An Encounter with Sir Edumond of the Golvern Star

[Wayside Inn, Dining Room]
This ramshackle hostel bears the signs of rough use by hard-bitten travellers and headstrong adventurers. Several blade-scarred tables and low stools are lined up against the walls, while the central area is dominated by a large firepit around which is a low platform covered with a few ratty bearskins. The clatter of clay tankards and the smell of humble victuals provide some small comfort to the steady stream of wayfarers who pause here to meet and greet one another. You also see some silver coins, a plainly wrapped package, a plainly wrapped package, a corroded iron strongbox, an enruned iron coffer, an enruned silver coffer, a sturdy silver chest, a scratched brass chest, a scratched steel chest, a scratched brass trunk, a white flask, an enruned maoral box, a dingy azure shawl and a steep stair.
Also in the room: Lady Sung, Marroc, Lady Braenna, Slovath, Lady Starshadow, Juraveil, Kasadur, Lord Revie, Lady Belnia, Lord Dantrotic, Lord Roelon, Lord Edumond, Thibbledorn who is seated
Obvious exits: south, out.

Pyranth and Humongor followed.

(Roelon sit's on the chest.)
Roelon sits down.

You bow to Edumond.

Humongor bows to Edumond.

Pyranth bows to Edumond.

(Belnia pulls a trunk over.)
Belnia just closed a scratched brass trunk.

Edumond nods to Humongor.

(Belnia sits on the trunk)
Belnia sits down.

Draegar just arrived.

Juraveil says, "I'm guessing the human way of thinking is a touch more...boring than most."

Juraveil stares off into space.

Draegar waves to you.

Sung says, "depends on the human"

Draegar bows to Edumond.

Roelon chuckles.

Cryheart just arrived.

Juraveil nods to Sung.

Juraveil says, "too true."

Cryheart bows to Edumond.

Sung says, "as with any one"

Cryheart says, "a pleasure to meet thee sir"

Juraveil says, "regimented living proves stable yes... but stability brings about boredom with no escape."

Edumond nods to Cryheart.

Juraveil winks at Edumond.

Dantrotic just opened a warm Turamzyrrian cape.

You say, "Guid eve, Sir Edumond"

Dantrotic leans on his cane.

Draegar asks, "good evenin sir knight. Good to see ye agin. I trust ye've been at yer mission, and observing our town?"

Edumond asks, "Boredom?"

Cryheart and Draegar bash their forearms in greeting.

You bash forearms with Cryheart in greeting.

Cryheart and Humongor bash their forearms in greeting.

Draegar says, "evening General"

Juraveil says, "Aye... o' th' worst kind."

Humongor and Cryheart bash their forearms in greeting.

Juraveil nods to Edumond.

Cryheart smiles at Draegar.

Cryheart scratches his head.

Juraveil says, "Sittin' round day in an' day out doin' yer usual mundane things.... humans seem to love this."

Edumond says, "I do not find my duties boring."

Sung begins chuckling at Juraveil.

Juraveil says, "I expect you wouldn't."

Sung asks, "how would ye know?"

Juraveil smiles at Edumond.

Cryheart asks, "what kind of duties are those Sir Edumond?"

Humongor asks, "What duties hath brought ye t' our good town, good Edumond, if I might inquire?"

Juraveil says, "but that's fine. Yer happy with it."

Humongor smiles at Edumond.

Sung says, "do not presume to walk in my boots until ye have"

You say, "Sir Knight, Draegar hath spoke ta us o' yer previous visit. We would appreciate th' opportunity ta hear ye speak an' converse wi' ye."

Juraveil says, "Oy mae achin' back."

(Juraveil throw his hands in the air.)

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart smiles.

Draegar asks, "perhaps things you would consider mundane can be accomplished by those with a sense of purpose and dedication, or intelligence?"

You bow to Edumond.

Juraveil asks, "Mind scootin' over there, Roe? Let a man have a seat?"

Juraveil smiles at Roelon.

Juraveil sniffs at Roelon.

Mnar mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Roelon nods.

Juraveil says, "ya smell slightly better t'day."

Juraveil nods to Roelon.

(Roelon scoot's over.)

Mnar says, "Edumond, if I may ask."

(Juraveil has a seat next to Roelon.)

Juraveil sits down.

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

(Belnia pulls up another trunk for Juraviel to sit on.)

Belnia nods to Juraveil.

Mnar asks, "Have you heard any news from Solhaven lately?"

Juraveil smiles at Belnia.

Juraveil says, "Thankyas kind tracker."

Belnia says, "I'm a merchant"

Belnia flails her arms about.

Dantrotic says, "Solhaven will soon fall to Jantalar, it is simply a matter of time."

Dantrotic nods to Mnar.

Edumond says, "My duties are diverse, but are largely martial."

Juraveil says, "I've bought of yer wares..."

Mnar nods to Dantrotic.

You raise an eyebrow in Dantrotic's direction.

Juraveil says, "Merchant be not what I'd call ya."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Mnar says, "Well, if they'd accepted our help, they wouldn't."

Juraveil winks at Belnia.

>Juraveil snickers.

Cryheart nods to Draegar.

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Mnar says, "Fools are as fools do, though."

Edumond glances at Mnar.

Humongor asks, "Ist there anythin' we folk might d' t' aid ye in yer visit?"

Humongor smiles at Edumond.

Dantrotic says, "If Malwind accepted the help of a group that has declared war upon The Empire, he would most likely be executed."

Mnar asks, "How long do you think he'll live otherwise, Dantrotic?"

Dantrotic says, "A few weeks."

Edumond says, "I do not think so, Humongor."

Roelon leans against some inviting tables.

Draegar says, "Sir Edumond. If ye 'aven't already been introduced. Cryheart, Ruffelin, Pyranth and Humongor here are a part of the Order of the Silver Gryphon. An order much like your own."

Mnar nods to Dantrotic.

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Cryheart asks, "excuse the ignorance and intrusions of a few Sir Edumond, may we assist thee?"

Edumond says, "I have not been to Solhaven in some time."

Dantrotic says, "I wonder how it feels, to be Malwind. To know your death is afoot."

Belnia snorts at Draegar.

Juraveil asks, "Me thinks Edumond would best be viewin' our culture where our culture thrives... anyone wishin' ta give Helga our patronage?"

Mnar says, "If Malwind would accept our help, he would stand a good chance."

Edumond nods to Draegar.

Humongor says, "D' nay hesitate t' inquire. I am sure many 'ere might aid ye, if they art able."

Belnia says, "except the gryphons are selective and seem to hide in their little tower"

Belnia snickers.

Pyranth glances at Dantrotic.

Dantrotic says, "The order of Silver Gryphon's is nothing like the Golvern Star. Don't insult the Golvern Star like that."

Juraveil glances at Dantrotic.

Sung leans against a large firepit.

Belnia nods to Dantrotic.

Belnia snickers.

Humongor smiles at Draegar.

Juraveil asks, "Who asked ye ta speak, spy?"

Juraveil peers quizzically at Dantrotic.

Roelon chuckles.

Edumond says, "This, I have been told of."

You say, "Then we should be glad ta hear o' th' diff'rences. Mayhap we might improve ourselves."

You smile.

Edumond asks, "Will you now fight each other?"

Mnar raises an eyebrow.

Juraveil nods to you.

Mnar asks, "Hm?"

Dantrotic asks, "Me?"

Pyranth chuckles.

Lord Metadi just arrived.

Humongor says, "Nay. Tis but a lil' word play."

Humongor smiles at Edumond.

Cryheart looks over at Edumond and shakes his head.

Juraveil asks, "Dantrotic and I, Sir Edumond?"

Cryheart says, "nae m'lord"

Edumond says, "Meaningless, if not backed by action."

Dantrotic asks, "How about Drizzsdt and you fight?"

Sung grins.

Cryheart says, "we usually ignore those"

Dantrotic says, "I want to see Drizzsdt humbled."

Dantrotic nods to Edumond.

Humongor says, "Mayhap. It doth ease some minds. Tis but a diversion o' sorts."

Juraveil says, "Nae... it would jes turn into a mess, ya know... Spy parts flyin' all over the nice peoples food..."

Belnia says, " the tiger"

Juraveil points at some inviting tables.

Belnia nods to Dantrotic.

Draegar says, "there are many folks about that seem t be backed by everything but action"

Roelon nods to Edumond.

Dantrotic begins to twitch.

Draegar grins.

Dantrotic glances at Belnia.

Dantrotic begins to twitch.

Belnia says, "I knocked him senseless in a brawl once"

Juraveil sniffs.

Belnia begins chuckling at Dantrotic.

Pyranth says, "The words of a churl fall on the dogs ears.. nae mine"

Roelon says, "No order, in this town."

Sung smiles evilly as she rubs her knuckles atop Kieliah's head.

Edumond says, "You waste much energy with hollow words and small intent."

Belnia says, "had to hit him below the belt three times, he took two of em without even cringing"

Cryheart says, "with freedom..comes certain costs"
Cryheart smiles at Edumond.

Humongor says, "That ist true."

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Mnar nods to Edumond.

Juraveil nods to Edumond.

Mnar says, "That would be an apt summation of the majority of this town."

Cryheart says, "that means allowing all to express their feelings and opinions..regardless who idiotic they may be"

Humongor says, "Many might learn from that statement, e'en those with good intentions."

Cryheart glances at Dantrotic.

Cryheart grins.

Sung begins chuckling at Cryheart.

Kieliah grins.

Belnia glances at Cryheart.

Roelon smiles.

Metadi and Cryheart bash their forearms in greeting.

Edumond says, "The lands here are lush and gentle indeed."

Belnia says, "last I checked, the gryphons wern't held in high esteem either"

Belnia smirks.

Dantrotic nods to Mnar.

Dantrotic nods to Edumond.

Cryheart says, "we allow such expression Sir Knight"

You say, "We choose ta ignore those words which be of little harm, Sir Knight. We feel 'tis a waste o' effort ta strike a blow fer mere words."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Belnia says, "it seems many don't appreciate them as is"

Belnia smirks.

Cryheart and Metadi bash their forearms in greeting.

Juraveil says, "Gentle when not trampled by the many who seek to overthrow it."

Metadi nods to you.

Belnia says, "wonder why"

Juraveil nods to Edumond.

Edumond asks, "Why utter words, Ruffelin, be they not backed by steel?"

Dantrotic says, "I would never be one to provoke othrs with words, only to cause them to attack me, making the attacker look bad."

Draegar says, "perhaps few have the insight or intelligence to understand"

Draegar smiles at Belnia.

Dantrotic says, "Words are more powerful then steel, in many ways."

Cryheart nods.

Mnar begins chuckling at Dantrotic.

You say, "Some words be backed by steel, others by foolishness."

Belnia begins chuckling at Dantrotic.

Roelon smiles.

You say, "We judge th' words an' th' utterer"

You smile.

Cryheart says, "words are words"

Belnia says, "cept ya can't sell words back to shops"

Roelon says, "They can be."

Cryheart shrugs.

Belnia nods to Dantrotic.

Roelon nods to Dantrotic.

Juraveil says, "Bah. Weapons be fer the weak."

Juraveil grins.

Juraveil whistles tunelessly to himself.

Draegar says, "ah yes, but a foolish hand can weild steel as well"

Sung casually taps her fingers along the stock of her whip, a thoughtful look in her eyes.

Metadi bashes forearms with you in greeting.

You nod to Draegar.

Cryheart says, "meaningless unless those who listen to them..accept them"

Sung says, "mayhaps but they are very satisfying"

Dantrotic says, "I speak words of steel. Others speak words with steel."

Juraveil says, "Now a real man..."

Edumond says, "And foolish tongues flap in the breeze."

(Juraveil kisses his fists.)

Sung glances at Juraveil.

Cryheart chuckles.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Roelon chuckles.

Draegar says, "more oft than not"

Humongor grins.

Roelon nods to Edumond. Draegar grins.

