Meeting Minutes – 2/12/2012

Dame Deavon has taken over the sponsorship of squire Hialeah, due to Meureii's long absence.

Two guest, Arpelli and Drakkonan were present.

We discussed and edited our NPC guard: We have 8 possible scripts, but we can only have 5. It was discussed to choose more guarding like scripts, so please feel free to add some so we can vote on which ones we want. Kenstrom could contact me within the next month or so, therefore, we need to have our scripts for the NPC guard chosen. We also will need to consider what minor addition we want. Look below the guard's description.

1. The dwarven warrior tests the sharpness of his waraxe by running his calloused thumb along the edge, then touches the blade up with a honestone.

2. Glancing right and left, the dwarven warrior slips a flask from his pouch and takes a long swallow before belching loudly.

3. Using his fingers, the dwarven warrior combs his beard, dislodging crumbs of bread from his last meal.

4. Suddenly the dwarven warrior snatches a fly from mid-air, capturing it between two fingers.

5. Kneeling down, the dwarven warrior reties the laces of his boots and after brushing off some dust, stands and watches the approaches to the Holding.

6. The dwarven guard steps out to the road, glances down the slope, then squints suspiciously at the nearby forest.

7. Stepping away from the portcullis the dwarven guard kicks a pebble off the path.

8. A dwarven guard leaning against the wall smoking his pipe and enjoying a pint of stout while watching the roadway for anyone approaching the Holding.

A black-armored dwarven guard
He appears to be in his 80's, has long, straight black hair, green eyes, and pale skin.
He is in good shape.
He stands ready, bearing an oversized blackened vultite waraxe and a crimson-edged black vultite aegis. He is wearing some black vultite full plate with an imflass shoulder sheath, a steel chain mail sheath, a black leather pack, a black silk surcoat embossed with the image of two blood red axes crossed over a field of twelve stars, and some highly polished black boots.

Secondly, we can add another minor addition. We spoke of adding 5 more food or drink items, which will require the usual scripts and descriptions. So please knock yourselves out.

Making a room Members Only
1,000,000 silvers

Adding a fireplace or fire pit
1,500,000 silvers

Adding a trash can
1,000,000 silvers

Adding a mirror
1,000,000 silvers

Adding a dance floor script
1,500,000 silvers

Adding a fishing area
3,500,000 silvers

Adding a dartboard
1,000,000 silvers

Customization of Officer Only button portal
500,000 silvers

Making a door latchable
1,000,000 silvers

Adding food or drink items ( 5 per request, max of 10 / two cycle requests )
500,000 silvers

Adding a Night description to an existing room
2,000,000 silvers

Adding a bench/chair script to an existing seat
500,000 silvers

Adding a new bench or cushioned seat
1,000,000 silvers

Adding an ice skating script
1,500,000 silvers