Spike Speaks, or Does He?

[Lower Dragonsclaw, Grasslands]
You see tombstone and a spiked collar.
Obvious paths: south, northwest.

Lord Setzir kneels down.

Setzir says, "The mist floated up and formed 4 clouds.....then another cloud appeared above them with a golden hue."

Setzir says, "Then golden cloud turned into a golden key....then the clouds were blown away...."

You ask, "What's going on here?"

Thym says, "Interestin SSetzir"

Magiwarrior's eyes flutter as he wakes up.

Neui asks, "why?!?!?"

The ground begins to shake for a moment.

Setzir says, "Spike died going after his golden key in Breganda....died in a fire..."

Mourned exclaims, "ARE YOU going to spend all yer time gaurding this grave get on with yer life!"

Gredge says, "whys the ground shaking"

Pipershadow exclaims, "Ground shake!"

Bellophorus says, "The ground is shaking...."

Xyraz says, "arent there 4 towns in elanthia? major ones i mean"

Setzir says, "i don't know if he got the key or not"

Thym peers quizzically at Mourned.

Setzir says, "SILENCE"

Setzir sighs.

Thym says, "I think ya best start joltin folks Setzir"

Setzir shakes his head.

Setzir nods to Thym.

Lord Setzir begins to glow.

Ogreron wrinkles his nose.

Hirku says, "hmm.."

Xynfull stands up.

Mourned stands up.

Setzir blinks.

Jaronel takes off a small flower.

Hirku blinks.

Mercutire says, "River's rest is a major one"

Skipell sniffs.

Kyritzu raises an eyebrow.

Euing stands up.

Wonday says, "can i have the statue"

Setzir says, "I'm glowing..."

Xyraz says, "4 towns, blown away by a big one"

You ask, "Setzir, you didn't glow on purpose?"

Setzir asks, "Spike...are you here with us?"

Hirku says, "kin someone make Burbaris drop the note. Ohhh Setzir."

Xyraz says, "the key...."

Hirku sighs.

Setzir says, "Spike...enter me if you wish...tell us what we need to know"

(Thym munches down a few mushroom caps)

You ask, "Can someone whisper to me who spike is?" (I forgot) ::wink::

Kattiuskha glances at you.

Skipell says, "Spike..."

Skipell sniffs.

Jaronel whispers, "He was a war rat, the greatest guy ever"

Elfmoogle says, "Teft, Spike is a War Rat, a great friend to the people of Wehnimer's"

You say, "ahh, kay"

Setzir says, "Spike...I feel you here...I feel you touching my soul...please...speak with us"

Krispie exclaims, "wow!"

Ogreron continues to beseech the gods for mercy and guidance.

Hirku raises his hand.

You say, "so... how'd he die?... please tell me"

Elfmoogle says, "He burned in a fire"

Andetio says, "Spike died from a fire"

Jaronel says, "We gotta find Burbaris"

Setzir says, "People...be silent for a second...Spike is here....I feel him touching my soul"

You say, "from the invasion last night?... kay, I shut up"

A large bolt of lightning shoots forth from the stone grave and hits Lord Setzir in the chest!

Lord Setzir appears somewhat different.

Hirku struggles to get up but fails in the attempt.

Hirku says, "ah ha"

Hirku says, "Wow"

Thym says, "Yikes.. da spikes"

Andetio exclaims, "What?!"

Ogreron exclaims, "whoa!"

Sperril says, "oh my"

Grondos says, "ahh"

Bellophorus throws his head back and howls!

Blistar blinks.

Your jaw drops.

Petrocoles exclaims, "Wow!"

Jaronel bows to Setzir.

Ogreron rubs Setzir gently.

Jadefyre says, "Ahh....Sir...."

Thym rubs Setzir gently.

Hirku blinks at Setzir.

Hirku says, "the choosen one."

Pipershadow rubs Setzir gently.

Pipershadow asks, "Sir you okay?"

You grin.

Nitecrusher says, "Burbaris earased his character with the note, his new name is Zarcath"

Trevalen rubs Setzir gently.

Trapsspringer raises an eyebrow.

Andetio shudders.

Andetio's jaw drops.

Deckits asks, "What happened?"

Ghundraen just arrived.

You say, "finally, something happened"

Nitecrusher picks up a spiked helm.

Sperril asks, "aye, is Sitzer all right?"

Jaronel stands up.

Parri blinks.

Elfmoogle asks, "How do you know?" Deckits gestures at Setzir.

The glazed look leaves Setzir.

Hirku says, "hmm."

Nitecrusher puts a spiked helm on his head.

You ask, "Setzir... what happened?"

Nitecrusher just went northwest.

The body of Lord Setzir says, "Be at peace my friends, my time is short."

Pipershadow says, "He isn't dead, please listen to Sir Spike."

The body of Lord Setzir says, "The keys are needed."

Sperril exclaims, "NO, please not Setzir, please take my soul!"

Xyraz says, "Spike,; Spike; War Rat of champions.; Spike,; Spike; Where are you now? Clouds in the sky?; Fire near Breganda? Scared little boy? Whatdoes all this mean? "

You ask, "What keys?"

Nitecrusher drops a spiked helm.

Maiquen picks up a spiked helm.

You ask, "Spike... Where are the keys and what do they look like?"

The body of Lord Setzir says, "Do not harm those that need what you have given."

Jaronel asks, "Spike, kin ye tell us anything about these keys?"

The body of Lord Setzir says, "Look for Breganda."

Jaronel asks, "How can we find Breganda?"

Merlnn says, "can ye give us a direction, a clue great spike"

You ask, "Breganda... is that a location or a person?"

The body of Lord Setzir says, "5 keys are needed."

Trevalen says, "in what area do we find Bregranda"

Sperril says, "Where is Breganda Spike, please tell us...."

You say, "5 keys are needed..."

Xyraz asks, "wyvern's gate?"

Trevalen says, "in what area do we find Bregranda"

The body of Lord Setzir says, "Devestior is to blame."

The body of Lord Setzir says, "A fire in his castle."

Sperril says, "then Devestior must die"

You ask, "Devestior is whom?"

Thym asks, "Spike was 300 years of age; dat be 2100 in dog years.. take da inverse.. wow.. he like 5600 in rat years.. how old is Bregandra?"

Hirku asks, "castle?"

Bellophorus says, "Devestior..."

The body of Lord Setzir says, "He will return."

Trevalen says, "Spike where do we start our search ffor Breganda"

You ask, "so another citizen ended up doing the killing eh?"

Thym says, "Spike died nobally..."

Xyraz says, "We start with the keys"

Merlnn asks, "spike will you ..... return to us?"

The body of Lord Setzir says, "Time will allow Breganda to be found."

Thym says, "He needs no vengeance"

The body of Lord Setzir says, "I must go."

The body of Lord Setzir says, "Fare well my friends, let me live in your hearts."

You ask, "no.... What is briganda?"

Sperril says, "no, please Spike, don't go"

The body of Lord Setzir says, "Please, care for Setzir when I leave, for he will feel ill."

Merlnn asks, "spike will we find help?"

Hirku rubs Setzir gently.

You say, "Briganda..."

Lord Setzir seems different.

Bellophorus asks, "M'lord Setzir, are you okay?"

Pipershadow asks, "Lord Setzir, is there anything we can get for you?"

Xyraz says, "Lets find those Lorminstra-darned keys so we can get to Breganda. The answer to this mess has to be there."

Trevalen says, "He needs wol"

Xyraz says, "Breganda"

Setzir says, "ow...I feel woozy....wha happened?...last I known i was kneeling here calling to Spike...feeling him touch my soul..."

Hirku asks, "Spike said take what is given?"

Lord Setzir fades a little.

Pipershadow says, "Setz, he talked to us"

Trevalen says, "He needs wol"

Merlnn says, "spike used your body to talk to us"

Skipell says, "Sir Setzir... Spike spoke to us wit' yer voice."

You see Lord Setzir vonEvenlore the Dark Elf.
He appears to be in his 40's, has unkempt, long black hair, dark eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a broadsword in his right hand.
He is wearing a gold ring, a glass amulet, a tiny black mask, some sleek black leather boots, a storm grey cloak, a jet black sack, an ora-bound rolaren shield, a gold serpent ring, a silver Brigatta pin, an alexandrite Sheru symbol, some steel-rimmed spectacles, a midnight black rose, a gleaming mithril clasp, a mithril juggernaut pin, a woven vultite bracelet, a grey pearl stickpin, a dark moonstone pendant, some soft grey thrak hide gloves, a silver tooled wrist sheath, a storm grey case, a silver hoop earring, some softened thrak hide pants, a dwarven wand harness, a brocade miner's pack, and some tanned leather armor.

Lord Setzir fades a little.

-----[ DISASTER STRIKES! ]------

* Setzir just bit the dust!

* Setzir drops dead at your feet!

Hirku says, "ack"

Trapsspringer exclaims, "ACK!"

Petrocoles says, "ack"

Ogreron screams!

Thym says, "Rut roh"

Merlnn exclaims, "set!"

Elfmoogle exclaims, "Ack!"

Uglyfoot giggles.

Twizzla gasps.

Diestar says, "Yikes"

Grondos gestures at Setzir.
A luminescent web briefly forms around Setzir, then fades into the body.

Pipershadow exclaims, "Ack!"

Sperril says, "OH buy"

Deckits blinks at Setzir.

Maiquen rubs Setzir gently.

Blistar says, "Eek"

Durfin gasps.

Greytree gasps.

Ogreron rubs Setzir gently.

Hirku asks, "what the heck?"

Vodwarfionar taps a red jasper.

Pipershadow exclaims, "Lord!"

Sperril says, "boy"

Bellophorus rubs Setzir gently.

Xyraz says, "this was all set up."

Hirku asks, "bleeding?"

Elfmoogle rubs Setzir gently.

Gevron blinks.

Twizzla says, "whoa...."

Petrocoles says, "hmm"

You hear the ghostly voice of Setzir say, "Ooh...I feel more woozy now...."

Kyritzu begins a careful examination of Setzir -- he takes his pulse, checks his temperature, and checks for broken bones or any other ailments.

Thym says, "Get a priest"

You say, "umm... Setzir gonna join Spike if we don't get him"

Jaronel says, "Musta drained you good"

Durfin chuckles.

Holleigh giggles.

Xyraz says, "setzir knew spike would be possessing him"

Trapsspringer chuckles.

Grondos rubs Setzir gently.

Vodwarfionar asks, "anyone want?"

Jaronel says, "Look like your head got hurt really good"

Jadefyre says, "My lord...we must find the keys. "

Hirku asks, "Setzir, where did your wound come from?"

Grondos says, "Raising Lord Setzir from the deads"

Grondos gestures at Setzir.
Grondos suddenly looks very drained.

A bolt of soft white light streaks down from the sky bathing Setzir in it.
A brilliant glow forms around Setzir, lingers for a moment, and finally fades. Setzir awakens looking somewhat confused and seriously drained.