Meeting Minutes – 2/13/2011

In attendance: Sir Cryheart, Goldstr, Sir Metadi, Dame Deavon, Geijon, Evia, Sir Tebon, Perivan, Xanith, Balantine, Sir Morgiest.

Dame Deavon vanished early on with a meeting with some museum representatives. As we awaited her return we covered some of the nights agenda.

I. We spoke about some of the mysterious Summoner whispers, but some of the information is sensitive and will not be contained in minutes unless Cryheart releases that information to the group. We have some suspicions that need to be kept confined to the group as they are long term preparation for a potential conflict that doesn't seem to be one we're going to resolve in the near future.

II. We discussed planning for our first event of the year. March 20th was set. Geijon had recommended a historical perspective and our present goals in the landing to be hosted at the Holding to make the Landing aware of our current workings. Evia and Xanith also had an idea of re-enacting an event in our history, for instance, the destruction of the Mandis Crystal. We debated for a bit as to whom would lead this Discussion. Cryheart as Leader was chosen with Geijon assisting in presentation.

III. We discussed the CHE offer to one MHO group of Distinguished (Tier 3) status. A group that includes us. It didn't merit serious discussion as it would pull a lot of us from already established CHE Officer roles. We have thus declined to pursue CHE status and prefer to remain the 1st MHO, which suits us perfectly.

IV. We talked about squires and friends briefly. We only have one current squire, along with Scions, and prospective Friends of the Order. Denissa came up as a Scion along with Karibeth as a Friend of the Order. We held off on this further because elections needed to be completed. Balantine snuck in an Enemies of the Order Club comment that I liked.

V. Dame Deavon returned! Elections! Everyone seemed to have waited long enough for this so Cryheart got down to business. Cryheart miraculously won as Leader. Shirkon was a shocking choice for 1st. (They were both unopposed). The Council was announced was Metadi, Geijon, and Tebon with Balatine as alternate.

VI. Cryheart as reaffirmed leader then made some appointments. Cryheart mentioned that since Geijon was scribe by near default he only wanted to reaffirm I'd continue. I agreed. Morgiest was pleased. Metadi was named Castellan since he already had the Brute Squad moniker. The Gryphon banner was begrudgingly returned for our new Herald to carry as Dame Deavon accepted the role. The Master of Squires took a bit of discussion with no clear volunteer until Balantine said he was available, but it was never completely decided. Master of Scions was also discussed with Cosannie being mentioned, but not confirmed. These two positions require additional discussion at this time.

VII. We had a brief chat about Geijon or Metadi leading a Battalion Level Combat discussion for invasion tactics after our Historical Perspective on March 20th.

VIII. Evia was able to make enough progress to soft launch our Portal. We ask that it be kept internal at this time, but feel free to comment. We'll be adding content in earnest and fully launching the site to the public next month after our Historical Perspective. It can be found here, live on the web, at

We then ended the meeting and our new Officers were invested. Our next meeting is Sunday, February 27th!

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree