Holswort surveys the Wehnimers Defenses

Shortly after being found at the bridge surveying the city a large group of Krolvins arrived to make trouble on the town. Coincidence?

Apparently Holswort wandered up and down going on about "ohh how terrible, how scary." And was apparently watching our "defenses" with great interest.

He claimed when we found him in Waysides that he was bird watching. How horrible that the wildlife got busy just at the same time. A large group of us questioned him extensively, but he didn't outright deny that he hired the Krol, nor did he outright confirm it.

-Errick Dyfedd, Scribe of the Order of the Silver Gryphon

You hear the faint thoughts of Belnia echo in your mind:
"warfers over the bridge by voln!"

You hear the faint thoughts of Belnia echo in your mind:
"large numbers of em"

You hear the faint thoughts of Chestpopper echo in your mind:
"This is more of a slaughter than an invasion"

Lord Tilarium just arrived.

Sunnae says, "I dont have the stomach for all of this."

Evia curtsies to Errick.

Dantrotic says, "Cryheart, he said it already."

Errick shakes hands with Tilarium.

Tilarium nods warily to Errick.

Errick bows to Evia.

Holswort says, "I saw your impressive magical displays outside. I am sure you could render me dead with but a word."

Dantrotic says, "Listen up next time"

Kerl says, "don't polute the shores Blades, his stinking self would ruin the beach"

Cryheart nods warily to Errick.

Roelon says, "I dont see how such a puny, and ugly i might add, human with a big mouth, became a herald."

Roelon snorts.

Cryheart and Tilarium bash their forearms in greeting.

Starshadow says, "oh, I wouldn't do it myself"

Bronnwyn begins chuckling at Holswort.

You hear the faint thoughts of Indica echo in your mind:
"Are the Krolvin gone?"

Starshadow says, "you aren't worth the mana"

Starshadow smiles at Holswort.

Draegar says, "surely Holswort, you wouldn't want yer visit misconstrued. And I am sure you would love to indulge in my .......hospitality"

Draegar leans against some inviting tables.

Holswort says, "There are really a great many rude people in this town."

You hear the faint thoughts of Rastavan echo in your mind:
"Call me when the Krolvin scum send something worth my notice."

Blades says, "good, leave"

Starshadow smiles at Holswort.

Blades smiles at Holswort.

Bronnwyn glances at Holswort.

Tilarium slings a golvern embossed kite shield over his shoulder.

Roelon nods to Holswort.

Starshadow says, "and if you leave, they'll be one less"

Jubuls says, "Me not knows why ya silly peoples lets dis trouble maker lives."

Jubuls babbles something unintelligible.

Bronnwyn asks, "So I'm not the only one that thinks that eh?"

Kerl says, "I'm sure your diplomatic skin is thick enough to take it"

Roelon says, "Anyone who hire's krolvin, get's no respect from me."

Roelon snorts.

Cryheart peers quizzically at Holswort.

Gerak says, "Lord Holswort, we are only rude when you ignore everyone but two 'certain people'."

Gerak sighs.

Cryheart and Kerl bash their forearms in greeting.

Fisdan asks, "Why's don't a we tie em up n' keep em 'ere eh?"

Holswort says, "I'm not ignoring anyone."

Errick asks, "Did Mister Holswort here bring these charming Krol to visit us?"

Errick peer quizzically at Holswort.

Titaniia says, "He most certainly did."

Kasadur says, "Every time he comes around he insists on inciting someone to kill him"

Titaniia says, "I witnessed th' entire thing."

Cryheart asks, "ye have proof Tani?"

Draegar says, "the little krolvin playthings? he may have"

Kasadur says, "I say we just do it and get this thing rolling"

Roelon says, "He showed them the bridge, across the river to the south."

Titaniia says, "Aye. He went directly to th' place where they arrived. I followed him there."

Errick says, "probably trying to win more popularity contests"

Holswort waves to Cryheart.

Titaniia says, "An' when he found it, he nodded, as though he recognized it."

Cryheart asks, "what ye hae to say about that herald?"

Ughsplat nods to Titaniia.

Fisdan scowls at Holswort.

Titaniia says, "Moments later, th' krolvin arrived."

Fisdan shakes his head.

Gerak says, "Well Sir Holswort. You have answered every question Blades and Titaniia have asked. With the exception of retorical ones. Yet you ignore almost everyone else, one must just wonder."

Dantrotic says, "Obviously, Titaniia, it is a good Bird Watching spot."

Titaniia says, "Just as I was askin him who he was waitin fer."

Kailani says, "i tried ta win a popularity contest once, but i pissed everyone off"

Spunn says, "The Krolvins were more imposing than this pathetic human."

Draegar says, "Well Holswort. T' abate any thought that we here in the Landing our rude, let me offer my services to escort you around tonight......constantly escort you."

Cryheart says, "a bit of a coincidence..tis too much I think"

Holswort asks, "WHat are your questions, Gerak?"

Gerak says, "I have none myself, I am simply observing, my lord."

Ughsplat begins chuckling at Gerak.

Holswort says, "Very well."

Errick asks, "I've got one. What ye doing hiring Krol, Herald?"

Jubuls says, "Hogwart, ya knows what birds inhabits dis surroundin town? Since ya likes ta watch birds a bunches."

Holswort says, "Who else has a question? I didn't agree to answer anyone's questions, but I will hear them."

Cryheart rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Draegar says, "we can't have a foreign dimplomat traveling about our town without proper company now can we? It would be jist out of the question....why, you might slip and break yer neck or something"

Cryheart glances at Holswort.

Armaxis says, "They work cheap and they're ssstupid. I think anyone could figure that out."

Zodier says, "Well..Holswort...I have a question..."

Armaxis gazes heavenward.

Kailani says, "i have a question"

Zodier asks, "Is dantrotic a ... spy?"

Roelon says, "Hogwart, wha a suitable name."

Roelon chuckles.

Dantrotic gazes heavenward.

Holswort says, "I don't know the lad."

Cryheart says, "why should we listen to thee, Holswort...when ye will not listen to us"

Dantrotic and Holswort shake hands.

Blades yawns.

Errick says, "I asked ye a question."

Jubuls asks, "Hogwart, since ya likes ta watch birds so much, ya knows what birds inhabits dis area?"

Jubuls peers quizzically at Holswort.

Kerl rolls his eyes.

Titaniia says, "Errick, he ain answering that one. He avoids it."

Dantrotic says, "I am the Special Envoy to this region from both The Empire and Jantalar."

Errick says, "All the more reason to press it, it seems"

Dantrotic says, "Pleased to meet you."

Dantrotic and Holswort shake hands.

You hear the faint thoughts of Ravashaak echo in your mind:
"this was no invasion...this was an enormous krolvin miscalculation"

Titaniia whispers, "You folks need to decide if you wish him detained or not. He was watching our defenses very closely."

Dantrotic says, "Dantrotic is NOT a spy."

You hear the faint thoughts of Belnia echo in your mind:
"so was marsota's last attack ravashaak, and he had krolvin mages backing him on it"

Kailani waves a hand at Holswort, dismissing him indifferently.

Roelon asks, "Do you recognize this handwriting?"

Roelon shows Holswort his enscribed scroll.

You hear the faint thoughts of Shonison echo in your mind:
"it was krolvens hired by Jantalar to test our defenses"

Cryheart says, "nae, just a traitor"

Kerl asks, "I have an easy question, why if we're kind enough to allow you to wander freely does not Jantalar open it's gates?" Errick whispers to Cryheart, "Well do we want to detain him? I don't know that we've got the authority?"

Blades says, "prolly a letter, to his halfling mistress"

You hear the faint thoughts of Belnia echo in your mind:
"he struck in the wee hours of the mornin when there were few defenders, his forces got slaughtered and he ran"

Blades nods to Roelon.

Bronnwyn sighs.

You hear the faint thoughts of Dantrotic echo in your mind:
"Shonison, stop making up stuff."

Ughsplat nods.

Bronnwyn mutters under her breath.

You hear the faint thoughts of Ravashaak echo in your mind:
"Er well, if it was a test..they failed"

Lady Bronnwyn's group just went out.

Holswort says, "Hand the note here, and I will read it."

Armaxis says, "Dantrotic isss just another one of the delusioned ones who believe that there is a 'human empire'...which isss really an...oxymoron in itself."

Roelon offers Holswort a half-burnt enscribed scroll.

You hear the faint thoughts of Whamzemi echo in your mind:
"Doesn't stop you, Dantrotic."

Holswort slings a silver vultite tower shield over his shoulder.

Armaxis says, "I'm sssure you two would get along."

Holswort accepts Roelon's enscribed scroll.

You hear the faint thoughts of Perigord echo in your mind:
"is the invasion over?"

You hear the faint thoughts of Failana echo in your mind:
"Perhaps they were just gettin' a feel fer how long it'd take us t'get organized, eh?"

You hear the faint thoughts of Dantrotic echo in your mind:
"I will tell you now, Roelon and myself have talked with a Brig. General from the Empire, this invasion has coming for some weeks. The krolvin have struck several towns along the way."

Holswort offers Roelon a half-burnt enscribed scroll.

Roelon accepts Holswort's enscribed scroll.

Blades says, "perhaps someday you will come to Rhoska'tor and we can show our hospitality to you humans"

Holswort slings a silver vultite tower shield off from over his shoulder.

Cryheart whispers, "What purpose do we have to detain him? We hae only a coincidental situation of him in the same area."

You see Holswort Niffelheim the Human.
He appears to be in his 30's, has long, straight golden blond hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding an elegant blue vultite longsword in his right hand and a silver vultite tower shield in his left hand.
He is wearing a crystal amulet, a satin belt pouch, a polished silver sheath, some highly polished black boots, a gold trimmed ivory-and-black quartered herald's tabard with a large red gold triskelion in the center, an onyx-inlaid white mithril belt, a polished gilt helm sporting a maroon horsehair plume, and a shining silver vultite hauberk.

Holswort says, "No, I do not recognize it."

Kasadur says, "I am not responsible for what happens in your absense"

Errick asks, "Do ye know anything about these Krolvin sir?"

Holswort says, "It was mostly destroyed."

Titaniia says, "Lord Holswort, I have a question fer you."

Roelon asks, "Then, what of this?"

Mnar stares off into space.

Cryheart says, "Holswort..I figure ye want nothing but trouble...whether we detain you or you are hurt by someone..you will then have served your purpose I think"

Holswort says, "I don't know anything about the monstrous creatures that roam your wilds....aside from the pretty birds."

Titaniia asks, "Would you be willing to allow one of our mages to cast a spell of forgetfullness at you?"

Holswort smirks.

Roelon shows Holswort his parchment scroll.

Jubuls asks, "An what birds is dat?"

Jubuls peers quizzically at Holswort.

Dantrotic says, "Cryheart, you can not legaly detain him."

Roelon says, "Im sure you know this.,"

You hear the faint thoughts of Belnia echo in your mind:

Kerl says, "you know, there are blue banded hawks just south of town"

(Kasadur slowly rocks side to side, eyeing Holswort and Dantronic with a particularly evil glint in his eyes)

Armaxis says, "You should ssstroll through River's Rest. I'm sure the blood eagles would enjoy yo..er, you enjoy them."

Titaniia says, "If you wasna here to witness th' battle, surely you donna mind forgetting it."

Armaxis nods to Holswort.

Dantrotic says, "Attempt to do so and I'd have you arrested."

Kerl gibbers incoherently.

Blades says, "i saw a chicken around here too..."

Mnar asks, "Holswort, is this a deliberate attempt to insult our intelligence as a pre-curser to eventual hostilities, or are you just doing it for yourself?"

Blades says, "oh there it is"

Blades points at Holswort.

Draegar says, "no no...we would never think of detaining Holswort, we will simply ask him to indulge us with his company for an indefinite period of time.....ask.....strenuously"

Dantrotic says, "Legaly, I might add."

Roelon says, "You wear the mark on your tabard."

Holswort says, "It's so noisy, I fear I may have missed some of your questions."

Titaniia asks, "Would you be willing to allow one of our mages to cast a spell of forgetfullness at you?"

Titaniia peers quizzically at Holswort.

Jubuls exclaims, "Hogwort not even knows what birds are in dis area so he's a fibber! He not cames ta watch birds!"

Jubuls tightens his grip on his broadsword.

Kerl raises an eyebrow in Titaniia's direction.

Cryheart says, "I would not disagree with that Dantrotic..you misunderstood my intent as usual"

Holswort says, "No, I am out bird watching."

Jubuls asks, "What birds ya finds?"

Cryheart waves a hand at Dantrotic, dismissing him indifferently.

Dantrotic says, "Right there Cryheart. You legaly can't detain him."

Tilarium says, "bird watchin huh? interestin place ta watch from"

Krynith says, "Long way to go to do some bird watching"

Holswort says, "I do? Well, I am unaccustomed to lying."

Mnar asks, "Tani, why are we suffering this fool to live?" Errick asks, "As one herald to another, sir, would ye like to come and speak with us?"

Titaniia says, "Because he wishes to die, Mnar."

Cryheart says, "again you overstep your boundaries....I did not define we would detain him"

Shonison says, "I am wondering the same"

Titaniia says, "It would give his master...an excuse."

Holswort exclaims, "Why do you want to cast spells at me? I am a poor old herald!"

Cryheart glances at Dantrotic.

Roelon asks, "You happen to know why, krolvin raiding parties which attacked solhaven, carried this scroll baring ye seal?"

Dantrotic says, "I am the Special Envoy to this region from both The Empire and Jantalar." >Vallerii just went south.

Mnar says, "He shows up at the head of an attack on our town, insults our intelligence, then expects to walk out alive"

Cryheart exclaims, "I have a question Holswort!"

Cryheart raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Armaxis says, "Indeed it will not."

Holswort says, "Roeleon, a seal is easily duplicated to implicate someone. Mayhap you should ask your benefactor, Baron Malwind."

Mnar says, "Malwind hasn't done a thing for this town, Holswort. We're quite capable of standing on our own."

Titaniia says, "Baron Malwind is an honorable man worth a dozen of thy master."

Holswort says, "My job as herald is to speak the words of my liege, Baron Hochstib, when he so wishes me to do so."

Dantrotic says, "Titaniia, Malwind is pond scum who has attempted to overthrow the Empress."

Cryheart says, "granted Holswort"

Cryheart nods to Holswort.

Titaniia says, "Dantrotic. I will happily meet you later to discuss yer opinions."

Kasadur nods.

You hear the faint thoughts of Ravenklaw echo in your mind:

"ok i seem to have lost my shield elvan war shield has anyone found it? offering a nice reward or offering a reward to find the person that has it"

Amerlise says, "Not very diplomatic, there, Dantrotic."

Roelon put a small parchment scroll in his snowcat hide pouch.

Titaniia smiles grimly.

You hear the faint thoughts of Dimwitt echo in your mind:

"is the invastion still happening outside the landing gates?"

Mnar asks, "Holswort, do you know what the barons of auld used to do to messengers, to show they were upset with someone?"

Holswort says, "Oh dear. Another racist. It seems rampant."

Shaynel just edged a little closer to the halfling!

Shaynel leans on Jubuls.

Blades says, "Care to let me show you the zoo where you'll be stayin at in River's Rest now or when your Baron has time to attend with you, plenty of fruit for your type, strong bars whatnot"

Blades nods to Holswort.

You hear the faint thoughts of Jauckha echo in your mind:

"I love how the landing comes together in a crisis...:sigh:"

Dantrotic says, "I have no care for Dunrith malwind. I simply want his head on a silver plate."

Jubuls just edged a little closer to the legs!

Jubuls leans on Shaynel.

Krynith says, "Ahh yes and we all know Jalatar and your Baron pays Krolvians to do their fighting, tis a mighty coincidence your birdwatching the same time that they attack our gates"

Ughsplat asks, "Isna Malwind da person what tried ta heps when dem Bregends invaded? Him kept da Emperor outta it?"

Roelon says, "But Holswort, the krolvin even said, jantalar hired them."

