Meeting Minutes - 1/8/2012

In attendance at tonight's meeting was:
Metadi, Xanith, Sir Brinn, Great Lady Evia, Dame Deavon, Lord Balantine, Goldstr, Lord Perivan, Cosannie, and Cryheart

Nominations were made for this year's officer candidates. The nominations will be open until our next meeting, two weeks hence.

Nominated for Leader: Cryheart

Nominated for First: Brinn, Evia, Perivan and Xanith

Nominated for Council: Balantine, Deavon, Evia, Goldstr, Metadi, Perivan, and Xanith

First event discussed:
Onoir is hosting a four day festival beginning February 24th, and ending on February 27th. We will be hosting 3 seminars on Duty, Honor and Loyalty.

I, Sir Cryheart, will be doing the Loyalty seminar on February 25th at 9 pm eastern time.

Sir Brinn will be doing the Honor seminar on February 26th, and the Duty seminar on February 27th, both beginning at 9 pm eastern.

We will be holding the seminars at Moot Hall.

We also discussed having a post Stone celebration gala about the second week of March.