An Interview with Knightfall and Gilwen

Normally when I interview someone we are alone with each other. However, I wanted to have both Knightfall and Gilwen here at the same time. If I have to explain why then you dont know either of them at all, but since I might have to splain for a few of ya….read the letters from Knightfall to Gilwen and you will see why I wanted them both together. As you will read, they are Elanthia’s longest running marriage and a very respected couple. Think I’m gonna break that up even for one night? Heh.

[Mustafo's Home]
Walls of varnished honey oak and an oak-inlaid modwir floor covered by a gold-shot royal blue carpet enclose this room. In one corner lies an overstuffed goosefeather bed, and near the bed sits a polished beechwood table. Above an oak-mantled sandstone fireplace is a Four Winds plaque. The room also has an elegant bay window and an odor of oiled leather.
Also here: Legend Gilwen who is sitting on the bed, Lord Knightfall who is sitting on the bed.
Obvious exits: none.

You see Lord Knightfall Boxpopper the Half-Elf Rogue.
He appears to be in his 70′s, has short, straight dark brown hair, dark eyes, and dark skin.
He is in good shape.

Mustafo says, “Good evening. Thanks for taking time out to answer some questions for my readers. Im sure they will appreciate your time.”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo asks, “So tell me and everyone, what do you like most about Elanthia?”

Knightfall says, “That’s easy”

Knightfall says, “Gilwen”

Mustafo grins.

Gilwen beams happily at Knightfall!

Mustafo says, “ok, she has to leave, cant get away with that answer”

Knightfall says, “But then, I suppose everyone says that”

Gilwen says, “He can, Mustafo. It’s OK with me”

Mustafo says, “everyone says Gilwen? i would hope you wouldnt think so”

Mustafo grins.

Gilwen laughs!

Mustafo says, “ok ok, hehee, besides the obvious then”

Mustafo says, “what do ya like the best”

Knightfall says, “Ever seen a newbie insult Gilwen. half of Elanthia tries starts waiting until his next training so it;’s legal to kill him”

Mustafo grins.

Gilwen frowns.

Mustafo chuckles.

Mustafo says, “thats true, but one sermon from her usually sets them on the proper path”

Knightfall nods.

Gilwen smiles.

Knightfall says, “The lucky ones”

Knightfall says, “One sermon, I mean”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “it surely can make you see the error of your ways”

Mustafo asks, “And what would be the thing you like the least?”

Gilwen says, “More opportunities for growth, rather than errors, Mustafo”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo says, “true”

Knightfall says, “Whiners”

Mustafo nods to Knightfall.

Mustafo asks, “i know this is obvious, but compare the whiners today as appposed to when you first started?”

Knightfall says, “Such a magical place….no reason to be whining over some supposed inequality”

Mustafo says, “gota agree there”

Knightfall blinks.

Knightfall asks, “Were there any whiners when we first started?”

Knightfall glances at Gilwen.

Knightfall says, “That was an invasion phenomenon”

Gilwen says, “One or two, tops.”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “Well….the lesser gods might not agree”

Mustafo asks, “how were whiners handled back then?”

Knightfall says, “Well..was easy to go straight to the gods..who were empowered to act”

Mustafo asks, “you had more interaction with them back then?”

Knightfall says, “Queues were rarely over 2″

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “Unless there had been a big crash”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “Yeah, it was nothing to see Fawn or Cyper or Banthis in town chatting with a crowd”

Mustafo says, “so overall, and mostly really, whiners were not existant”

Knightfall nods to you.

Mustafo says, “heh, i bet you could actually hold a conversation with them and they could hear yo”

Knightfall chuckles.

Mustafo says, “not like today anyway”

Knightfall says, “and oft skipped them because they were so commonplace”

Mustafo asks, “How many summers have you seen in the lands?”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “5″

Knightfall asks, “6?”

Mustafo asks, “most of my readers know a bit of your history now from your letters to Gilwen. Can you says it was a pretty much accurate account of ya times then?”

Knightfall fidgets.

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “I’ve never read them, actually”

Knightfall shrugs.

Gilwen just hugged Knightfall.

Mustafo chuckles.

