Malwind's Audience - The Spoils of War

I have transcribed the questions and answers from the audience held by Baron Malwind this evening. Hopefully the words will reach those that inhabit the trading post of Whennimer's Landing as I imagine a good deal of this news greatly concerns them.

- Revalos Lykanderon of Mestanir, Solhaven Fisherman

[Vornavis, Great Hall]
On a low dais, spanning the southern end of the hall, three regal chairs of state rest before an embroidered tapestry of the Rising Swan of Vornavis that covers the wall behind them. Banners bearing the coats-of-arms of knights in service to the barony hang from the railing of the second floor gallery that lines the other three sides of the Great Hall. Opposite the dais a pair of large fel doors, inlaid with gold scrolling, are set in the north wall. You also see an aged chamberlain.
Also here: Lady Melina, Lady Femereff, Kadesha who is sitting, Yviara, Kinshack, Yarx, Cryheart, Lord Sothog who is sitting, Thokthok, Revalos who is sitting, Tyraesa, Lady Landrai who is sitting, Perigourd, Baron Dunrith

An aged chamberlain says, "The first name on my list is that of Thokthok Thundrcleese, raising the issue of the Sea Wolves."

Thokthok says, "With the current victory we had over the pirates i was curious if the dent in the blocade has been enough to allow more trade through to the free port"

Dunrith says, "The situation has not entirely resolved itself at present."

Dunrith says, "There are still Sea Wolf vessels interfering with sea trade near Solhaven, but their ability to actually attack and take shipping is almost nonexistant."

Thokthok asks, "Is this increase in the amount of trade and profit gained in the trade going to benifit the town and citizens of haven or promoting more growth of Vornavis?"

Dunrith says, "It will take time for merchant ships to realize that the Sea Wolves are no real threat anymore. That and we really do need to go after them with a decent seagoing vessel and force them to scatter."

Dunrith says, "Unfortunately, the Swan was built explicitly for inharbor defense. She is no seagoing vessel. So we are looking to trade one of the captured ships for a warship or refit one of them as such."

Dunrith says, "Captain Kimrella is involved in both efforts to try to reach a resolution as soon as possible."

Dunrith says, "So we do expect to see a growing amount of trade coming into the port over the next several weeks, but it will probably not really become as active as it used to be until we go out and chase off or capture the Sea Wolves' warships."

Dunrith says, "I might add that the Maleficent was given to the Temple of Eorgina. It seems that no crew was interested in sailing her with the shadow of a possible curse being levied by the temple."

Dunrith says, "The temple was quite pleased and stated that they will be making a reciprocatory gesture to the town's benefit at some future date."

An aged chamberlain says, "The second name on my list this evening is that of Lady Landrai Fel'Anoir of the Loenthra Elves. The topic of her comments is unknown."

Landrai softly says, "my Lord my news is minor compared to the events surrounding us lately."

Landrai softly says, "Not many know my background perhaps. I came here from my foster home in vaalor, but as stated my family lives in Loenthra."

Landrai removes a smeared scroll from in her lion skin musette.

(Landrai reads her scroll briefly)

Landrai softly says, "My father Lord Guarant Fel'Anoir sends his greetings"

Landrai softly says, "He rules a minor estate in our land and is planning a visit."

Landrai softly says, "He wishes to extend his greetings and hope that as he visits an audience with you can be set up"

Landrai softly says, "I am not sure of his arrival as our estate raises horses primarily and it is a busy time"

Landrai softly says, "That is my main reason for this audience. To pass along his words to you"

Dunrith nods.

Dunrith smiles at Landrai.

Dunrith says, "Thank you."

An aged chamberlain says, "The third name on my list is that of Gleeman Kilthal Dradious, but it was added upon advice in his absence and so no topic is known. Simply his willingness to address the court was assured."

Kilthal softly says, "I have a few questions tae ask, all of which address 'haven itself, or the Empire."