Cryheart says, "Dantrotics opinions mean nae much to me...but Holswort...state your purpose"

You hear the faint thoughts of Iarin echo in your mind:
"Eh? What invaded?"

Roelon sniffs at Holswort.

Volfe just hugged Badd.

Shaynel giggles.

You hear the faint thoughts of Shelanah echo in your mind:
"no kidding Jauckha..i totally agree"

Shaynel just tickled Jubuls.

Shaynel just hugged Ariannia.

Cryheart leans on his craquemarte.

Jubuls says, "Yoohoo, Howart! What birds ya finds in dis area ya kind ol' lil bird-watcher."

Volfe asks, "Where's the lil woman?"

Titaniia says, "Baron Malwind is th' friend an' ally of this town, Uggie."

Volfe squints at Badd.

Roelon says, "Krolvin aint that smart to create such a lie."

Dantrotic says, "Uggie, no. He sent NO troops. Jantalar offered its Entire army to help."

Roelon put a snowcat hide pouch in his dragon-winged vest.

Holswort says, "Blades, please. I am starting to get insulted by your jibes."

Naina nods to Shonison.

Badd leans on Clearity.

Lord Towerhelm just arrived.

Armaxis says, "In exchange for the town, Dantrotic."

Blades smirks.

Kasadur just arrived.

Volfe rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Towerhelm joins Volfe's group.

Ariannia waves to Shaynel.

Blades asks, "good?"

Holswort says, "So rude."

Volfe just hugged Clearity.

Holswort shakes his head.

Evia says, "well now thats a worry"

Shonison says, "yeah they would have come and stayed"

Lady Vif just arrived.

Dantrotic nods to Holswort.

Titaniia raises an eyebrow.

Towerhelm just kissed Volfe softly on the neck.

Dantrotic says, "He can get like that."

Ashler just arrived.

Vif drops a kobold skin.

Vif giggles.

Volfe giggles.

Duoncon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Volfe just kissed Towerhelm on the lips.

Vif cackles!

Volfe says, "hey gorgeous"

Blades says, "anways, why don't you speak louder so they can hear what you're saying to me as well"

Shaynel says, "he can make them worse, if you like."

Blades smiles at Holswort.

Shaynel nods to Holswort.

Duoncon says, "are we sposed ta care ifn hes insulted ?? "

Titaniia asks, "Cryheart, Errick, Draegar? Would you have him bring what he saw back to Jantalar?"

Duoncon asks, "or dat he tinks were rude ??"

Roelon says, "You have yet to give me why you deserve respect."

Mendanbarr nods to Shaynel.

Feris waves to Blades.

You ask, "What did he see?"

Volfe says, "umm where to"

Vif leans against some inviting tables.

Cryheart says, "well...I didn't hear about that "

Fireblaze is admiring Holswort.

Vif mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Sandlot nods to Mendanbarr.

Blades smiles at Feris.

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Cryheart glances at Holswort.

Titaniia says, "He very carefully watched our defenses."

Holswort says, "You have me at your mercy, I am here answering your questions as though I were your prisoner. You are all below my station, and I treat you well. How do you repay me? Insyults and lies."

Kerl says, "Baron Hochstib, why does he bother? him and his Mandis Crystal... I heard it fell through the frozen lake enroute to Icemule and he had to start all over"

Fireblaze works his fingers under his pointed hat and scratches his head.

Feris smiles at Blades.

Titaniia says, "Wandering back an' forth an' paying attention to how we reacted."

Draegar says, "He has seen nothing yet"

Vif glances at Holswort.

You say, "Our defenses change daily..."

Vif cackles!

Duoncon nods to Holswort.

Ehrym just arrived.

Armaxis chuckles.

Mnar says, "We're working our way up, Holswort."

Dantrotic says, "Now you know why I don't like it here."

Duoncon says, "aye its what were good at "

Vif laughs!

Lakotia just hugged Vif.

Vif snarls menacingly!

Titaniia looks over at Vif and shakes her head.

Vif growls ferociously!

Cryheart says, "not all are insulting you herald..do not generalize to all "

Vif just hugged Lakotia.

Armaxis says, "I really do not treat rank in the human 'empire' as sssomething serious."

Holswort says, "It is a disgrace."

Jubuls leans on his broadsword.

Cryheart smiles at Holswort.

Blades chuckles.

Kasadur asks, "Holswort...If and this is a big if, but....If you were to have an accident while in the landing. What would you say would be the probable outcome?"

Vif glances at Holswort.

Vif cackles!

Duoncon shrugs.

Blades leans against a steep stair.

Mnar asks, "Holswort, you show up here at the head of an invading army, then blatantly insult our intelligence.. what should we do?"

Armaxis says, "Really, Mynal'lyanna's little collection of villages can only last ssso long."

Shaynel chuckles.

Mnar says, "Really, I'm curious."

Armaxis waves his hand in a dismissive gesture.

Titaniia says, "I leave th' decision up to you. But I still think a spell of forgetfullness would be prudent."

Holswort says, "I don't know, Kasadur. I'd hope you would send my body home."

Blades yawns.

Vif says, "Holswort I pity ye."

Fireblaze says, "Well, I believe the attack is over, atleast."

Vif chuckles.

Vif leans back.

Roelon chuckles.

Fireblaze says, "Damn krolvins."

Duoncon says, "aye were sposed ta be kind an respectful ta da man dat wants ta invade us "

Duoncon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Vif says, "Twas a pitiful invasion if you even call it that."

Kerl shrugs.

Duoncon shakes his head.

Kasadur says, "In pieces Rest assured"

Fireblaze shows Holswort his handaxe.

Kasadur says, "No pun intended"

Armaxis says, "It wasss not an invasion. It was a test."

Cryheart says, "please folks..dinnae give this herald any reason to provoke ye"

Draegar says, "Yes yes, please forgive any misindended reactions to your presence Holswort. And by all means, please accept an entourage of Guard soldiers to accompany you on this visit and any other. I am sure they may be able to direct you some lovely bird sanctuaries"

Cryheart glances at Holswort.

Armaxis says, "He will not admit it, though. I doubt he ever would."

Jubuls scratches his nose.

Draegar smirks.

Jubuls wrinkles his nose.

Kerl says, "oh, just run along and go bird watching"

Armaxis glances at Holswort.

Vif says, "'twas not even a test was more like a pop quiz stupid, useless and inane"

Tilarium shows you a pair of steel heeled boots, which he is wearing. You see nothing unusual.

Parro says, "Even an enemy deserves respect. We have no reason not to be civil."

Kerl waves a hand at Holswort, dismissing him indifferently.

Krynith glances at Draegar.

Duoncon chuckles.

Armaxis says, "To him, it wasss useful, Vif."

Draegar examines his fingernails.

Armaxis says, "He wished to sssee our defenses."

Vif says, "for?"

Vif chuckles.

You say, "Sounds like a good plan, Draegar"

Kerl says, "I hear the chickidees are flying through enroute to Vornavis"

Kasadur asks, "?"

Roelon nods to Armaxis.

Draegar winks at you.

Kerl stares off into space.

Shonison grins.

Roelon says, "As he saw, the krolvin are weak."

Armaxis says, "He hasss even inquired about certain spells we used."

Holswort says, "Maybe I should go. Now you accuse me of treachery."

Armaxis gazes heavenward.

Jubuls nods to Holswort.

Jubuls beams!

Duoncon says, "aye ya all jes playin at wanna be diplomats sorry some o us nae so schooled in da ways of yappin all night round a subject "

Jubuls points out.

Vif just hugged Jubuls.

Ughsplat chuckles.

Duoncon rolls his eyes.

Titaniia asks, "Treachory?"

Fireblaze removes a packed ball of fresh mud from in his black stalking cloak.

Dantrotic says, "Aye, they do that in this town Holswort. I take much abuse here."

Jubuls just tickled Vif.

Cryheart says, "Holswort ye see that the Landing is not defenseless"

Parro asks, "Sir Holswort, surely you can appreciate our aprehension?"

Draegar says, "now why would anyone do that. Ye seem such a ...likeable...fellow"

You say, "And give none out, poor Dantrotic"

Zodier says, "Only the weak minded abuse you."

Zodier nods to Dantrotic.

Ughsplat says, "Nae Uggie tinks dey be accusin ye of siccin dem Krolvin on us"

Holswort says, "Indeed. I am lucky. Without your help, I may have been killed."

Ughsplat shrugs.

Jubuls kicks Dantrotic!

Ylarra asks, "Folks, why are we worried?"

Jubuls nods to Zodier.

Badd grins.

Zodier begins chuckling at Jubuls.

Titaniia says, "Aye. That was all th' defenses we had to offer, but we survived."

Roelon mutters under his breath.

Arwen smiles at Holswort.

Dantrotic says, "You abuse me, Zodi."

Titaniia stares off into space.

Kasadur says, "I'l ask again"

Zodier smirks.

Fireblaze just touched Dantrotic.

Zodier says, "Not mentally."

Kasadur asks, "Though let me ask. Would it be safe to say your Baron would be a bit displeased?"

Cryheart asks, "Holswort do you seek an escort out of town?"

Shonison nods.

Fireblaze says, "Maybe because you're a spy."

Fireblaze nods to Dantrotic.

Holswort nods to Kasadur.

Jubuls exclaims, "Escorts em to his grave!"

Ylarra says, "If the best they can field, even to test our defenses, are the krolvin...we have naught to worry about."

Jubuls nods to Cryheart.

Lady Vif just arrived.

Duoncon says, "ooo id so like ta displease da baron "

Zulei exclaims, "Spy!"

Titaniia pokes Jubuls in the ribs.

Duoncon beams!

Arwen says, "M'Lord Holswort, do you not fear being stuck here by the snows, this close to the winter season? Seems odd you would pick now to wander about."

Holswort says, "SO rude."

Zulei points at Dantrotic.

Vif glances at Holswort.

Draegar says, "nae, I doubt the fair people of the Landing would have raised sword against ye. But look out for our cobblestones, they are mightly slippery."

Vif chuckles.

Roelon mutters under his breath.

Feris smiles at Blades.

Jubuls says, "We tries."

Kerl says, "you seem so... thankful for one who's just had his life saved"

Vif scoffs.

Jubuls smiles at Hogwart.

Lord Boydd's group just arrived.

Parro says, "It would be wrong for us not to extend safe passage to these two gentlemen, should they decide they wish to leave."

Feris nods to Blades.

Holswort says, "No, Arwen."

Armaxis leans back.

Germinal just arrived.

Titaniia begins chuckling at Draegar.

Kasadur asks, "Do you think he would be so displeased as to possibly attack the landing?"

Cryheart says, "nae...I would not harm a herald..unless he attacked..otherwise would be a provocatoin to war"

Vif yawns.

Vistiria tries to stifle a sneeze but fails tremendously.

Vif stretches.

Evia and Germinal clasp forearms in greeting.

Arwen raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Vistiria blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Jubuls wrinkles his nose.

Germinal put a finely-honed Ardenai longsword in his threaded war harness.

Braenna says, "He probably wanted to catch the birds before they flew southward."

Braenna nods to Arwen.

Fireblaze put a packed ball of fresh mud in his black stalking cloak.

Mnar asks, "Cryheart, he lead an invading force to our town. What more does it take?"

Holswort says, "No, Kasadur. The Landing is under his protection."

Jubuls giggles.

Kasadur says, "I see"

Roelon scoffs.

Draegar chuckles.

Zulei says, "Hey Mistah Holswort."

Fireblaze removes a large chocolate chip cookie from in his black stalking cloak.

Krynith begins chuckling at Holswort.

Fireblaze offers Holswort a large chocolate chip cookie.

Cryheart nods to Mnar.

Zulei says, "If you're here bird watching..."

Blades begins chuckling at Jubuls.

Fireblaze says, "Here you go sir."

Titaniia says, "Cryheart. I do think it is wise that you make Maldon aware that he obviously planned this invasion."

Kasadur says, "Wether we need that "Protection" or not"

Vif says, "Nobody rules the landing but it's inhabitants... and their queen of fluff... myself."

Zulei asks, "What kinda birds are here?"

Fireblaze says, "Your special cookie."

Jubuls just handed Blades some coins.

Vif leans back.

Holswort says, "Now, I am thieved."

Cryheart nods to Titaniia.

Kasadur says, "Which we do not"

Zulei asks, "That you would have interest in?"

Roelon says, "This is not part of Jantalar"

Holswort sighs.

Jubuls points at Holswort.

Roelon scoffs at Holswort.

Jubuls snickers.

Holswort rummages around in his pockets.

Feris pokes Jeresis in the ribs.

Vif chuckles.

Dantrotic asks, "Who stol;e from you, Holswort?"

Titaniia says, "I will testify as will Roleon, if there need be proof."

Dantrotic says, "Roelon, yes it is."

Zulei asks, "Or are you in cahoots with that spy?"

Blades says, "who would do a such a horrid thing"

Zulei points at Dantrotic.

Tilarium glances at Dantrotic.

Blades smirks.

Parro says, "Even in times of war we must show honor to our enemies, Lord Mnar."

Fireblaze says, "It tastes good."

Roelon scoffs at Dantrotic.

Cryheart says, "Maldon and others will be alerted"

Holswort just handed Jubuls some coins.

Fireblaze nods to Holswort.

Tilarium rummages around in his pockets.

Fireblaze shows Holswort his chocolate chip cookie.

Germinal chuckles.

Neimanz comes out of hiding.

Neimanz put a bone-pommeled elven longsword in his elven knight's lootbag.

Ylarra rummages around in her pockets.

Vif giggles.

Vif snaps her fingers.

Jubuls exclaims, "Ooo tanks!"

Krynith says, "I think perhaps we should send your head back to your barony as a sign that we are not under his jurisdication"

Mnar says, "He'll get an honorable burial, Parro."

Germinal says, "oh, that's too bad..."

Holswort says, "Go buy some manners."

Vif says, "a gal gotta try"

Dantrotic says, "Titaniia, in the offical registry in Turamzyrr, this is indeed part of Jantalar."

Titaniia waves a hand at Dantrotic, dismissing him indifferently.

Zulei rummages around in his pockets.

Ylarra chuckles.

Armaxis asks, "As if that ever mattered?"

Armaxis raises an eyebrow in Dantrotic's direction.

Fireblaze says, "Dantrotic."

Roelon says, "I'd use them if you devsered it."

Jubuls says, "Me gonna needs s'more silvers fer dats."

Fireblaze says, "can't you like."

Kasadur says, "I second that"

Fireblaze asks, "die?"

Jubuls nods to Holswort.

Fireblaze asks, "Please?"

Roelon smiles at Holswort.

Ylarra asks, "Like we care?"

You ask, "Have ye been there lately Dantrotic?"

Tilarium says, "take that as compensation for what fool is toyin with you"

Feris shrugs.

Tilarium nods to Holswort.

Jubuls exclaims, "Maybe da Royal Treasury!"

Lord Fisdan just arrived.

Jubuls smacks his lips.

Talgia seats herself at the Lucid Lotus Table.

Ughsplat says, "Dantrotic, Uggie kin draws a ficial map an makes dis Uggie town"

Cryheart asks, "Holswort..may we return the favor one of these days..and bring some hooligan friends with us to your town..like you brought the Krolvins maybe?"

Ughsplat shrugs.

Cryheart smiles.

Ughsplat says, "But dat not make it reel"

Fireblaze scowls at Holswort.

Fisdan grumbles.

Fireblaze says, "Holswort doesn't like cookies."

Fireblaze takes a bite of his chocolate chip cookie.

Fireblaze put a large chocolate chip cookie in his black stalking cloak.

Holswort says, "These creatures are in your wilds. I have nothing to do with them."

Zulei says, "I like cookies."

Zulei nods to Fireblaze.

Roelon asks, "Ye know of ma' family?"

Roelon peers quizzically at Cryheart.

Draegar says, "yes yes...I wonder what the birds of Jantalar look like at this time of year"

Holswort says, "They tried to kill me too."

Titaniia says, "Actually, Cryheart, th' krolvin work fer whoever pay em."

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Roelon chuckles.

Krynith begins chuckling at Holswort.