Mustafo asks, “well ya think the scribe was somewhat trustworthy?”

Knightfall says, “I think a few parts were poetic license by the scribe”

Mustafo says, “ahh”

Mustafo says, “but overall, the names were prolly not changed to protect the guilty”

Knightfall says, “I sincverely doubt i was as brave as folks think I was after reading the stories”

Mustafo says, “oh now i find that hard to believe”

Mustafo says, “the time with you and the roltens? that was amazing”

Knightfall says, “Ah…the guilty. Well..folks who know the folks mentioned says they are pretty right on”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo asks, “speaking of the roltens, how are the allergies?”

Gilwen rubs Knightfall gently.

Knightfall says, “Torkans back then. Yeah, have yet to kill one”

Mustafo says, “ah, i knew it was another name but could not remember”

Knightfall says, “Much better since gilwen got Breathe True”

Knightfall asks, “True breath?”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “A marvelous spell, I must says”

Mustafo asks, “What, if any, have been the best changes you have seen in the lands? Wether they affect you or not?”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “Carrying more than 20 items”

Gilwen laughs!

Mustafo says, “interesting. no one has said that so far”

Gilwen says, “Ah, Knight carries for two, Mustafo”

Mustafo says, “elaborate on that if ya would for those that dont know what that means”

Mustafo chuckles.

Knightfall says, “thats because they did not hunt with Gilwen”

Mustafo nods to Gilwen.

Knightfall says, “Back then, Gilwen could carry and drag with the best of them”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “And trunks and chest, unopened, only counted as one item”

Mustafo says, “so you could actually fit 10 boxes in a disk then”

Knightfall says, “but if it was a profitable hunt, we’d strip off greaves to allow carrying extra items”

Knightfall says, “But that would mean a Gilwen sermon the entire walk back – She hates to see any defences dropped”

Mustafo cackles!

Knightfall says, “Disks were rare”

Mustafo says, “oh man, sermons constantly then”

Knightfall says, “One spell per year training, remember”

Knightfall nods to you.

Mustafo says, “ah, yeah. Aanalar used to tell me about that”

Mustafo asks, “so what was the limit back then, 10 items? carried and worn?”

Knightfall says, “20″

Knightfall says, “Coifs were treasured items then”

Mustafo says, “ahh so you never saw someone with every color and style ribbon walking around”

Mustafo asks, “why is that?”

Knightfall says, “Allowed you to not wear an aventail”

Mustafo asks, “that was bad to wear an aventail?”

Knightfall says, “gilwen was one of the few people I knew who wore a fluff item..a Reaan…Ronan now, Sash”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “it was an item”

Mustafo says, “so basically every item had a practical purpose then”

Knightfall says, “a coif meant an extra gem or box per hunt”

Knightfall nods to you.

Mustafo says, “ahhh”

Mustafo says, “What would be the worst change you have seen, again wether or not it affected you?”"

Knightfall says, “Crowds”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “definattly not the same atmosphere now as it was then im sure”

Knightfall says, “the loss of a hunting ettiquette”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “And that’s understandable to a degree”

Mustafo asks, “how was hunting ettiquette back then?”

Knightfall says, “You could go hunt an area and might have the entire area to yourself for an hour”

Mustafo says, “heh, no one can imagine that these days hardly”

Knightfall nods.

Gilwen grins.

Mustafo asks, “but was there a more politness back then when hunting?”

Knightfall says, “There were a few even back then who would race to the next critter…but most enjoyed teaming up if hunting the same area”

Mustafo nods.

Gilwen nods.

Knightfall says, “There was time to get to know your fellow hunter then”

Mustafo says, “as i have learned doing these, hunting solo really was never the way to go”

Knightfall says, “Did not have to rush to beat the next guy to the next gen”

Gilwen says, “And it was boring. No one to talk with”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall rolls his eyes.

Gilwen leans on Knightfall.

Mustafo asks, “ya mean no one to preach to?”

Mustafo cowers away from Gilwen.