Kilthal softly says, "I wondered if ye could tell us more about the status of the ships that we rescued, including the Krolvin Princes and the Rising Swan."

Dunrith says, "The Rising Swan has returned to the cavern dock beneath Vornavis. Because she was constructed at the expense of Vornavis she will continue to be supported and maintained by the city. Likely she will see little other action unless we are invaded from the sea again."

Dunrith says, "I believe that the Krolvin Princess is still docked in Marshtown. The captain of that ship will likely sail whenever he feels it is in his best interest to do so."

Dunrith says, "Of the captured ships, both Vornavis and the Mercantylers' Guild agreed to returning the Maleficent to the Temple of Eorgina as has already been mentioned."

Dunrith says, "The Sea Lion is in the shipyards in South 'Haven being refitted. It may serve as a warship, but as with any of the captured ships, it is a bit too large and unmanueverable to be as affective as we would like for bringing Sea Wolf ships to battle."

Dunrith says, "The Charl's Lady was in serious disrepair and is being fixed up. Likely she will serve well as a merchant ship in the future, but not soon."

Dunrith says, "The most likely candidate for use as a warship is the Starseeker. Captain Kimrella is working with the shipwrights to assess her potential in that area and to determine also if we might trade one or two of the captured vessels for a warship from somewheree else."

Dunrith says, "Also, there are some rather involved discussions ongoing with the Mercantylers' Guild as to the exact ownership of the captured ships and or their eventual value."

Dunrith says, "Normally, according to standard maritime prize rules, the captain of the capturing vessel is entitled to half of the value of any prize, but Captain Kimrella is quite aware that the ship she captained was not her own, so it becomes more of a discussion between the Barony of Vornavis and the Mercantylers' Guild."

Dunrith says, "The crew of the Rising Swan, meaning those who actually fought the Sea Wolves, also have a claim to a portion of the value of the four ships."

Dunrith says, "Those names have been taken down and once the final disposition of the prize vessels is determined, the value per share will be announced."

Dunrith says, "That gets a bit more complicated in that if we trade two vessels for a warship, then the use of the warship is not a readily liquid asset for division."

Dunrith says, "The rowers were militia from Vornavis and all volunteered with no claim to any prize value. I was speaking of those who actually fought."

Dunrith says, "I am certain that once the final disposition is determined, we will have the means to provide shares in an acceptable form."

Dunrith says, "One possibility, if all of the ships are not sold or traded, would be to operate one as a merchant vessel with shareholders receiving portions of the profits whenever the vessel returned to port, but of course the risk there is that the ship could potentially be lost."

Kilthal softly says, "Me next question concerns Captain Kimrella."

Kilthal softly says, "I wondered what is the status of the vessel that was being built specifically fer her? And if that ship would be a proper warship fer battle at sea."

Dunrith says, "Her ship remains uncompleted. Once trade returns to the port, sufficient lumber should arrive to complete it and I am sure that at that point she will put to sea as captain of her own ship."

Kilthal softly says, "Me next questions pertain tae the Empire and the Northlands."

Kilthal softly says, "I was wondering how Sentinel Jovery was, and how his journey tae Tamzyrr went."

Dunrith says, "I understand that his journey went well and he is officially the Northern Sentinel. Associated with that occurrence, Baron Hochstib has sent a letter of condolence over Vornavis' losses during the past several years of disagreement between our two baronies and he hopes that we can put those differences behind us, even though he feels obligated to support some of his knights' continued efforts to reclaim their hereditary holding on the eastern edge of our barony."

Dunrith says, "And I have word that work crews of his busy themselves renovating key roadways in western Mestanir which lead to the northwest."

Kilthal softly says, "I dunnae think anything that Baron Hochstib does is what it appears tae be."

Kilthal softly says, "So that his soldiers can make their way towards the Landing with greater ease."

Revalos quietly says, "that road will be built off the broken backs of townsfolk."

