Meeting Minutes - 2/16/2014

Attendance: Sir Cryheart, Geijon, Perivan, Maldon, Shirkon, Evia, Sir Metadi, Dame Deavon, Balantine, Arpelli

Notice: We'll be meeting again next Sunday on 2/23/14!

I. Nominations
Cryheart for Leader
Geijon for First
Council: Evia, Shirkon, Metadi, Perivan, Balantine

Nominations remain open for 1 week. Please send any additional nominations to Dame Deavon at before voting begins on 2/23/14

II. Events to date
We've been credited with 2 for the year at this time. Our cooperative event with Onoir on Voln (Thanks Balantine) and our Talador discussion.

III. News of Talador
The Coronation proceeds as planned later this month. Kuligar announced an arranged marraige between the nobleman and his daughter Cosima. Raznel the witch has re-appeared in talador living in a cabin west of town. When the cabin was breached ossuaries were located and once destroyed the remaining two afflicted by magic voiding (Crux and Seomanthe) had their powers restored. A few non-humans have been assaulted by thugs in Talador with them screaming about chaston's edict. Sir Davard and the taladorian forces have been busy with Raznel, undead jantalarians, and most recently orcs with witchdoctors led by a huge ogre chieftain. When slain he dropped a box. Rlen was able to open the box later, but aelotoi ghosts swarmed out of it. Be wary.

IV. Final title celebration for Balantine and Raindove
Balantine quietly says, "Day after the coronation, on the 1st of the month, Raindove and I will be holding a "Grand Gala"...a sort of open house of our residence, will have a food cart and tell stories, celebrating our attainment of our final Title."

Balantine quietly says, "Will be at 8pm elven on feastday, so wear yer coranation finery, and will be escorting folks from the North Gate to our home."

V. Cross into Shadows and Althedeus
Evia says, "It is said it covets most what it does not have, a form."

VI. Maldon
We were pleased to join him. After the meeting settled down and it was a bit more relaxed he shared he had been a fishery officer along the talador and jantalar border. He also shared his son survived the mines and dedicated himself to Koar, but he hasn't seen him since then. We scheduled to meet again soon because when the portal closes Maldon won't be as readily able to join us. He may be involved with Baroness Hochstib during the coronation as her honor guard.

We'll be meeting next week as mentioned above on 2/23/14 and will be attending the coronation together on 2/28/14 on the following day of the Huntress.

My apologies in advance for any omissons.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree