Devestior tells his Tale

"Hearing the flapping of wings again, you glance up quickly to see a rather large grey scaled wyvern pass quickly overhead. Taking a closer look, it looks as if someone may be riding on its back!"

Then, the wyvern landed, and its rider, Lord Devestior, went to the Wayside Inn. A crowd gathered, and eventually were invited to his table.

[Editor's note: It seems he held a few of these as I have a second log with a slightly varied telling and answer portion.

[Wayside Inn, Dining Room]
This ramshackle hostel bears the signs of rough use by hard-bitten travellers and headstrong adventurers. Several blade-scarred tables and low stools are lined up against the walls, while the central area is dominated by a large firepit around which is a low platform covered with a few ratty bearskins. The clatter of clay tankards and the smell of humble victuals provide some small comfort to the steady stream of wayfarers who pause here to meet and greet one another. You also see the Kastor disk, the Keisa disk, the Belthon disk, the Estean disk, the Hexoatl disk, the Damendar disk, the Kasimeir disk, a tattered violet bandana and a steep stair.
Also in the room: Lord Sachein, Lord Kaelael, Lord Jalius, Kyerist, Kanthelom, Lord Lyichen, Lord Ohr, Lady Velianna, Stlatt, Matalo, Lord Silvertre, Lord Songnoir, Lord Hardymen, Gervant, Elba, Lady Kayress, Lord Kastor, Lady Keisa, Lord Enterobios, Lord Fineli, Lord Rolfard, Lord Frorin, Lord Belthon, Lord Maji, Blutoe, Lord Bedlamson, Koolfoot, Fasco, Reltov, Austelios, Lord Estean, Lord Thaylanor, Lord Rsar, Monwolf, Dermic, Lord Belgerann, Bryndel, Selfesh, Lady Nanna, Hexoatl, Kasimeir, Damendar, Lord Kythe, Lady Mistyleah, Rumikoo, Lord Direstrike, Lord Jaqque, Cyreon, Lady Blushes
Obvious exits: south, out.

You look around the room to see who is seated at the various tables...

[Knotted Kerria Table]

Ghakin says, "Devestior isnt from there"

Ghakin says, "Devestior's from Breganda."

Sinzarie asks, "has someone from the militia tried to speak with Devestior?"

Maji says, "das right tho. Devestior is from Breganda.. havn't seen da guy in a long time."

Ohr says, "join me who wish to go to his table."

Maji asks, "Ohr.. wha's goin on?"

You join Ohr.

You see Lord Ohr Ladys_man the Human.
He appears to be in his 130's, has short, straight black hair, dark eyes, and dark skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a stained hand and a half broadsword in his right hand and a black titanium shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a tiny fragrant pine stickpin, a blood-stained tourniquet, a ruby-inset golden disk brooch, a jet black camail, a ruby amulet, some elegant midnight black pants, a pair of fake pointed ears, a scraggly fake beard, a tightly-woven mithril alloy belt, some steel-rimmed spectacles, some casual elven walking boots, some fringed doeskin gloves, some mithril alloy leg guards, a tightly woven spidersilk sack, a jet black jacket emblazoned with the image of a brown doe on a field of green, a small golden Paupers pin, a mithril juggernaut pin, a sparkling crystal pendant, a tiny black castle pin, a glaes spider charm, a black leather scabbard with gilded mounts, a darkened leather satchel, a flowing spidersilk cloak, a small silver star, a woven vultite bracelet, a mysterious black greatcloak, a midnight black vest, a polished silver dagger earring with a tiny emerald set in the hilt, a black opal ring, a glistening gold Phoen symbol, some ora-plated golden invar gauntlets, a crystal amulet, a thickly padded leather jerkin, and a midnight-black steel visor with a black sword in a circle of silver set into the forehead.

Ohr says, "Ok moving"

[Knotted Kerria Table]
A rather twisted miniature kerria leans to one side in its terra cotta pot. The slender green stems of the kerria have been trained to grow around one another forming loose knots. You also see a gray scaled wyvern who is sitting and a plain maoral trunk.
Also in the room: Cyreon, Lord Direstrike, Rumikoo, Lady Mistyleah, Damendar, Kasimeir, Hexoatl, Lady Nanna, Monwolf, , Blutoe, Lord Maji, Lord Belthon, Lord Rolfard, Lord Enterobios, Lady Keisa, Lady Kayress, Lord Songnoir, Matalo, Stlatt, Kanthelom, Kyerist, Lord Quadcaster, Lyvewyre, Lord Hackcon, Lord Sinzarie, Lady Melina, Lord Blackscythe, Miarith, Lady Shelizza, Lord Ghakin, Lord Rsar, Drusala, Lord Housepath, Greyswandier, Daestar, Lady Azura, Raistlina, Lord Chaldrin, Yevet, Shaithus, Jarexle, Lord Sychaeus, Lord Zemnh, Lord Cezzane, Vasher, Lord Szatan, Lord Juagere, Kaluus, Lord Thonin, Bixley, Sarenne, Fasco, Lord Baroen, Lord Artistansas, Kajmeir, Lord Trevalen, Lord Jjustinian, Anlexia, Johnaithan, Lord Abeha, Lord Fineli, Lord Silvertre, Corslin, Lord Watrhire, Lord Dolarr, Lord Lonnus, Lord Ohr, Lord Devestior
Obvious exits: out.