Humongor says, "Tis an odd image."

Cryheart says, "some more than others"

You say, "Aye. Such breezes can be entertainin'."

You chuckle.

Cryheart says, "that is true Sir Edumond"

Draegar chuckles.

Edumond says, "Yet you persist. Some say you even flourish."

Humongor grins.
Metadi chuckles.
Metadi nods to you.

Belnia says, "we are an odd people"

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Belnia nods to Edumond.

Cryheart says, "cause of our variety..and freedom Sir Knight"

Metadi says, "We flourish because we are free."

Metadi nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "tis our variety that makes us strong"

Belnia says, "this town was founded on the principal of freedom"

Edumond says, "We believe, in spite of it."

Juraveil says, "We dun be flourishin. Yer nae seein' the many who strive to live here, yet fail miserably."

Cryheart nods to Belnia.

Juraveil nods to Edumond.

Humongor asks, "If I might ask, ye said ye knew o' some o' our names. Might ye mention where ye hath 'eard 'em?"

Belnia says, " many see it as a cause worth fighting for"

Dantrotic says, "It is a race without mercy in this region. People adapt or they die."

Belnia says, "and we have no lack of fighters"

You say, "We are a spirited folk. We may nae always be wise in our words an' actions, but our spirit endures."

Humongor nods to you.

Torquith just arrived.

Edumond says, "I have heard you talk of one and other."

Roelon says, "We hae too many willing to fight."

Roelon chuckles.

You say, "It sustains us an' our lands."

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Metadi nods to you.

Humongor says, "Ye hath good ears 'en."

Cryheart says, "aye..tis the spirit of freedom we possess Sir Edumond"

Humongor smiles at Edumond.

Draegar asks, "so, sir knight yer order feels that a lack of control or of an overpowering body here in our land, does us a disservice?"

Edumond says, "I have also heard names of people who have visited the Royal Court in Vornavis."

Cryheart smiles.

Humongor nods to Edumond.

You say, "Aye, sir."

You say, "Some o' us hae had tha' privilege"

Cryheart nods.

Dantrotic says, "Malwind."

Dantrotic scoffs.

Humongor asks, "How long doth ye think ye wilt be stayin' an' hath ye found suitable lodgin'?"

Roelon glances at Dantrotic.

Edumond says, "Draegar, I do not understand what you are asking me."

Juraveil says, "But wait... you say we are chaotic, and question how we thrive... you are only seeing the adventurers of the town. the rowdy bunch. Visit the residents. The fortuneteller, the flower girl, Helga, the blacksmith.... then tell me we are chaotic. We are a community as any other."

Belnia begins chuckling at Edumond.

Juraveil says, "You're only questioning the wrong group"

You say, "We've come this eve ta offer our services, should there be anythin' ye require with which we can assist, sir."

Belnia says, " we never understand the gryphons"

Mnar mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Juraveil grins.

Belnia says, "we sorta ignore em and let em go on their little way"

Dantrotic says, "I do not spit on the ground when I speak Malwind's name for a simple reason. Admiration that he has managed to live this long."

Edumond glances at Belnia.

Edumond says, "Someone has harmed you emotionally."

Draegar grins.

Roelon laughs!

Cryheart says, "such is the freedom of the wind Sir Edumond..we don't control it as we don't control how people talk or feel"

Humongor grins.

Sung chuckles.

Belnia says, "of course"

Juraveil begins chuckling at Belnia.

Metadi chuckles.

Cryheart rubs Belnia gently.

Mnar says, "The Gryphons have managed to prove that they are something of hypocrits... that's about it."

Belnia says, "i think it was prolly someone when i was growing up"

Juraveil chuckles.

Belnia nods.

Belnia says, " maybe my uncle, he wanted me to be a sorceress"

Roelon says, "They are knights, and deserve some respect."

Dantrotic says, "The Gryphon's preach freedom and the like, yet kill those that speak against them."

Roelon nods.

Belnia shudders.

You ask, "Ye speak o' th' Gryphons as if ye ken us all, Mnar. How, sir, hae I proven hypocritical, might I enquire?"

Dantrotic says, "They are not Knights."

Dantrotic says, "Only 3 have been made knights of the Barony of Vornavis."

Draegar asks, "well Dantrotic, yer still alive. I guess they don't kill everyone now, do they?"

You say, "Some are knighted."

Draegar grins.

Hyssopp just arrived.

Humongor says, "Easy now friends, we hath a guest 'ere."

Cryheart leans on Hyssopp.

Humongor smiles.

Belnia says, " seems we'"

Metadi says, "Nae so few as three."

Hyssopp hugs you.

Metadi just hugged Hyssopp.

You hug Hyssopp.

Belnia says, " seems we're attracting a crowd"

Hyssopp just hugged Cryheart.

Belnia babbles something unintelligible.

Hyssopp just hugged Metadi.

Roelon asks, "So, ye do recognize those three?"

Dantrotic says, "Those three have lied several times, to try and pass themselves off as Imperial Knights."

Roelon peers quizzically at Dantrotic.

Edumond says, "Please, do continue."

Roelon shakes his head.

Dantrotic says, "I recognize them as Knights of the Barony of Vornavis."

Mnar says, "You're right, Ruffelin.. I no longer really know the Gryphons..however, I did interact greatly with them about a year and a half ago.. I can't imagine they've changed."

Pyranth begins chuckling at Dantrotic.

Hyssopp winks at Mnar.

Humongor smiles at Hyssopp.

Dantrotic says, "The Gryphons are made of three people trying to prove their own importance to each other."

You say, "I am sorry for any bad experience ye may hae had, sir. I should be happy ta try an' set it right."

Mnar cocks his head.

Humongor smiles at Arwen.

You bow to Mnar.

Belnia begins chuckling at Dantrotic.

Cryheart says, "ye know so little Dantrotic"

Sung and Seesfar bash their forearms in greeting.

Mnar waves his hand in a dismissive gesture. Belnia says, " and keeping forges looked away"

Belnia smirks.

Mnar says, "It's old business."

Cryheart says, "but then you always did"

Metadi says, "I'm curious as to which three people those would be."

Cryheart smiles.

Belnia says, " i could think of a hundred better uses for that tower"

Dantrotic says, "ruffelin. Gryphons have openly attacked people, unarmed, in town, when these said people speak against them."

Mnar asks, "Hm.. Cemb, Welan.. and who else?"

Cryheart says, "Sir Edumond..what would you like to hear"

Dantrotic nods to Belnia.

Mnar says, "Though, I do like Welan personally."

Edumond says, "I am hearing, and learning, a great deal, now."

Humongor says, "M' thinks 'e enjoys those empty words 'e spoke o'."

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Sung smiles at Seesfar.

Cryheart says, "as the wind continues to blow around us"

Metadi chuckles.

You say, "Aye, Dantrotic? Which hae attacked folk? Tis agin our ain beliefs."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Mnar says, "Honorable person, never did anything against me."

Dantrotic says, "Me."

You frown.

Cryheart says, "aye...part of the freedom we have...we have to tolerate each not easy"

You say, "I fear, sir, I dinnae ken th' circumstance o' which ye speak."

Cryheart says, "as you can see"

Dantrotic says, "Cemb and Welan have BOTH killed me in town, unarmed."

Juraveil says, "I wouldn't be takin' the words o' that one to heart, Sir knight. Ya might wish ta get th' opinion of a few."

Sung begins chuckling at Cryheart.

Juraveil nods to Edumond.

Metadi nods to Cryheart.

Hyssopp just touched a golden Lumnis symbol.

Hyssopp nods to Cryheart.

Metadi says, "It's far better than the alternative though."

Sung says, "thats an understatement"

Humongor says, "M' thinks ye hath they eyes o' a hawk, good Edumond. Ye observe quite well."

You ask, "An' were this nae durin' th' Bregandian invasion, mayhap?"

Dantrotic says, "Many members have attacked me, attempting to subdue me in hunting grounds."

Roelon nods.

Dantrotic says, "No Ruffelin."

Cryheart says, "as you can see however..some people obsess"

Pyranth nods to Cryheart.

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart smiles.

Dantrotic says, "Titaniia, though I do not believe she is a member any longer, has tried to kill me several times, done so twice, and forced to resort to guild skills to do this."

Juraveil says, "We each take turns destroying the spy, Edumond. If you wish, you can go ahead and have a crack at it. It's really quite invigorating."

Cryheart nods to Metadi.

Juraveil smiles at Edumond.

Dantrotic says, "The people in this region, Edumond, are both poetic and chaotic."

Dantrotic says, "Organized and unorganized."

Juraveil whistles tunelessly to himself.

Mnar says, "Titaniia.. is no longer a member of the Gryphons.. much to their detriment."

Roelon nods to Dantrotic.

You whisper quietly to Cryheart.

Belnia stands up.

Roelon says, "confusing, altogether."

Roelon sighs.

Dantrotic says, "They wish to stay as they are, and fear change, yet they also must face the future."

Roelon leans back.

Juraveil stares off into space.

Cryheart asks, "so Sir there anymore we may help ye with?"

Mnar asks, "Did you know, Dantrotic, they once debated allowing non-warriors to join?"

Mnar says, "They elected not to."

You say, "Nay, Mnar. I fear ye be misinformed."

Dantrotic says, "Yes. They did not, as warriors would no longer be able to attack people with ease."

You smile.

Dantrotic says, "They would be trained to resist."

Edumond says, "I would like to know more about this Order."

Mnar raises an eyebrow in your direction.

Ardwen says, "Owdy Spy"

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Roelon chuckles.

Ardwen waves to Dantrotic.

Dantrotic says, "I shall indeed tell you more."

Cryheart says, "our purpose Sir Edumond"

Metadi nods to Edumond.

Dantrotic says, "This order claims to hold this region for the Empire."

Humongor asks, "An' mayhap ye can tell us somethin' 'bout yers?"

Humongor asks, "Tis calt the Golvern Star, eh?"

Humongor smiles at Edumond.

Mnar says, "Indeed, Ruffelin? I seem to recall the situation quite clearly."

Cryheart says, "to defend the Landing"

Dantrotic says, "The order was founded by an honorless heathen who betrayed Jantalar, and killed his own son."

Edumond nods to Humongor.

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Juraveil says, "Mayhaps he can teach us 'ow ta bash things effectivelae with our shields."

Dantrotic says, "He then attempted to defect to Vornavis."

Juraveil stares off into space.

Lord Morphion's group just arrived.

Cryheart says, "to protect those who cannot protect themselves"

Yamabushi's group just arrived.

Dantrotic says, "He founded the Silver Gryphons."

Hyssopp says, "Wrong Dan..Jantalar killed the founders son"

Seesfar shakes his head.

Metadi nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "to aid those who are in need"

(Dantrotic spits on the ground as he says the name, "Maldon")

Cryheart says, "and to serve with honor"

Pyranth asks, "M'Lord Edumond, I fear I hae fergotten me manners... would ye care fer a wee nip?"

Ardwen waves to Morphion.

Dantrotic says, "Maldon killed his own son to found the silver gryphons."

Arwen scowls at Dantrotic.

You say, "I would be happy ta discuss th' subject with ye further at some other time, Lord Mnar. At present, we hae come ta offer discourse wi' Sir Edumond."

Mnar says, "Be careful listening to Dantrotic too much... he's convinced the Dhe'nar are behind all the evil of the world."

Juraveil says, "To tackle rats, drink ale til we vomit, and dance nekked in the streets."

Cryheart says, "not all agree with or unfortunately know us well Sir Edumond"

Dantrotic says, "Now, Maldon attempted to claim the region here for Vornavis. The claim was first recognized, by the Empress, to be Jantalar's."

Hyssopp smiles and allows Dantrotic to continue to live in blissful ignorance.

Dantrotic says, "The Order of Silver Gryphons is a group of squaters."

Torquith says, "Bah, Dantrotic, ye got a mouth like a rolton's opens up and out pops a meadow and your Turkeyzyrrian empire...."

