hundred, organized by trainin' level, full range of warriors from raw recruits on up, just mostly non-humans."

Kimrella says, "Some easy, but some likely good fighters."

Kimrella says, "Oh, it's still fully active far as we know, just not safe to be moved, so if all else fails we planned to move it."

Kimrella says, "How was it damaged? Dwarves, about fifty of em. Died to the last. Chipped off one small piece, but cracked it."

Kimrella says, "IT's not learned, it's a guess. But dwarven weaponsmiths say it's the best bet for something that's impervumus to anything else."

Kimrella says, "Trouble is we don't figure we'd ever get as many warriors with as mighty a weapons as they had an as much time as they had to beat on it."

Kimrella says, "Oh, I think it drains spells right enough. That's kinda why the diagram's only one way unless the crystal's destroyed or moved."

Kimrella recites:

"To the Good Captain."

Kimrella raises her dwarven stout in a toast!

Kimrella says, "Barnacles on my bottom, I best hold off, I still have to find Talemmi yet tonight."