Amerlise mutters 'mmhmm'.

Armaxis says, "Your liege hasss hired them before."

Randsford says, "Oddly enough these creatures only attack when you are near"

Cryheart nods to Holswort.

Armaxis nods to Holswort.

Randsford squints at Holswort.

Fireblaze removes a tiny chocolate map from in his black stalking cloak.

Braenna says, "They are usually just that.............in our wilds....not at our gate."

You ask, "So they just gathered and followed ye here, Holwort?"

Dantrotic says, "Randsford, and when Mnar is in the room"

Titaniia says, "Again, Lord Holswort, yer Baron's purpose would be served if you were kilt on yer visit here."

Kasadur says, "I suppose there are no "birds""

Mendanbarr says, "These creatures are in the wilds extremely distant from town. Not at our gates."

Kasadur snickers.

Dantrotic says, "Mnar lead it for the Dhe'Nar, not Holswort."

Ughsplat says, "Uggie fite Krolvin lots and dem not often at our gates"

Kasadur asks, "In your wilds?"

Fireblaze raises an eyebrow in Dantrotic's direction.

Ylarra says, "Holswort, these creatures don't attack our gates. But you are here, and surprise! So are they.."

Holswort says, "They didn't follow me, no."

Mnar glances at Dantrotic.

Draegar says, "perhaps the krolvin are just upset by his presence, though I couldn't imagine why"

Mnar rolls his eyes.

Dantrotic asks, "Titaniia, why do you wish to kill him so?"

Titaniia says, "Errick, they didna follow him. He went to an assigned meeting place an' met them."

Greenwolf gasps.

Blades exclaims, "oh wait, i bet they were stalking you!"

Blades nods to Holswort.

Blades says, "yes thats it"

Badd stares off into space.

Amerlise says, "He probably walked by them and had a chat, and they had less restraint and followed him here murderously."

You notice Zulei slip into a hiding place.

Draegar grins.

Armaxis says, "You nodded, as if sssignalling something, and a mercenary walked out of the trees."

Armaxis nods to Holswort.

Dantrotic asks, "Are you so distrubed that you must constantly threaten?"

Blades says, "you'd miss a few hundred pirates stalking you"

Braenna says, "Ahhh............a mere coincidence......"

Titaniia says, "Dantrotic, you need mind readin lessons, yer more then confused."

Blades smirks.

(Braenna nods slowly.)

Krynith glances at Dantrotic.

Gawein asks, "anyone sen sunpatch?"

Holswort says, "I see why you may think I was involved, but I assure you on my word, I was not."

You say, "Oh... I see. So ye were just wandering around and happened to meet 'em"

You ask, "is that it?"

You hear someone chuckling.

Krynith asks, "Why would we attack a town we live in?"

Marroc yawns.

Feris begins chuckling at Blades.

Titaniia chuckles.

Roelon's carved dragon talisman emits a soft grey glow.

Fireblaze says, "Hey."

Badd nods to Clearity.

Kerl says, "how does it feel to be put in such a tretcherous possition, does the Baron always send you in harms way? Clearly you were deceived."

Titaniia asks, "Just why did you go to th' bridge, Lord Holswort?"

Fireblaze says, "I found this secret hidden map."

Amerlise says, "I don't really think your word carries much weight here, except with.."

Amerlise waves a hand at Dantrotic, dismissing him indifferently.

Lexara glances at Marroc.

Amerlise says, "That."

Fireblaze says, "Maybe you should read it."

Krynith rolls his eyes.

Fireblaze offers Holswort a tiny chocolate map.

Kasadur says something in dark elven.

Kerl raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Randsford says, "I'll believe it when we stop finding notes from your Barons on the invaders"

Cryheart says, "Holswort...you did serve one good purpose..and I thank you kind herald..you have diligently alerted the Landing again to your presence and possible consequences"

Duoncon grins.

Cryheart grins.

Mendanbarr asks, "How reliable is your word, Holswort?"

Roelon chuckles.

Ylarra says, "If they were stalking or intent on killing him, I would think they could have accomplished that anywhere. Odd that they chose outside our gates and started attacking our citizens to do so."

Holswort says, "Someone told me there were a wide variety of birds near that bridge."

Ughsplat asks, "Kin ye trusts his werd M'Laidie? Has him give us a goot reason not to trusts his werd?"

Ughsplat peers quizzically at Titaniia.

Jubuls shifts his weight.

Draegar says, "yes, you have made my job somewhat easier"

Jubuls leans on his broadsword.

Titaniia says, "uh huh."

You ask, "Someone?"

Draegar nods to Holswort.

Blades says, "yes he makes himself look like a good fool"

Blades nods to Cryheart.

Shonison chuckles.

Blades smirks.

Duoncon cracks his knuckles.

Roelon glances at Holswort.

Fireblaze takes a bite of his chocolate map.

Fireblaze put a tiny chocolate map in his black stalking cloak.

Cryheart grins.

You ask, "Good old vague someone?"

Krynith says, "And a Krolvian battalion behind you"

Roelon asks, "I net it was a krolvin, aye?"

Titaniia says, "Uggie. I saw what happened."

Ughsplat nods to Titaniia.

Titaniia says, "He was lookin fer th' krolvin."

Krynith asks, "A rather odd coincidence?"

You hear the voice of Zulei exclaim, "I believe we should put him in a cage, and dunk him in the river, and if he dies, than he's telling the truth, and if he lives, he's a witch!"

Roelon says, "You pointed at the bridge..."

Mendanbarr says, "So far you haven't given us a shred of proof that you were not involved, save your word."

Holswort says, "A commoner. I did not get her name."

Lexara nods to Marroc.

Roelon says, "made sure everyone, and thing saw it."

Braenna smiles at Kasadur.

Kasadur smiles at Braenna.

Ylarra chuckles.

Ariannia exclaims, "Aye! Try him as a witch!"

Feris laughs!

Indica asks, "They dun have birds in Jantalar?"

Fisdan scratches at his beard.

You peer quizzically at Holswort.

Arwen asks, "Her name?"

Holswort asks, "May I ask you some questions, now that you have interrogated me?"

Parro nods to Holswort.

Braenna nods to Holswort.

Roelon nods to Holswort.

Ughsplat nods to Holswort.

Draegar says, "surely Holwswort"

Amerlise says, "I don't see why."

Titaniia glances at Holswort.

Tilarium leans forward.

Parro says, "Certainly, you may ask questions."

Braenna says, "Please do."

Mendanbarr nods.

You ask, "weren't ye concerned for your safety?"

You hear the voice of Zulei say, "Ok, that was your one and only question."

Indica nods to Holswort.

Titaniia leans on Blades.

Ughsplat says, "a course"

Mnar says, "If you're ready for 50 differen answers all at once."

Armaxis says, "Go right ahead. But expect the sssame avoidance and dodging of your questionsss, as well."

You peer quizzically at Holswort.

Cryheart says, "Holswort said we were below his station...I say this herald...we are above your approach...and will not harm thee..we will just watch ye leave quietly"

Ylarra says, "Nice idea Zulei, but then we are no better than him. Less in fact, as he is one and we are many."

Braenna says, "I am interested in knowing your questions."

Braenna leans forward.

Arianiss just arrived.

Germinal says, "Certainly, but we'll nae guarantee we'll give ye truthful answers."

Arianiss joins Roelon's group.

Germinal smiles.

Roelon glances at Arianiss.

Jubuls removes some roasted pumpkin seeds from in his goodie bag.

Fireblaze waves a hand at Dantrotic, dismissing him indifferently.

Duoncon leans against a low stool.

Holswort asks, "I understand a contingent of your people attempted a takeover of the city of Solhaven. What transpired to bring this about?"

(Jubuls pops a few pumpkin seeds in his mouth.)

Duoncon joins Roelon's group.

Roelon chuckles.

Jubuls grits his teeth.

Mnar coughs.

Randsford says, "Dont take it too personally whenever anyone shows up in this town from another place seems all the mobs run"

Randsford gazes in wonder at his surroundings.

Lady Sunnae just arrived.

Titaniia glances at Mnar.

Jubuls takes a bite of his pumpkin seeds.