Torquith gazes heavenward.

Cryheart smiles.

Juraveil squints.

Roelon chuckles.

Roelon shakes his head.

Cryheart says, "well..the price we pay for freedom"

Juraveil stands up.

Dantrotic says, "To attempt to bypass Jantalar's claim, they have said they work for the Empire."

Cryheart chuckles.

Draegar smiles.

Metadi nods to Cryheart.

Dantrotic says, "But, they change every week."

Roelon says, "Know ye see the rumors of Wehnimer's is true."

Cryheart nods.

Roelon smiles at Edumond.

Edumond asks, "How could a group devoted to such causes, obviously of benefit to this town, be so poorly regarded here?"

Metadi says, "We give up much to be free."

Roelon says, "er now."

Roelon babbles something unintelligible.

You say, "Information third hand isnae always reliable. Should ye be int'rested in Sir Maldon an' how 'e come ta be 'ere, I'm sure 'e would be happy ta speak wi' ye directly, Sir Edumond."

Metadi says, "But the alternative is worse."

Cryheart says, "due to many free spirits m'lord"

Dantrotic says, "Last week their leader said they were hold the region to be free, and not part of the Empire. The next week for Vornavis, the next week for the Empire."

Mnar says, "They became too convinced of their importance, Edumond."

Juraveil says, "I'm havin' a problem here."

Metadi says, "Because sometimes people nae appreciate being helped."

Dantrotic says, "They are an elitist group of fools."

Juraveil says, "Someone shut the spy up."

Metadi says, "It's the lot of those who defend."

Edumond says, "I know the story of Maldon."

Juraveil says, "We dun even know if this man be who he claims."

Juraveil squints.

Hyssopp says, "Only a few regard them poorly Sir Edumond..but unfortunately they have big mouths."

Roelon smiles.

You say, "An' we hae made mistakes. Tha' we admit freely. But we hope we hae learned frae them."

Metadi says, "But it's a sacrifice that we're willing to make."

Draegar says, "because sir knight, certain folks about care not necessarily for the good of the town, as the order does, but basically fer their own agendas"

Cryheart says, "and many here who despise the group do on ill conceived information I am afraid"

Juraveil exclaims, "bah!"

Arwen nods to Hyssopp.

Humongor smiles at Hyssopp.

Arwen glances at Dantrotic.

Dantrotic says, "Then you must agree that he is indeed an insult to pond scum."

Arwen nods to Hyssopp.

Juraveil says, "You people could very well be treatin' an Empiric spy with the utmost respect."

Juraveil scoffs.

Dantrotic says, "The Order of the Silver Gryphons exists for it's own benefit. So the members may freely plunder, pillage, and rape the town and land."

You say, "An' we hope in exchangin' ideas wi' ye, sir, ta learn more which may help us ta improve ourselves tha' we may better serve our homeland."

Hyssopp leans on Arwen.

Torquith checks his footing.

Humongor nods to you.

Hyssopp begins chuckling at Dantrotic.

Roelon says, "But if he isnt a spy, we would be disrespectin' a knight."

Seesfar says, "someone of his age and rank deserves respect, no matter what his affiliation"

Torquith says, "gettin' deep in here..."

Arwen says, "What a bunch of slop you spew, Dantrotic."

Roelon smiles Jurv

Torquith checks his footing.

Cryheart says, "the only thing we agree that our freedom of spirit will allow even you to talk freely Dantrotic..regardless of what comes out of your mouth"

Humongor says, "Aye. I would like t' 'ear o' yer Order, good Edumond."

Cryheart smiles at Dantrotic.

Roelon mutters under his breath.

Juraveil nods to Roelon.

Hyssopp says, "Yer a fiery little thang arnt ya Dan."

Juraveil shrugs.

Edumond says, "Maldon served with distinction. His actions are inconsistent with his career. He was obviously broken by some event, which is unknown to me."

Wadsworth asks, "they just a group old warrior, why you so worried about them?"

Morphion pokes Wadsworth in the ribs.

Juraveil says, "He's onlae 'uman"

Dantrotic says, "They have blinded a public with not lies, but a truth wrapped in false truths."

Juraveil stares off into space.

Draegar nods to Cryheart.

Roelon says, "One most learn to truth more."

Seesfar glances at Wadsworth.

Dantrotic says, "He killed his son, attempt to sabatoge a Jantalarian mine."

Roelon babbles something unintelligible.

Dantrotic says, "I think the Dhe'Nar took over his mind with Evil magic."

Wadsworth says, "politics are weird"

Arwen gazes heavenward.

Wadsworth shrugs.

Hyssopp asks, "Huh?"

Hyssopp peers quizzically at Dantrotic.

Cryheart says, "well..Sir a representative..I would like to invite thee to attend one of our meetings at the Holding"

Edumond glances at Dantrotic.

Arwen waves a hand at Dantrotic, dismissing him indifferently.

Roelon sniffs at Dantrotic.

Juraveil says, "Bah. Mae'Kar taught mae ta trust onlae those who come baring gifts. And trust 'em onlae with yer back facin' away from 'em."

Draegar says, "you are actually very correct friend"

Wadsworth says, "hmm.."

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Draegar nods to Wadsworth.

Juraveil nods to Roelon.

You say, "As ye seem ta ken him, Sir Edumond, mayhap ye would wish ta speak ta him yerself. I'm sure he would welcome ye."

Draegar grins.

Cryheart nods to you.

Dantrotic says, "For no man in his right mind would kill his own son, and betray his Baron."

Edumond says, "Perhaps."

Hyssopp says, "Now yer weaving a mighty tall tale..but ye weave a good 'un Dantrotic"

Roelon says, "Sorry mlord, do nae mind Dantrotic. He's been hit on the head too many time's"

Mnar says, "Yes, the Gryphons would love to get you in their tower, to talk to you alone."

Roelon nods.

Wadsworth says, "hmm.."

Edumond asks, "What would you like to know of the Order of the Golvern Star?"

Dantrotic says, "Indeed."

Humongor smiles at Edumond.

Cryheart begins chuckling at Roelon.

Cryheart nods to Roelon.

Roelon says, "As much as ye can say."

Roelon nods to Edumond.

Metadi says, "We would like tae know your purpose Sir Edumond."

Juraveil sniffs at Edumond.

Wadsworth asks, "there any coins to be made in it?"

Wadsworth peers quizzically at Edumond.

Humongor says, "Yer mission, edict, an' role, if ye might."

You say, "We would like ta ken, sir knight, yer values, yer duties, yer practices..."

Cryheart asks, "your purpose Sir Edumond?"

Edumond says, "We fight the Scourge."

Cryheart asks, "and your quest?"

Humongor asks, "How wert ye founded an' what ist yer purpose?"

Metadi glances at Wadsworth.

Dantrotic asks, "The Dark plague?"

Dantrotic peers quizzically at Edumond.

Humongor asks, "The Scourge?"

Cryheart asks, "the Scourge?"

Edumond asks, "Dark Plague?"

Metadi asks, "Can ye tell us what the Scourge is?"

Edumond says, "No, the Scourge."

You ask, "Might ye enlighten us o' th' Scourge, sir?"

Roelon asks, "Scourge.. whats that?"

Edumond says, "The Demonic Scourge."

Pyranth asks, "That be a matter fer healers or fiters?"

Hyssopp asks, "Baron Hochstib?"

Draegar says, "mind him not Sir Edumond, his mind reels with its own constructs"

Juraveil says, "bah. Another naem fer a town outside the Empire's grasp that they's tryin' ta get their hands on."

Juraveil scoffs.

Cryheart asks, "demons of old Sir Edumond?"

Hyssopp says, "Oh..that Scourge."

Metadi says, "If we know of these, we may be able to aid ye in the defense of your charge."

Wadsworth points at a bard crested deerskin armor.
A pained expression crosses Wadsworth's face.

Edumond says, "Demons of old, yes. Released upon the lands in a war between the Empire and the Dark Elves."

Hyssopp joins your group.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Metadi joins your group.

Mnar says, "Hm."

Roelon glances at Juraveil.

Roelon smiles.

Roelon nods to Edumond.

Arwen rubs a crystal amulet.

Arwen gets an odd look on her face.

Cryheart asks, "but ye still quest after them?"

Mnar asks, "Out of curiosity, which Dark Elves?"

Roelon says, "I hae read about that."

Roelon just hugged Magierrah.

Metadi asks, "After the fall of Maelshyvve?"

Cryheart says, "err seek"

Magierrah says, "evenin biggun"

Magierrah just kissed Roelon on the cheek.

Juraveil says, "If'n ye didn't summon 'em ta kill my people, they wouldn't be loose, now would they."

Juraveil grins.

Juraveil pokes Edumond in the ribs.

Edumond says, "Yes, we still fight the Scourge. It persists."

Juraveil whistles tunelessly to himself.

Roelon says, "Ello, rum lady."

Magierrah asks, "we having a party here?"

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Magierrah leans on Roelon.

Humongor asks, "An' how d' ye fight it? With steel?"

You ask, "Mayhap th' demons hae nae come this far. Might we ken moir o' this enemy o' thine, sir?"

Cryheart says, "how do ye fight this Scourge? Sir Edumond"

Draegar asks, "does the Scourge continue to take toll on yer order Sir Edumond?"

Torquith asks, "So there's a scourge of demons down south?"

Roelon just tried to pull Edumond towards him!

Roelon says, "Mlord."

Roelon says, "Please meet Magierrah, she is the head of the hooligan clan."

Magierrah curtsies to Edumond.

Magierrah says, "most pleased to meet ya"

Edumond says, "The Faendryl released the Scourge."

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Cryheart says, "ahhh"

Arwen mutters under her breath.

Mnar says, "Ah, the Faendryl.. yes, they would do that."

Roelon says, "This is Sir edumond."

Mnar says, "Reckless fools."

Dantrotic says, "No doubt the Dhe'Nar masterminded it."

Juraveil says, "I still say 'es an Empiric spy. You folks should be careful what information you readily "disperse" to this man."

Juraveil stares off into space.

Roelon says, "From the Order of the Golvern Star."

Mnar glances at Dantrotic.

Hyssopp says, "Oh..those iddy Demons"

Edumond says, "We fight them with all we are. With weapon, and with our very selves."

Magierrah asks, "tis a story we're tellin then Roelon?"

Mnar says, "He said the Faendryl, Dantrotic.. no reason to doubt him..."

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Magierrah removes a monir-hafted golvern morning star from in her threaded war harness.

Roelon says, "Tellin' us what there order does."

Hyssopp says, "That help fight Despana's menions"

Juraveil scoffs at Mnar.

Hyssopp asks, "They still loose?"

Magierrah exclaims, "I have such a star!"

Humongor asks, "Hath ye come t' seek aid in this war?"

Cryheart asks, "and this it demons you speak of?"

Hyssopp gawks at Edumond.

Metadi asks, "How may they be defeated?"

Roelon says, "They fight the demon's the dark elfs released."

Cryheart says, "ahhh"

You ask, "Sir knight, I fear we are woefully ignorant o' this Scourge. How lang hae ye fought this battle?"

Juraveil says, "Faendryl summonin' demons? Bah! Chalk that one up is yer book 'o faery tales."

Juraveil stares off into space.

Magierrah mutters dinnerelves.

Dantrotic asks, "I assume you are really here, then, to chase the Demon that was in the Tower of Bone?"

Hyssopp says, "But they were not dark elfs when they first caused the big problem"

Juraveil exclaims, "I sayin' the Empire brought 'em out!"

Hyssopp says, "They were Faendryl"

Seesfar says, "ya know, the last person who spoke so much of someone being a spy ended up being a spy themselfs"

Edumond says, "For about two and one half centuries."

Hyssopp says, "Ah."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

A pained expression crosses Roelon's face.

Hyssopp says, "So them demons"

Juraveil stares at Seesfar.

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Magierrah rubs Roelon gently.

