Malwind's Audience - Reparations, Traitors, and Banishment

[Vornavis, Great Hall]
On a low dais, spanning the southern end of the hall, three regal chairs of state rest before an embroidered tapestry of the Rising Swan of Vornavis that covers the wall behind them. Banners bearing the coats-of-arms of knights in service to the barony hang from the railing of the second floor gallery that lines the other three sides of the Great Hall. Opposite the dais a pair of large fel doors, inlaid with gold scrolling, are set in the north wall.
Also here: Galesmight, Lissanne, Kinshack, Frorin, Edenmoon, Metadi, Chura, Azaton, Zyanna, Strathe, Brinn, Evia, Cryheart, Yarx, Geijon, Xanith, Tatiyanna, Tagari, Shirkon, Yviara, Kriztian, Shallimar, Lord Catthief, Evelith, Ichiko, Lady Kasia, Sapphirea, High Lord Valicar, High Lord Cemb, Earl Eddric who is sitting, Baron Dunrith who is sitting
Obvious paths: none

An aged chamberlain just came through a pair of large fel doors.

An aged chamberlain says, "Good evening, and welcome to the Baronial Court. The Lords Earl Jovery and Baron Malwind will be taking any questions posed to them this night. Let us try and maintain a modicum of respectable quiet."

An aged chamberlain says, "If you would pose a question to the court, please raise your hands now and I will call upon you. I remind those attending to be mindful of etiquette and not speak out of turn."

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Tierus. Please step forward."

(Tierus steps forward, walking with a smooth, rolling gait.)

(Tierus bows first to Eddric, and then to Dunrith.)

Eddric nods to Tierus.

Dunrith nods to Tierus.

Tierus says, "Good evening, Excellencies." He speaks smoothly, his voice devoid of all but the barest hint of an accent. "As both of you honored sirs probably know, there were a number of Mandis-bane weapons forged in the past few days."

Tierus says, "The question I would ask is this: need we be worried about future Mandis incursions into the area? Or shall we place these weapons away? I was myself only aware of three crystals, but I have heard rumors of more."

Eddric smiles.

Eddric stands up.

(Tierus nods his head into the silence, carefully looking neither the Earl nor the Baron in the eyes.)

Eddric says, "Rumors do seem to persist of there being more crystals, but I have been assured from those in Tamzyrr that no others were ever observed being sent north to Jantalar."

Eddric says, "The concensus is that we are safe from encountering more of them in the near future."

Eddric smiles.

Deavon stares off into space.

Eddric sits down.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Turinrond."

Turinrond strides a few steps forward.

Turinrond shifts his weight.

Turinrond coldly says, "That being noted, however, I see that it seems possible that the Emperor may have occasion.."

Turinrond coldly says, "To rethink the matter of Chaston's Edict, and so forth."

Turinrond coldly says, "To show that all of us, non-humans, are not .. the beasts we may seem"

Turinrond coldly says, "I would to present the court with a gift."

Turinrond coldly says, "And ask nothing in return, but that ye accept."

Turinrond draws his vultite longsword. It makes a strange sound as it slides from his cloak, like the distant scream of a forlorn soul.

Turinrond coldly says, "This is a Bane weapon. It was forged by the Dwarf Clunk of Zul Lugoth."

Turinrond coldly says, "I used it to destroy the crystal outside of Icemule Trace."

Eddric smiles at Turinrond.

Turinrond coldly says, "With many others, many non-humans."

Turinrond coldly says, "Side by side with your knights."

Eddric nods to Turinrond.

Turinrond coldly says, "I would that ye accept this as a token of our intent in a peace and unity for Elanthia."

Turinrond offers Eddric an elegant vultite longsword.

Turinrond kneels down.

Eddric stands up.

Eddric accepts Turinrond's vultite longsword.

Turinrond coldly says, "Thank ye."

Turinrond stands up.

Turinrond turns towards Eddric and renders a sharp hand salute.

Turinrond turns towards Dunrith and renders a sharp hand salute.

Turinrond takes a few steps back.

Eddric says, "I thank you for this noteworthy gift, and will see that it is taken to Tamzyrr and presented to the Emperor with your regards."

Turinrond coldly says, "This is all that I could ask."

(Turinrond bows deeply.)

Cemb peers quizzically at Eddric.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Shikel."

Shikel smiles at the aged chamberlain.

Shikel stands up.

Shikel bows.

Shikel softly says, "My Lords."

Shikel bows to Eddric.

Shikel bows to Dunrith.

Eddric nods to Shikel.

Shikel softly says, "I have less a question to put before you, as more a concern of my own and many others."

Shikel softly says, "When troops of both Vornavis and Hendor were issued to the Landing region to aid us in the occupation, we were overjoyed."

Shikel softly says, "However, several people, some of which should know better, did not feel as we did, and maimed and killed your soldiers, brave men who were fighting for our freedom."

Shikel softly says, "I wish to name to you several confirmed murderers, if you'll allow me. Only several were informed that I would be reporting them, as I could not find them all."

Cemb grins.

Eddric nods to Shikel.