Dunrith says, "Oh, I am sure he wishes no continued conflict with Vornavis. With his chances to become the King of the North dashed by Lord Jovery's appointment, he is now turning his attention and resources toward the Landing."

Dunrith says, "For the port that he wanted Solhaven for."

Sothog says, "Ports mean money, which in turn means power."

Kilthal softly asks, "Going back tae those knights of Baron Hochstib's on Vornavis' eastern border. Is it safe tae assume ye still support anyone working tae refute the claim of Jantalar there?"

Dunrith says, "Yes. That holding was unquestionably a part of Vornavis. We will not relinquish our claim to it."

Dunrith says, "And we will discuss its ownership by someone else when and if Mestanir once more becomes a barony unto itself. Mestanir could possibly claim it, but Jantalar cannot."

Kilthal softly says, "Something I would like tae bring up about Baron Hochstib."

Kilthal softly says, "I dunnae know if Captain Kimrella spoke with Captain Torsk of the Krolvin Princess or nae."

Dunrith says, "I believe she has, but I am unsure of the extent or content of their conversations."

Kilthal softly says, "Captain Torsk mentioned that during his time being forced tae work fer the Sea Wolves that there was one individual which seem tae lead them."

Kilthal softly says, "And Captain Torsk spoke of the man as being Jantalarian. If nae in actual origin, in his manner, or in who sent him."

Kilthal softly says, "I thought such information would be of value tae ye, Baron, as his capture would prove tae those doubters that Baron Hochstib was the man paying the Sea Wolves tae blockade 'haven."

Dunrith says, "I agree that to capture this person would be useful, but I doubt it will be possible until we have a functioning warship at hand."

Dunrith says, "Certainly, the eventual destruction of the Sea Wolves will depend in part upon bringing the Basilisk to battle."

Kilthal softly says, "I wondered if there was any news concerning the Assassin which was hunted down and captured several weeks ago."

Dunrith says, "The last I heard, she was still being questioned and had implicated just about every race and every political faction during the course of her torture."

Dunrith says, "At this point I don't know if anything useful has been learned from her or not."

Dunrith says, "It could be that useful information has been obtained, but it is being kept secret while the Emperor's agents make use of it."

Kilthal softly says, "Me last question is about the Emperor himself. I wondered if there was any news concerning him since his coronation, and how his first months of rulership were going."

Dunrith says, "I have heard little of substance, no more than the usual fluff that some societal types hunger after. But I take no news as good news at least for the short term."

Dunrith says, "If he had taken office and engaged in a flurry of directives I would have been more concerned."

Kilthal softly says, "Thanke ye fer giving me this time tae address ye, Baron Malwind."

Dunrith nods to Kilthal.

An aged chamberlain asks, "Master Kinshack, did you wish to address the court?"

Kinshack says, "My Lord, my interest was especially piqued when you mentioned the Baron Hochstib's renovation project northwest of Mestanir. Naturally, an interest in the Landing is an interest of mine, as the Order with which I am affiliated has the Landing as its pledge."

Kinshack asks, "I was wondering if you could clarify the stance of Vornavis on the Landing's recognition as a political entity. Will we stand alone?"

Dunrith says, "I would consider that as two questions. I believe that the Landing is unrecognized within the Empire as a political entity, and certainly not one within the Empire, hence, Hochstib's actions against it will be outside the governance of the Northern Sentinel."

Dunrith says, "As to the second question, no I do not intend that the Landing should need to stand alone."

Dunrith says, "In fact, now that Vornavis and Jantalar are supposedly no longer at war, I find we have some surplus items which we had laid in store for an eventual raid. I will be looking in the neaer future for someone interested in taking those items off or our hands, since they are taking up valuable storage room."

Kinshack asks, "While I do not claim to have knowledge of the motivations of the Baronies, would supporting the Landing against Jantalar's infringement not place further strain on relations that seem to be growing more cordial?"