Juraveil asks, "What be it yer implyin?"

Juraveil stares at Seesfar.

Magierrah says, "fear not Roelon.. I'll protect ya"

Roelon asks, "And the scourge still exists?"

Roelon sighs.

Humongor says, "I wilt lend m' blade t' yer cause, if twil be o' service t' thee."

You say, "Then 'tis th' battle o' auld, ye besepeak. We were nae aware tha' th' demons still existed."

Hyssopp asks, " the Faendryl nae control them anymore Sir Edumond?"

Hyssopp shudders.

Edumond says, "It persists."

You frown.

Hyssopp says, "Holy Lumnis guide us."

Seesfar says, "take it as ya wish "

Juraveil smirks.

Metadi says, "Well then."

You ask, "Sir knight, how then may we assist ye in this noble battle?"

Edumond says, "We have built the Demonwall to protect us, but they still manage to harrass us."

Juraveil says, "Bah! I kin't take no more o' this."

Draegar raises an eyebrow.

Cryheart asks, "so where does the Scourge exist? and where do you battle them?"

Draegar asks, "the Demonwall?"

Edumond says, "Your people would be of little use against the Scourge. You lack the discipline."

Juraveil says, "When yer over run by Empiric troops, dun come runnin' ta mae."

Metadi asks, "In what provinces do they harrass, Sir Edumond?"

Juraveil stares off into space.

Juraveil just went out.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Torquith cackles!

Mnar snickers.

Seesfar gazes heavenward.

Guldath scoffs at Edumond.

Humongor says, "D' nay judge that from but this meetin', good Edumond."

Roelon says, "If can learn."

Torquith says, "I lack the discipline to hold back me laughter over this fairy tale..."

Roelon nods to Edumond.

You say, "By speakin' wi' ye, sir knight, we hope ta learn moir an' gain th' discipline required."

Humongor says, "There art those who would aid ye."

Hyssopp says, "Wait..we do have dark elves among us..could they not control the demons"

Seesfar says, "forgive the youth, they know not of what they speak Sir Edumond"

Cryheart says, "tell us Sir Edumond..what skills are necessary..if not discipline we need to fight this Scourge"

Mnar says, "Edumond.. to be honest.. we've fought off worse."

Roelon says, "Some of us anyway."

Thibbledorn just left.

Hyssopp says, "You are quick to dismiss Sir Edumond."

Hyssopp says, "Yer defeated with that attitude afore ye start."

Mnar asks, "Have you heard of the Vvrael down in the Empire?"

Edumond says, "I merely note what I have observed."

Seesfar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Magierrah says, "I'll join anything that irritates them dark elves."

Dantrotic says, "Mnar, the Empire bore most of the Vvreal attack."

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Torquith says, "So there's a Demon wall...holding back da demons? And these ya-hoos "protect us"? A Scourge that no merchant has told tale of? No wandered has mentioned..."

Torquith grunts.

Mnar squints.

You say, "We may be less regimented than ye, an' less wise, but our spirits are strong an' we be willin' ta give all fer a just cause."

Mnar says, "We were the ones up on Aenatumgana, Dantrotic.. I saw no Imperial Legions there."

Edumond says, "You are predisposed to fight amongst yourselves. The Scourge would have little trouble having you defeat yourselves, long before you were aware of the threat."

Humongor says, "As I hath said, I would nay take such a brief meetin' by which t' judge an entire populace, good sir."

Seesfar nods to Edumond.

Cryheart says, "our spirits are indeed strong Sir Edumond..and true..we do have our differences...."

Wadsworth nods.

Hyssopp says, "Dark elves, Gryphons..ect..need to pull together on this one"

Sung says, "I fear not the Scourge as much as I do the demons within each and everyone of us"

Dantrotic says, "Mnar. Where is the original break in the Veil? On the border of the Empire."

Metadi says, "There are some who reserve their eyes for without, to guard those within."

You nod to Hyssopp.

Cryheart says, "but during the Bregandian war..many of us came together due to that spirit"

Edumond says, "Torquith, we do not protect you."

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Seesfar says, "tis a plague the landing has suffered from along time, fighting amoungst ourselfs"

Sung nods to Seesfar.

Seesfar shakes his head.

You say, "Aye. Though we differed in ideals an' religions an' race, we fought as one."

Hyssopp says, "This is chaos..and to fight chaos ye need unity."

Hyssopp nods to you.

Torquith asks, " you don't care about us northern folk? So what ya doin'? Spreading lies and rumors to scare us?"

Dantrotic says, "No you didn't Ruffelin."

Hyssopp says, "Aye..listen to Uncle Ruffelin folks."

Seesfar gazes heavenward.

Roelon says, "perhaps we need to learn how to defend ourselfs agaist this scourge."

Bruys says, "a wise man would learn the nature of an enemy before acting"

Draegar says, "well Sir Edumond, some of us fight not against just outside threats to our way of life, but also against apathy and infighting. At least, to the best of our abilities. The fight is not over, so do not guage our discipline by what you see before you here right now"

Dantrotic says, "Traleon simply refused the 100 or so of you that wished to join him."

Humongor nods to Draegar.

Edumond says, "No, Torquith, we do not care for your well being. That is not our duty. Nor are we set against you. If we were, you would be able to make no mistake about it.."

Guldath says, "Aye, it is true that we do fight and squabble amongst ourselves, but when it comes down to defending our town, we always unite as one"

You nod to Guldath.

Hyssopp asks, " ye want to keep on blitherin..or do ye want to do something constructive?"

Cryheart says, "I would not judge us on just the few you see here Sir Edumond..."

Takissis says, "why do yee people fight with eachother"

Takissis says, "silly prople"

Torquith says, "Then go home! TAke your fairy tales with ya..."

Takissis says, "just all be friends"

Roelon says, "Fear."

Roelon nods to Takissis.

Guldath smiles at you.

Humongor asks, "If tis so, then why hath ye come, good Edumond? T' warn us?'

Takissis says, "very silly people"

Humongor asks, "Er hath ye nay found that which ye seek as yet?"

Edumond says, "The Scourge is of no real threat to you."

Hyssopp says, "Torquith..this is no fair tale"

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Draegar says, "there are pockets of discipline, of honor around this town. They exist in small numbers here and there and to a degree, many work together. It is this that you should observe if you would gain a true view of our worth"

Humongor asks, "Nay?"

Seesfar shakes his head.

Cryheart asks, "so why do you visit us Sir Edumond?"

Edumond says, "I tell you of it because you have asked."

Magierrah asks, "well is it our help ya seek then?"

Metadi asks, "If so, then why are ye here, if your purpose is against the Scourge?"

Humongor nods to Edumond.

You say, "An' we thank ye fer th' information, sir."

Edumond says, "I am here to learn about you."

Cryheart says, "if we be in no real threat by the Scourge"

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Hyssopp asks, "Of course the Scourge is a threat to's a threat to thee..aint it Edumond?"

Torquith exclaims, "Heya Hyssopp...seen a demon lately? Heard of this demon wall? Ya look aged and experienced...recall a merchant ever discussing this order? Bah! Fabrications I tell ya!"

Hyssopp peers quizzically at Edumond. Tilone just arrived.

Cryheart asks, "and why may we ask?"

You ask, "In wha' way might we assist ye in yer present quest?"

Magierrah says, "oh well then.. ya have to start with some of our better hospitalities"

Dantrotic says, "Torquith, actually I have seen a Demon."

Magierrah offers Edumond a monir-hafted golvern morning star. Magierrah blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Dantrotic says, "It's very presence killed Truekillr."

You ask, "Wha' be it ye wish ta learn o' us?"

Sung asks, "ye own a mirror Dantrotic?"

Hyssopp says, " me foolish..but I believe the Lore..just as much as Dantrotic"

Cryheart says, "and please do not judge us all by the few immature minds and thoughts here Sir Edumond"

Torquith says, "I hear tales of Ur-daemons and dark summons...but no "Demon wall"..."

Hyssopp exclaims, "On this we are on teh same side of the fence!"

Dantrotic says, "It's very presence killed everyone in the room."

Torquith grunts.

Bruys says, "a demon broke the Bonespear tower last year"

Edumond says, "It becomes difficult to hear."

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Bruys says, "an Ur daemon is confined in the volcano on teras"

Cryheart just touched a dark crimson Kai symbol.

Takissis says, "gah dang deamons"

Bruys says, "such things do exist"

Metadi says, "Indeed, they do."

Edumond says, "I do not seek to gain your trust."

Roelon says, "He simpy want's to learn."

Sung says, "no shall I hand it over freely"

Cryheart says, "and so we just want to learn as well Sir Edumond"

Sung says, "trust is earned"

Cryheart smiles.

You ask, "Ye say ye've come ta learn o' us, sir. Wha' is it ye wish ta learn?"

Cryheart says, "about your Order"

Magierrah says, "well ya have interesting eyes.. I'll give ya that"

You ask, "An' how may we aid yer quest fer knowledge?"

Cryheart says, "and your quest"

Hyssopp says, "It is not a matter of trust so much as survival Sir Edumond..thanks for the heads up..even if unintentional."

Torquith asks, " don't care about us...don't think we're that useful 'cause we are so what's your purpose...what even motivates you to show interest in us folk?"

Hyssopp places a hand over her heart.

Torquith sneers.

Hyssopp curtsies to Edumond.

Draegar asks, "what do you feel would be more valuable in your goals to observe Sir knight. Our strengths, or our weaknesses?"

Edumond says, "I wish to learn of the Contradiction. Your people have no order. No discipline. No real structure, though you often feign it. Yet you survive, and even flourish. I seek to learn how."

You chuckle.

Sung nods to Edumond.

Jorak chuckles.

Torquith gazes heavenward.

Cryheart says, "due to our need to survive Sir Edumond"

Roelon says, "The will to be free."

Tilone raises an eyebrow in Edumond's direction.

Torquith exclaims, "Well that's easy!"

Metadi says, "There is no center for force to be brought to bear on."

Roelon nods to Edumond.

Hyssopp asks, "What is this young Torquith? Demon's got yer tongue?"

Mnar says, "Oh, that's simple enough, Edumond."

Dantrotic says, "Well, Sir Edumond, it has been a pleasure meeting you. Perhaps we can converse some other time, without political tensions in the air. "

Cryheart says, "and due to our desire for freedom"

Metadi says, "We always survive blows, and we come swarming back."

Dantrotic bows to Edumond.

Mnar says, "Those unfit for survival die. The others live."

Guldath says, "As I stated before, it is true that we do fight and squabble amongst ourselves, but when it comes down to defending our town, we always unite as one"

You say, "I fear 'tis our very diversity which allows us ta flourish, though it dinnae seem logical."

Tilone asks, "And you base your judgement of us upon what?"

Draegar says, "that is simple, it is because misguided or not, honorable or not, every person in this land believes in something and are headstrong enough to fight for it"

Mnar says, "Obviously, the people you see here are fit."

Metadi says, "We never give up as a whole."

Hyssopp nods to Guldath.

Cryheart says, "tis the desire for freedom that keeps us in existence"

Dantrotic says, "It is not freedom. Everyone and everything can flourish in any enviroment, given the money."

Guldath smiles at Hyssopp.

Lord Dantrotic just went out.

Edumond says, "Upon my observations."

Metadi chuckles.

Cryheart asks, "aye?"

Gulath raises an eyebrow.

Metadi asks, "Including chains and no food and hard work all day long for years?"

Torquith says, "We survive through force of will and personal strength...wander these streets and you'll see the mightiest warrior along side the most novice mage...we are a city of contradictions only in that so many powerful and knowledgeable folk live here..."

Hyssopp says, "Aye..we squabble like children..but we believe in open debate..but if an outsider comes..we band together."

Tilone says, "Perhaps your observations are a tad, um, one-sided, m'lord."

Tilone smiles.

Sung says, "quiet let him speak"

Gulath says, "Your mother is a wise women"

Gulath nods to Guldath.

