Meeting Minutes – 1/22/17

In Attendance: Khazaann, Sir Goldstr, Sir Balantine, Sir Shirkon, Bernadette, Sir Cryheart, Avalera, Dame Deavon and Geijon

I. Squire Presentation
We welcomed Bernadette back then headed to Kai's Shrine for Avalera's presentation on Defeat and the Kai Talismans.

II. 2017 Leadership nominations closed.
2017 Leader Nomination - Geijon
2017 First Nominations - Balantine, Deavon and Evia
2017 Council Nominations - Balantine, Deavon, Evia, Goldstr, Cinabar

Voting will begin tomorrow evening with instructions. Voting is open now for those who attended last night. Voting ends on 2/15 and is official on 2/19. We meet on 2/6 to provide a reminder if any votes remain outstanding.

III. Kestrels
Be on the lookout for Lady Drandea, mother-in-law to Dennet Kestrel, the grand magister, later this evening. She arrived at the Bath House just as we were finishing.

IV. Friends of the Order
Remind the populace our Order is not exclusive to warriors. A few ideas were posted on our MHO forum on the officials that got responses. I still feel we should keep it simple and while I like the suggestions a simple ranking system or the present one can/could be applied to all prospective members, regardless of profession going back to an earlier conversation in 2014/15 about members representing our ideals are the only requirement for membership.

V. Sir Cryheart and Lady Athalia's Courtship
Update on the matters and manners of the most recent Court in Vornavis. Cryheart gave a breakdown of open petitions leading up to his official request of courtship for Baron Dunrith Malwind's daughter, Athalia.

VI. Khazaann became a full member
Yay Khazaann!

Our next meeting is Sunday, February 6th.

By my hand,
Sir Geijon Khyree