Knightfall says, “And the whole thing. The loss of caring about others”

Gilwen says, “That, too”

Mustafo says, “aye, i think a lot of that was lost as well with the changes in death”

Knightfall says, “If someone lost an item , the finder might spend the next night trying to return it rathr than hunt”

Knightfall says, “Was inconcievable to squirrel it away for yourself”

Mustafo says, “oh man, if only that was true or remotely true in these times”

Knightfall says, “When the invasion occurred..we were so naive”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “im sure it was not welcomed by everyone with open arms”

Knightfall says, “Sometimes, if in a safe spot, I pick boxes on the ground like we used to”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “Always a delight to watch folks jaws drop as you pop open 6 boxes in ten seconds”

Mustafo cackle!

Knightfall says, “used to do that at the well in TS…now folks will grab and log”

Mustafo says, “i did that one night, did 21 boxes in a matter of seconds, was really neat”

Knightfall nods to you.

Gilwen beams happily at you!

Mustafo says, “yeah, the looters are bad now, its a shame”

Knightfall says, “Just part of the difeerences seen”

Knightfall chuckles.

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “as if i gota asks this one”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “Some of the best quests ever were us chasing down the grabbers”

Mustafo says, “oh i bet so”

Mustafo asks, “What, if any, is your single most good memorable event that has happened to you in Elanthia?”

Knightfall says, “Maybe I should leave this one for was when Ronan’s emissary came looking for Gilwen”

Gilwen nods to Knightfall.

Knightfall says, “best night of my life..only thing she could says for hours was , “I’m speechless.”"

Gilwen laughs!

Mustafo cackles!

Mustafo asks, “will this be her best memorable event as well?”

Gilwen says, “You can tell it, Knight”

Knightfall says, “Naw..she’ll mention the night we joined Vult..err Voln”

Mustafo says, “no one is gona believe she was speachless for hours”

Mustafo grins.

Gilwen looks over at Knightfall and shakes her head.

Knightfall says, “He was sent to give her a beautiful cloak, saddly, she over rezzed before the change…newbies grabbed everything”

Gilwen taps a gold locket.

Mustafo says, “ouch”

Gilwen says, “I got this back”

Knightfall says, “Got a few back is all”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “The one who took the coat…got so much flak he left the lands forever…taking the cloak with him”

Knightfall sighs.

Mustafo asks, “really?”

Gilwen nods.

Knightfall nods.

Mustafo asks, “why on earth did he just not return it?”

Gilwen shrugs.

Knightfall says, “He lied that he did not have it…when became obvious he had lied..he disappeared”

Gilwen says, “But, I do have to add this. . .Many, many people took time and effort to find what I’d lost and got some special things back”

Mustafo says, “so he never wore it then so no one could kill him and take it back”

Gilwen taps a lavender spider silk backpack emblazoned with the image of Ronan mounted atop a white unicorn.

Gilwen frowns at you.

Gilwen says, “No killing, Musty.”

Mustafo says, “well sometimes its appropriate, i think anyway”

Knightfall says, “Gods were ready and waiting for his return to retrieve it”

Knightfall says, “sans killing”

Gilwen leans on you.

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “but that had to make ya feel good that so many tried to help out”

Gilwen nods to you.

Knightfall says, “Was truly sad to see folks steal their clerics blind in that time”

Knightfall says, “Was not many rezzers then”

Mustafo nods.

Gilwen says, “Pip carried this backpack filled with junk around for a week until he could find me.”

Knightfall says, “Everyone literally knew every rezzer by name”

Mustafo says, “surely isnt like that now”

Knightfall says, “Those were the days there might be a single healer in the lands….(we would not him.her hunt until another showed up) and if there was not a cleric..everyone huntd down”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “Ack”

Mustafo says, “i think it was Kree who spoke if that, no healer, no hunting”

Mustafo asks, “What would be your worst memorable momment?”

Knightfall says, “May have already covered that”

Knightfall says, “seeing Gilwen stripped”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “best and worst on same day”

Knightfall says, “No..were months apart”

Mustafo says, “oh oh”

Gilwen laughs!

Mustafo slaps himself on the forehead! Doh!

Gilwen says, “Oh, someone’s in big trouble, Knight”

Gilwen grins.

Mustafo chuckles.

Knightfall says, “Lets see..bad times were when Thraak arrived..and I mistook him for Thrak from back home”

Knightfall says, “Almost got ugly”

Mustafo cackles!

Knightfall says, “If I might interject….I think I saw someone says extra spells are unfortunate..and I might agree”

Knightfall says, “Have cheapened massies and the like”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “yep, very true”

Knightfall says, “When first showed up here…poor gilwen had could not understand why I wanted to kill the poor newbie”

Gilwen nods to Knightfall.

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo asks, “Who did you look up to when you were young and why?”

Knightfall says, “When I first arrived, Sieglinde was a big help”

Knightfall says, “We had met before,..but she did not remember me”

Mustafo says, “never heard of Sieglinde”

Gilwen smiles.

Knightfall says, “She was Cemb’s wife..and one of the truly special clerics of the age”

Gilwen nods to Knightfall.

Mustafo says, “ahh ok”

Knightfall says, “She and Cemb would spend most of their evenings assisting others”

The powerful look leaves Knightfall.

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “And, she was a big help. I was just a litte guy and Gilwen had many powerful Lord friends who deeply resented her interests in me”

Mustafo asks, “really?”

Gilwen just gave Knightfall a smooch.

Knightfall nods.

Mustafo asks, “why would they care of her interests in you?”

Mustafo says, “i mean the way you both met, it was fate you would end up together”

Gilwen nods to you.

Knightfall says, “They had outgrown Gilwen..halfling penalties were worse then, but they still consider her exclusive part of their clique”

Mustafo says, “so you were not at her standards, according to them”

Knightfall nods.

Gilwen smiles.

Gilwen says, “Not by mine, however”

Mustafo says, “and of course, they all knew what her standards were”

Knightfall says, “Many tried to break us up then”

Mustafo says, “well its great for the lands that it was not successful”

Knightfall says, “Sieglinde was a big help..she knew Gilwen’s heart and would encourage me”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “Was a running feud for a while, me vs. Gilwen’s brigatta friends”

Mustafo says, “you both gota be close to the oldest couples left in the lands”

Gilwen peers quizzically at Knightfall.

Knightfall says, “When Marc and Kaikeyi broke up, I believe we became the longest married couple in the lands”

Knightfall says, “Well..And Kali and Maruko”

Mustafo says, “hate i never go to meet Maruko”

Knightfall says, “he was mostly a memory when I got here”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “I saw him briefly when he briefly returned”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo asks, “What where your main goals, if any, when you first started out?”

Knightfall says, “Survive”

Mustafo chuckles.

Gilwen laughs!

Mustafo says, “i bet it was a goal back then”

Knightfall says, “then, it became to help this wonderful halfling anyway I could”

Knightfall just kissed Gilwen.

Gilwen beams!

Mustafo says, “but ya foster home upbringing helped out the survival area somewhat”

Knightfall says, “Tjose were the days she was a fantastic ambusher”

Knightfall nods to you.

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “Because of the age difference, I’d usually be hunting up”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo asks, “how much older was she when you met?”

Knightfall says, “and she’d be hunting down just to have something she could hit”

Gilwen nods.

Knightfall asks, “She was maybe 8?”

Gilwen shrugs.

Knightfall peers quizzically at Gilwen.

Gilwen says, “I don’t remember”

Mustafo nods.

Gilwen says, “About that”

Knightfall says, “So, I if I saw a bleeding critter, I’d hide”

Knightfall says, “Gilwen could not hide then until I did first”

Knightfall says, “And from the shadows, I’d says, “Hide”"

Mustafo asks, “only 1 person hiding at a time?”

Knightfall says, “You could not hide easily if a better hider was in the room”

Knightfall says, “Unless also hidden”

Mustafo says, “ahh, that is interesting”

Knightfall says, “There was no ambush command…”

Mustafo asks, “no?”

Knightfall says, “But She’d hide….and then the critter would sit to tend it’s wounds and suddenly this purple hobbit would sling herself out if the shadows mace first”

Knightfall says, “A purple blur”

Mustafo cackle!

Knightfall says, “If she stunned it..i’d applaud while she swung again”

Mustafo chuckles.

Knightfall says, “her trainings came few and far between back then…I was close to catching her in age”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “Everyone wanted to help her”

Mustafo says, “must be a good feeling to know that”

Gilwen nods.

Gilwen says, “People still help a lot, though”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “When there were rezz potions, they would give them to her…there were actually few non rezzing clerics…so she could finally rezz”

Mustafo asks, “rezz potions? you could rezz with a potion?”

Gilwen nods.

Knightfall says, “Ask the cleric”

Mustafo asks, “you mean me, for example, pour it in a deader and they live?”

Knightfall says, “On her time…this is MY interview”

Knightfall taps his foot impatiently.

Mustafo cackle!

Gilwen says, “Ack. I don’t remember the details”

Mustafo grins.

Gilwen just gave Knightfall a smooch.

Knightfall says, “Is the potion that gives strength now..from Cleric shop”

Mustafo says, “ahhhh ok”

Knightfall asks, “Did you know that the Thief trainer from the story was Ravenstorm’s big brother?”

Knightfall says, “And..I would forget the name just now”

Mustafo exclaims, “no!”

Knightfall nods to you.

Mustafo says, “i never knew that”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall asks, “You knew that Baine and Floren did marry?”

Mustafo says, “didnt know that either, i was gona asks you about some from the stories after we were done with the questions”

Knightfall nods.

Mustafo asks, “Do you have any goals left that you have not reached yet?”

Mustafo says, “that was it”

Knightfall says, “Have not made legend yet…that’s a goal”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “Not quite a master forger”

Mustafo says, “ya know, to be totally honest….”

Mustafo says, “when i reached legend, i was sort of ashamed/sad”

Mustafo says, “and ya wont belive why”

Mustafo says, “but tis the gods honest truth”

Knightfall asks, “Doorkeeper at heathstone misprounced your name?”

Mustafo says, “it was cause i passed you in age, and in ways i thougth that wasnt right”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall laughs!

Mustafo exclaims, “im serious!”

Knightfall hugs you.

Knightfall exclaims, “I was busy writing!”

Knightfall says, “I mean….err….”

Gilwen smiles.

Mustafo says, “dictating”

Knightfall says, “..Telling my stories to scribes”

Knightfall nods.

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “That was tough”

Mustafo says, “well all those who have read them says it was great that ya did”

Knightfall says, “Well…”

Knightfall says, “ICe age ended just as they were coming out”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “that was a busy time im sure”

Knightfall says, “No one knew the name Elanthia back then..except for on a map hidden insdie Hanging Inn”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “I saw the name, and as a tribute to whtever god had placed it there, used it in chapter one”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “You know, if you allow me to brag…and there was a lot of roguish luck involved…I was the first Master Craftsman in the Gryphons Order”

Knightfall says, “Was one reason I was not advancing much during the bonus period of premies”

Knightfall says, “Was at the grinder, sweating away”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo says, “hehee, i didnt advance much then either”

Knightfall says, “Not that I minded, once I found out Gilwen admired a man’s swear covered torso”

Gilwen blushes a nice shade of off-pink.

Mustafo cackles!

Knightfall asks, “Should We edit that out, my love?”

Mustafo says, “at least you, not just any man”

Gilwen nods.

Gilwen says, “We should”

Gilwen grins.

Mustafo exclaims, “well you should but im not!”

Mustafo duck your head.

Gilwen laughs!

Gilwen says, “Oh,OK”

Knightfall says, “Oh, old story”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “When ambushing first was being used…pookas were ambushable”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “You could often have the entire area to yourself”

Knightfall says, “and for a week, I could kill 5 pooks in 6 swings..jumping from the shadows”

Mustafo asks, “was it smaller then than it is now? discounting the areas that just opened last year or so?”

Mustafo says, “dern, i cant even do that now”

Knightfall says, “Well..that’s a Daywane story”

Gilwen just tickled Knightfall.

Knightfall says, “Only lasted a week…then got tweaked”

Mustafo asks, “so you were the one who ruined ambush?”

Mustafo cowers.

Knightfall says, “Daywane, the idiot ranger..would lead groups in miners…swearing there were forks and asking which way to go”

Knightfall nods to you.

Knightfall says, “I was invincible! They had no choice”

Mustafo chuckles.

Mustafo exclaims, “mace and all!”

Knightfall nods.

Knightfall taps a deadly ochre mace.

Mustafo asks, “oh, that the one she gave you way back when?”

Knightfall says, “Of course, then miners was a straight line”

Knightfall says, “No…that’s a story we’ll save for the scribe”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo says, “ok, deal”

Knightfall says, “I lost it”

Gilwen says, “He did drop coins so he wouldn’t get lost”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall exclaims, “Well, you should have seen Daywane brag when it turned out he was right!”

Knightfall flails his arms about.

Gilwen sighs.

Gilwen nods to Knightfall.

Mustafo chuckles.

Mustafo says, “one day i gota talk with him as well, just cant ever find him to asks”

Knightfall says, “idiot ranger”

Knightfall nods to you.

Mustafo chuckles.

Knightfall says, “Look him up in Pinefar. We took him there….and now he’s lost for good”

Knightfall snickers.

Mustafo laughs out loud!

Gilwen glances at Knightfall.

Knightfall says, “Ah..and one more goal”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “To finally learn who my father is”

Gilwen coughs.

Knightfall says, “I’d like to meet him”

Mustafo asks, “ahhh yes, ever think that will turn out?”

Knightfall says, “Or find out if he was Maruko..or some great Lord like that”

Mustafo says, “i would like to know that as well”

Mustafo says, “well if he was Maruko, i gota give you my armor then”

Mustafo says, “would be only proper”

Knightfall says, “I guess my secret hope is to find out the orphanage was wrong, and I am not actually related to a tree hugger”

Knightfall says, “Well tis OK”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “I ended up with ”

Mustafo asks, “with his armor?”

Knightfall says, “Harcoart’s Shield when he left”

Knightfall shows you a golden laen shield, which he is wearing. You see nothing unusual, except a small enchanter’s mark.

Mustafo exclaims, “you got Harcourts shield? nice!”

Knightfall says, “and his kit”

Knightfall taps a small tool kit.

Mustafo asks, “who got his black book?”

Knightfall says, “I do consider those important momentoes of the ICE age”

Mustafo says, “aye, as would i”

Knightfall says, “Not me”

Mustafo asks, “What one person, if there is one, that you will jump at the chance to be with any time they are in the lands?”

Knightfall points at Gilwen.

Mustafo chuckles.

Gilwen leans on Knightfall.

Mustafo asks, “ok anyone sides Gilwen?”

Knightfall asks, “Can it be someone who is gone for good?”

Mustafo says, “sure”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall sighs.

Knightfall says, “Sieglinde”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “she sure musta been special”

Gilwen nods to you.

Knightfall nods to Gilwen.

Mustafo asks, “think she will ever return?”

Gilwen shakes her head.

Knightfall says, “She and her sister arranged for Cemb and Berr to be knighted”

Knightfall says, “I heard she will not….”

Mustafo says, “oh man, would have liked to have seen that”

Mustafo nods to Knightfall.

Knightfall says, “Ah…btw..that’s something else I’ve always disliked”

Mustafo says, “whats that”

Knightfall says, “until the invasion, except for Knights Berr and Cemb, I was the only Knight in the realms”

Mustafo grins.

Gilwen nods to Knightfall.

Mustafo chuckles.

Knightfall says, “copycat names should have been outlawed”

Mustafo says, “definattly agree there”

Knightfall says, “faux Dartaghans, et all…”

Knightfall shakes his head.

Mustafo says, “you would think that once someone chose a name, see it was taken, they would pick something totally different”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo says, “instead they throw in an extra A or N”

Knightfall nods.

Mustafo says, “pitiful”

Mustafo says, “though i have been told that there was a Mustafo many years ago and someone thougt i was him once”

Gilwen nods to you.

Gilwen says, “Me, for one”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo asks, “When you are not out hunting, or working in your chosen profession, what do you to to relax while in the lands?”

Gilwen coughs.

Knightfall says, “I used to smelt a lot and forge in the Holding”

Knightfall says, “But the forge broke”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo asks, “never to be fixed?”

Knightfall says, “Scary, because best plans for defeating the baron Hochstib involve using that forge”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo asks, “If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?”

Knightfall says, “ Maybe I should have trained more in lockpicking and less in multi ops”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo says, “eh, picking aint all that”

Knightfall nods.

Knightfall says, “But one day..we multi op trainers will look like geniuses”

Knightfall says, “(Instead of the smucks we are now)”

Mustafo says, “course, i would be better if i had trained more in ops and less in picking”

Mustafo chuckles.

Mustafo asks, “What do you see in the future for you in Elanthia?”

Knightfall says, “I am involved in assisting the Gryphons against the Imperial invasion. They have been very nice to Gilwen and myself in allowing us to be a part”

Gilwen nods to Knightfall.

Knightfall says, “Even invented a title for me”

Mustafo nods.

Mustafo asks, “what title?”

Knightfall smiles as he taps his Chief Bottle Washer badge

Mustafo laughs out loud!

Mustafo exclaims, “wahooo!”

Knightfall says, “Master of Scouts, actually”

Mustafo exclaims, “what luck!”

Knightfall says, “When I can get them to stop calling me Scoutmaster”

Mustafo cackle!

Gilwen grins.

Mustafo says, “to funny”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo asks, “What do you see in the future for Elanthia as a land?”

Knightfall asks, “Ah, besides the eternal constant?”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “‘Change” for those not into old jokes”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo says, “for the better or worse”

Knightfall says, “There will be changes”

Knightfall says, “never when promised”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “But change they will”

Mustafo asks, “Are there any changes in your profession you would really like to see?”

Knightfall says, “I see a bright future…as we started out saying, it is truly a magical land”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “A guild , of course”

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo says, “course”

Knightfall says, “an official one”

Knightfall winks at you.

Knightfall smiles at Gilwen.

Mustafo grins.

Gilwen grins.

Mustafo says, “yeppers, i am looking forward to that myself”

Knightfall says, “No…..Just don’t tweak teefs down any more”

Mustafo says, “and ya know, thats another thing”

Mustafo says, “i never said yeppers till i read your letters”

Knightfall says, “We were once the most envied of professions”

Gilwen laughs!

Mustafo grins.

Mustafo asks, “What advice, if any, do you have for those just starting out in Elanthia?”

Knightfall says, “Find a Gilwen”

Gilwen smiles at Knightfall.

Mustafo says, “awwwwww, you sweetie pie you”

Gilwen nods to you.

Knightfall says, “Baring that..second best..same advise as ”

Mustafo says, “so for all you new peoples, find a 3 foot tall purple babe”

Knightfall says, “Ack I cannot remember names tonight”

Gilwen frowns.

Mustafo cowers away from Gilwen.

Gilwen laughs!

Gilwen hugs you.

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall asks, “Who wrote the advise articles we all read as newbies?”

Mustafo hug Gilwen.

Gilwen asks, “Zepath?”

Mustafo says, “beats me, i never read any of them when i started”

Knightfall says, “and she was mentioned witht he merchants”

Knightfall says, “She”

Gilwen shrugs.

Mustafo says, “i came in totally blind”

Gilwen says, “Drawing a blank right now”

Knightfall says, “Baring that..second best..same advise as XXXX gave, Make frieds”

Mustafo grins.

Knightfall says, “Freudian slip if ever was one”

Knightfall says, “Make friends”

Knightfall asks, “What is her name?”

Mustafo says, “ok thats it! and you said you couldnt ramble”

Mustafo says, “yeah think of the name and ill fix it”

Gilwen smiles.

Knightfall nods.

Gilwen says, “Knight tells good rambles”

Knightfall says, “Is in the last merchant chapter”

Knightfall says, “was the cousin referred to”

Mustafo asks, “not the ambushed merchant?”

Knightfall says, “I’ll go look it up later”

Knightfall says, “The wife ..passed on her sisters or cousin’s advise ..which was taught to all us newbies”

Knightfall says, “Make friends”

Mustafo nods.

Knightfall says, “Gilwen will feel so bad to have forgotten”

Knightfall says, “And she never forgets names”

Mustafo grins.

Gilwen laughs!

Gilwen says, “Only most of the time”

Gilwen grins.

Knightfall nods.