Hyssopp shrugs.

Seesfar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Roelon leans back.

Hyssopp just hugged Guldath.

Magierrah cocks her head at Edumond.

Gretel just arrived.

Edumond asks, "Did I miss a question?"

Mnar nods to Gretel.

Torquith says, "Must be a sad place where you come from Edumond...a city, I am sure, that is full of mundane folk straining their backs under a mundane and boring government..."

Gretel says, "Hello, Lord Scout."

Draegar says, "do not forget one thing though Sir knight, in observing something, your are apt to change it's behavior, or at least amplify some quality...or disquality as it where"

Mnar says, "Edumond, you came here to learn... perhaps you should ask questions."

Magierrah says, "ya were going to finish yer observations Sir Knight"

Jorak says, "We thought you were going to tell us of your observations"

Gulath asks, "Whats going on?"

Magierrah says, "we was just waiting"

You say, "Sir Edumond, mayhap 'tis our diversity an' our tolerance o' others tha' allows us ta bend before adversity, rather than break."

Edumond says, "Not all people are of the Order, or are Knights."

Cryheart says, "well..Sir Edumond despite our differences...we are resolved to live here in the Landing and protect it...even though we may disagree on how to do it"

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Evia just arrived.

Hyssopp says, "Sir Edumond just gave us sumptin ta ponder on Gulath."

Cryheart says, "there are many factions..groups...Houses"

Magierrah says, "for once we were being quiet"

Humongor smiles at Evia.

Magierrah grins.

Gulath asks, "Whats dat?"

Gulath peers quizzically at Hyssopp.

Edumond says, "I have no questions presently, though I am learning a great deal by watching you."

Hyssopp asks, "Remember those demons that the Faendryl release to defeat Despana?"

Gretel says, "This town is strange. They do not attend sermon-school and many follow different gods."

Evia curtsies to Humongor.

Hyssopp says, "Well..they forgot to put them back."

Humongor bows to Evia.

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Jorak smiles at Gretel.

Cryheart says, "tis the variety we hae spoken of"

Mnar asks, "You realize that your observations of us are tainted by your very presence?"

Sung bows to Edumond.

You nod.

Gretel says, "Hello, Lord EvilCleric."

Tilone says, "One hopes that you are viewing us objectively."

Cryheart says, "that is our strenght it seems"

Jorak asks, "Evil?"

Gulath says, "Its always gotta be somefin"

Edumond asks, "Tainted?"

Mnar nods to Gretel.

Jorak says, "Thought I was the old one"

Gretel says, "I mean Lord Veryoldman."

Sung asks, "the learning can be mutual, can it not?"

Jorak rolls his eyes.

Tilone says, "And not projecting your own pre-formed opinions into your observations."

Draegar smiles at Gretel.

Cryheart says, "your presence causes some to come forth and be unnatural Sir Edumond"

Mnar says, "They actions and discussion you see tonight are warped by the fact that a very respected and powerful emmissary of the Empire is here."

Gretel says, "Hello, Lord Field marshall."

Seesfar nods to Cryheart.

Gulath asks, "Did you come here in an airship before?"

Pyranth says, "Lassie ye will have tae change yer name fer me"

Gulath peers quizzically at Edumond.

Sung says, "my point exactly "

Gretel asks, "Why is that?"

Edumond says, "I am no emmisary. I am a Knight errant. I ask no recognition or station. I will defend myself."

Hyssopp asks, " is the Scourge eliminating going Sir Edumond?"

Mnar says, "You might find better, or at least different, answers if you queried us, rather than observed."

You say, "An, as ye said yerself, sir, ye compare us ta th' land frae whence ye come. Thus ye may nae perceive us as openly as might another."

Edumond asks, "What is an airship?"

Tilone smiles at Edumond.

Gulath says, "I must have you confused with another emissary dat made a buncha observations"

Metadi says, "It is a barge of sorts that floats in the air."

Cryheart says, "tis like comparing roltons with kobolds"

Mnar says, "Well, that's a start."

Cryheart smiles.

Gulath says, "He came in an airship of some sort from teras"

Tilone says, "An airship is a trade delegation."

Hyssopp asks, "Ye ahead or behind on yer task Edumond?"

Roelon chuckles.

Gretel says, "They are ships which fly in the air. They seem very dangerous."

Roelon says, "A ship the elf's use."

Pyranth says, "I nae longer hae a "puffy head""

Mnar says, "An airship is a ship that flies through the air. There are only two that we know of."

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Magierrah nods to Roelon.

Gulath says, "Sorry got ya confused"

Edumond says, "I have never observed an airship."

Gretel asks, "Why must I change thy name?"

(Gulath mutters something about warrior couldent work one anyway)

Gretel cocks her head at Pyranth.

Roelon says, "Wonderful sight."

Roelon nods to Edumond.

You chuckle.

Arwen says, "Tis an awesome sight, to be sure."

Pyranth says, "Well suit yerself.. it just nae make much sense now.."

Mnar says, "Well, there are only two of them, and they spend most of their time in the Elven empire."

Mnar shrugs.

Magierrah says, "Miss Gretel.. allow me to heal a storyteller of yer talent"

Magierrah curtsies to Gretel.

Edumond says, "Mnar, I do not hold to your statements. I wandered the streets of your city for days without anyone noticing me. Though what I see tonight is more vocal, I have seen more depraved, chaotic, and random activity in town than here tonight."

Mnar asks, "Indeed?"

You rub your chin thoughtfully.

Hyssopp begins chuckling at Edumond.

Kieliah chuckles.

Hyssopp asks, "Would you see them dead Edumond?"

Edumond asks, "See who dead?"

Draegar says, "It is a shame that I do not disbelieve him"

Cryheart asks, "So Sir is order perceived to be good from whence you come?"

Hyssopp asks, "They are alive with strife..they are alive with love..they are alive with living?"

Tilone says, "In any large gathering of people, one sees a lot that is inexplicable."

Cryheart asks, "how is it obtained?"

Cryheart smiles.

You nod to Cryheart.

Hyssopp says, "Its just not dull..that's all."

Mnar says, "Well, in a way it is true... perhaps we are merely more polite tonight because of your presence.. polite but outspoken."

Metadi nods to Hyssopp.

Sinji asks, "Wow.. crowded?"

Metadi says, "It's the way we prefer to live."

Hyssopp says, "We are a bawdy..gawdy frontier town"

Metadi says, "We live as free men and women."

Edumond says, "Order is the river from which all strength flows."

Metadi says, "It is a spirited town, and it tends to be a hard life."

Hyssopp says, "Ye just been in Jantalar or other places too long milord Edumond."

Hyssopp chuckles.

Seesfar nods to Edumond.

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Roelon says, "It's something i seek."

Tilone says, "And order is also the thing that stifles imagination"

Tilone smiles at Edumond.

You ask, "How is such order gained an' maintained, sir knight?"

Gretel says, "Lord Knight, you speak wisely."

Evia smiles.

Torquith says, "Too much order just leads to stagnation..."

Torquith nods.

Tilone says, "And without imagination there is no growth and life."

Mnar sniffs.

Edumond says, "Imagination is a distraction."

Cryheart asks, "though the river moves eternally..doesn't it give the presence of not moving?"

Tilone says, "Only death."

Metadi asks, "Then why are those places that are very fully stratified and civilized needing trained military forces just to defend themselves against brigands?"

Tilone says, "Imagination is all."

Tilone grins.

Tilone says, "Without it we might as well be cattle."

Arwen says, "In many ways we are like a large family, with brothers and sisters squabbling, but if anything should threaten the family, the pull together to defend it."

Metadi says, "Imagination is what allows us to live, rather than exist."

Edumond says, "No, you only imagine it to be."

Mnar says, "There is order you don't perceive. Many people in these lands have banded together for common interests which are not readily visible."

Magierrah nods to Tilone.

Gretel says, "Imagination is only of use when it serves a greater power."

Tilone says, "Or roltons, grazing in fields."

Hyssopp says, "Aye..our good town folk are well.imagitative."

Tilone shakes her head.

Hyssopp says, "Over much."

Gretel blinks.

Draegar says, "that sort of belief would be....well...actually it already is, one of the main detractors from life here in our lands"

Tilone says, "Imagination is all. To lose it is to die."

Torquith says, "I betcha all live in lil square houses on lil straight roads and think excitement is watching mud'd love to live there..."

Tilone smiles.

Torquith gazes heavenward.

You ask, "Tis an' int'restin' philosophical position ye take, sir. Wi'out imagination, whence comes invention an' creation?"

Tilone nods to Torquith.

Tilone shudders.

Metadi nods to you.

Mnar nods to Gretel.

Edumond says, "Duty."

Roelon sighs.

Seesfar says, "The true code of the warrior"

You say, "Duty follows tha' which already exists, but it dinnae create."

Seesfar nods.

Cryheart asks, "duty without imagination....order without freedom?"

Tilone says, "But duty without imagination generally equals stupidity, m'lord."

Tilone smiles.

Metadi says, "If a nation will nae move forward in its pace, it will be subjugated and eventually destroyed by younger nations of stronger vigor."

Tilone says, "A true warrior must be able to think, extrapolate, and improvise." You nod to Tilone.

Metadi says, "It is of necessity to a nation's survival that is people grow and adapt."

Torquith smiles and whispers loudly to Tilone, "I betcha his head would explode if an original thought got in there."

Metadi says, "Otherwise that nation shall die/."

Torquith points at Edumond.

Hyssopp says, "Well..I nae care for Luukos the lier meself..but I would fight for Gretels right to follow him..if it is Choas themselves I am fighting against"

Edumond says, "Improvisation is not imagination."

Gretel asks, "But duty and imagination are one. For who serves better? He who only does what is expected? Or he who exceeds his task?"

Tilone says, "Sure it is, m'lord."

Edumond says, "I am here to learn how better to improvise, in part."

Cryheart says, "improvisation implies change as well"

Draegar says, "life for duty's sake is no life at all. Duty servers a purpose, an Ideal. To have it the otherway around puts the horse before the cart and severly detracts from any hope for quality of existance"

Edumond says, "Order is not equivalent to stagnation."

Metadi says, "Improvisation suggests that the old, the tested and true does not work."

Gretel says, "I can teach thee to write poetry, Lord Knight, if you like."

Tilone says, "IF one is incapable of imagining, one can not improvise."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Cryheart says, "as a river it must flow"

Hyssopp says, "Not in this town Sir Edumond"

Hyssopp says, "That's for sure"

Hyssopp chuckles.

Edumond says, "Change is reality. To deny such is foolish."

Magierrah says, "I can teach thee to drink and grow fond of redheaded women"

Tilone says, "No, but lack of imagination is, m'lord."

Magierrah examines her fingernails.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Cryheart says, "I would agree with that Sir Edumond"

You say, "Suppose, sir, tha' yer trainin' be insufficient ta th' challenge at hand. It offers nae insight fer adaptation. Imagination, then, gies light ta th' creation o' new tactics, thus improvisation."

Tilone says, "One can have order and discipline without sacrificing imagination." Tilone smiles.

Lord Eight just arrived.

Eight bows to Edumond.

Tilone says, "If you give up your dreams, you die."

Magierrah says, "a man who is nae corruptible is such a lovely challenge"

Kieliah says, "just cause ye orderly don mean ye got no imagination"

Kieliah gazes heavenward.

Eight says, "Goodevening sir."

Kieliah chuckles.

Mnar says, "I think what you are seeing, Edumond, is a large number of people with widely disperate goals, all of whom are equally dedicated to accomplishing them..."

You chuckle at Magierrah.

Eight waves to you.

Tilone nods to Mnar.

You whisper quietly to Eight.

Hyssopp nods to Mnar.

Gretel says, "I disagree, Lord Scout."

Roelon bites Magierrah!

You nod to Mnar.

Mnar raises an eyebrow in Gretel's direction.

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Gulath asks, "To give up your dreams and be happy is to be content?"