Mnar says, "Er"

Tilarium glances at Mnar.

Krynith glances at Mnar.

Blades glances at Mnar.

Armaxis points at Mnar.

Kerl rolls his eyes.

You hear someone laugh.

Armaxis says, "Ask him."

Dantrotic glances at Mnar.

Mnar asks, "Why are you looking at me?"

Cryheart seems to lose some dexterity.

Shonison says, "heh"

Roelon says, "Ah, the dinner elf's"

Draegar says, "hmm, don't know any of my people that tried that"

Braenna asks, "Well, that is not completely true, now is it Mnar?"

Armaxis says, "He's the delusioned Dhe'nari."

Draegar rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Fisdan gazes heavenward.

Indica scratches her head.

(Blades pushes Mnar foward.)

Naina grins.

Arwen says, "I think it was a fever."

Draegar asks, "Cryheart, any of our people try that?"

Draegar grins.

Amerlise says, "Solhaven is not part of your barony, I believe."

Sunnae smiles at Cryheart.

Sunnae just hugged Kulldy.

Holswort says, "No, it is not."

You ask, "I ask ye again, Holswort, when ye found that your bird watching spot was backed with a lot of Krolvin, did ye not fear for your safety?"

Tilarium says, "ask Mnar, he was oen of them that tried it"

Mnar says, "I suppose we should simply announce our intentions..."

Titaniia says, "An' it never will be."

Titaniia says, "Oh, Errick, he claimed to."

Holswort says, "Yes, Errick, and I ran to town, where everyone else was running to."

Dantrotic says, "Amerlise, Solhaven and all of Vornavis will soon be part of Jantalar. Right now it is a simple formality it is not part of Jantalar."

Blades says, "good, i like good jokes, ya lie almost as bad as he does"

Blades nods to Mnar.

Mnar says, "You see, Holswort, we believe it is in the best interests of the People of Solhaven for them to declare independance from the Empire..."

Braenna asks, "How big is a contingency?"

Cryheart just hugged Sunnae.

Zendy says, "ack"

Titaniia says, "Ran around saying "oh, my" "how dangerous"."

Kasadur smiles at Tcora.

Tcora leans on Zendy.

Tcora smiles at Kasadur.

Titaniia gazes heavenward.

Mnar says, "We simply helped them out."

Tcora gazes heavenward.

Cryheart says, "nae..not all Draegar"

You ask, "Yet they didn't kill ye?"

Roelon chuckles.

Ughsplat says, "Dems Dhe'Nar not be da britest folks and dey generally does what dey will"

Amerlise says, "Dantrotic, spare me your brainwashed, mindless propaganda."

Ughsplat shrugs.

Parro says, "In diplomacy, good sir, formalities are far more than simple."

Holswort asks, "Really?"

Draegar nods to Cryheart.

Draegar grins.

You peer quizzically at Holswort.

Krynith glances at Ughsplat.

Mnar says, "Well, they were obstinate.."

Tcora stares at Zendy.

Ylarra rubs Dantrotic gently.

Sunnae nods to Cryheart.

Holswort asks, "What are the benefits of independence from the Empire?"

Fisdan put a maoral-haft forester's axe in his weapons harness.

Fisdan slings a blackened veil iron tower shield over his shoulder.

Zendy smiles at Kasadur.

Ylarra says, "We all have to have our dreams..."

Cryheart says, "freedomfirst "

Fisdan removes a small wooden humidor from in his forester's satchel.

Kasadur says something in dark elven.

Fisdan just opened a small wooden humidor.

Braenna glances at Holswort.

Zendy says something in dark elven.

Holswort asks, "Freedom?"

Mnar says, "Oh, many benefits"

Amerlise says, "Freedom is a good one."

Zendy reaches out and holds Tcora's hand.

Cryheart says, "freedom second"

Cryheart grins.

Mnar says, "First, it would allow them to fight off the blockade of their port"

Roelon says, "True freedom."

Fisdan removes a cowering Dhe'nari soldier doll feebly holding up a slim black blade from in his wooden humidor.

Fireblaze leans on Fisdan.

Holswort says, "All citizens of the Empire are free."

Fisdan glances at Mnar.

Parro says, "If it was only a formality that Solhaven was in your empire, then you would certainly insist on its presence."

Randsford says, "We perfer a liberal life not one where we have to live under the fists of another"

Kreeban seats himself at the Obscure Orris Table.

Cryheart says, "freedom to the end"

Randsford shrugs.

Tcora just tickled Zendy.

Roelon chuckles.

Fisdan slaps his dhe'nar doll savagely, sending bits of stuffing flying out of the doll.

Tilarium grins.

Tcora rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Zodier begins chuckling at Fisdan.

Fisdan mutters under his breath.

Ughsplat asks, "Dis do be da empire what has alla da non humans in some kinna mine diggin?"

Ylarra says, "I am sorry that yours will ne'er reach fruition...for your sake. However, I will die a thousand times before I let it come true."

Mnar says, "Second, it would provide moral seperation from the horrid, luukosian practices of the Human Empire"

Zodier falls to the ground laughing hysterically!

Zodier rolls around on the ground laughing hysterically!

Titaniia says, "Freedom to love whom we want. Freedom from th' mines. Freedom to use magiks if we chose to."

Zodier stands up.

You ask, "Free to be slaves?"

Fireblaze cackles!

Parro begins chuckling at Fisdan.

Indica smiles at Fisdan.

You peer quizzically at Holswort.

Ughsplat asks, "Dis do be da empire what has alla da non humans in some kinna mine diggin?"

Roelon asks, "You really believe that, dont you?"

Roelon peers quizzically at Holswort.

Ughsplat peers quizzically at Holswort.

Zodier just tried to pull Fisdan towards him!

Zodier put an pearl hilted vultite falchion in his caedera skin sheath.

Zodier slings a dwarven-sized rolaren tower shield over his shoulder.

Braenna asks, "Benefits of independence from a racist Human Empire?"

Blades glances at Mnar.

You ask, "free to be segregated?"

Naina glances at Shonison.

Braenna smirks.

Holswort says, "Of course I do."

Blades leans on Mnar.

Ariannia appears to lose some internal strength.

Roelon mutters under his breath.

Cryheart says, "our choice dear Herald"

Blades rubs Mnar gently.

Naina sticks out her tongue.

Titaniia says, "That ain th' Empire, Uggie. That is Jantalar."

Zodier pokes Fisdan in the ribs.

Fisdan beats his dhe'nar doll severely!

Roelon says, "Poor human, brainwashed no doubt."

Titaniia says, "It is but one barony."

Fireblaze begins chuckling at Fisdan.

Blades says, "so horrid"

Blades nods to Mnar.

Blades sniffs.

Blades sniffs.

Ughsplat nods to Titaniia.

Blades smirks.

Zodier says, "Yeah, I'm a barony in myself."

Badd says, "Heh"

Zodier yawns.

Jubuls cocks his head.

Jubuls idly scratches himself on the neck.

You say, "those are freedoms we could all do without"

Mnar says, "You see, Holswort, the people of Solhaven deserve better than the Human Empire, and the Dhe'nar can help them achieve that."

Fireblaze nods to Fisdan.

Braenna glances at Fisdan.

Braenna smirks.

Holswort asks, "How is it the town of Solhaven repelled your assault?"

Roelon chuckles.

Titaniia nods to you.

Fisdan glances at Mnar.

Fisdan grumbles.

Titaniia begins chuckling at Holswort.

Braenna nods to Mnar.

Draegar chuckles.

Jubuls exclaims, "Practice from killins yer kind!"

Feris snickers.

Jubuls nods to Holswort.

Fisdan vigorously runs his knuckles over the dhe'nar doll's head, hopelessly knotting and tangling the dhe'nar doll's hair.

Randsford says, "Simple, we never assulted them so there was no assult to repel"

Lexara leans on Mnar.

Randsford shrugs.

Titaniia asks, "You really think we are that simple?"

Cryheart says, "you seem to know much Holswort"

Zulei comes out of hiding.

Zodier says, "You are, not us."

Ughsplat says, "Dey jist waited till de Dhe'Nar tired a pushin em round an got bored an left"

Mnar says, "Well, they were extremely stubborn, refusing to see the value in changing, prefering their own shackled lives to taking chances"

Zulei nods to Fireblaze.

Zodier nods to Titaniia.

Blades waves to Feris.

Cryheart smiles.

Lexara glances at Fisdan.

Ughsplat nods to Holswort.

Krynith says, "If it was an assult the town would not be standing"

Volfe giggles.

Fireblaze exclaims, "Hang him!"

Cristalia seats herself at the Aesthetic Aster Table.

Fireblaze says, "er."

Draegar says, "we let them borrow our big secret weapon"

Holswort says, "So, they claimed they didn't want to be freed."

Fireblaze exclaims, "It was him!"

Fireblaze points at Zodier.

Zulei points at Zodier.

You chuckle at Draegar.

Fisdan put a cowering Dhe'nari soldier doll feebly holding up a slim black blade in his wooden humidor.

Draegar grins.

Zulei exclaims, "He's a witch! Get him!"

Zodier yawns.

Fisdan put a small wooden humidor in his forester's satchel.

Fisdan mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Feris begins chuckling at Blades.

Ylarra just kissed Greenwolf on the lips.

Zulei gestures at Zodier.
Zulei hurls a roaring ball of fire at Zodier!
AS: -25 vs DS: +217 with AvD: +44 + d100 roll: +41 = -157
A clean miss.

Ughsplat works his fingers under his lynx skull and scratches his head.

Fireblaze exclaims, "Witch!"

Tcora just kissed Volfe on the cheek.

Mnar says, "Eii.. let's face it, they're humans and don't know what's best for them."

Zodier removes an pearl hilted vultite falchion from in his caedera skin sheath.

Zodier slings a dwarven-sized rolaren tower shield off from over his shoulder.

Fisdan removes a maoral staff capped with a glowing soulstone from in his forester's satchel.

Greenwolf just kissed Ylarra on the lips.

Volfe grins.

You say, "don't tell him about that, Draegar"

Ylarra snuggles up to Greenwolf.

Badd nods.

Zendy just gave Volfe a smooch.

You hear someone chuckling.

Zodier asks, "What is a weak human going to do to me?"

Volfe just hugged Zendy.

Draegar says, "yes yes, the secret weapon....no one speak of the secret weapon"

Tilarium just closed a supple black leather backpack.

Holswort asks, "Humans are inferior?"

Zodier asks, "Attack me with a piece of paper?"

Cryheart exclaims, "people please!"

You clasp a hand over your mouth.

Amerlise says, "They're probably content to be left alone. Not a sentiment you could relate to, most likely."

Titaniia winks at Draegar.

Zendy says, "Evenin Volfe "

Ylarra says, "Stay safe love...I will let you know what happens."

Zendy smiles.

Fireblaze removes a tiny chocolate map from in his black stalking cloak.

Mnar says, "Not inferior, they just don't know what's best."

(Fireblaze swats Zodier with his map.)

Volfe curtsies to Zendy.

Fireblaze put a tiny chocolate map in his black stalking cloak.

Jubuls removes a square vultite shield emblazoned with a large blue filling tart from in his leather pouch.

Roelon says, "yes, small, puny, ugly, and...small."

Volfe giggles.

Zendy just hugged Towerhelm.

Kulldy yawns.

Badd chuckles.

Holswort says, "I see."

Jubuls exclaims, "Not alla dems!"

Zulei takes a funny pointed hat off his head.

Zendy says, "Hi Tower"

Jubuls just nudged Roelon.

Zendy smiles at Towerhelm.

Mnar says, "Sometimes it's necessary to take the reigns, so to speak, and help guide them along..."

Tilarium pokes Roelon in the ribs.

Jubuls says, "Only da ones down south."

Jubuls nods.

Ughsplat says, "Nae Holswort dey jist be different.. Jist likes Hobbits be different not better or worser jist different"

Fireblaze takes a funny pointed hat off his head.

(Zulei stabs Zodier in the eye with his funny pointed hat.)

Roelon says, "Well, most."

Feris waves to Blades.

"Now really, there's not a bird to be seen in here, Sir.(Fireblaze does the same.)

Roelon nods to Jubuls.

You say, "Now really, there's not a bird to be seen in here, Sir."

Feris bows to Blades.

Zodier says, "Holswort, you're even uglier than most humans."

Blades waves to Feris.

Tilarium says, "na talkin about Jubuls infront of him"

Fireblaze puts a funny pointed hat on his head.

Tilarium leans on Roelon.

Zulei puts a funny pointed hat on his head.

Lexara snickers.

Roelon says, "Just not the one's born around here."

Holswort says, "I am ugly, yes."

Lexara says, "pity"

Fireblaze taps a funny pointed hat.

You ask, "How long are ye going to stand around in here, pretending?"

Jeanius smiles at Draegar.

Zendy grins.

Arwen says, "Mnar, you just offer another form of opression."

Fireblaze beams happily at Holswort!

Blades says, "least ya know"

Fireblaze exclaims, "Congrats!"

Evia says, "it became very quiet outside, since you came inside, hasn't it herald? Such coincidences."

Jeanius asks, "er what we doing here?"

Jubuls exclaims, "Ick, he finally tells da truth!"

Jubuls's jaw drops.

Zodier says, "First step is admitting it."

Zodier winks at Holswort.

Jeanius waves to Draegar.

Jubuls says, "Maybe me tinks he was just bird watchins."

Jubuls appears to be lost in thought.

Tcora looks thoughtful for a moment, then shrugs.

Indica says, "Yer not so ugly"

Plethe waves at Bremn and invites his group to come sit at his table.

As Fireblaze pulls on his crystal amulet, his expression grows darker.

Indica removes a tangled blue wig from in her linen herb satchel.

Zulei nods.

Lexara says, "he's not ugly"

Badd says, "First step. I thought he just admitted it"

Lexara shakes her head.

Badd shifts his eyes to Zodier.

Holswort says, "There are alot of birds in this area."

Zulei takes a funny pointed hat off his head.

Spaetzle slings a vultite shield off from over his shoulder.

Zulei says, "Now... you all must die."

Zulei puts a funny pointed hat on his head.

Volfe fidgets.

You ask, "inside?"

Jubuls asks, "An what ones didja find?"

Randsford nods to Holswort.

Jubuls smiles at Holswort.

Volfe leans on Towerhelm.

Naina rubs her chin thoughtfully.

Cryheart says, "that is true Holswort"

Fireblaze nods to Zulei.

Clearity says, "I don't think he's ugly, either."

Titaniia says, "Oh, I think th' krolvin scared them all away."

Clearity shrugs.

Natariel nods to Zendy.

You ask, "inn owls perhaps?"

Zendy just hugged Natariel.

Randsford says, "I bet you are looking for the rare flying krovlin"

Randsford stares off into space.

Jubuls exclaims, "Mister Bird-watcher!"

Mnar says, "The Dhe'nar offered the people of solhaven their last, best chance at living out fufilling lives... they tossed it away."

Clearity says, "I mean, not compared to the mindless Dantrotic."

Titaniia says, "In fact, tis prolly a bad eve to bird watch."

(Indica whispers confidentially to the people around her, "He's actually kinda cute...in an evil sort of way")

Roelon asks, "Maybe..we should have somone guide you to the best bird watching spots?"

Ylarra snickers.

Mnar says, "We cannot be held responcible for their failures, we can only try to correct them."

Fireblaze says, "Yes, he is cute."

Blades nods to Roelon.

Zodier says, "Clearity, I'm sure Dantrotic has a larger mind than you."

Draegar says, "I think I may be able t' provide a bird to watch"

Zodier just tickled Clearity.

Roelon says, "Since the krolvin might be preping to attack again."

Fireblaze says, "Er."

Zulei nods.

Blades says, "introduce him to an aivren"

Blades smirks.

Jeanius just arrived.

Indica smiles at Holswort.

Fireblaze asks, "Did I say that outloud?"

Fireblaze gasps.

Clearity says, "I'd exchange Holswort for him anyday."

Holswort says, "Mnar, you sound dangerous."

Ylarra says, "They ain't so rare when the krolvin attack our gates..."

