Upheaval, Interrogations and Investigations

A Royal inquisition into the murder of Empresss Mynal'Lyanna Anodheles commenced after her death. All of those in attendance were immediatly quarenteened and taken into custody after stories started swirling and it became too chaotic to sort out all the information. Guards began to patrol the streets, the Imperial Blade, and the Baron's own guards searched for clues, eyewitnesses, and the murderer.

Baronial Guardsman Jorelth, Imperial Guard Frirna, and Baronial Guardsman Corissina handled the initial investigation and questioning of those who had been at the Address. A few leads were investigated as reported in the remaining files contained herein. Inquisitors from the Empire would arrive and take over the case as it grew, as expected when someone of Royalty, let alone the Empress herself was the victim.

Lady Witcheaven - Suspect at large (2/1/2003)

A few stated they saw a crystal attached to the crossbow bolt, which I reinforced. Then someone suggested, I can't remember who, that it might've been a piece from the Mandis Crystal. Anyone who lives in Solhaven or hunts there is going to know about the Jantalarian outpost and the fact that you can't cast magic there because of the Mandis Crystal's range. Apparently knowing this, and speaking it, got me arrested.

I was thrown in with everyone else. Jorelth eventually got to me, and asked me to tell him what I knew. We got into it about various subjects. He asked me specifically about Haxley when I mentioned that I had been standing next to him towards the back of the bridge. And I mentioned that when the crowd started to come in, that I was pushed from the front to the back.

He asked about Haxley, and since Haxley and I had been married at one time.. she was reluctant to say anything at first, so she only gave half-truths--partial truth. I later admitted that I was only partially telling the truth at first to Jorelth and got a 75,000 silver fine but later did admit everything to him that Haxley was a rogue and that she had known him to kill someone before on 'contract'.

I won't dwell on it. It was a long interrogation. He had me in there for a good hour and a half. When I got out, eventually, he told me he didn't believe my story. It didn't mesh like an innocent's would and he'd tell Malwind of it. And not to leave town. -Witcheaven


Witcheaven went to the bank after being thrown in North Market and paid her fine. It was here that she ran into Kilthal and Haxley--told them what happened, including telling Haxley she wasn't lying for him anymore and that I had told Jorelth everything she knew about him. Haxley and Witcheaven realized rather startled that they could have it blamed on them. Around this time Ruhk arrived. With a Turamzzyrian courtier's shirt and a crossbow. He made statements that he was glad the Empress was dead and that he isn't sorry about it, and that we should celebrate. Witcheaven yelled for the guards, alerting them to the situation, and Ruhk got arrested for treason. Jorelth had arrived before he got taken away then after he left muttering about having to do more paperwork. -Investigation Report

Leads and Misdirection (2/2/2003)

Tonight, Witcheaven was interrogated a second time, this time by Baronial Guardsman Japhet, a Vornavisian. She apologized for telling partial truths the night before about Haxley, her former husband, and insisted she holds respect for the Empress and Baron Malwind and Solhaven and would never do anything to jeapordize it, since she lives there. She was told to 'find' more information about whom she suspects. And it was made clear she was still suspected of the crime. Unless evidence is found, Witcheaven might lose everything--which to me as a player is an incredible RPing experience. One person, Ianeal, has already come forward tonight and spoke with Imperial Blade Philnep on Witcheaven's behalf (she didn't know until afterwords). He insisted from what he told Witcheaven that he told Philnep that Witcheaven couldn't have been involved. No clues really were given in either interview from what I know of who might really have done it or what leads they have. Except they were not happy in the first interrogation with Witcheaven that she refused to talk of the Sheruvian Order. The link between Sheruvians and Luukosians, of course, with the recent occupation, is well known. Also, tonight, there was some chaos near the Herbalist with Pudgee and Dantrotic, but I only know sketchy details on that, someone else might be able to fill in better? I know that Dantrotic was accusing Pudgee since he was skilled with ranged weapons. And that he ate a fungus or mushroom that Pudgee gave him and died. Philnep took him away after that. -Witcheaven

Coincidences (2/3/2003)

So maybe I'm a littly hairy and my Brughan culture consists of boat-makers who live near a lake, but I'm no Krolvin. So maybe I know how to use a crossbow, but I'm no assassin. So maybe I wear a dark hood, but doesn't everyone when they travel? And so maybe I happened to have a few black crystals and magical fungus on me, but I swear it's not part of the Mandis Crystal or deathwort.

For Dantrotic and the the other human guards wandering around town looking for suspects and accused me, all I have to way is "whoops", it's all mere coincidences.

And the only reason why I snuck off after Dantrotic died from the fungus wasn't because I'm guilty of anything but due to how fanatical desperate guards and other people tend to be. I wasn't in the mood to spend a night with my bum on a hard, cold, jail cell floor.

-Pudgee Round-Belly, of the Round-Bellies

Guardsmen arrive in River's Rest (2/4/2004)

Tonight, most probably spurred on by the comments of the residents and visitors of Solhaven, a Guardsmen by the name of Japhel arrived in River's Rest and proceeded to question and investigate any connections he might find concerning the assassination of the Empire.

May post the log of Rail's questioning tomorrow, but will say that he was most intrigued over the Krovlins and Knadyl, perhaps even if the two might have had some dealings. Also asked about Deathwort, if anyone had heard of it or seen it around, and if there were any folk who traveled often to Solhaven.

So the town of River's Rest has now felt the crosshairs of the Empire upon it.


Detained in River's Rest

Last eve, Jaynah was questioned about where she was on the day the empress died. She answered honestly and was then detained for further questioning.

