Meeting Minutes – 2/15/2004

Members in Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Sir Eahlstan, Guarrin, Sir Kinshack, Metadi, Sir Ruffelin, Shallimar, Sir Waldo2, Xanith, Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara

Squires in Attendance: Murgin

Guarrin chaired the meeting, which began at approximately 20 past 9, on Restday, 15.

I. Personal News
Sir Ruffelin announced that some business with his clan has occurred which will require him to return to his kin across the Dragonspine to aid in the matter. He may be gone for several weeks to several months. Consequently, he has opted to decline his nominations for all positions of leadership in the Order for the time being.

II. Meeting Hall Organization Before getting into the question and answer session for officer candidates, Sir Ruffelin provided us with information pertaining to the local meeting hall organization.

You can join as many organizations under the meeting hall structure as you wish, but may only hold a leadership position in one.

The Gryphons will be able to keep the Holding (and the Dwarven stout) without any charges being levied initially, but as for bracers and keys, we will have to pay 5,000 silvers and 10,000 silvers apiece respectively.

We will also have to pay for refreshments for any events we wish to cater, including if we wish to have our famous stout's recipe improved to keep it on par with the rest of the drinks around.

We have a limit of ten rooms for a place of residence for our group, once we elevate to Tier Three status where we can receive sponsorship for architectural improvements. This may take between twelve and eighteen months. Since downstairs access is sealed off, this should not be a problem with our current holding, which currently only contains five rooms.

It is unlikely if we expand our holding that we will be able to have siege weapons installed.

Our keys may be made necessary by guards that will be put in place outside our holding to prevent unauthorized entrance. This includes the unlikely event that we need to have one of our own removed from membership.

It was suggested that we compose our application to be included in the meeting hall organization along with writing to our current sponsor Mikos to gauge the level of support we would receive from either situation before making our decision to move on.

It is unlikely if we go the organization route that we will receive any of the accolades we once realized. This includes special treatment by the nobility of the Empire, and any other sort of singling out that we relied on.

We will push discussion of how to move forward with both missives next meeting.

III. Candidate Speeches and Q & A I will send logs as soon as I get approval from everyone that I didn't mangle their speeches! Kinshack, Eahlstan, Deavon, Yviara, Cryheart, Yarx, and Guarrin elaborated on their ideas for the coming year.

IV. After the Q & A sessions (see below) Sir Ruffelin returned to review a brief meeting with Talisker. Talisker informs us that Mikos may be able to meet with us next week. So we should plan on meeting with him. Please bring your questions with you, as this will be the perfect opportunity to gauge the level of support we can expect from him or his associates if we should choose not to go the route of the meeting hall organization.

V. Guarrin announced that he submitted letters to Voraviel and Mikos for review regarding ballista training. He is pushing for the 5th of Charlatos (March), at nine Elven.

Guarrin closed the meeting at this point. We will meet in one week at our regularly scheduled time.

Q & A Transcripts:


Kinshack: I think we need to broaden our charge so that we hold ourselves more accountable for what happens abroad as well as what happens within our current domain.

I think even if we cannot supply support in all regions, we should at least take a stance and offer what help we can in every situation that arises where the interests of good people are in jeopardy.

As an Order as opposed to as individuals.

That encompasses the general idea of my first goal.

The second goal will be to join the meeting hall organization.

Not only will this light the fire under our proverbial posteriors to take responsibility for holding events, but it will also give us a dose in humility and perhaps test our convictions and resolves that we're in this Order for the right reasons.

I think we can only succeed if we take this route and stop relying on anything more than ourselves for making our charge known and respected throughout the realm.

The final goal will be to adopt some of Sir Brinn's suggestions and improve the internal infrastructure of the Order. We need to have some goals that can be achievable from within.

In a simple sense, I'd like to try steering our internal structure toward operating more like a business, where individual contributions are rewarded and lauded appropriately. Personal improvement needs to be encouraged and appreciated.

And I want to see leaders emerge within the Order to take responsibility where possible.

That's a recap mostly of my platform, though perhaps with a more personal twist on the reasons I think we should adopt those goals.


Eahlstan: My views on the Order are fairly simple and straight forward. We are not a militia, we do not have the numbers necessary to go forth and destroy every threat to Elanthia.

What we do have is the ability to lead the masses, to focus them behind us, and with them there is nothing we cannot defeat.

In this room before you all are some of the greatest heroes to ever walk the lands.

All we need to do is step up to the position, and the people will follow.

(At this point Talisker popped in and took Ruffelin aside, but Eahlstan did an admirable job of continuing smoothly through the interruption!)

