Meeting Minutes – 3/21/2004

Order of the Silver Gryphon, Meeting Minutes for Restday, day 21 of the month Charlatos in the year 5104.

Members in attendance: Sir Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Sir Eahlstan, Guarrin, Sir Kinshack, Metadi, Murgin, Shirkon, Tebon, Xanith, Sir Yarx, Dame Yviara

Squires in attendance: Brandare*, Errethe, Mourdeyan, Tagari

Guests in attendance:

I. Squire Issues

Guarrin announced Brandare as his squire, effective this meeting, since we had no objections after the announcement last week.

Tagari is now Dame Yviara's squire, in the absence of Kriztian, the prior sponsor.

II. Combat Development Task Force

Leader: Guarrin
Volunteers: Sir Cryheart, Sir Eahlstan, Shirkon, Sir Yarx

Expect a formal debrief by next meeting.

III. Siege of Solhaven

Solhaven is under siege. Any and all help is appreciated, but feel free to take breaks to remain focused.

Look for people who demonstrate exemplary leadership on the battlefield, paritcularly those of other professions, for candidacy as Friends of the Order.

Similarly, look for those who openly commit crimes against the defenders, as we will be compiling a list of people to submit to Baron Malwind and Earl Jovery for due discipline.

Tebon suggested dispatching some reinforcements to aid the groups defending the Marshtown Road, as it seems sparsely defended now.

Tagari suggested using this as an opportunity to practice our leadership capacity by uniting lone defenders into effective groups.

IV. Friends of the Order [Closed]

Dame Deavon is the new Task Force Leader for the Friends of the Order group.

V. Squire Reform [Closed]

Dame Yviara to distribute the Squire Handbook for comments and discussion. We will discuss the Squire Reform proposal at our next meeting in a closed session.

VI. Closing Items

Tebon will be taking a leave of absence and has been moved to inactive status.

Next meeting will be in two weeks, 5104-04-04.