Meeting Minutes - 1/6/2013

In Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Shirkon, Karibeth, Perivan, Geijon, Goldstr, Evia, Sir Ruffelin, Meureii, Arpelli, and Cinabar.

We ring in the new year with lots of action in Wehnimer's Landing and our leadership nominations.

I. Squire Issues
Geijon's squire has returned, but hasn't shown renewed interest in pursuit of membership.

Goddi was approached by Ruffelin, but is having conflicts with our times.

A pair of potential squires were mentioned by Cryheart and Meureii.

We will, at a future time, discuss Monk squires as well.

II. Leadership nominations
Nominations will be open for two weeks time before voting begins.
Present nominations are as follows:

Cryheart for Leader.

Metadi, Geijon, Evia for First. Sir Ruffelin was nominated, but declined.

Geijon, Metadi, Perivan, Shirkon, Goldstr, Cinabar, Evia, Deavon, and Meureii for Council.

III. Event Planning and Completion We finished with 6 or 7 events this year and will maintain our Tier 3 status for the 6th? year.

Next meeting we'll begin voting and event planning for our first event in 2013.

IV. Of Lichs and Rooks Avoid engaging Barnom Slim in his own realm as he can manipulate reality and turn our shadows against us. The events surrouding KerlCorpse and OctodeathCorpse were a massacre.

V. Aznell's Assistant and Walkar's Rage We discussed the death of Amos, Aznell's intention to pay the rooks, Larton and Tykel's refusal to do so, currently, and Walkar's agitation before he shot Dragnell with the crossbow multiple times in his cell before coming to his senses and fleeing.

VI. A discussion and vote was taken. More details to come from Sir Cryheart.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree