Malwind's Audience - Upheaval in Solhaven

Rumors Abound! Audience Called!

A Chamberlain was in town recently, announcing that the Baron Malwind will be holding public court audiance in Solhaven to discuss various political/economic matters and other things relavent to the town and the Barony.

The audiance will be held tonight (Thursday, 2/13) at 10 pm EST. The chamberlain will be around early in the evening to find people interested in participating in the discussion with a question to the Baron.

Everyone will be welcome to attend, though those who wish to ask questions will have to dress in "courtly attire", which doesn't include wigs.

On the docket was also comments made by Sir Philnep the Imperial Blade on 2/2. Revalos has been kind enough to bring us some of the words of the Imperial Blade Philnep regarding the status and future of the Free Port of Solhaven. To summarize, since the Empress was murdered in Solhaven, and the Baron Malwind carries some of the burden of guilt for providing improper protection of her, it is now likely that Solhaven will have sanctions imposed against it, and its status as a Free Port would be revoked, and that lordship over Solhaven would likely be turned over to some Baron or Count from other lands, one whose loyalty is unquestionable.

Baron Malwind Holds Public Court to Discuss the Status of Solhaven (2/13/2003)

The Baron Malwind answered various questions put to him in Solhaven. Haxley posted a more detailed transcription of the events that transpired, but only a summary remains available.

When asked about the investigation's progress, the Baron revealed that the crystal bolt that killed the Empress was not a Mandis Crystal, but is of the kind commonly attributed to a group of mercenary wizard-hunters, commonly referred to as the Witchhunters. Despite the fact that Witchhunters have been used by the Baron Hochstib in the past, Malwind said he strongly doubts that any Baron (including Hochstib) would take a hand in the assassination of the Empress.

On the subject of the throne, the Baron said that the current favorite to succeed Mynal'lyanna is a cousin of hers named Aurmont Anodheles. He is expected to be crowned within the next week to ten days.

The Baron confirmed that Solhaven would have its status as a free port revoked (probably temporarily), and that the overlord set to watch over the city would probably be the Earl Eddric Jovery of North Hendor. Malwind said he did not know the Earl Jovery personally, but does not seem to object to his being placed as overlord over the Haven.

When asked if enforcement of Chaston's Edict would see more strict enforcement due these changes, the Baron seemed to doubt it, and said that by and large, life in Solhaven would probably not change much, even if some merchants grumble about it.

On the subject of the recent prophecies, the Malwind seemed to not place much stock in them, but was interested in them because those who spread such prophecies often believe them. It will be interesting to see if the Earl Jovery places greater stock in these prophecies of doom and ice, since North Hendor bore most of the brunt of the depredations of the Ice Queen Isylldra during the Witch Winter. (Uretei - Sidebar)

On the subject of the conflict with Jantalar, Malwind said that he has not noticed Jantalar making many troop movements, and suspects that Hochstib is doing as everyone else is at the moment... waiting. When asked about the blockade of the port and the presence of Jantalarian troops near the borders of Solhaven, he did say that he expected the crowning of a new Emperor would likely elicit "some new action" on both of these fronts.