Dunrith says, "Yes and no. It might strain relationships, but the more cordial is only a seeming. We all know that."

Dunrith says, "But to keep from making the new Sentinel's job difficult, we will likely try to avoid overt action against Jantalar."

Dunrith says, "However, what individuals choose to do with their time and weapons is entirely up to them."

Kinshack says, "I also wanted to ask if there was anything those of the Landing could do in the meantime to establish a more respected political presence, perhaps to gain support from any and all would be allies who have a bone to pick with Jantalar."

Dunrith says, "Hmmm, a good question. Unfortunately, I don't know of a simple answer to it. Those who most immediately oppose Jantalar are already arrayed against her to one degree or another. Certainly, Lord Jovery has no real respect for Jantalar and will do what he can as Northern Sentinel to curb Hochstib, but since he now turns his ambitions outside of the borders of the Empire, there is not much that Lord Jovery can really do."

Dunrith says, "The ultimate answer would be for the Landing to become a part of the Empire and therefor governed and protected by it, but I don't see that happening."

Dunrith says, "It could apply for governance as a free port, similar to Solhaven."

Dunrith says, "But I have never heard of any of the Landing's citizens seriously agreeable to joining the Empire."

Dunrith says, "To most of them the Empire is a large, evil entity and not something that Solhaven and Vornavis are willingly a part of."

Kinshack says, "There are many who undoubtedly cringe at the idea of being in any way subject to Chaston's Edict."

Dunrith says, "I have no love for Chaston's Edict, but some times it is easier to change things from within than from without."

Dunrith says, "More will be forthcoming only if Jantalar actually moves against the Landing."

Kinshack says, "My thanks for your time, my Lord Malwind."

An aged chamberlain asks, "Sir Cemb, did you wish to address the court?"

Cemb asks, "I was mainly interested in if you forsee any change in the internal politics of Jantalar, given that he is now overseen, will he still be allowed to enforce the edict without question and persecutre other races?"

Dunrith says, "Since he is ostensibly enforcing an imperial edict, I doubt he will be asked to stop. Unless of course Emperor Aurmont chooses to rescind the edict."

An aged chamberlain asks, "Master Typhus, did you wish to address the court?" Typhus asks, "My lord, I wonder at what political situation the resident knights of Wehnimer's Landing might now face as Jantalar's interest more fully shifts there?"

Dunrith says, "I expect that politically, as well as physically, they will be at war."

Dunrith says, "But if such a meeting never happens, then likely they will either lose or survive with no real change either to their station nor to that of the Landing."

Dunrith says, "They could in all likelihood continue to exist as knights dwelling outside the Empire with no official recognition from within it."

Typhus asks, "If I may ask another question, would it be for the knights to request such a meeting directly with Jantalar or through an intermediary?"

Dunrith says, "I believe it would be more a matter of looking for such an opportunity rather than asking for one. Hochstib certainly won't agree to one unless he feels he has something to gain by it."

Typhus says, "My thanks to you for your time, my lord."

An aged chamberlain asks, "Lord Sothog, did you wish to address the court?"

Sothog says, "M'lord, I shall be brief. I have two items."

Sothog asks, "The first, in regards to Mestanir... is there an estimate as to when the roads to the northwest shall be completed?"

Dunrith says, "None, although it isn't a matter of completing roadways, merely cleaning up old ones which are long unused."

Dunrith says, "I would expect that Jantalarian scouts will be present near the Landing within the next week or so."

Sothog says, "Mmm. So the Landing has a week to prepare, at most."

Dunrith says, "Perhaps, assuming that Baron Hochstib isn't preparing the roadways simply for trade purposes."

Dunrith says, "I confess to possessing a rather jaundiced view as to his motives."

Sothog says, "I thank you, sir."

Dunrith nods to Sothog.

The chamberlain raps his staff against the floor and announces, "The Baronial Court of Vornavis is now concluded."