Edumond says, "Imagination is frivelous. Improvisation implies applying training and known methods to new situations in all possible combinations to find the most suitable approach."

Magierrah asks, "ya expected me to behave?"

Mnar says, "Indeed? I think that's a first, Gretel.. please explain."

Magierrah peers quizzically at Roelon.

Gretel says, "It has been my observation since arriving at this town that most have no greater goals, only personal."

Tilone says, "And just because one is born and trained to one thing does not mean one must follow only that path."

Hyssopp smiles at Edumond.

Metadi says, "To give up your dreams is to allow a part of yourself to die if you do not replace them with new dreams."

Cryheart says, "freedom with spirit...resolve to seek that freedom makes a kind of Order"

Takissis asks, "so any conclusion yet?"

Hyssopp says, "Hon..we really need to pray to Jastev and Cholen here."

Roelon says, "One uses imagination everyday. "

Takissis asks, "deamons coming or not?"

Mnar says, "Oh, well, yes.. most people are selfish louts unable to form a coherent sentance."

Gulath says, "Without personal goals there would be no reason to live"

Roelon says, "Ye just nae know it."

Takissis says, "bah stupid people"

Mnar says, "But the important people all have goals beyond themselves."

You say, "Agin, wha' happens when ye encounter a situation fer which yer trainin' dinnae prepare ye? It is then tha' imagination saves th' inventive warrior."

Hyssopp says, "Yer a great knight..Sir Edumond..but lacking in studies."

Hyssopp smiles at Edumond.

Magierrah gawks at Hyssopp.

Torquith says, "Umm...maybe you don't realize that improvisation is mere applying your imagination..."

Gretel asks, "What makes someone important, Lord Scout?"

Edumond nods to Hyssopp.

Draegar asks, "perhaps yer disagreement with many of our views on imagination and freedom, Sir Edumond, is precisely why our continued ability to flourish remains a mystery to you?"

Hyssopp just hugged Edumond.

Eight furrows his brow.

Mnar says, "The ability or desire to change the world, Gretel."

Gretel furrows her brow.

Gretel says, "That is not what I was taught."

Edumond nods to Draegar.

Takissis smiles at Edumond.

Mnar says, "In fact, I would say merely desire.. and perhaps some competence."

Eight put a galvorn-edged woodsman's hatchet in his mithril scabbard.

Arwen nods to Draegar.

Cryheart leans on Draegar.

Tilone nods to Draegar.

Roelon says, "Love of life, strong spirit, and a good imagination."

Roelon nods to Edumond.

Cryheart says, "well spoken"

Edumond says, "However, I have come to learn and understand, but not to change."

Draegar asks, "and yet, your order seems to flourish, and yet I do not see the absolute truth in your views either. Why is that? Perhaps the truth lies somewhere in the middle ground?"

Kieliah waves.

You whisper quietly to Eight.

Hyssopp says, "I like ye Sir Edumond..yer clever in how ye weave the conversation to yer point."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Gretel says, "He who serves and gives of himself the most, obediant in spirit and deed. He is most important to the survival of all."

Eight joins your group.

Gretel nods to Mnar.

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Metadi asks, "By learning of new things, ye will be changing yourself, nae?"

Cryheart asks, "so ye seek to strengthen yourself or to change by observing us Sir Edumond?"

Eight nods to you.

Edumond says, "To strengthen myself."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Humongor asks, "Fer?"

Mnar says, "Eii, Gretel... yet a certain amount of ability is also required."

Cryheart asks, "for your quest against the Scourge?"

Draegar says, "Imagination and order, Freedom and a true cooperation. To tie these together, that would be a very powerful ability"

Roelon nods.

Edumond says, "Yes."

Mnar says, "A dedicated cook amounts to little more than a cook."

You say, "I would humbly suggest tha' we may gain strength frae each other by free exchange o' ideas an' philosophies, sir knight."

Rezzette rubs her eyes.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Humongor nods to Edumond.

Cryheart says, "now I understand"

Humongor nods to you.

Gretel asks, "Do you not serve the blood-elfs?"

Parro and Edumond bash their forearms in greeting.

Metadi just hugged Rezzette.

Rezzette just hugged Metadi.

Rezzette leans on Metadi.

Cryheart says, "so your Order needs something new to battle the Scourge"

Hyssopp says, "Then ye got a strong dose of stregthening tonight see we Wehnimer folks are a strong drink indeed."

(Rezzette waves to all assembled, then slinks into the crowd.)

Cryheart says, "or to aid thee"

Draegar says, "I think yer suggestion is being carried out right now Ruffer"

Draegar smiles at you.

You say, "Aye, an' tis my hope it will continue."

Metadi chuckles.

You smile.

Draegar nods to you.

Draegar smiles.

Draegar says, "very much so"

Edumond says, "We are forever evaluating the unknown or the misunderstood. We value Order and Discipline, but we are not stagnant."

Draegar says, "knowledge is power"

Rezzette furrows her brow.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Cryheart says, " the river"

Hyssopp beams happily at Edumond!

Morphion waves to Rezzette.

Magierrah asks, "but do ya have no joy in yer life then, Sir Edumond?"

Humongor nods to Cryheart.

Gretel asks, "Do you worship, Lord Knight?"

Humongor grins.

Tilone says, "We tend to value rugged independence."

Magierrah asks, "all that discipline and no laughter?"

Tilone smiles.

Edumond says, "I do not worship."

Hyssopp asks, "Aye..there is a method to the Wehnimer's madness?"

Gretel furrows her brow.

Hyssopp gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Roelon asks, "What is life, with out a bid of chaos?"

Tilone says, "But within that we can and do work well together."

Jorak asks, "Do you have priests then Edumond?"

Roelon peers quizzically at Edumond.

Magierrah nods to Roelon.

Metadi grins.

Edumond says, "Yes, we have Priests."

Elleth says, "our strength lies in our individuality"

Gretel asks, "I do not understand, then. Where do you draw your strength?"

Cryheart says, "Sir Edumond serves another fight the Scourge of demons released a long time ago"

Hyssopp nods to Elleth.

Edumond says, "My strength comes from my Duty."

Metadi says, "But the same in truth."

Hyssopp says, " Elleth said."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Arwen says, "Perhaps tis an inner strength."

Elleth smiles.

Metadi says, "To defend those who cannot defend themselves."

Tilone says, "We too, hole duty and honor sacred."

Cryheart says, "your duty give you purpose then"

Humongor says, "We may nay be so different, m' thinks."

Gretel says, "Those who cannot defend themselves are weak and harm the general good."

Edumond says, "My purpose is my Duty. The two are not seperable."

Gretel furrows her brow.

Cryheart says, "like our desire for freedom gives us purpose Sir Edumond"

Metadi asks, "So let them suffer and die Gretel?"

Gretel says, "They can serve by sacrifice."

You ask, "Ye make yer observations, sir, based on th' townfolk at large. If we were ta observe th' gen'ral populace frae whence ye come, would they show moir discipline an' order? An' if sae, 'ow d'ye achieve it?"

Gretel asks, "Is that not the way of life?"

Eight asks, "Do you battle Jantalar? or have any feelings on Hochstib? Or do you agree with him? you reside in Vornavis so I've heard? So you must not agree with them?"

Humongor asks, "We nay hath learnt a bit 'ere t' night ourselves, eh?"

Hyssopp says, "Aye..but Gretel is just as dedicated as any of us."

Gretel smiles at Hyssopp.

Hyssopp says, "Long live the difference."

You nod to Hyssopp.

Tilone smiles.

Eight asks, "Did you already answer that?"

Tilone nods to Hyssopp.

Metadi nods to Hyssopp.

Edumond says, "Not all from whence I came live an ordered life. My Order, however, embraces this Structure and Discipline."

Gretel says, "Hello, Lord Deadfly."

Draegar asks, "But surely there is more to you...more to your Order, Sir Edumond, than duty itself. For if not, and you defeat the Scourge, then what would become of you? You must serve some other ideal, some other purpse?"

You nod to Edumond.

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Roelon nods to Edumond.

Hyssopp says, "If there is no strife in Wehnimers..tis such a boring day."

Tilone says, "If we devoted ourselves totally to what we were supposed to be, and neglected what we could become, then we would be negligent in our duties, m'lord."

Metadi rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Magierrah says, "yep I knew it.. no ladies in his order.. no chaos means no ladies"

Sung says, "good lords"

Edumond glances at Draegar.

Rezzette shows Giantphang her piece of granite.

Edumond says, "I..."

You say, "Tis yer Order, then, tha' we should like ta learn moir o'. Th' gods ken we hae much ta learn."

Draegar smiles at Edumond.

You chuckle.

Hyssopp smiles at Edumond.

Eight asks, "Such structure so does Jantalar serve however, and is easily usurped or turned towards an evil cause, don't you think?"

Eight peers quizzically at Edumond.

Edumond says, "I do not know what would come of us were the Scourge destroyed."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Gretel removes an elegant Luukos symbol from in her silken cloak.

Hyssopp nods to Edumond.

Tilone says, "then you need the Scourge."

Humongor says, "Tis an interestin' point."

Roelon asks, "All you have done, was fight the scourge?"

Cryheart says, "so your duty is what keeps ye going"

Tilone stares at Edumond.

Roelon peers quizzically at Edumond.

Draegar asks, "what would scare you more then Sir knight, a world with, or without the Scourge?"

Gretel says, "Perhaps this will help thee, Lord Knight."

Hyssopp says, "Now yer wiser than ye know Sir Edumond."

Gretel offers Edumond an elegant Luukos symbol.

Roelon glances at Gretel.

Rezzette glances at Gretel.

Humongor says, "Mayhap some 'ere hath felt the same way in recent years."

Tilone says, "SO maybe you would be tempted to not wipe it out, were the opportunity to arise."

Humongor smiles at Edumond.

Gretel says, "It may help you to find higher purpose."

Mnar chuckles.

Edumond says, "Scare? This is irrelevant. We fight."

(Rezzette pushes the Luukos symbol away.)

Hyssopp nods to Edumond.

Parro says, "If ye lose ye enemy, ye lose ye cause. Without ye cause, ye will fragment."

Gretel smiles at Rezzette.

Cryheart says, "in his view..he fights a noble many of us do"

Tilone nods to Parro.

Gretel says, "Hello, Lady Heretic."

Edumond says, "Tilone, it is why we exist. We would take any opportunity to do so."

Draegar asks, "yes, but if you fight to win, and you do win, what purpse do you serve to continue fighting?"

You nod to Cryheart.

Tilone says, "yes, FIGHT it."

Hyssopp says, "Aye..panic is a bit of time consuming nonsense."

Metadi says, "There are two ways to have a purpose."

Rezzette says, "Lady Heretic? Oh I thought I was Lady Traitor."

Tilone asks, "But what if you erased it?"

Gretel blinks.

Gretel nods to Rezzette.

You chuckle.

Jorak says, "and you fight Demons correct Edumond, I'm sorry if I missed it but I stepped in on your conversation. Demons catch my ear."

Metadi says, "Either ye exist to smite an enemy, or ye exist to defend something."

Gretel says, "Lady Traitor. My appologies."

Tilone says, "The whole raisin d'etre for your people would be history."

Draegar asks, "you must fight FOR something. Otherwise, after the fight at hand, what is left? What have you when arms are laid to rest?"

Humongor says, "M' thinks tis a similar situation t' some o' our own. Without a cause t' fight, our purpose ist blunted."

Rezzette chuckles.

Edumond nods to Jorak.

Cryheart nods to Jorak.

Kerl asks, "Edumond, you speak of duty as it were a thing unto itself, but is not duty to something else and not unto itself?"

Hyssopp says, "I do so love Elanthia"

Magierrah says, "my gracious the male talk is getting thick in here"

Hyssopp just hugged Gretel.

Hyssopp just hugged Rezzette.

Magierrah asks, "what of love and laughter?"

Gretel says, "Lord Knight? You will not take this symbol? I assure you that it creates no debt for thee."

Metadi says, "But we still have a cause to fight for Humongor."

Roelon nods to Magierrah.

Humongor nods.

Magierrah says, "all this talk of war being the reason for life"

Humongor nods to Metadi.

Edumond says, "Perhaps, once the Scourge is destroyed, we will be obselete, and will fade. I do not know."

Metadi says, "To defend the people of these lands."

Kerl raises an eyebrow in Edumond's direction.

Cryheart says, "he has a nobler cause dear Gretel"

Jorak says, "I would appreciate the knowledge you use to defeat them as I've found myself at there claws more then once, if you have some time that is."

Cryheart smiles at Gretel.

Eight asks, "What form of demons? are these Scourge like the reavers or demons of old?"

Eight peers quizzically at Edumond.

Parro asks, "Ye do not prepare for that possibility, Edumond?"

Gretel says, "There is no nobler cause, Lord SirKnight."

Humongor says, "Aye, but sometimes that cause seems distant."

Gretel smiles at Cryheart.

Metadi says, "We are not indebted to fight one single enemy. We are indebted to defend a people."

Humongor smiles at Metadi.

Edumond says, "No, Parro."

Pyranth says, "Honor kennae fade"

Edumond says, "That would be a distraction, and we cannot afford distractions."

Metadi says, "Distant, bot no less real for it."

Humongor nods to Metadi.

Tilone begins chuckling at Edumond.

Rezzette says, "Well good luck with this malady, everyone."

Roelon says, "That's one thing we do...prepare for anything."

Tilone says, "That's what life is."

Metadi asks, "Is planning for the future distraction Edumond?"

Parro says, "If you do not prepare for the future, it will become your greatest enemy.,"

Rezzette waves.

Tilone says, "Distractions."

Roelon smiles at Edumond.

Gretel sighs.

Edumond nods to Metadi.

Gretel says, "Distractions are bad."

Mnar says, "Must not be many children of your Order, Edumond."

Lady Rezzette just went out.

Tilone says, "Or at least the things you call distractions."

Hyssopp says, "I can tell ye this one thing Sir Edumond..everyone in this room..are always up for an adventure and a good them demons give ye on us all here."

Tilone says, "that's life, m'lord."

Gretel put an elegant Luukos symbol in her silken cloak.

Eight asks, "are you here seeking the scourge Edumond? or just wandering?"

Magierrah says, "then I'm very bad.. I love to distract"

Magierrah joins Roelon's group.

Magierrah snuggles up to Roelon.

Edumond says, "We are few by comparison, Mnar."

Eight asks, "has something lead you here?"

Tilone says, "No wonder."

Metadi asks, "So then Edumond, if ye do not plan to lay in supplies for a campaign, you are doing the right thing by avoiding distractions?"

Mnar nods.

Parro begins chuckling at Metadi.

Parro nods.

Kerl says, "when the scourge is gone, your destiny will reveal itself no doubt"

Tilone says, "With no distractions, such as love, you dont get a lot of replacements, methinks."

Tilone grins.

Torquith says, "Speak fer yerself Hyssop...a demon wanders into here and I am heading back to me mines..."

Gretel asks, "Are you not allowed to love, Lord Knight?"

Mnar asks, "Tell me, Edumond.. with the Wall in place, what is it exactly that your Order does? Guard the Wall?"

Hyssopp begins chuckling at Torquith.

Roelon says, " have yet to live your life."

Roelon shakes his head.

Draegar says, "Perhaps your short term mission Sir Edumond, is truely more magnificent than your ulimate mission. Right now you are trying to better yourself. In that mission alone you may find greater glory than the single minded duty to defeat one enemy. And, it is a purpose that can drive one for life"

Cryheart asks, "how do you keep the wall in place?"

Torquith says, "I got better things to be doing than getting underfoot in the face of demons..."

Torquith grunts and nods.

Edumond says, "Training and preparation is not planning for the future. It is fighting in the present. I misunderstand your question if this is what you ask. We do not waste time pondering how the world might exist if things were different. We deal with the world as it is."

Hyssopp says, "Well..Torquith is protecting the way of life as we know it..his own surviving "

Tilone nods to Draegar.

Torquith nods to Hyssopp.

Jorak smiles at Edumond.

Torquith says, "Dern straight..."

Gretel furrows her brow.

Lord Armaxis just arrived.

Tilone says, "Pardon me for saying so m'lord, but no you don't."

Gretel says, "Hello, Lord Serpentworshipper."

Armaxis nods to Gretel.

Kerl furrows his brow.

(Gretel pulls her veil to the side and stands on tiptoe.)

Gretel just kissed Armaxis on the cheek.

Tilone asks, "if you don't stop and enjoy the world, why in Voln's name would you be inspired to die for it?"

Tilone shakes her head.

Cryheart asks, "and we have an Order that maybe protecting us without us really knowing what danger exists for us from this Scourge Sir Edumond?"

Hyssopp smiles at Gretel the snake charmer.

Gretel says, "This is a Lord Knight, from the empire."

Tilone says, "That's just silly."

Edumond says, "Duty."

Tilone asks, "Duty to what?"

Tilone peers quizzically at Edumond.

Edumond says, "To the Order."

Magierrah says, "I think he needs to meet a redheaded woman, Tilone.. and get very drunk"

Tilone asks, "But what is the Order fighting for?"

Roelon bites Magierrah!

Cryheart says, "that seems to be his only purpose...duty to his Order"

Edumond says, "We fight the Scourge."

Roelon says, "Nae taintin' the knight."

Tilone says, "Naw, a silver haired babe."

Magierrah flinches.

Parro nods to Cryheart.

Tilone cackles!

Tilone asks, "For what?"

Gretel giggles.

Tilone peers quizzically at Edumond.

Parro says, "We do know that ye serve ye order and that ye fight the scourge."

Edumond says, "TO defeat it."

Kerl nods to Tilone.

Gretel places her hand on her spidersilk veil.

Parro asks, "Do that be all that ye do?"

Kerl says, "yes, for what"

Tilone asks, "So everybody can live in armed camps?"

Armaxis raises an eyebrow in Edumond's direction.

Tilone says, "That isn't life."

Armaxis asks, "What isss thisss 'Scourge' you speak of?"

Draegar says, "and in winning, you will ultimately defeat yer reason for existing"

Cryheart says, "Scourge of demons he says Tilone...released a long time ago"

Draegar says, "a lose lose scenario if ever I heard one"

Edumond says, "No, so everyone can live without fear of the Scourge descending upon them and destroying their cities."

Kerl says, "to be truely strong you must have a goal in life once it is defeated. There must be a reason to defeat them"

Hyssopp nods to Draegar.

Tilone says, "I'd rather be wiped out by the blasted scourge than live my whole life like that."

Metadi shakes his head.

Gretel says, "Probably an evil invention of Liabo, Lord Serpentworshipper."

Cryheart asks, "does this Scourge become a threat to us Sir Knight?"

Hyssopp curtsies to Gryfon.

You ask, "An' ye hope, amongst our chaos, ta learn why we thrive tha' ye may use this lack o' discipline an' order ta yer advantage agin th' Scourge, Sir Edumond?"

Metadi says, "There will other enemies tae defend against."

Edumond says, "Draegar, that is not a consideration."

Eight says, "Is defeating the scourge an imperial priority? "

Gretel says, "Hello, Lord Sylvan."

Eight peers quizzically at Edumond.

Draegar asks, "that you will win?"

Giantphang exclaims, "I dont live in fear, for Mel would save us all if mister scourge comed down on us!"

Torquith says, "Ye strumpets should take your "wares" elsewhere...obviously a man so devoted to "duty" would have no interest in womenfolk..."

Tilone says, "One can be an effective fighter, m'lord, and still LIVE one's life."

Draegar peers quizzically at Edumond.

Tilone grins.

Torquith gazes heavenward.

Bruys says, "the oathsworn live to fulfill their oaths, even if they are mocked by those who do not understand"

Edumond nods to you.

Metadi glances at Torquith.

Magierrah cowers away from Giantphang!

Magierrah sniffs at Giantphang.

Hyssopp rubs her chin thoughtfully.

You grin.

Edumond says, "That we will lose something by winning."

Tilone says, "I think the most effective champions are the ones that come out of nowhere."

Armaxis says, "So, the 'Scourge' are...demonsss? How...charming."

Metadi says, "Be careful of your words."

Hyssopp nods to Edumond.

Tilone says, "The maverics."

Tilone grins.

Magierrah's face turns slightly pale.

Tilone says, "Like Draeg." Tilone leans on Draegar.

Draegar says, "you are right Sir Edumond, apparently is isn't a consideration, For if it were, I believe your life would be different"

Torquith says, "I speak it as I see it."

Hyssopp asks, " like fishing Edumond?"

You say, "Iffin ye figger us out, Sir Edumond, we'd be happy ta ken yer findin's, fer I'm sure we be as baffled as ye."

Torquith grunts and nods.

You grin.

Gretel says, "Lord Knight, I must go now. But if you wish to learn of poetry while you are here, I would be honored to help you learn to recite verse."

Roelon says, "I most be off. Was a pleasure to meet ye, Sir Edumond."

Roelon stands up.

Roelon stretches.

Roelon bows to Edumond.

Gretel curtsies to Edumond.

Eight says, "You may find our daily existance to be chaotic, but it's really not, in battles we're pretty unified...except occasionaly where it calls for our citizens not to attack something"

Eight chuckles.

Edumond nods to Roelon.

Humongor nods to you.

Jorak asks, "Can you describe these Demons Edumond?"

Magierrah says, "nite nite biggun"

Magierrah just gave Roelon a smooch.

Armaxis nods to Gretel.

Armaxis says, "Have a good evening."

Hyssopp says, "Might consider a hobby after ye defeat the disrespect intended"

Draegar says, "it may be disorderly, it may be lound and sometimes head off in odd directions, but by Koar it would always...BE... "

You chuckle at Eight.

Roelon says, "Just have tasks that must be done else where."

Gretel smiles at Armaxis.

Gretel just went out.

Magierrah nods to Roelon.

Magierrah smiles.

Roelon waves.

You nod to Draegar.

Tilone nods to Draegar.

Eight says, "But there are those that jump the crossbow in the most disciplined of armies too so"

Eight shrugs.

Magierrah says, "there went a true gentleman knight"

Draegar says, "and there is the crux of it...our power to live and flourish in the face of and in the midst of despair, disagreement, chaos"

Edumond says, "They are fierce. They are capable of attacking the mind as well as the body. They can be handled alone or in small groups, but if they gather again in numbers, all may be lost."

Jorak asks, "gather again?"

Hyssopp shudders.

Cryheart asks, "so this Wall keeps them separated?"

You say, "As lang as any single 'un o' us remains standin', though we disagree wi' our fellows on religion an' philosophy, we will each fight ta defend th' others rights ta their individuality."

Tilone says, "Or all may be won."

Draegar gasps.

Tilone smiles at Edumond.

Eight says, "But chaos is a very powerful force, as powerful as order."

Hyssopp says, "Well..we nae want that."

Edumond says, "The wall helps."

Draegar says, "but...but"

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Arwen leans on Kerl.

Hyssopp says, "Gosh..I am really gonna sleep not well tonight."

Cryheart says, "Chaos and Order are a balance in nature..."

Kerl smiles at Arwen.

Jorak asks, "Is there anything special required to slay them?"

Eight says, "In chaos there is beauty, invention, and creativity, where order tends to stifle it"

Cryheart asks, "so the demons are the Chaos and you the Order?"

Tilone says, "You need a really scary weapon"

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Sung asks, "m'lord Edumond can you explain the wall? what exactly is the wall?"

Torquith says, "..then I side with the demons..."

Tilone indicates her vultite broadsword with a smile.

Edumond says, "Chaos is not our way, though we strive to understand it better."

Metadi asks, "To understand chaos?"

Edumond says, "The wall is a wall."

