Jantalar Invades and Occupies Wehnimer's Landing

The Sack and Occupation of Wehnimer's Landing (7/21/2003)

This past Feastday evening, the 19th of Koaratos, Wehnimer's Landing came under heavy assault by the Jantalarian army under the direct leadership of Baron Lerep Hochstib. After quickly overwhelming the barricade established along the road to Upper Trollfang, the human army quickly poured into the streets of Wehnimer's Landing, laying waste to its citizens. Knights-champion reportedly killed nearly the entire populace in a matter of hours, leaving bodies to decay under the night sky, the sound of war horns, and the harrowing influence of the dreaded mandis crystals.

After evacuating the majority of the corpses and ceding temporary control to the Jantalarian forces, a number of local military groups -- including the Order of the Silver Gryphons, the Northern Fury, and the Protectors of the Citadel -- mounted a resistance effort which continues even now as I pen this report.

Many casualties were endured, but the adventurers who protect the Landing are making minor victories every day against the soldiers that continually pour into the streets. While Lerep claims the Landing is won, it is believed the adventurers will fight tooth and nail until the conquesting party is purged from the area.

Reportedly, a gnome by the name of Ludli was seen to arrive on the situation via a metal sphere which landed in Lower Dragonsclaw. He constructed a mobile siege engine which still roams the streets of the Landing reaking havoc on the wouldbe conquerors, in the form of boiling oil and wooden arrows.

It is rumored at least one mandis crystal has been relocated to the shrine atop Kai's hill in the Lower Dragonsclaw, but remains inaccessible to the Landing's soldiers, blocked by a bladed rolaren barrier.

Herald Holswort, author of several controversial sources of propoganda with noticeable favor for the Jantalarian conquest, was seen within the borders of the town, surveying the situation as the eyes and ears of the Baron. He was reportedly heard denouncing the claims of independence made by the Landing's citizens. Additionally, he made comments to the effect of supplanting the current knighted protectors of the Landing. It is clear the ruling class of Jantalar has no intent of acknowledging the legitimate claim of protection held by a number of the Landing's citizens.

On a related note, Lord General Valicar of the Northern Fury has issued a call to arms for all of his contingent to return to Icemule to prepare defenses for an expected onslaught in the northern town, while the Order of the Silver Gryphons remains present to combat the threat to our safety in the Landing.

I call upon all citizens of the realm who should read this missive to take up arms against this oppression. Now, more than ever, we of the northwestern regions need to assert our independence from the tyranny posed by Lerep's conquests. I urge you to fight alongside me in this battle for freedom, and will look forward to the day the sun rises again on a free Wehnimer's Landing.

--Sir Kinshack of the Order of the Silver Gryphons