Meeting Minutes - 1/7/2001

Silver Gryphon Meeting 7th day of Lormesta (January, 2001)

In Attendance: Thrudh, Zyanna, Yzan, Evia, Knightfall, Tilarium, Sir Ruffelin, Drallen, Gilwen, Knightfall, Haephestus, Humongor, Cryheart, Kriztian, Sir Cemb, Metadi, Yarx, Jeanius, Shangarr,

Guests: Titaniia (Cryheart), Thalena & Falicor (Kriztian), Gentledove (Yarx)

Items Discussed:

Sir Waldo2's condition was reported as still serious, but stable. [Removed personal info]

Haephestus reported that the Lorekeepers have given the go ahead for an event to be hosted by our Liaison Task Force. The idea is to present a history of Jantalar and the founding of the Gryphons. It would be presented in the pavilion, thus would be uninterrupted. Cryheart asked for volunteers (of which Tilarium was the first) and will contact them with more information.

Sir Cemb announced his intention to bring Melindeth in as his Squire. Since she was not in attendance at the meeting, this announcement of intention will be formalized when Cemb is able to present her to the Members.

The problem with the Gryphon Runner (mail server) is still being worked on. In the meantime, some of you may receive duplicate mailings since I'll be sending things out through the mail list as well as via a manual list I've created.

Complaints about overzealous Gryphons were mentioned. While all Members are encouraged to uphold our charge by defending the Landing and her citizenry, it should be kept in mind that there are other adventurers out there who would like to get in an occasional swing at a critter, too.

This was particularly directed to participants in invasions of younger beasts which could be easily handled by the citizenry. However, anything invading inside town walls is fair game. (In other words, if you're way above the level of the invading creatures, let others join the fray. Save your efforts for when the others are overcome or for older beasts.)

Haephestus brought our attention to a young lad by the name of Aurynth who seemed to have some misconceptions about the Order and who seemed to be giving the impression that he was part of our organization. NOTE: Yzan and I have spoken to the lad since then and he's been invited to attend a meeting.

Cryheart brought up the possibility of holding hunts for the young. Volunteers were asked to contact him regarding scheduling.

Comments and suggestions are still being solicited for the Inactivity Proposal that is being drafted.

Nominations were opened for upcoming Elections. The following nominations were presented:

For Leader - Brinn
For Council - Cemb, Cryheart, Deavon, Evia, Geijon, Haephestus, Humongor, Tilarium, Waldo2, Welan, Yarx.

Additional nominations will be accepted at the upcoming meeting. Voting will be held at the end of the month.

Tilarium brought our attention to invasions of barbarians in Solhaven (and elsewhere) which may possibly be tied to Baron Hochstib. These barbarians were dark-skinned, carried claidhmores, and had the ability to berserk.

Drallen supplied information that the barbarians seemed to be accompanied by dark-skinned savages and dark warlocks.

Ruffelin advised the group that he had been selected by Lady Felisse (a metalworking merchant) for an alteration, but had traded his slot for consideration of a group alteration for the Order. Lady Felisse and Ruffelin are discussing alteration of the Order bracers into communications devices.

No details have been worked out as yet. Also to be discussed is an identifying symbol for Friends of the Order and Squires, so that they may communicate over the same net. There will, of course, be a fee for these services, but a price has not yet been mentioned.

NEXT MEETING: Due to Vegas Con, there will be no meeting on the 21st. The next meeting will be held on Lormesta (January) 14th at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Respectfully,