Meeting Minutes - 1/2/2011

Heya all,

Busy meeting this week. We began with a visitor named Dantrotic who is apparently a Hochstib supporter. If you happen to see the fellow, it's possible he's simply misguided and could be persuaded to see reason (depending of course on who ye talk to about him).

There was a question about apprentices and who can be one, so pending more information, there wasn't an apprentice announced tonight.

Brinn reported his decisions regarding the various committees thusly:

Brinn says, "Diplomacy will be disbanded, as the functions of that group now reside in this office."

Brinn says, "Intelligence will continue in its current mode. Knightfall, I will need to meet with you in the week to determine some ground rules about how Intelligence will work with the new structure of the Gryphons. But for now, business as usual. Thanks for your report, by the way."

Brinn says, "Special Duties will continue as it is currently structured. Zyanna, please consult me on any activities you have planned in advance. Thanks for your report also."

Brinn says, "Battle Plan will continue in its current structure. However, the reduction of the amount of time Welan is about suggests that we might want to think about appointing a second to Welan for this post, or perhaps a new leader for this post. If anyone is interested in this, please send me a scroll. I'll be trying to reach Welan myself this week."

Brinn says, "Public Relations....."

Brinn says, "I recieved a report on PR by the leader of that committee, and she has asked that it be disbanded."

Brinn says, "However, I think that the committee is of value, at least at present."

Brinn says, "Therefore...."

Brinn says, "I would ask that anyone who would like to have input on this committee express an interest to me. I will be discussing the position of the leadership with Titaniia this week, to determine if she would like to continue."

Brinn says, "We may need a new reporting structure here as well."

Brinn says, "I will be determining the way this committee will run with the new structure of the gryphons as well, and will get back to all of you on it."

Also it was clarified that apprentices still are able to join the group of their choice if they like.

There was a question regarding the Guard (formerly the militia) as to what position the Order holds about it. So it led to more questions as to loyalty to the Order and conflicts of interests, which led Brinn to say:

Brinn says, "Well, that's a concern of mine, actually. While the guard has units and a hierarchy (out of necessity) and work under a chain of command, we have no such structure, and risk being scattered in the disarray. This is one of the new duties of the Battle Plan group."

Brinn says, "Let's handle this this way....."

Brinn says, "If you have a reason as to why you think membership in the Guard and in the Order are in conflict, please send me a note about it this week. THIS WEEK. Please."

Brinn says, "I'd like each of you to send me a list of non-religious organizations you are in, and tell me where your stronger loyalties lie. Now....I don't want everyone to tell me what I want to hear, I want the truth. I need to know of conflicts.

Brinn says, "Ok, I look forward to hearing from each of you. THIS WEEK."

On the 15th of this month (that's next Monday) at River's Rest there will be a Mentor Storyteller night in which I will be telling the story of the Baron of Jantalar. There will probably be some question and answer time after the talk, depending on the time. Deavon will also be giving a talk about Leya that night, so it should be a fun time. Everyone is invited. There's information at News 61. It's at the Silver Eye meeting room in River's Rest which is in the north end of town :)

Frorin shared a bit of good philosophy with us:

Frorin says, "Destiny will take you where it wants to, one shouldnt dwell on what has happend in the past,but rather look forward to what the future has in store. "

There is no meeting next week, but for a little one, then another hunt since last week's was such a success (apart from everyone falling off the cliff :D)

Hunt happy