The Empress is Dead -- Long Live the Emperor!

Parkshnuum Clan condemns the dead Empress
Day 24 of Fashanos, 5103 (2/24/2003)

The leaders of the Parkshnuum Clan issued a statement regarding the death of the Empress Mynal'lyanna. The statement condemned regicide as a whole, but condemned the choices of Mynal'lyanna's rule as well. In part, the statement read, "While the murder of any legitimate ruler is an undeniable crime, the legitimacy of a ruler who permits and encourages the enslavement, degradation, and murder of a free people must be questioned. Her successor should learn from this example and be more intelligent in his actions. When no mercy has been offered, no mercy can be expected. We do not condone regicide, but Mynal'lyanna's death can only serve as a lesson to the rest of the world."

TheParkshnuum dwarves are known to be particularly bitter toward the Turamzzyrian Empire due to the actions of Baron Hochstib of Jantalar, who enslaved the dwarves living in the province of Talador and killed hundreds of their number in 5094 as a show of his power.

Ta'Illistim regrets the death of the Human Empress
Day 24 of Fasanos, 5103 (2/24/2003)

A diplomatic emissary conveyed a message from Ta'Illistim, expressing the regrets of Ta'Illistim's queen in regards to the untimely death of Mynal'lyanna Anodheles. In part, the message read, "The citizens of Ta'Illistim mourn the passing of Mynal'lyanna Anodheles, and we fear that the planned renaissance of her reign will die along with its creator. We invite Aurmont Anodheles to accept the available opportunity to usher in a more civilized way of life for his people."

The emissary left as soon as the message had been delivered. No official response to the emissary's message was available, but tensions between Ta'Illistim and the Dwarven clans are expected as a result.

Turamzzyrian Succession
Day 18 of Fashanos, 5103 (2/18/2003)

After a detailed and careful examination of the late Empress's lineage and all appropriate potential successors to the throne, the identity of the next Emperor has been determined. Surrounded by all appropriate ceremony, Aurmont Anodheles will accept the crown of the Turamzzyrian Empire at a date yet to be determined. Considering the circumstances surrounding the late Empress's death, the coronation will be held at a time and place fitting to the new Emperor and to all considerations of security. (Needless to say, it will not be the city of Solhaven.)

Aurmont Anodheles is the first cousin of the late Empress. Considering the circumstances of his position, it is not believed that he has any relation to the assassination of Mynal'lyanna Anodheles, and his surprise and grief over his cousin's death are widely believed to be genuine.

Aside from an appropriate respect for the Church of Koar, Aurmont's religious inclinations are unknown at this time, and he is not noted for strong views regarding Chaston's Edict. His intentions regarding the late Empress's desire to expand the reach of the Turmzzyrian Empire are also unknown. However, there is no doubt that all will become clear as the new Emperor's reign progresses.

Thy Empire hails thee, Aurmont Anodheles, and the new era marked by your reign!

Official Coronation

On Charlatos 3, thousands of people knelt in Tamzyrr to honor His Imperial Majesty, Aurmont Anodheles, as the imperial crown first graced his head. The time-honored rites of the coronation were completed without any mishap, and Phoen's golden orb shone down from a cloudless sky as His Imperial Majesty swore to lead and guide the united Turamzzyrian Empire for all the days of his life. May the blessings of Koar be forever upon him!

The only son of Turallos Anodheles and Ayibma Chandrennin, Aurmont Anodheles was born in the city of Elstreth on Imaerasta 27, 5070. Despite being born beneath the Trident, Aurmont has shown little predisposition toward violence. As an adolescent, he served as a squire on the Demonwall, but his position was largely the product of his family influence, and a few years were ample time to demonstrate to young Aurmont that he was not destined for a martial vocation. He has spent the last ten years of his life within the walls of Chantry College in Nydds, studying the histories and tomes describing the Turamzzyrian Empire's past.

At this time, His Imperial Majesty is unmarried, leaving the line of succession in doubt if anything should happen to the new Emperor. While many young noblewomen hope to remedy this situation shortly, His Imperial Majesty's attention clearly lies far more with determining why he is Emperor than determining who else will be Emperor next -- the issue of Mynal'lyanna's death and the responsibilities of his new position lie at the forefront of the Emperor's attention, and more personal matters will simply have to wait.

As chroniclers race to search the histories for information about His Imperial Majesty's heritage, the nobility of the Empire studies the record of his life for indications of his political leanings, but little is to be found. Despite Aurmont's distaste for his enviroment, he served nobly and well in his time as a squire. His best-known essays from his time in Chantry College are strictly limited to examinations of the motivations and effects of actions taken in Turamzzyrian history; they contain none of his own views upon political matters, and so they serve very poorly as fodder for those who seek to know him better.

Between his upbringing in Aldora, his maturity in South Hendor, and his mother's own worship, it is understood that His Imperial Majesty holds an accustomed respect for the temples and monestaries of Voln, but his private religious feelings are unknown. Some have speculatively noted that the cities of Elstretch and Nydds share a similar attitude of acceptance toward ordlyn and hathlyn, accepting them as near-equals, which is rare among the southern territories. Others dismiss this as coincidence, pointing out that any wealthy scholar would seek out the scholastic center of the Empire regardless of personal views on foreigners and half-breeds.

The comet still glimmers in day and night sky alike, just as it shone over Emperor Aurmont's coronation. Some secretly whisper that heavenly grace has left the Empire with the death of Koar's chosen, but others say that Mynal'lyanna's death was guided by the will of the gods. At this time, Aurmont himself seems to be setting the question of Koar's will aside in favor of uncovering the secular answers to his cousin's death.

Some of the more superstitious citizens of the Empire have taken to wearing lockets containing the Emperor's miniature as a way to ward off any curse the comet may bring. Others have taken to wearing all black as they live "in mourning for the Empire," or marking themselves with tattooed or painted blue patterns in order to "draw the comet's blessing into their minds." The lockets are generally approved-of by lawmakers and authorities, but the tattoos and the mourning garb are not. Several of the black-robed mourners have killed themselves or others, and at least three blue-painted citizens of the Empire have gone mad.

Emperor Aurmont's Lockets (3/12/2003)

These same lockets were made available in Solhaven:

A lady named Darva was in Solhaven this evening selling lockets with a portrait of Emperor Aurmont inside. The lockets sold for 5000, with the portrait appearing as follows:

The small locket contains the image of a human male in his early thirties, skillfully captured with an artist's careful brushstrokes. His green eyes gaze calmly through the panel of clear glass, and several fine grey streaks run through his short brown hair. His calm expression is well-suited to the regal crown resting atop his brow. A small spotted orchid blossom has been engraved on either side of the locket's frame, and a Turamzzyrian sunburst crest set with a star ruby adorns the back.