The Jantalarian Perspective

Safety and Freedom for a Small Frontier Town
(The Jantalarian Perspective)
Day 26 of Lumnea, 5103

The battle to tame the wilds surrounding the small port of Wehnimer's Landing is under way. Several weeks ago, the Noble Jantalarian Army, under the direction of the Loyal Baron Lerep Hochstib himself, began an assault on the region, seeking to wipe out fierce beasts and clans of murderous humanoids that make life there so dangerous. Wehnimer's Landing, a small, relatively unknown port town in the wilds west of Jantalar, has recently undergone repeated invasions and incursions by all manner of humanoids, beasts, and even undead creatures. The town has been repeatedly sacked, with high loss of life and property. It is for this reason that Baron Hochstib decided to intervene and bring peace to the beleaguered region.

"The region has been war-torn for too long. The peoples of the region deserve better treatment, more opportunities, and the right to live out their lives in peace, should they so wish it," stated Baron Hochstib in a court address on the subject. "We will bring peace to the region, and give the people the correct environment in which to prosper."

The Jantalarian Army has seen heavy resistance from humanoids in the region, but has been welcomed by the townsfolk of the surrounding areas, many of whom had been forced into the wilds and are now under the care of our forces. They are now enjoying Jantalarian foods, medicines, and protection.

In spite of the resistance encountered, casualties have been very light due to the expert training of the Jantalarian forces. The humanoids, on the other hand, have fallen in droves, and the work of clearing their corpses has become a major undertaking. "It's hard to find a place to get your evening meal," claimed one Jantalarian Armiger. "There's so many of them, they seem to just keep coming without regard for their lives or the lives of others. This is what makes me sure that what we're doing is right and is the will of Kai. For Jantalar!"

Nothing has slowed the steady advance of Jantalarian forces into the area. Combat with the humanoids of the wilds has been constant, but has not deterred the mission. Early problems with supply lines and logistics were quickly overcome, and supplies from the citizens of the Landing themselves will soon be available to our troops. With the current rate of advancement, the liberation of the Landing could take several more weeks, but would still be one of the shortest engagements ever for the Jantalarian Army.

With the objective in sight, planning turns toward the eventual maintenance and security of the region over time. Jantalarian troops will be stationed in the area long enough for the local citizens to recuperate and eventually establish sufficient defenses to keep their town safe by themselves. "We have no interest in a continued presence in the region," stated the Herald of Jantalar, Lord Holswort Niffelheim. "We seek only to make the area safer for those who live there, and to ensure that they are capable of fending off incursions of the type they have been plagued with in recent years. We feel deeply for those caught in the middle of this struggle, and have high hopes for the most positive of outcomes."

Lord Holswort has undertaken several missions of aid and diplomacy to the region over the last decade. His knowledge of the region and its inhabitants has been core to the success of the efforts there. Lord Holswort seemed exuberant about the entire operation. "Soon, the wilds surrounding Wehnimer's Landing will be safe for all! The day of true freedom for all citizens of the Landing is fast approaching, due to the diligent efforts of our noble fighting forces."

Whatever the outcome in the region, the efforts of our army have already benefited the peoples there immeasurably. In support of the new Sentinel of the North, Earl Jovery, Jantalar continues to make the northern borders of the Empire secure against external threats. And in support of our new Emperor Aurmont, the taming of the region will serve as a sparkling jewel in the crown, an example for all Territories of the Empire, and a source of Jantalarian pride for many years to come.

Early Successes in the West
Day 9 of Koaratos, 5103

As the battle to free Wehnimer's Landing continues, immediate positive results are visible. In an earlier report, we described the effort to free Wehnimer's Landing, a small port town to the west. Now, after only a few weeks of fighting, the efforts of our soldiers are already being evidenced in the region. The use of our special tactics and the presence of our troops have greatly improved the safety of the surrounding areas. People can now walk freely and safely through the area known as "Danger Land" by the local inhabitants. Our forces have cut short the abilities of many of the indigenous population, making the paths safer for merchants and townsfolk alike.

Another benefit of the noble Jantalarian effort has been the driving of Trolls from the region. As is well known in the Empire, the humanoids classified as Trolls have long been a plague on intelligent peoples everywhere. They are summarily murderous, dishonest, and self-interested. Due to the efforts of the unstoppable Jantalarian forces, the Trolls in the vicinity have abandoned their decades-old siege of the town of Wehnimer's Landing, and have journeyed to parts unknown.

"I can really feel proud of what we're doing here," remarked one of our halberdiers. "We're making the world a better place. I know the fighting has been hard, and there have been times when my faith in our mission has been all that has kept me going, but when I see a child playing in safety in a stream that was once overrun by Trolls, then I know we're doing the greatest works of our time. For Jantalar!"

The battle is close to being over. The local citizens were ready to welcome our troops into their town when the humanoids laying siege to the town employed large numbers of mercenaries to attack our troops. "The rescue of the town has been delayed due to this influx of mercenaries, but is still inevitable," remarked Baron Lerep Hochstib, who is personally leading the efforts. "We are even now erecting special barriers and siege machines which will allow us to reach and rescue the town in relative safety. I will not abandon the people of the region to the harsh cruelties of their oppressors."

Jantalar is now on the verge of victory in the west, and will immediately use the port in this town to transfer several artifacts to the south in support of the Throne and the new Sentinel of the North, Earl Eddric Jovery. "Making the northern border safe and secure is the duty of everyone in the Empire," remarked Lord Holswort Niffelheim. "We in Jantalar happen to be lucky enough to be in the direct vicinity and are therefore able to lend more aid. Some of the citizens of the Landing have also expressed concerns regarding the safety of their town. To them I say, rest assured, we will be there soon, and all will be secured. Hold on to your faith that has brought you so far, and we will deliver you from your current plight."

Once Wehnimer's Landing is secure, Jantalar will turn its attention to the north and the ice dwellers that live there. Recent excursions have uncovered a small town called Icemule where once again, a poorly defended town is under siege by the brutal denizens of the area. "We will not rest until the north is secure and safe for all to live in the light of freedom," said Lord Holswort. "The day of peace and freedom is at hand, and, as usual, the people of Jantalar are ready, willing, and able to pay the price."

Jantalar Expands!
Day 23 of Koaratos, 5103

A new era of prosperity has been brought about by our noble Baron Lerep Hochstib. Due to his efforts in the west, the Turamzzyrian Empire and the Barony of Jantalar now extend to the northwestern coast, in an area once known simply as "The Wilds". This area has been largely tamed, but much work lies ahead to make the region truly safe. Areas to the north still remain quite dangerous. As always, Jantalar is proud to serve as the northern border of the Empire against the harsh humanoids, ice creatures, and undead dwelling in the region.

At the center of this new territory is the small township of Wehnimer's Landing. This town was beset with war and strife until the arrival of our troops. We are securing the town presently, and expect that martial law should not extend for much more than another three to six months, or perhaps a year at the very outside. After martial law is lifted, Wehnimer's Landing will have every opportunity to petition for Free Port status. If it is determined that the town can govern itself acceptably within the guidelines set by Jantalar, then the Landing will be designated a Free Port, somewhat like the town of Solhaven to the south, but more in line with the direction from the Throne.

At present, insurrectionist tactics being employed by those defeated in the liberation of the town are making it impossible to assign Free Port status. Our soldiers, our sons and daughters, are still beset almost continuously by the unlawful, violent humanoids that were ousted from the region. These insurrectionists have scattered into the wilds surrounding Wehnimer's Landing and set up makeshift war camps. From these camps, they carry out attacks and other acts of violence against our troops. As long as the danger of spilling more Jantalarian blood exists, any attempt at setting up a regional government to attempt Free Port status is impossible. It is still unsafe for the citizens to walk the streets and all shops have been ordered closed until martial law is lifted.

When our troops arrived at the Landing, the citizens were treated as humanely as possible. No looting, ransacking, or burning was allowed, even though the insurrectionist enemies of our troops hid in the various buildings and alleyways of the town. The first concern of our troops was for the people displaced by the fighting. Jantalarian troops are bringing aid in the form of food, water, and medicine to people who are locked away in their homes until the insurrectionist fighting is stopped. A quicker and easier victory could have been achieved if our troops had as little regard for the peoples of the region asdo their entrenched enemies. However, under direct order of Baron Lerep Hochstib, the well being of each and every civilized being in the region is the first and foremost concern of our troops, no matter the cost.

A petition has been forwarded to Baron Hochstib from the citizens of the Landing, requesting that the town be renamed. The citizens seem to think that leaving behind the violent past requires a fresh start. Names suggested by the petition are still only propositions, but included "Hochstib's Reach", "Chaston's Intent", and "New Jantalar". The petition was not signed by all citizens, due to the difficulties of communicating in the war-torn region, and due to the presence of insurrectionist fighters. The insurrectionists have been ransoming equipment, and the citizens will not leave their homes for fear they may be taken and ransomed to their families.

One of our nobles, Lord Holswort Niffelheim, visited the town briefly this week. While there, he was warmly greeted by the citizenry, but then ambushed and attacked by the humanoid insurrectionists who have been harassing our troops. While Lord Holswort was not injured, he chose to withdraw from the region, fearing that his presence might draw citizens out of their homes and into the path of danger from the insurrectionists.

The insurrectionists that still fight in the streets of the town are beginning to fold. They have already started falling upon one another, entering into petty squabbles over wealth and property while the citizens of the Landing once again pay the price. As soon as these criminals are removed from the town, the better for all involved.

A new age has begun in the West!

Jantalarian Representative Extends Aid to Wehnimer's Landing 7/23/2003

Location: Moot Hall in the recently freed city of Wehnimer's Landing

General Info: A representative of Good Baron Hochstib will arrive to dispense clothing, food, and medicine to the deserving townsfolk of Wehnimer's Landing. Ordlyn, elves, and insurrectionists need not apply, and risk arrest if they should cause a disturbance.