Draegar says, "If I wasn't so sure I was not this intelligent, I would say that the Scourge that Edumond's order fights, is frightening close in feel and in dedication to the demons we face in our own people. Those whoe are discontent, those who spread hatred and fear. Or perhaps general apathy"

Jorak says, "I've slain a demon with but faith, not the edge of a blade."

Jorak leans on Tilone.

Edumond nods to Metadi.

A pained expression crosses Draegar's face.

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Sung asks, "a physical wall of stone or brick?"

Cryheart asks, "but ye seek to strengten learning how we live with our Chaos? right?"

Tilone says, "I scare em to death."

Tilone winks at Jorak.

Edumond nods to Sung.

Hyssopp asks, "One questions..since the Faendryl brought them into our world..has any of yer order approached them to do we put them back?"

Hyssopp peers quizzically at Edumond.

Jorak smiles.

Tilone says, "No self respectin demon would admit they got kilt by that blade"

Tilone gazes in wonder at her surroundings.

Armaxis glances at Hyssopp.

Armaxis says, "You trap them, and banish them. The hard part isss trapping them."

Armaxis smirks.

Cryheart asks, "Where be this Wall Sir Edumond?"

Cryheart nods to Draegar.

Magierrah says, "if ye'll excuse me the comment Lord Edumond.. wishing to understand our chaos is impossible unless yer willing to be chaos"

Hyssopp says, "There is an idea Armaxis"

Eight says, "Demons are easily detroyed with faith."

Kerl asks, "Sir Edumond, you are here to study... why did you chose this place to study?"

You grin.

Magierrah says, "unless yer willing to love and laugh"

Edumond says, "They do not communicate well with the Empire. They seem to not be effected by the Scourge, or have forged a pact."

You nod to Magierrah.

Kerl scratches at his beard.

Armaxis raises an eyebrow in Edumond's direction.

Kerl asks, "what is it that drew you here?"

Hyssopp says, "Spoken by a dark elf"

Edumond says, "I am here to understand the Contradiction."

Hyssopp says, " see Lord Edumond..we just gotta trap them"

Magierrah says, "ya can no understand something unless ya live it"

Hyssopp says, "Then let the Faendryl put them back."

Cryheart says, "the contradiction of Chaos within our Order it seems"

Kerl says, "I'm afraid I don't understand what the Contradiction is"

Draegar asks, "Sir Edumond, have you personally ever seen a minion of this Scourge? A physical embodiment of yer enemy?"

Edumond says, "The Contradiction that you are unordered and undisciplined, yet you flourish."

Magierrah smiles.

Eight says, "perfect Chaos and order are two sides of the same coin."

Kerl rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Edumond nods to Draegar.

Eight shrugs.

Armaxis chuckles.

Cryheart nods.

Tilone says, "M'lord, that's what we're trying to tell you."

Cryheart says, "it is a balance"

Metadi says, "Only in balance can one thrive."

Tilone says, "We flourish BECAUSE of our diversity."

Magierrah says, "why are men so dense about such things? life is not all war and strife"

Draegar asks, "could ye describe this entity to us?"

You nod to Tilone.

Draegar peers quizzically at Edumond.

Eight nods to Tilone.

Parro begins chuckling at Magierrah.

Edumond says, "They have many forms."

Draegar smiles.

Cryheart asks, "as in ?"

Hyssopp says, "Step 1..find Demon..Step 2 trap demon..Step 3 Find Faendryl..Step 4 Have Faendryl banish Demon."

Cryheart smiles.

Edumond says, "They can also take the form of a friend or loved one."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

You blink.

Humongor asks, "Eh?"

You frown.

Humongor blinks.

Jorak sighs.

Armaxis says, "I believe what he speaksss of isss more...subtle, Hyssopp."

Eight nods.

Edumond says, "They can also take your body."

Tilone says, "Sounds like my last date for a dance"

Tilone mutters under her breath.

You ask, "But ... I thought they was contained by yer wall?"

Eight says, "I've witnessed demons such as this before"

Jorak growls ferociously!

Magierrah says, "not unless I get dinner first"

Draegar says, "I must be failing to drink as much as usual. This Scourge sounds frighteningly like the physical embodiment of the discord in our lands"

Eight nods to Edumond.

Magierrah surveys the area.

Sung asks, "and your wall prevents this?"

Edumond says, "We fight."

Hyssopp says, "Subtle ..dont know the word..sorry"

Mnar stands up.

Mnar just went out.

Sung asks, "contains them?"

Eight says, "long ago"

Evia says, "I would say there is a degree of order, discipline to a degree, along with chaos. And that chaos exists on its own in all things. One can only hope to learn to be innovative and perhaps of sharp wit when chaos is rampant."

Hyssopp gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Draegar says, "if it is, then everything that Sir Edumond has said, falls into place utterly"

Edumond says, "Sung, the wall helps."

Sung nods to Edumond.

Sung says, "I see"

Kerl asks, "Sir Edumond, does more life grow in a farmers field, or in the forest?"

Kerl says, "I ask this to help you understand why we are successful"

Kerl smiles at Edumond. Tilone nods to Kerl.

You ask, "Sir Edumond, should these demons take other forms, how might they be recognized?"

Edumond says, "More life grows in a farmer's field."

Armaxis asks, "Tell me, what does thisss...Scourge do, specifically? What are...signsss of it's presence?"

Tyrang's group just went out.

Armaxis raises an eyebrow in Edumond's direction.

Tilone looks over at Edumond and shakes her head.

Eight begins chuckling at Edumond.

Sung says, "it would explain your necessity of full order"

Parro says, "G'eve to ye all..."

Tilone says, "Bonk, bonk, wrong answer."

Kerl says, "that is not true, unless your forests are barren"

Tilone grins.

Parro says, "Yer talk has been most interesting once again, Edumond."

Parro bows to Edumond.

Edumond says, "Each year, when the farmer destroys the life in his field, new life grows."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Edumond says, "The forest simply perpetuates."

You say, "Mayhap, then, we be like th' forest."

You grin.

Evia smiles at you.

Tilone says, "But without any help from any farmer."

Edumond says, "I think you to be more like the field."

Evia says, "an attempt at control of chaos"

Cryheart says, "methaphorcially speaking"

Metadi says, "A field is walked on. A forest is walked in."

You ask, "But would nae th' field require order an' discipline ta thrive?"

Edumond glances at you.

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Tilone says, "No, m'lord, methinks you're more like the field. We be a bit more like that wild lil forest."

You ask, "Such things which ye say we lack?"

Hyssopp says, "I know this will upset alot of folks..but we do need to join forces Sir Edumond and that means with the likes of the Dark Elves"

Magierrah nods to Tilone.

Tilone gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

You say, "A field must be seeded, tended, an' harvested."

Hyssopp says, "They understand the nature of the demons well."

Tilone says, "Scuse me"

Metadi nods to Hyssopp.

You say, "Tha' requires order an' discipline"

Tilone gestures into the air.

Humongor nods to you.

Sung says, "mayhaps we are like a poorly kept field then"

Eight says, "The forest is not ordered, the field is, that is the difference, and what he's trying to show, forests grow great trees, and are very difficult to be destroyed, fields grow fast growing plants which are easily harvested"

You say, "Mayhap, Sung"

Hyssopp says, "I wouldnt trust 'em..but you should enlist their help" You chuckle.

Sung says, "so things manage to grow, somethings are weeds"

Sung says, "some things are choked and die"

Edumond glances at Eight.

Hyssopp smiles pratical usual.

Metadi says, "In a forest, things die according to their natures."

Cryheart says, "so a field must be tended"

Metadi leans on Hyssopp.

Kerl nods to Cryheart.

Cryheart says, "a forest grows naturally"

Edumond says, "I understand the metaphor, but I fail to see the relevance."

Torquith says, "I think this whole allegory should be buried in a field wit da rolton pies..."

Eight says, "not to mention the forest is also an entire system, the field isn't"

You say, "An' thrive wi'out intervention"

Torquith snorts.

Kerl says, "the relevance is that both grow, one by order, one by chaos"

Edumond nods to Jorak.

You nod to Kerl.

Jorak bows to Edumond.

Cryheart nods to Kerl.

Jorak gestures and utters a phrase of magic.

Kerl says, "and it is in the same way as the forest that we are successful"

Eight says, "The difference is, ya line yer soldiers, and thoughts up in orderered rows, they're easily destroyed"

Jorak slings a bright moon crested tower shield off from over his shoulder.

You say, "We wish ta learn moir o' his order an' discipline an' he o' our chaos."

You grin.

Eight says, "but if you have many different minds and people, all thinking differently, it's very difficult to kill them all"

Magierrah says, "now that's the first thing I heard that makes any sense Eight"

Edumond says, "Life is chaos. Intelligence brings order to the chaos. Duty raises us up from the anarchy."

Magierrah nods to Eight.

Eight says, "or destroy them or whatever"

Pyranth says, "Chaos an order.. the same coin.. other sides"

Cryheart says, "as ye seek to know and learn from us..we also seek to learn and know are thee Sir Edumond.."

Mnar just arrived.

You nod.

Cryheart says, "we all have a duty we serve"

Kerl says, "we have order as well, but our order is far more limited than yours, just as there is some order to the forest"

Eight says, "intelligence doesn't nessecarily bring order....that's a misconception"

Edumond says, "I don't know as though I have much to teach you."

Cryheart nods to Edumond.

Hyssopp says, "That is well and good Sir Edumond..but in the order of to speak..dont overlook the obvious"

Hyssopp smiles and points out the dark elves in the room.

Eight says, "you can live intelligently in chaos"

Cryheart says, "but you present us with knowledge about the Scourge..which may aid us "

Draegar says, "you have put certain thoughts into order in my mind this evening Sir Edumond, so yes, you have something to teach, if not directly."

You nod to Draegar.

Mnar nods.

Humongor nods to Draegar.

Tilone says, "Sorry bout that. My friend died."

Tilone smiles.

Cryheart rubs Tilone gently.

Edumond says, "I must be off for the night."

You say, "Any idea which is new an' promotes thought is valuable."

Kerl says, "I am not trying to tell you that order isn't good, far from it. Just to try to explain how it is we grow and thrive here"

You bow to Edumond.

Tilone bows to Edumond.

Cryheart bows to Edumond.

Mnar nods to Hyssopp.

You say, "We thank ye fer th' discourse, sir." Humongor bows to Edumond.

Hyssopp curtsies to Edumond.

Edumond says, "I thank you all for your hospitality."

Metadi removes a silvery mein broadsword from in his threaded war harness.

Sung curtsies to Edumond.

Tilone says, "It's been enlightening, m'lord."

Kerl bows to Edumond.

Metadi turns towards Edumond and renders a sharp salute with his mein broadsword.

Eight frowns.

Humongor says, "I wish ye a pleasant eve."

Draegar says, "It has been, once again, interesting and pleasurable Sir Edumond"

Armaxis says, "Yesss, well...good evening."

Mnar nods to Edumond.

Armaxis nods to Edumond.

Draegar bows to Edumond.

Kerl says, "travel well Sir"

Cryheart says, "was a knowledgable discussion Sir Knight"

Pyranth bows to Edumond.

Tilone says, "And definately a source of food for thought."

Tilone grins.

Metadi says, "Thank ye for the discussion, Edumond."

Eight says, "Good day to you sir, I hope we will see you later, and few of this scourge"

Lord Armaxis just went out.

Magierrah says, "come back when yer ready to experience chaos again"

Magierrah grins.

You say, "May Kai guide ye in yer quest, Sir."

Lord Edumond just went out.

Lady Arwen's group just went out.

Magierrah says, "poor fellow.. knows nothing of love"

Draegar shrugs.

Metadi says, "I've always thought that Kai nae guides us Ruffelin."

Metadi says, "He stands by our sides and strengthens us when in need, but he lets us make our own choices."

Magierrah says, "I think women scare him.. he rarely even talked to one of us"