Meeting Minutes - 1/8/2000

In Attendance: Jeanius, Tilarium, Deavon, Pyranth, Draegar, Welan, Maldon, Lady Gilwen, Knightfall, Wanton, Brinn, Humongor, Metadi, Evia, Cryheart, Zyanna, Thrudh, Cemb, Asglyn

Invited Guests: Haephestus (Cryheart), Kriztian (Geijon)

Meeting Started at 10:00 PM EST.

Apprentice Issues:
No Apprentice Issues.

Agenda Items:
Nominations for elections to be received in two weeks at the general meeting. Full elections to be held during month of February.

There was quite a bit of discussion tonight on the recent invasions.

There was also discussions relating to Sir Edmund and the future battle, and the affects of the Mandis Crystal, and a possible correlation with the Vortexs that have been appearing as of late.

(I had some portal issues, so the conversation was stopping then flying by and breakneck speeds when my wizard caught up. A full log is available as always if requested.)

Next Meeting: 01-23-00 @ 10pm EST.