The Rescue of Talenni

This story is detailed more in: Early History, The rescue of Korm, Jantalar's Dungeon and this report summarized them. I did have the distinction of being the first mission to Jantalar, the introduction of Gurbah and the first player knights in the game.

A few weeks after the rescue of Korm, there came a visit from the Vornavis Baron's daughter, who told the Knights that their friend Talenni had been taken prisoner as a spy from Jantalar and was soon to be executed. The Knights tried to convince the lady that her father's actions were hasty and unwarranted, but were unable to persuade her to do more than stay Talenni's life until they were able to come and plead for her release. The Daughter seemed most upset that Lord Brinn was not in attendance that evening, and seemed most unable to help because of it.

And so it was that the next week the Knights journeyed to Vornavis dressed in their finery and pled to the Baron there that their friend Talenni should be released. The Baron did agree despite the advice given to him by a very slimy underling, and so Talenni was brought to them, cold, angry and upset that a certain dwarf had spent much time at her cell taunting her. She vowed her revenge.

While the Knights visited the Baron, he made one objection to them stating that while they did advertise themselves to be knights, there were in fact none who laid claim to the name as yet. And so the Baron knighted Sir Cemb and Sir Welan for their bravery above and beyond the call of duty in the rescue of Korm, and gave them both golden spurs as a symbol of their new station.