Indica glances at Holswort bashfully, blushes, and mumbles a few words, plainly embarrassed.

Ughsplat nods to Holswort.

Fireblaze says, "Maybe we should kill him."

Fireblaze nods to Holswort.

Lexara glances at Holswort.

Ylarra says, "You can see krolvin flying ever which way then..."

Fireblaze says, "And hang him on a stick."

Fireblaze nods to Holswort.

Randsford rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Jeanius nods to Draegar.

Krynith glances at Holswort.

Mnar narrows his eyes.

Parro says, "Mnar's ideas are no more dangerous than some of the ideas you represent."

Kasadur glances at Fireblaze.

Zulei gestures at Holswort.
CS: +171 - TD: +1024 + CvA: -9 + d100: +18 == -844
Warded off!
Zulei just went out.

Roelon chuckles.

Zodier says, "No...Humans stink when they're dead."

Braenna removes a black alloy moon axe from in her blue spidersilk greatcloak.

Jubuls smirks.

Titaniia gazes heavenward.

Kerl rolls his eyes.

Amerlise furrows her brow.

Fireblaze says, "Whoa."

Naina snickers.

You chuckle.

Lexara says, "oh please"

Parro mutters under his breath.

Duoncon says, "yanno i really hope that lil test we had earlier wasnt the only test we have tenight id het ta put up wit dis much yappin fer nuttin "

Mendanbarr frowns.

Braenna put a black alloy moon axe in her blue spidersilk greatcloak.

Darqwolf chuckles.

Duoncon mumbles something that you don't quite catch.

Kasadur moves to stand in front of Mnar.

Cryheart says, "bah..people don't attack"

Cryheart rolls his eyes.

Blades exclaims, "oh my you've been assaulted!"

Holswort says, "Your people are fragmented."

Kerl says, "how blind"

Braenna raises an eyebrow.

Blades gawks at Holswort.

Cryheart says, "do not provoke"

Blades smirks.

Roelon chuckles.

Fireblaze says, "Poor Zulei."

Draegar says, "that wasn't an attack. Was more like passin wind"

Roelon says, "And freee."

Braenna moves to stand in front of Mnar.

Kanla bows to Holswort.

Cryheart chuckles.

Kanla says, "good evening friend"

Draegar nods to Jeanius.

Mnar says, "The Dhe'nar stand as one, Holswort. I cannot speak for anyone else."

Lord Metadi just arrived.

Cryheart nods curtly to Kanla.

Titaniia removes a mithril-etched sabre from in her spidersilk backpack.

Lord Valicar just arrived.

You shake hands with Metadi.

Krynith shifts his weight.

Titaniia leans on her sabre.

Draegar and Metadi bash their forearms in greeting.

Marroc cracks his knuckles.

Holswort says, "But you seek to."

Metadi shakes your hand.

Cryheart just hugged Metadi.

Metadi and Draegar bash their forearms in greeting.

Jeanius and Metadi bash their forearms in greeting.

Zodier is admiring Titaniia.

Metadi just hugged Cryheart.

Amerlise says, "As do you."

Kerl says, "our fragmentation is one of the things I cherish most"

Metadi and Jeanius bash their forearms in greeting.

Tilarium nods to Metadi.

Metadi just hugged Evia.

Ughsplat says, "Holswort dat makes us strong.. When one fragment canna be brung to bear dere always be anuuder one to takes its place"

Parro says, "All groups seek to expand their power."

Mnar says, "It is... inevitable that the order we offer will surpass that which the Human Empire forces upon its subjects..."

Cryheart asks, "seek to what Holswort?"

Holswort says, "No, I speak for one man."

Ylarra says, "Holswort, the people here may seem fragmented to you, but they have fought, bled, and died more than once to keep their freedom.."

Zodier says, "Careful, you're gonna break that."

Jeanius bows to you.

"What do ye care what we do politically, Holswort?

Metadi nods to Tilarium.

Zodier nods to Titaniia.

Evia just hugged Metadi.

You ask, "What do ye care what we do politically, Holswort?"

Amerlise just kissed Khenan on the cheek.

Jeanius bows to Evia.

Zodier mutters fat.

Fireblaze says, "Hut two three four."

Cryheart says, "and we speak as many"

Cryheart smiles at Holswort.

Ughsplat shrugs.

Evia just hugged Jeanius.

Fireblaze paces back and forth.

Amerlise says, "That 'you' was collectively referring to your barony."

Ylarra says, "You err if you think us not of one mind on that."

Amerlise says, "Surely you're bright enough to understand that."

Holswort says, "You don't have to die to be free."

Fireblaze says, "Holswort rules."

Draegar says, "no...those krolvins outside are fragmented....at least they are now"

Draegar smirks.

Parro says, "But you must be willing to die."

Mnar says, "It's not too late to be on the winning side, though."

Mnar smiles at Holswort.

Fireblaze says, "Heh."

Jubuls yawns.

Blades stares off into space.

Cryheart asks, "we choose freedom...who said we have to die?"

Germinal grins.

Duoncon chuckles.

Zacheus waves a shrunken troll head around.

Krynith grins.

Germinal chuckles.

Fireblaze says, "Me."

Draegar nods to Valicar.

Fireblaze nods to Cryheart.

Roelon snorts.

Holswort asks, "Mnar, do you know your history?"

Kasadur reaches out and holds Krynith's hand.

Metadi and Germinal shake hands.

Zacheus sniffs at his troll head.

Titaniia asks, "Mnar?"

Parro says, "If your freedom is not worth your life, then you are not free."

Jeanius and Valicar bash their forearms in greeting.

Roelon asks, "And wha do you mean by die?"

Metadi nods to Parro.

Roelon peers quizzically at Holswort.

Germinal smiles at Metadi.

Zacheus asks, "Anyone wanna buy a shrunken troll head?"

Zacheus smirks.

Mnar says, "Eii, I would say I know history better than almost any."

Zodier says, "Holswort...Is Dantrotic legit? I believe I worked out a peace offering between the Re-make of the silver clan of old Kalaza...and the human empire.."

Titaniia asks, "Are you offering th' services of th' Dhe'nar to Jantalar?"

Fireblaze says, "I vote we all kill eachother."

Titaniia raises an eyebrow in Mnar's direction.

Duoncon says, "i tink he means stop breathin brudder"

Krynith begins chuckling at Titaniia.

Mnar says, "Of course not, Tani. That's not within my power."

Holswort asks, "Why did your people unleash the scourge on the world?"

Zodier says, "I just want to make sure he didn't have me fill out fake paperwork."

Ughsplat says, "If ye die ye onny free to walks wid Loreminstra better to lets yer enemy dies an be free dat way"

Fireblaze says, "Or..not."

Kanla says, "that's why yer still stuck here Fireblaze"

Zodier peers quizzically at Holswort.

Jubuls just edged a little closer to the legs!

Duoncon rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Jubuls just hugged Lilliebelle.

Fireblaze just punched Kanla!

Ughsplat peers quizzically at Holswort.

Blades leans against a steep stair.

Braenna raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Mnar says, "You confuse us with the Faendryl... the Dhe'nar have never done such as they."

Roelon chuckles.

Lilliebelle shows Jubuls her flower basket.

Krynith says, "I think it would be Jalantar offering their services to us but that is not a choice on single person can make"

Blades glances at Mnar.

Cryheart says, "aye...Holswort at Holding you denie being aware of Dantrotic"

Armaxis scoffs.

Cryheart says, "denied"

Holswort says, "AH, I see. Thank you for the clarification."

Marroc nods to Kasadur.

Braenna nods to Kasadur.

Blades smirks.

Cryheart shifts his weight.

Lilliebelle removes a linen and gauze empath doll from in her flower basket.

Lilliebelle offers Jubuls a linen and gauze empath doll.

Titaniia asks, "Doan tell me... they all look alike to you?"

Mnar says, "Anyway, Tani, I'm merely stating that the Dhe'nar are willing to utilize potential, whatever its form or species..."

Titaniia raises an eyebrow in Holswort's direction.

Roelon says, "They need to keep his idenity a secret. bit late for that though."

Holswort asks, "Dan who?"

Roelon ducks his head.