Wehnimer's Recaptured and Liberated

The Resistance Preparations

After the Jantalarians advanced into Wehnimer's Landing and have sack it. It took us some time and operating out of pockets that were not effected by the Mandis Crystal, primarily the far eastern portions of the city, we were able to assertain the location of the Crystal itself. Plans have been made to assault Kai's Shrine in the woodlands to the west of town, but it is behind a barrier. Efforts are being made to bring that barrier down.

-Shikel, Protectors of the Citadel

Overcoming the Crystal's Barrier

Across all of Elanthia the message went out to those amongst the Sorcerer guilds in Elanthia.

"You hear a faint, metallic voice echo in your mind, "The time has come to cripple those who threaten our livelihood. All who practice the Art are encouraged to gather in the magical workroom of our guild in Wehnimer's. A representative of the guild will explain things further upon your arrival.""

Acid created with the help of wizards and the gelatinous magru creatures from the Broken Lands assisted in wearing down the rolaren barriers that protected the Mandis Crystal.

-Unnamed Sorc (Pun intended)

Retreat! Overheard after the destruction of the Mandis Crystal and the defeat of the Landing occupation forces. You hear a sharp cry of "Fall back! To Icemule! If we can't have this town then we'll take hold of the frigid north!" Shortly after, you hear a large amount of boots upon the ground marching steadily off into the distance.

Disgruntled Citizens of a Frontier Town Strike Back! (8/3/2003)
(The Wehnimerian Perspective)

In response to the brutal opression of the Jantalarian Scourge that sacked Wehnimer's Landing several weeks ago, the outraged citizens rebel!

Baron Lerep Hochstib and his Jantalarian thugs sacked Wehnimer's Landing in an act of desperation. Wave after wave of Jantalarian youth have been sent to their needless deaths by the tyrant over the past couple of months. "Please know that my soldiers will not be leaving your town, so if you are not willing to learn to live with us, then you must realize that other towns may welcome your kind. Continuing the conflict within the town is futile. You cannot win against the numbers I have." said Lord Snotsack Lerep Hochstib himself.

The town did eventually succumb to the overwhelming numbers of the Jantalarian scourge. Slowly but surely however, the citizens started gaining ground. During the early days of the occupation, Lord Holswort Niffelheim, the neighborhood Jantalarian morale officer showed his face in town. He was distributing propaganda leaflets for the opressed citizenry to read, and gloat about their occupation of town. Because he refused to leave, he was taken out by Tracker Murp of the Teras-based Militia called the DDR. "If the fool had been organizing a retreat instead of taunting the citizens, he wouldn't have had any trouble." comments Murp.

It all went downhill for Jantalar from then on. During a secret raid, a group of local citizens infiltrated Mestanir and destroyed the Mandis crystal there. They collected the shards and forged bane weapons to destroy the other two crystals in the North. The raid was such a success, that there was not a single casualty on the Wehnimerian Side!

"De is'ums poopie, and der moms is fat!" says Boomsplat, a local elite soldier.

"Initial reports indicated that the Jantalarian strength numbered in the tens of thousands," says Bersellius. "However, the only thing they had in their favor was the Mandis Crystal. When we took the two of them out, they ran away like sissies! We beat Jantalar in a war without magic... which unfortunately is more than I can say about Mestanir and Talador."

According to the Jantalarian leaflets, they wanted to rename the city "Chaston's Intent" among other things. Recent polls show however, that if there would be any name change of Wehnimer's Landing, it would be called, "Hochstib's Folly".

Baron Hochstib always commented on how Jantalarian forces were superior in both numbers and training. Clearly however, his army was defeated by superior trained troops of lesser numbers. 'The Knight-Champions were the only thing that struck fear into the hearts of those of us on the front line. That, and the blind gimpy empaths with no right arm, manning the archery towers." says Edaarin, a local elite soldier. "I swear, I got shot at least eight times by friendly fire while trying to liberate the city."

As the Jantalarian forces retreated from the Northlands, we captured a deserter from Jantalar's army. Apparently he was drafted into the army, and forced to fight against his own will and better judgement. "Join the army, they says... Seek glory, they says..." The axeman snorts, "Glory Schmory! If I had m'druthers, I'd be back home fishin'."

What will become of Baron Hochstib now? Will he be hung for insubordination by newly crowned Emperor Aurmont? Will he show his face in the Northlands again? "He'd better not!" says Tenken, a local wizard, "If he comes anywhere near the city, this time we won't let him escape."