Jaynah was in Solhaven when the empress arrived, but left without seeing her. She had spoken with a family member about the empress going to Solhaven and even traveled there with the hope of possibly seeing her. As luck would have it, the cutter arrived not long after the guards started clearing the streets and she decided to aviod the crowds and just wait to see if the empress came to Rivers Rest.

She was asked about Knaydl and any krolvin activities. She denied knowing anthing about such matters. She was asked who else journeyed to Rivers Rest on her return trip. She identified one of the three people on board and claimed she could nae recall who the other two were as they did not speak and kept to themselves.

Jaynah said she had wished no harm to the empress when asked if she were faithful to the empire.

At the moment she worries that the killer is among those hiding in Rivers Rest, where many come to hide and be fogotten. She's worried of the consequences for the town should the murderer be found there.


Inquisitor Wurmth Arrives

An inquisitor arrived in Solhaven, apparently appointed to help further the investigation. One particular inquisitor encountered was Wurmth Murluth, an apparent practitioner of torture techniques by demonstrating the use a needle. When pressed for it's use he was evasive.

Wurmth says, "Oh, thith and that, thith and that.... They are very thituation-dependant." He was asked about his thoughts on the assassination of the Empress and he had this to say:

Wurmth says, "Oh, they come and go, they come and go, you thee. I juth work. Do what keepth you happy, I thay."

A messenger arrived and handed him a note which he said was an appointment to "question" a streetrat in the morning.

When asked what he was doing about town he had this in response:
Wurmth says, "Thath why I wath looking for a jeweler, you thee. I want to develop thome thpecial barbth........If you can pull the nerve juth right, ith juth... ah...Ith juth brilliant."

I must say he is a very memorable human. The speach impediment kind of draws you right in to what he says. Very addicting. I would bet it comes in handy in his line of work! He babbled on further about events such as torture, interrogation, and his delight in doing it, but nothing of detail.

You see Inquisitor Wurmth Murluth.
He appears to be a Human.
He appears to be very young and short. He has twitching pink albino eyes and pasty white skin. He has thinning, straight white hair falling in lank, stringy tendrils down his back. He has a haggard face, a hooked nose and a drooping mustache.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a number of different-sized pins in his right hand and a long ivory staff topped with a lustrous golden sunburst over a field of red in his left hand. He is wearing a heavy white cloak, and some flowing white robes prominently embroidered with a brilliant golden sunburst.

-As reported by Tunder and Parisia

The Interrogation of Adrenath

[Interrogation Room]
Trails of green lichen are clustered along the corners of the walls, their presence only adding to the dank, dismal atmosphere. A single heavy metal table, its surface marred by dents and numerous scratches, is bolted to the floor. A large oil lamp rests within its center, casting an uneasy, wavering amber light across the cramped, tiny room.
Also here: Baronial Guardsman Corissina
Obvious exits: none

You frown.

You stand back up.

Corissina asks, "What did you see?"

You say, "I saw someone from the water fire a crossbow."

Corissina asks, "Did you see any details of this person?"

You say, "It penetrated the wards that were set up somehow."

You shake your head.

You say, "No, they were wearing a hood."

Corissina frowns.

Corissina asks, "What did the hood look like?"

You frown.

You say, "It looked like leather, but I can't be sure."

Corissina frowns.

Corissina nods.

Corissina asks, "You said it 'penetrated the wards', did you see this happen?"

You nod.

You say, "Yes."

Corissina asks, "What did it look like?"

You say, "It looked like a normal bolt until it hit the wards, at which point there was a flash and a smaller bit kept traveling."

Corissina frowns.

Corissina asks, "A smaller bit... what did you see of the smaller bit?"

Corissina asks, "Did you see the fletchings?"

You say, "No... it appeared to be crystal, though I can't be certain in the light."

Corissina says, "You are from Bourth, by your bearing, and surely a loyal citizen of the Empire."

You nod.

Corissina asks, "Do you know of anyone in Solhaven who had spoken against the Empress?"

You take a deep breath.

You say, "There were several that day, but all I heard were rumors."

Corissina asks, "Who spoke these rumors?"

You say, "A man named Adaun had said he overheard a mage threatening to meteor swarm the area, but that was it."

You say, "Obviously nothing came of it."

Corissina says, "Adaun."

Corissina frowns.

Corissina asks, "Where is he from?"

You shake your head.

You say, "I can't recall."

Corissina asks, "Does he have any ties to the Krolvin nation?"

You blink.

You say, "I don't believe so."

Corissina frowns.

You say, "I don't know him well, I just met him in the crowd."

Corissina nods.

Corissina asks, "What does he look like?"

You frown.

((I honestly couldn't remember without checking through my logs))

You say, "He may have been a half-elf, my memory is a bit foggy."

Corissina frowns.

Corissina nods.

You ask, "If I may ask something..?"

Corissina moves to the door and calls to a guard. When the guard arrives, she whispers to him briefly. The guard nods, and then Corissina shuts the door again and turns back to you.

You ask, "Why did you ask if he had ties to the Krolvin?"

Corissina asks, "Yes?"

Corissina says, "That is my information."

Corissina frowns.

Corissina says, "I will release you, now."

You nod.

Corissina says, "I am certain that you will contact one of the Guard if you receive any new information."

You say, "Of course."

Corissina quietly says, "Please."

Corissina quietly says, "Some of us... have no time to mourn, now."

Corissina bows to you.

You bow to Corissina.

Corissina yells something at the door and a pack of guards storms in. They drag you into the busy streets and toss you onto them like a ragdoll... oof...

-Investigation Report