Ohr coughs.

Rsar bows to Devestior.

Maji bows to Devestior.

Anlexia points at a gray scaled wyvern.

Devestior says, "Take a seat everyone."

Devestior says, "If no room to sit, take a stand on the side of the room please."

A gray scaled wyvern roars, sending out smoke and flames! You see Lord Devestior Alasian the Dark Elf.
He appears to be in his 140's, has long, straight black hair, dark eyes, and very dark skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a black assassin's blade in his right hand and a shimmering tower shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a midnight black rose, a gold ring, a crystal amulet, a black aventail, a black leather satchel, a black helm, a flowing black cape, a grey stone amulet, a black leather sheath with a spider web etched in silver, a pair of black leather bracers with a great spider etched in silver, some polished black leather leg greaves, a pair of black knee high leather boots, a black velvet pouch with leather strings, some glossy black leather armor with faded silver buttons, a silken totem bag, a glaes spider charm, and a black round button with the words "BOO!" etched in blood red.

Devestior says, "Anyone that waves to this table, you are in charge of waving em in"

Artistansas says, "cept, of course, Berr....he's not welcome here this time..."

Devestior says, "Berr not allowd"

Kythe asks, "Why not Berr?"

Artistansas says, "don't ask....just unnerstand.."

Dolarr begins chuckling at Artistansas.

Devestior says, "OK this will be quick."

Devestior says, "I assume everyone has no reason why the wyvern is here, please, don't answer"

Devestior points at a gray scaled wyvern.

Devestior says, "Long ago, something happened on Teras, that some may know of, some may not"

Devestior says, "A box, with various key holes was drop'd from this creature"

Devestior says, "4 keys, were scattered among the breeze"

Devestior says, "red, black, purple and green."

Devestior says, "This was long long ago, but..."

Devestior says, "Recent in my eyes..."

Devestior says, "Within this box, was, well, a very powerful item."

Devestior says, "If you know of my history, you know of the white wizards and dark wizards."

Devestior says, "I will not go into those more."

Devestior says, "They seek to destroy me, and Spike, and now, this pet of mine."

Devestior says, "Think I can stop em with Spike's help? I doubt it."

Devestior says, "White wizards....."

Devestior says, "If you see one, think not twice about destroying it."

Devestior says, "Search it, if you find an object on it, I must know of it... I say again, I MUST know of it."

Nanna says, "What if we where to tell Spike instead of you? I don't fully trust you Devestior given your history.."

Devestior says, "Dark wizards, fear the same, yet, they have no secret objects. I know not what they are on the white wizards, but, you will know if you ever see one."

Devestior says, "Back to the box and its keys."

Devestior glances at Nanna.

Devestior glances at a gray scaled wyvern.

A gray scaled wyvern looks over towards Devestior and nods.

Devestior says, "I have found this item of power, I will tell you not of its detail right this time, but you will know of it soon."

Trevalen asks, "how soon?"

Devestior says, "What I need, are the 4 keys that opened that box, more really, who has them."

Devestior says, "There is one key"

Devestior put a black assassin's blade inside his leather sheath.

Devestior slings a shimmering tower shield over his shoulder.

Devestior taps a golden key.

Kythe says, "I think that might be difficult. I think Jesh owned a key."

Devestior says, "Much to my surprise, the keys are needed to be used on the item within also."

Rolfard says, "Devestior, was the black key wearable, and if so, where, the key my friend has may or may not be one ye search for"

Keisa asks, "What is the item?"

Devestior put a golden key inside his leather satchel.

Blackscythe says, "Lylia found a black, wearable key from Gol Gotha a whiles back too"

Devestior says, "When I find the keys, I will summon everyone together for the final opening of the long lost item of Teras."

Sinzarie asks, "what are the description of the keys? is there something about them that identifies them over any other type of keys?"

Ghakin asks, "Devestior, a question?"

Devestior says, "You will know of the keys, for if you look at them, they are mysterious."

Devestior says, "Blades knows of these keys."

Keisa asks, "Why will you not share the full details? Why do you just hint?"

Ohr asks, "any clue where we should be looking for the other three?"

Nanna peers quizzically at Devestior.

Devestior says, "No idea at this moment. Find Golden, he may have one"

Devestior says, "Thalior I hear"

Devestior says, "Not sure who else."

Cyreon says, "Golden, haven't seen him in a long time"

Ohr says, "gah Golden, that's gonna be a little hard"

Devestior says, "Till then, I fear one thing."

Devestior says, "Wizards are near, that much I can tell you."

Devestior says, "And think not twice about killing white and dark wizards."

Hackcon asks, "so when we find a key where are we suppose to find you?"

Devestior says, "I will know when the keys are found."

Devestior glances at a gray scaled wyvern.

Devestior bops the wyvern on the nose.

A gray scaled wyvern coughs.

Devestior says, "If you see him, you will know I am around"

Corslin asks, "Devestior how powerful are these wizards?"

Devestior says, "How strong are they? Took Blades quite a few tries to take one out"

Devestior says, "With that, I am gone"

Devestior snaps his fingers and fades out of sight!

A gray scaled wyvern just went out.