Shikel softly says, "Those that I charge with the murder of our comrades in arms are as follows: Cemb, Warclaidhm, Icedragon, Xrothgar, Tsin, Ooeytooie, Fewen."

Shikel softly says, "Even now I am learning of more people to add to this list of traitors."

Shikel softly says, "But I will refrain from speaking of them till I have it confirmed."

Kinshack says, "i will confirm that everyone on the list did as charged."

Fewen cheerfully says, "see here, i never touched a vornavis soldier"

Fewen cheerfully says, "not once"

Haxley asks, "What about Hendorian?"

Haxley glances at Fewen.

Fewen cheerfully says, "nae touched one o them eather"

An aged chamberlain says, "Let us *not* fall into disorder. This is a noble court. Please act in accordance."

Shikel softly says, "Those that confirmed these names I will leave in anonymity, as I

Eddric nods to Shikel.

Shikel softly says, "Though I will cooperate if an investigation is to come from this report."

Eddric says, "Thank you for the information. We had heard rumors of such actions ourselves and do plan to address the situation."

Cemb raises an eyebrow in Eddric's direction.

Eddric sits down.

Eddric nods to Shikel.

Haxley glances at Fewen.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Charna."

Charna strides a few steps forward.

(Morilinde carefully follows behind Charna, her staff-tip sweeping slightly ahead of her.)

Charna curtsies.

(Yukito moves foward)

Yukito bows.

Tyraesa moves to stand behind Charna.

(Tunder takes a step forward)

Eddric nods to Charna.

(Tierus steps slowly forward, moving in tandem with Charna's group.)

Tunder kneels down.

Tunder bows.

Dunrith nods.

Dunrith smiles.

Charna says, "Milords all o' us o' Haven tha' lived through this time under yer care appreciated tha' aid tha' was sent up ta' our sister city in tha' north."

Cemb smirks.

Charna says, "May o' tha' Refugees tha' came ta' us were o'er joyed with tha' aid sent ta' those o' tha' Houses of Phenoix, Tha' Fury, Tha' Silver Gryphons, House Onior an' tha' Protectors."

Charna says, "An' I can truly say tha' when a group o' HERT went up ta' aid in manin' tha' ballista' towers tha' it did our hearts proud ta' see them fightin against those tha' would take away tha' meanin' o' Freedom. Somethin' tha' those o' us in tha' Freeport know an' cherish."

Charna blushes a nice shade of bright pink.

Charna says, "Please forgive me I did."

Charna says, "I am reminded tha' those wha' fought up there were lead under Lord Izalude an' by tha' side o' tha' Ardenai Knights as well."

Cemb begins chuckling at Charna!

Charna says, "An' I know tha' many o' us were upset when we saw Vornavian's an' Hendorian's fall."

Charna says, "I couldnae help but think as I came home from me first night on tha' Ballista' crew tha' these men an' woman were leavin' behind children an' loved ones."

Charna says, "Me friends here ha' with them green packs filled with clothin' items fer tha' Fallen Vornavian an Hendorian families."

Revalos drops an emerald green backpack.

Tunder prods an emerald green backpack with the tip of his finger.

Charna says, "Ta' aid them in their times ahead."

(Tierus steps forward and deposits his backpack a few paces before the Baron and Earl.)

Cappurnicus drops an emerald green backpack.

Tierus drops an emerald green backpack.

Dunrith stands up.

Charna says, "I would like ta' note tha' the clothin' items were donated by Bellelaide, Beauxyeux, Bexol, Borithium, Carene, Capurnicus, Copernicus,Dreggin, Eilithyia, Filswolf, Finiswolf, Jequel, , Kiesha, Kilthal,Kyntair,, Pyrocit, Revalos, Rimlin, Seaaira, Siendrel, Siirmal, Tevraynni, Tierus, Tyraesa, Tunder, Woodlark, and Yukito"

Charna says, "We also ha'e some food items as well."

(Yukito steps foward)

Yukito drops a simple tanik chest.

Charna says, "These were gathered mostly by Morilinde, Siirmal, and Holyeagle."

(Morilinde takes a couple careful steps forward and places the food hamper on the floor.)

Morilinde drops a braided rattan food hamper.

(Yukito steps back)

Yukito bows.

Dunrith says, "Thank you, your thoughtfulness and generosity are remarkable in a time when many look to their own best interests."

Charna removes an emerald green haversack from in her jade-clasped cloak.

Charna blushes a nice shade of bright pink.

Dunrith smiles at Charna.

Charna says, "There is more."

(Kinshack inclines his head respectfully to Charna and the group with her.)

Dunrith says, "I am not surprised."

Charna blushes a nice shade of bright pink.

Charna moves to stand in front of Dunrith.

Charna offers Dunrith an emerald green haversack.

Dunrith accepts Charna's green haversack.

Charna says, "There are funds in tha' pack tha' equal o'er one million silvers."

Dunrith blinks.

Charna says, "Those funds were presented ta' me by Dame Yviara, Sir Eahlstan, Sir Cryheart and Sir Brinn of tha' Silver Gryphons,Sir Grandevr on behalf of all of House Onior and Lord Jotter."

Dunrith says, "A haversack stuffed with promissory notes. Impressive."

Dunrith smiles.

Cemb frowns.

Charna says, "An' now I ha'e tha' sad fortune o' returnin' somethin' ta' ye."

Charna takes a storm grey backpack off her back.

Dunrith says, "I will see that the funds are distributed to those who lost relatives in the fighting."

Charna nods to Dunrith.

Charna says, "Thank ye."

(Tyraesa takes a few hesitant steps forward, and stands next to Charna.)

Charna says, "These backpacks are filled with tha' weapons o' yer men. Many o' use didnae wish them ta' go back ta' tha' Jants as trophies."

Charna drops a storm grey backpack.

Tyraesa drops a storm grey backpack.

Dunrith nods to Charna.

Xeromist shifts his weight.

Shikel nods to Fewen.

Charna says, "I truly wish tha' we had less in tha' weapons backs an' more in tha' others."

Charna says, "But this is how war is..."

Charna smiles faintly.

Dunrith nods.

Charna takes a few steps back.

Charna blushes a nice shade of bright pink.

Dunrith bows.

Dunrith sits down.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Eahlstan."

You bow deeply at the waist, honoring Eddric.

You bow deeply at the waist, honoring Dunrith.

You say, "Good Evening, Earl Jovery, Baron Malwind."

Eddric nods to you.

Dunrith nods to you.

You say, "First of all, I would like to thank you for sending aid to the landing. It was a huge boost to morale, and an honor to fight alongside the soldiers of North Hendor, and Vornavis."

You say, "I would inquire of you on the status of Baron Hochstib, both Politically and Militarily. I would like to know if he is in any position to make an attack upon the Landing in the future, without the use of the Mana Disruption Crystals, and if he is to remain Baron of Jantalar."

Eddric nods.

Eddric stands up.

Eddric says, "Baron Hochstib still rules Jantalar and its subordinate baronies of Talador and Mestanir. His army is still in the field although it has withdrawn somewhat from the Landing. We believe he is in dire straights without the crystals, but is unwilling to admit defeat."

Eddric says, "Aside from the loss of the crystals, there has been no word from the Emperor to suggest that Baron Hochstib's domain would be forfeit nor his power diminished."

Eddric says, "However,it is clear that a final decision has not yet been made."

You say, "Thank you, Earl Jovery."

You bow to Eddric.

Eddric nods to you.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Mekthros."

(Mekthros strides quietly forward, his staff making sharp rapping sounds upon the cold floor as he moves.)

Mekthros quietly says, "My... esteemed lords."

Mekthros clearly says, "I have a fairly simple query for, perhaps, Earl Eddric."

Mekthros clearly says, "It would seem to me that Emperor Anodheles, as of last audience, wished the Mandis Crystals intact."

Mekthros clearly says, "That is, he had no desire to see them destroyed."

Mekthros clearly asks, "So... now that they are, and perhaps even by his own agents, what might you know of his response to this?"

Edenmoon smiles at Geijon.

Mekthros clearly says, "It would seem he would be bitter at losing these rather precious possessions."

Eddric stands up.

Eddric says, "That is assuming that he regarded them as precious."

Mekthros clearly says, "Indeed."

Eddric says, "When last I spoke with the Emperor he expressed concern over rumors that imperial knights might have had a hand in the destruction of the crystals, and he suggested that he would dispatch his personal agents to investigate the rumors further...when they were free."

Eddric says, "He has already dispatched messengers to Jantalar to inquire after Baron Hochstib's apparent inability to deliver them when they were whole."

An aged chamberlain starts to announce something, then begins to cough violently for a few moments. He stumbles a bit, then calls upon an attendant for a glass of water.

A youth clad in dark green livery ushers a pitcher of water over to the chamberlain, who takes a gulp of it thankfully.

An aged chamberlain clears his throat.

An aged chamberlain says clearly, "The court recognizes Sothog."

Sothog stands up.

(Sothog stands and faces the nobles, and bows respectfully.)

Sothog asks, "Noble lords, I bid the greetings. In light of the recent events in Mestanir, has there been any word as to the disposition of Jantalarian forces within that territory?"

Dunrith says, "We have heard rumors of several different changes in the disposition of troops in that area, but nothing substantial."

Dunrith says, "At this time all indications are that the situation is essentially unchanged, but that it will not remain so."

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Shonison."

Shonison stands up.

Shonison bows to Dunrith.

Shonison bows to Eddric.

Shonison says, "Earl Eddric, I am wondering if, with the destruction of the Mandis Crystal in Mestanir, you will support that barony's return to its rightful place as a self ruled province of the empire. This would also seem to be within your rights as Northern Sentinel, would it not? And to Baron Malwind, I ask if you will make efforts to throw the Jantalarians out of eastern Vornavis area now that Hochstib's forces are reeling in defeat"

Edine smiles straight ahead as he eyes both Earl Eddric and Baron Dunrith as nothing but perhaps equals.

Eddric stands up.

Eddric nods to Shonison.

Sothog coughs.

Sothog stares off into space.

Eddric says, "I will be making inquiries into the welfare of Mestanir and the intentions that Baron Hochstib has for it. I suspect that his ability to maintain his rule is greatly impaired now so he may be more willing to discuss changes with the inhabitants and the clergy there."

Eddric sits down.

Dunrith nods to Eddric.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Songowl."

Dunrith says, "And we expect that soon the Janatalarian forces trying to stake a claim to the eastern holding will leave of their own accord. Although we are not against individuals continuing to induce them to do so sooner."

Dunrith winks.

Shonison grins.

Songowl softly says, "my original concerns have already been address, so I'll pose another instead.."

Songowl softly asks, "there are persistant rumors of growing tensions between the Empire and House Illistim over the strange creatures many refer to as v'reen.. being as the closest we have to an imformation source from the capital, could you perhaps shed light on these rumors?"

Dunrith glances at Eddric.

Eddric nods.

Eddric stands up.

Eddric asks, "You are referring to the rumors of growing tension or to information about the creatures?"

Songowl softly says, "the tension moreso"

Eddric nods.

Eddric says, "From what I have heard, I believe it is true that tensions are on the increase."

Eddric says, "However, the stories behind the origin of the creatures do nothing to improve the relations between the Empire and the elven nations."

Eddric says, "At this point it is difficult to dismiss all evidence of elven involvement behind this lone researcher."

Eddric says, "But I suspect you will see no real action or pronouncement until some more conclusive evidence is forthcoming."

Eddric nods to Songowl.

Eddric sits down.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Atlanteax."

Atlanteax haughtily says, "Sir Earl Eddric Jovery, with a precedent set by how you took the initiative in intervening in the town of Wehnimer's against the Jantalarians lead by Baron Hochstib, I am curious if you will again intervene on behalf of Vornavis in regard to the border conflict that still exists between Baron Dunrith Malwind and Hochstib. Coupled with the forced retreat of Jantalarian forces from the far North, presumely this would effective put in check any further ambitions of Baron Hochstib."

Eddric says, "If the Jantalarian forces do not withdraw within the next few days of their own accord I will be forced to send Hendoran troops against them."

Eddric says, "I try to avoid pitting imperial troops against other imperial troops, but your assessment is accurate."

Atlanteax haughtily says, "That will answer the questions I had been speculating about, thank you Sir"

Eddric says, "The time for Baron Hochstib's ambitions are over. He needs to return home and leave his neighbors alone."

Eddric nods to Atlanteax.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Cemb."

Cemb smiles.

Cemb asks, "I have at least two questions, is that acceptable?"

Cemb peers quizzically at an aged chamberlain.

An aged chamberlain says, "Ask what you will. I do not rule over this court."

An aged chamberlain smiles.

Cemb nods.

Cemb says, "Alright"

Cemb asks, "Earl Jovery, given the recent changes and such, and your appointing of knights sworn to you and the empire, I would ask how you view the Landing at this time, still wilds or as your territory, and or how you would see it in the future?"

Eddric nods to Cemb.

Eddric stands up.

Eddric says, "I view the town of Wehnimer's Landing and it's environs as a region beyond the boundaries of the Empire and largely left to its own devices and its own defence. I expect to see it in the future as an amiable neighbor to the Northern Marches of the Empire."

Cemb asks, "That is a change from what I have heard in the past and it is refreshing if it is truelly ment. My second question would be related to that, when do you forsee Solhaven being freed once again from your rule and put back into the rightful merchant hands it has always been trusted in?"

Eddric says, "That is up to the Emperor to decide. The Freeport status of the town was revoked in reaction to the Empress' assassination. It rests with the Emperor to change that status when he sees fit."

Cemb frowns.

Dunrith stands up.

Cemb peers quizzically at Dunrith.

Dunrith says, "I have a pair of questions in return."

Cemb asks, "I have a third, if that's acceptable?"

Dunrith says, "It can wait."

Cemb asks, "after yours to me?"

Cemb nods.

Dunrith asks, "My first is, in light of the over five years of friendship which this barony, myself, and my family have extended to you and the Order of the Silver Gryphon, by what possible mental activity did you judge it prudent to attack forces sent to aid your town's defence, and how many did you slay?"

Cemb begins chuckling at Dunrith!

Cemb says, "Perhaps I should ask my question then in response, as it lends to why I did so, and I'll answer then as well, with my reasons."

Cemb says, "What went into the desiscion to send second rate troops to the landing, sent there to die, by thier own words meaninglessly against Jantalar's first line troops? What aid did they give us? As far as I saw they mostly got in my personal way."

Cemb says, "I also informed you that I would attack them if they indeed where sent, you had no right to do that, we where more than capable of defending our own town."

Dunrith says, "That is no answer to my question."

Cemb says, "The only reason I could see, is that you foresaw taking the landing for your own."

Dunrith says, "You do not rule that town. Others specifically asked for such aid when you were here in court that same night."

Cemb says, "They asked for aid outside, when the troops where outside of the town, in the wilds, they asked for aid a dozen times over, and nothing was ever done"

Cemb says, "In a dozen other invasions"

Cemb says, "But they did not ask for your troops to fight and make our town a battlefield"

Dunrith says, "If you were listening to other than your own words during the last audience, others specifically asked for the aid we sent."

Cemb says, "They did, and it was our right and our duty to defend it, once that occured, not the Barons"

Cemb says, "You stated you where going to send the aid before anyone could speak, I doubt that"

An aged chamberlain says, "Let us show this man the respect he obviously would deign to show any of us. Maintain quiet, please."

Dunrith says, "I don't care what you doubt. If you were not deaf you know the truth of what I have just stated."

Cemb says, "They may have stated after the fact a thank you, but even so, it doesn't make what you did wrong, I requested you not send them that we could handle the situation ourselves. I was grateful for you allowing Gurbah, and Talenni to aid us, but beyond that, you had no right."

Cemb says, "err did right that is"

Dunrith says, "My second question is this: I see that you still wear the emblem of the Order of the Silver Gryphon. What accounting or consequence did your chivalric order require of you for your betrayal of over five years of friendship and the open attacking of allies in the field of battle."

Cemb asks, "Given our prior relationship, what made you hold thier word greater than mine?"

Brinn asks, "Baron Malwind, could I address that question?"

Dunrith nods to Brinn.

Cemb says, "None, because the only betrayal if there was one, was yours"

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Sir Brinn."

Shonison asks, "can't he be hung or something?"

Shonison coughs.

An aged chamberlain casts a stern glance at Shonison, though it doesn't appear to have much venom in it.

Cemb says, "It was addressed to me"

Brinn says, "The Order of the Silver Gryphon is a democratic body. Therefore, it is sometimes slower to move on certain issues, especially if they are weightier or unusual circumstances. We are currently debating the final disposition in this matter. The matter is not closed, but as of yet, no action has been taken."

Cemb smirks.

Brinn says, "We will only act in accordance with the will of the majority of the Order, as mandated in our bylaws."

Brinn says, "The only comfrot I can add is that the matter is not yet closed."

Brinn bows to Dunrith.

Cemb says, "Baron, I ended that service when my service no longer provided any benifit to my town that I defend."

Cemb says, "I did not betray you"

Dunrith says, "Cemb, you discard years of friendship when you see no immediate advantage to it. You are worthless as a liege man to any lord."

Cemb says, "You sent forces to invade my home at the same lies that Jantalar was using as far as I was concerned, and still believe that, or you would have sent more powerful soldiers to push Jantalar, instead of worthless troops that did nothing but die"

Dunrith says, "Then you are a fool."

Cemb begins chuckling at Dunrith!

Cemb says, "You are the one who gave me "strikes" for doing my best for you before that Baron, my spurs had no worth, it was you who betrayed me when you chastised me for slaying the god of the enemy, and an enemy spy"

Cemb says, "Those where betrayals"

Dunrith recites: "From two days hence until the end of his unnatural life, Master Cemb Chimare is hereby banished from the baronies of Hendor and Vornavis. If after that grace period he is discovered within the boundaries of those baronies he shall be beaten en route to their nearest border and left to his own devices."

Cemb smirks.

Cemb yawns.

Dunrith says, "Go inflict yourself upon those you "trust" Master Cemb."

Copernicus coughs.

Cemb says, "and if I catch you in the landing or any of your agents, they can expect to be on the end of my sword"

Cemb nods to Dunrith.

Haxley says, "Better start killing everyone here then, Cemb."

Haxley smirks.

(Kinshack looks thoroughly sickened.)

An aged chamberlain raps his staff twice on the ground and calls for order.

Dunrith says, "Sir Brinn, this barony will allow two more weeks before it reviews its situation regarding the Order of the Silver Gryphon. At that time it will be determined whether the state of support and friendship warrants continuation or not."

Brinn bows to Dunrith.

Brinn says, "In that time, I hope we can take action that will impress upon you that we understand the gravity of this situation."

Dunrith says, "I do not dictate your actions, but I do control this barony and to what extent it will be abused."

Brinn nods to Dunrith.

Dunrith sits down.

An aged chamberlain clears his throat loudly, then raps his staff on the floor once more.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Edine."

(Edine moves from his leaning position against the wall as he mutters something about "The Edine" under his breath as he glances at the chamberlain.)

(Edine walks up with an arrogant swagger to his step.)

Edine darkly says, "Sirs, I have only one question, it will be both simple and to the point."

(Edine stands before the court with regal posture.)

Edine yells, "I demand to know why the Turamzzyrian Empire has not recognized my true title, and why all of your subjects, the peasants most of all do not refer to me as The Edine!"

(Edine stands tall and stares imposingly at the Earl and Baron alike, both in turn waiting for their response)

Eddric blinks.

Eddric glances at Dunrith.

Edine folds his arms over his chest with an air of superiority.

An aged chamberlain says, "I heard a boatload of refugees from the Terasian Asylum escaped last month, my Lords. Perhaps we've found a stray."

Edine darkly says, "This is more important than anything you can even begin to comprehend."

Dunrith nods to the aged chamberlain.

Eddric says, "It would appear so."

Edine darkly says, "I am The Edine. Why is it that you mock one as obviously perfect as myself"

Eddric stands up.

Eddric bows to Edine.

Edine darkly says, "Jealousy"

Edine turns to face Dunrith.

Edine stands there stubbornly, folding his arms over his chest.

An aged chamberlain clears his throat, adjusts the fit of his robes and raps his staff upon the ground. All the while, he seems to be trying to supress a chuckle.

Eddric says, "The Edine, while I must regard your question with some surprise, I thank you very much for your sense of timing, and assure you that we fail to address you as you wish only out of ignorance."

Eddric bows to Edine.

Eddric winks at Edine.

Eddric sits down.

Edine nods to Eddric.

Edine darkly says, "I accept your apology"

Edine darkly says, "shall i take my seat beside you or would you rather we manage the Intricacies later"

Eddric says, "We can discuss future seating arrangements at a later date."

Edine grumbles.

Edine nods.

Kilthal softly says, "Sentinel Jovery. Baron Malwind. Thanke ye fer holding this Audience tonight, and fer giving us all a chance tae speak."

Kadesha clasps her hand over her mouth.

Kilthal softly says, "Part of the matter which I wished tae discuss has been covered. And given the topic, I will briefly ask about the rest."

Dunrith asks, "Meaning those other then Jantalarian opponents?"

Dunrith says, "That has not been determined as yet. Likely some explanation will be solicited from those who fought alongside the Jantalarians."

Kilthal nods to Dunrith.

Kilthal softly says, "I hope that Justice will be done tae those whom are guilty."

Dunrith nods to Kilthal.

Dunrith says, "Thank you."

Kilthal softly says, "The Vornavian and Hendoran soldiers fought honorably and bravely. They should be commended."

Cemb looks over at Kilthal and shakes his head.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Galesmight."

Kilthal softly says, "Please let the families of those who fell know this."

Kilthal turns away from Cemb, ignoring him.

Galesmight says, "Do you Earl Eddric, or Baron Dunrith have plans on holding a ceremony with the mayor of the landing. Or whoever that is in moot hall? Perhaps to commend those that fought bravely and also died on the streets of the landing. I know of one person I wish to mention their name."

Eddric glances at Dunrith.

Dunrith looks over at Eddric and shakes his head.

Eddric stands up.

Eddric says, "We have no such plans. We would expect those who hold power within that community to initiate such a ceremony. We would be honored to attend if we were invited, assuming we were not attacked for attending."

Eddric smiles.

Eddric sits down.

Galesmight says, "So be it, blood was spilt, I shall remember. Not all have too."

Cemb smirks.

Galesmight sits down.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Morgiest."

Cemb says, "I suppose we'll see how much my opinion counts then if such an event takes place"

Cemb chuckles.

Morgiest deeply says, "Earl Jovery, Baron Malwind. It is my duty tae report tae ye that ah participated in the assault on, and destruction of the Mandis Crystal."

Morgiest deeply says, "Ah place myself in yer custody until such time as ye wish tae review this mater further."

Eddric asks, "Which crystal would that have been? The one near the Landing, the Icemule community, or the one near Mestanir?"

Morgiest deeply says, "The one near the landin, as well as the one near the town of Icemule."

Cemb begins chuckling at Morgiest!

Cemb rubs Morgiest.

Cemb says, "2 strikes, oh well"

Cemb smirks.

An aged chamberlain raps his staff sharply on the ground twice.

Eddric says, "I will make a note of that and send it along in my next missive to the Emperor. As a man of honor I remand you into your own custody until such time as I receive a response."

Cemb asks, "think it was 2 days wasn't it?"

Cemb peers quizzically at Dunrith.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court will maintain order."

Morgiest bows to Eddric.

(Morgiest steps back.)

Eddric nods to Morgiest.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Malikary."

Malikary slowly says, "ma name ba Malikary Manahorn, a forest runner o ma people"

Morelean folds his arms over his chest.

Malikary slowly says, "have two issues, both short"

Malikary slowly asks, "first be, since was troops frim da empire dat attacked da Landin, will da Landin folk raceve ana compinsation?"

Dunrith glances at Eddric.

Kadesha grins at Malikary.

Eddric stands up.

Eddric says, "That will be taken up with Baron Hochstib."

Malikary slowly says, "dat means no"

Malikary slowly says, "second issue"

Eddric says, "And I would differentiate, the town was attacked by baronial troops from Jantalar, not by imperial troops."

Malikary slowly asks, "Baron Hochstib is in da habbit o keepin lotta slaves workin in is mine, wha aid kin we expect in da liberation o such an unlawful, imorral, n dishonerable practice?"

Eddric says, "At this time there are no plans to attempt to influence the normal way of life within Baron Hochstib's holdings, other than to watch closely to how things unfold in Mestanir. As in many realms, how an individual lord chooses to run is domain is largely up to him."

Malikary slowly says, "Mal figured dat would ba da answa, Mal is sorra ta hear dat"

Eddric says, "And I will say that I am unaware of any significant mining operations within Jantalarian rule since the collapse of the Talador mine."

Malikary slowly says, "Mal ba happa ta pass dat along ta da dorfs fer ya"

(Malikary steps back and folds his arms over his chest)

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Catthief."

An aged chamberlain clears his throat and glances at Catthief.

Catthief quietly says, "Yes...just a quick question."

Catthief quietly asks, "You said that if Hochstib does not withdraw his forces...such as they are...from the area south of the Landing, you will once again intervene. Can ye give a vague idea on his time limit?"

Eddric nods.

Eddric says, "Within the next four days."

Cemb smirks.

Eddric smiles.

Eddric nods to Catthief.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Briah."

Briah coughs.

Briah strides over to stand before Dunrith.

Briah bows deeply at the waist, honoring Dunrith.

Dunrith nods to Briah.

Briah says, "My lord Baron... As off topic from everyone else's subjects as it is..."

Briah asks, "I have been wondering for a long time just... what... you this of the Tehir Tribes of the Sea of Fire?"

Briah says, "Think, even."

Dunrith stands up.

Dunrith says, "To be honest, I haven't given them any specific thought for some months now."

Dunrith says, "I know we have at least two merchants who hail from the Sea of Fire."

Dunrith says, "And as long as they don't issue forth from that desert and lay siege to Vornavis or Solhaven, I expect we will welcome the inhabitants whenever they choose to come to our barony."

Briah smiles.

Dunrith smiles.

Briah says, "That's is all I had to ask, my lord."

Briah bows deeply at the waist, honoring Dunrith.

Briah blushes a glowing shade of red.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Haxley."

Haxley says, "This should be relatively quick, since I believe my question was already answered."

Haxley smiles.

Haxley asks, "You said that Hochstib has four days to withdraw his troops. Does that mean we should keep our eyes open for Vornavian and Hendoran forces in the area of the Manor to the east?"

Eddric says, "If you don't see a noticeable absence of Jantalarians by that time, then yes, expect to see Hendoran and Vornavian troops in that vicinity." Haxley nods to Eddric.

Eddric sits down.

Haxley says, "I'll try to keep my elemental waves under control then."

Haxley winks and flashes a sly grin.

Haxley bows.

Haxley says, "Thank you."

Haxley sits down.

Eddric smiles.

Cemb smirks.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Joter."

Joter removes a torban leaf-covered sheath from his belt.

(Joter places his sheath before their excellencies.)

Joter thoughtfully says, "Your excellencies, I came here straight from field work. I beg your pardon. I have both a question and a comment. For time's sake, I will put them together. First, the question, I was wondering where the jesters were in your Courts? Second, we just fought a war and war means conflicts may result. If there are any problems with the Akarti as a result of the war, I offer my services in whatever manner you see fit."

Cemb begins chuckling at Joter!

Dunrith stands up.

Dunrith says, "As far as a court fool is concerned, we used to have one, but he left to inflict himself on courts closer to Tamzyrr."

Cemb smirks.

Dunrith says, "And since his departure we have found no lack of itinerate aspirants to that calling, so we have not tried to secure a permanent person in that position."

Cemb smirks.

Dunrith says, "Regarding the Arkati, we hope and pray that they will not view the current conflict as anything they need to participate in."

Cemb smirks.

Dunrith says, "But thank you for your offer of service. It will be noted."

Dunrith smiles.

Dunrith sits down.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Zyanna."

Joter thoughtfully says, "Thank you, your excellencies, for your time. That is all I had."

Joter stands up.

Zyanna nods to the aged chamberlain.

Zyanna says, "thank you"

Zyanna says, "Baron sir..."

Zyanna says, "I would like to speak with you regarding the Order, at your convenience and in private if I could. I don't know if you'll honor my request but I wanted to try"

Zyanna nods to Dunrith.

Dunrith says, "Until such time as two weeks are up and the situation is reviewed I will meet with individuals about it if they wish."

Zyanna asks, "you will let me know when?"

Dunrith nods to Zyanna.

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Izalude."

Zyanna says, "thank you Baron"

Izalude bows.

Izalude says, "I understand that Nydds is the scholastic capital of the Turamyzzyrian Empire, and is also part of the Hendorian Province. I recovered a piece of the crystal that was destroyed in the Wehnimer's Landing region. I would like to return it so that it's properties can be studied, as per the Emperor's original order."

Izalude removes a Mandis Crystal shard from in his Ardenai travel pack.

Izalude offers Eddric a Mandis Crystal shard.

Eddric stands up.

Eddric accepts Izalude's Mandis Crystal shard.

Eddric bows to Izalude.

Eddric says, "Thank you."

Eddric says, "I am certain it will be examined with much interest."

Eddric asks, "I trust no body parts have rotted off during the time that you have carried it on your person?"

Izalude says, "No sir. I am in good help, though thank you for your concern."

Izalude smiles.

Izalude says, "health"

Eddric says, "That is reassuring."

An aged chamberlain says, "The court recognizes Morelean."

Morelean warmly asks, "Forgive my tardyness M-Lords maybe i missed something but ......I was there in the finally destruction of the crystal , and i was woundering why wasn't any of your men there to help out in the finall minutes of the fall of it all, instead your men were siting on there duff in town while countless lives of common folk were being slattered? and id like to say can we get to the accused of killem your men?"

Dunrith stands up.

