Meeting Minutes – 3/13/2011

We didn't begin until about 20 minutes late officially. A few of the Gryphons chatted with Sir Brinn, who had just returned to the lands, before we began. I lost track of time in the forge and didn't arrive until then.

In Attendance: Sir Brinn, Balantine, Sir Cryheart, Evia, Sir Metadi, Sir Tebon, Geijon, Perivan, Sir Yarx,

I. Cryheart mentioned the celebration around the end of April that Mayor Walkar announced.

II. Spitfire arrives soon. April 16th-21st-ish.

III. Our Origins and Duty event is set for 3/20/2011 at 9 EST. Please attend! News 4 95 is posted.

Come join the Order of the Silver Gryphon in a recollection of the origin of the Order. We will follow the recollection of the Order's founding with a discussion on the duty and purpose of the Order. The Order will entertain the thoughts of the current milieu as well from other folks. The discussion will occur on the 20th of Charlatos, (March) at the Holding, near the town of Wehnimer's Landing, at 9 PM elven (eastern.)

IV. We spent some time reminiscing a bit about our continued existance. Why we survived and how we're more focused and joined than in some periods of our history. Temperance was brought up by Evia. Resolve, Tenacity, and our companionship were others. Cryheart summed it up by saying, ""I think this is the most at peace this Order has been in awhile."

V. We then spent the majority of the night discussing event ideas for april and into the summer.
1. A discussion on an element of chivalry
2. More of an ideal than an event so I removed it.
3. Warrior Guild Night 3-8 participants are average on this as per Metadi. (It's not ideal as we need 10 minimum for IP)
4. Stump the Knight

We liked this one. Each person poses a moral query to the Knights present, then we see how they would handle the situation and explain why.

5. War Stories
6. Tenents of Teamwork and Cooperation Lecture
7. Squires Fair - Tebon
This spurred on considerable discussion. It is attached in a follow-up minutes as it may not be included in the public minutes release.

8. The Roast of Cryheart Thaxin
We'd tell our favorite tales about Cryheart, some humorous, some dangerous, some heroic.

9. A Joust or Grand Melee event
This could mimic the testing environment or something entirely different. In our Order we test our candidates. We would like to present to you a day of festivities and honorable combat in Jousting and melee.

We settled on a Fair on Sunday, April 24th at the Hearthstone Courtyard. Thanks to Perivan, Cryheart, and Brinn for working out the messaging.

"The Order of the Silver Gryphon is celebrating the importance of Duty, complete with tales of the early days of the Order and the War of Nations. Come meet the Knights and Members, and see if the Order may be your calling as well."

VI. Inactivity policy, squire handbook, and mentor/squire expectations were discussed and will be revisited another time.

VII. A squire task was put forth by Brinn to present the differences in organizations in Wehnimers Landing and what sets us apart from them. Onoir, The Drakes, Voln, the Azure Order of the Sun, etc.

VIII. Clarifying the Friends/Scions of the order relationship and being more open to professions beyond Warriors and Paladins. We're still missing Ruffelins work on this and we may need to recreate it. This will probably move through the order with haste after our Fair event.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree