Malwind's Audence - Of Law and Order

The Audience Record (3/14/2003)

The first and most important announcement was the news that the Earl Jovery has been installed as the Northern Sentinel, a position which had been coveted by the Baron Hochstib.

The anticipated result of this turn of events (according to Malwind and Jovery) will be to see Hochstib's interest to shift away from Solhaven since it will become a more difficult target considering the Earl's new authority, and Jantalarian eyes are expected to turn towards Wehnimer's Landing, which is not an imperial territory and is outside the Earl Jovery's dominion. The blockade of Solhaven is expected to be lifted as Hochstib's covert funding of it disappears, though some amount of pillaging by the soon to be unemployed privateers is expected. The Jantalarian forces stationed in the manor east of Solhaven are not expected to withdraw anytime soon.

It was also mentioned that the Earl would be traveling south to Tamzyrr today along with the former Imperial Blade Terrune, the captured assassin, Vitrienne and an unknown person. It is the expectation of those gathered that Terrune, for capturing the Empress' Assassin, Vitrienne, would gain a modicum of his pride back for catching the culprit who murdered his charge.

Aside from that, some other matters were discussed. Kilthal gave his account of the capture of the assassin. An update was given concerning the prophetess Urutei's latest activity in the north, and questions were asked regarding the status of Mestanir and Talador to which Earl Jovery responded they will remain under the direction of Baron Hochstib and Jantalar as they were already under his control at the Earl's appointment.

There was some discussion of local prejudice against certain faiths (specifically, Sheruvian). The Baron expressed the opinion that the past should be left in the past, though he wouldn't blame the people of the town for harboring a disgruntled attitude towards those responsible for attacking the city.

Finally, an official compliant was lodged against Malwind for the actions of one of his knights, one Sir Cemb who apparently was responsible for slaying a Jantalarian herald. The Baron said that the matter was being looked into.

The Singing Ashrim

Baronial Inquest Scheduled - The Trial of Sir Cemb Chimere (4/3/2003)

Baron Malwind of Vornavis will be holding court to perform an official investigation into the circumstances of the recent death of the Jantalarian Herald, Holswort Niffelheim, near Wehnimer's Landing. Witnesses of the combat that led to the Herald's death are strongly encouraged to attend. The court will be held on Feastday, the Fifth of Olaesta at 10 o'clock p.m. Imperial time (Eastern) in the Baronial Hall in Solhaven.

-Malwind's Aged Chamberlain

If you are collecting a list of witnesses to speak on what they saw, I will gladly make myself available for it.

-Eahlstan Hjeldin


Well, Malwind said before that because the person who killed Holswort was Knighted by his own hand, the responsibilty falls on him to do is right, war or no war.

By officially holding an investigation and satisfying Hochstib's demand for justice, that gets rid of a reason to make the entire situation between the two cities from getting even worse. He shows that he has no desire to worsen the situation by condoning the death of the herald.


Sir Edumond of the Order of the Golvern Star weighs in

[Voln Tapestry Table]
The tapestry hanging behind the table depicts the god Voln, The Liberator. He is dressed in black chain mail covered in a white surcoat. In his hand is a white shield etched with faint images of souls floating upward, as if newly released from the rotting corpses beneath them.
Obvious exits: out

Edumond nods.

You smile.

You say, "First I wish to apologize for Sir Cemb, and his tirade."

Edumond says, "It is not for you to do. He is his own man."

You smile.

Edumond says, "I am a knight, and primarily a warrior."

Edumond says, "As you witnessed tonight, I am unskilled in diplomacy."

You say, "I thought you handled yourself quite well."

Edumond says, "I could not make my point clear."

You say, "Your point was clear to everyone except Sir Cemb."

You ask, "How long did you train with your order before you were Knighted?"

Edumond says, "Many years."

You ask, "As a squire in your Order, what sorts of tasks are you required to complete?" vEdumond says, "I cannot discuss this. It is a private matter."

You nod to Edumond.

You say, "Understandable."

Edumond says, "I can say that we are all required to successfully complete the same tasks as part of advancement, and that they are numerous and vigorous."

You nod.

You say, "that is different from our Order's procedures."

Edumond says, "As I understand it, your Order is young."

You say, "We are currently working on how to improve our squire training."

Edumond says, "I wish you luck."

Edumond says, "When you have a century or two under your belt, we may be able to better see eye-to-eye."

You say, "Perhaps so."

You ask, "Is there any news from the South?"

You say, "We have not heard much at all about the new Emperor, or his stance on major issues."

You say, "Speciffically, Chaston's Edict."

Edumond says, "I have been travelling, and know little. I hope to visit the Court of Vornavis soon, to hear of any recent happenings. Perhaps an audience will occur soon." You nod.

You say, "There are thousands of questions I'd like to ask you, but I do not wish to take up too much of your time."

Edumond says, "As for the new Emporer, he has not yet made his mind known to us. He will, in short order. But other matters are at hand. And understanding need not accompany obedience."

Edumond says, "I will stay for three more questions, then."

Edumond says, "Not three thousand."

You grin.

You ask, "How damaging were Sir Cemb's actions to the Landing, in your opinion?"

Edumond says, "It is hard to say for sure. Some may view his actions as justifiable. Some will certainly try to turn it to their advantage. This is to be argued at a higher level, though, beyond me. Only time will tell."

You ask, "What course of action would your order take, if one of your Knights committed a similar deed?"

Edumond says, "The only way any of our Order would attack a noble of the Empire would be if they were ordered to do so by the Throne, or if they were taken by the Scourge to be used against us. And in both cases, the act would be completely justified and seen as normal course."

Edumond says, "If...."

Edumond says, "Hypothetically speaking, if a knight of my rder were to wantonly, without an order from the throne or without the influence of the scourge on the noble, attack and kill a noble, it would almost surely be assumed that the knight had fallen under demonic influence, and he would be killed."

Edumond says, "Probably by his liege."

You nod.

Edumond says, "Though were he posessed, it would be the duty of any present to smite him down."

Edumond says, "But I say perhaps too much here. I can speak no more of it."

You say, "Strict rules, but your Order is known for it's discipline."

Edumond says, "From discipline flows strength."

You ask, "Can Hochstib move against us on his own, without approval from the Throne first?"

Edumond says, "This would be a question for the Northern Sentinel. There is a claim that these lands are ow represented by nobility, and therefore, due process must be followed before any annexation. However, there is claim that the nobility here is a falsehood and without merrit. If this case were argued, then a move into the wilds would be allowed. I suppose it depends on which argument you believe."

Edumond says, "But know this...."

Edumond says, "With an enemy at the door, you do not rely on law to defend your borders. You prepare yourself in case law fails, or in case the law does not support you. You must prepare, whether your emenie's claims may be legal or illegal. In the end, the number of dead change little depending on whether the atack was legal."

You nod.

Edumond says, "With this, I must bid yuo a good evening."

Edumond nods to you.

You say, "It is a great honor to have a Knight of the Order of the Golvern Star in our town. I appreciate your time, and your patience. If ever you have a need for help, all you need do is call on me, and I will come."

You face Edumond and smartly bring your right fist up to your chest. Holding it there, you bow deeply.

You say, "I will show you the way out, if you like,"

Edumond says, "Very well, Eahlstan. You are well spoken, and gentle in manner. You are a credit to your town."

Edumond joins your group.

Edumond says, "Please do."

You smile.

The Aftermath of Cemb's actions

The duel was properly held with Holswort agreeing to the terms. He attempted to use this to incite Empirical response, but the dispute was handled properly if not unwisely on the part of those involved. Baron Malwind would rule accordingly and neither side would be found at fault while the call for justice was properly adjudicated.

Later in this saga Cemb would be tried for a different crime. Treason. One we would not forgive or absolve him for, but that tale is for another time.