Dunrith says, "We chose not to send more troops after we were informed that hundreds of them had been slain by some of the inhabitants of the town whom we sent them to aid. Once bitten, twice shy, you might say."

Cemb smirks.

Cemb says, "So you chose to listen to my warnings after I killed them all off huh? That's nice of you"

Cemb nods to Dunrith.

Morelean warmly says, "i see that as a excuse not a reason we do pay are taxes"

An aged chamberlain says, "I will *remind* the court to stay in order."

Dunrith stands up.

Dunrith catches the eye of one of him bodyguards and nods in Cemb's direction.

With a quickness that belies his considerable size, the guard steps forward and grasps Cemb's wrist. In an instant the bodyguard is behind him, twisting his arm painfully up behind his back! "Seems you need to be leaving now. Let's try not to make too much of a fuss," the guard states impassively.

With a shove, the guard hustles Cemb out of the room.

An aged chamberlain says, "It seems easier to breathe, as if a dense smog has lifted... I... ah. Oh. Yes. The court recognizes Sir Kinshack."

Kinshack moves to stand in front of Dunrith.

Kinshack bows to Dunrith.

Kinshack says, "Your Excellency, I wish to apologize for speaking out of turn earlier on in the evening."

Kinshack says, "The last few weeks have been full of passion for a lot of us."

Dunrith nods to Kinshack.

Kinshack says, "And I hope that some of the things done or said here only reflect a fierceness of loyalty to the truths we have fought to defend."

Dunrith says, "No apology is necessary."

Kinshack says, "I wanted to take Sir Morgiest's lead in conveying to you the truth of my presence and participation in the destruction of the mandis crystal near the Landing. I agree with him that it is important to remain accountable for our actions, even if performed in defense of the town."

Kinshack says, "I would also like to invite any others among my brethren who would step forward to take similar responsibility."

(Kinshack inclines his head respectfully and steps back.)

(Shirkon steps forward)

(Eahlstan steps forward.)

High Lord Cemb came through a pair of large fel doors.

(Shikel steps forward.)

(Yviara steps forward)

Cemb says, "How does it feel to be a murderer of your own men Malwind"

An aged chamberlain raises his staff and whacks Cemb hard across the head.

Dunrith catches the eye of one of him bodyguards and nods in Cemb's direction.

With a quickness that belies his considerable size, the guard steps forward and grasps Cemb's wrist. In an instant the bodyguard is behind him, twisting his arm painfully up behind his back! "Seems you need to be leaving now. Let's try not to make too much of a fuss," the guard states impassively.

With a shove, the guard hustles Cemb out of the room.

Dunrith says, "I am certain that Earl Eddric will include your statement in his communications with the Emperor."

Dunrith says, "Thank you for demonstrating an awareness of the honor in taking responsibility for your own actions."

Kinshack bows to Dunrith.

Kinshack bows to Eddric.

Dunrith bows to Kinshack.

An aged chamberlain mutters something quietly to himself. You think you hear 'whippersnapper' among the mumbled words.

Eddric nods to Kinshack.

Shirkon says, "I alsa was involved in both da destruction o' da Mestanir crystal an da one in da Landin, M'Lord Baron"

Shirkon bows to Dunrith.

Shikel softly says, "As was I."

Izalude says, "Likewise"

Izalude nods.

You say, "I aided in the destruction of the crystal in the Landing."

(Shirkon steps back)

High Lord Cemb came through a pair of large fel doors.

(Xanith steps forward)

Xanith nods.

Cemb yawns.

Cryheart says, "many of us I"

Zentalin says, "I helped in Mestanir"

Cryheart bows to Eddric.

Dunrith catches the eye of one of him bodyguards and nods in Cemb's direction.

With a quickness that belies his considerable size, the guard steps forward and grasps Cemb's wrist. In an instant the bodyguard is behind him, twisting his arm painfully up behind his back! "Seems you need to be leaving now. Let's try not to make too much of a fuss," the guard states impassively.

With a shove, the guard hustles Cemb out of the room.

Shonison says, "I am not a Gryphon, but I too admit responsibility in all three destructions"

Yarx says, "As did I."

Ruffelin says, "Aye, m'self as well."

Xanith says, "Myself as well."

Dunrith blinks.

Sothog says, "And I."

Dunrith says, "I think we may have too many names to include all of them."

Drallen says, "It was more or less a group effort."

Haxley says, "Might as well do one stand up thing. I commanded the Icemule crystal to explode just before it did so...and that's after spending a lot of time bashing it."

Drallen says, "Perhaps you could simply put "All the "humanoids" of the regions outside the empire did it.""

Dunrith begins chuckling at Drallen!

Dunrith says, "Okay, now it has devolved from honorable admissions to a bragging match."

An aged chamberlain says, "As the hour draws close to midnight, and the Earl Jovery and Baron Malwind are both extremely busy men, we apologize to those whose questions were not addressed this night."

Sir Cemb Chimere's story did not end here of course. It still may continue to this day, but he and the Order of the Silver Gryphon parted ways acrimoniously soon after his banishment from Vornavis and once due process into the investigation of the nature of his crimes against the Order and its allies, but that story perhaps is best left unsaid.