There isn't anyone here that I would not willingly follow into battle with Luukos himself. That is where our strength lies.

On the matter of joining the Town Meeting Hall, I am as of yet undecided. I personally do not belive it is necessary, however the will of the Order as a whole is what counts.

As Leader, I would lead wherever the will of the Order directs, and do so proudly.

I do not want to stay up here talking too long, and put you all to sleep, so if you have any questions, please ask them now.

Yviara: What are your views on expanding our charge?

Eahlstan: I believe expanding our charge can be done, through offering leadership during times of crisis.

We cannot simply step in and usurp authority, but we can certainly offer our expertise.

We do not have the numbers that Northern Fury has, but I am sure our experience, and wisdom can be of great benefit anywhere in Elanthia.


Deavon: Anyone have any questions to start with, before I make a boring speech?

Eahlstan: Will you be attracting more arrows through the window?

Deavon: Gee, I hope so. I'd certainly like to think I distracted his aim well enough. That in itself is a handy weapon.

Cryheart: What is your position for the status of the Order? For the future.

Deavon: I take it you mean choosing between PRO or staying as we are.

Cryheart: For one. Well..just in general then. What do you foresee the path we should take.

Deavon: Well, I admit that I am mixed on that. I think more to the point of the question, however is, where do we want to fit in?

Do we wish to be unique and risk at some point in time having to go the other path? And play catch-up? And do we want to do as others have and become a model for others. That should actually be... Or do we.

Continuing along that line...Both require commitment from this group. Not only as an Order, but as individuals.

One demands we do very little, but by the same token, doing little creates a pale image. The other requires we meet certain goals...And meeting those goals does guarantee that we have name recognition. So the choice isn't just with the Leader, or the First, or the Council. It's with all of you.

So, while I'd love to sit here and pontificate about my vision...I'm going to refrain from doing so, and leave the choice in your hands. And what you decide, as an Order, is what your leadership will fulfill. Regardless of who is at the helm.

Kinshack: Deavon, by your words I am getting a sense that you feel the leadership positions are largely unimportant in that it doesn't really matter who fills them. Do you believe we could move in a direction that removes the necessity for these positions?

Deavon: Hmm... I wouldn't say unimportant. Much like Brinn, I always considered the positions just sort of a formality...In the sense that the leader served as representative...And the council served to deal with matters between meetings...Or of an administrative nature. Does that pretty much answer that?

Kinshack: Yes.


Yviara: My personal thoughts on vital issues though are, I believe we do need to expand our charge to aid the territories in close trading distance to us, such as Solhaven.

We have been allies of Vornavis for a long time and think this should continue. For that reason we should always be ready to come to thier aid.

I believe that the leadership positions are very important because they are chosen to do just that, "lead".

This order has long had a reputation for being more then just a militia or house, I hope to see that continue in the future.


Cryheart: Being of the Council in the past, the charge is explicit....To serve as a check and balance to the Leader and First...but also to act to present concerns of the membership to both as well.

Being a Council...I also agree..we are representatives of the entire membership.

I am mixed as well...holding a loyalty to the old ways...but...We must be responsible and active...I don't want to be a nuisance. Our charge is clear from the old ways....Protect those whom seek the protection of your arm and the generosity of your heart, those too weak to protect themselves, and the virtue of every pure lady whom fate or fortune may cause to cross your path.

To give aid. As needed...but also to step forward when necessary. That is all for now.


Yarx: I will keep this brief.

I believe the Order should become more involved with the Landing, beyond simply protecting it.

Whether we apply to the Meeting Hall or not, I believe more events will do well to improve relations between ourselves and the ones we are supposed to protect.

I also feel that we should focus on that before expanding too far into other towns.

I believe if we focus on relations with the Landing first, it will make any eventual move to expand received better by the local population.

And also, I believe we'll have our hands full breaking in a new internal structure to the Order as Sir Brinn suggested.

Once we get our house in order, and improve relations with our own backyard, then we should move out to other regions.

That's all.


Guarrin: Firs', ah'd like ta thankee fer de nomination, an' ah be truly honored.

As de lands 'ave changed, ah believe it be necessary fer us ta do de same. Although, wit such a rich history, we mes' be certain ta pay heed ta it.

Ah am in agreemen' wit Sir Yarx regardin de 'backyard' policy. Ah believe we shoul' be focusin on de landin, but, shoul' also consider offerin official support in otha regions where we kin.

Tha be all from me, agin, thankee fer de nomination.