Meeting Minutes - 3/5/2000

1. Brinn has announced that we will be going to Vornavis to pay an official visit to the Baron Malwind next restday, 12 Charlatos. (Sunday, March 12th.) Official Court Attire will be required to attend. Formal dress, no weapons or armor will be allowed. Please meet in the tower no later than 8:30pm Eastern Elven Time. nly full members, announced appentices and squires, and official Friends of the Order will be allowed to attend court. Questions should be directed to Sir Brinn.

2.Sir Brinn announced that Lord Ruffelin has been appointed 'First of the Order'. A sub-leadership position that will take Brinns place in his absence. Sort of a vice-president type of thing.

3. Election results for council is as follows:
Wanton, Deavon, and Cryheart have been elected to be the new terms council members. Congratulations to all.

4. Ruffelin announced that he's putting Evia forward for consideration for full membership. Consideration and testing will be in two weeks.

5. Cryheart put forth Haephestus for apprenticeship baring no objections will be affective next Sunday.