Meeting Minutes - 4/3/2011

Attendance: Cosannie, Dame Deavon, Sir Tebon, Sir Brinn, Sir Metadi, Balantine, Perivan, Sir Yarx, Xanith, Shirkon, Goldstr, Sir Cryheart, Geijon and Denissa (Guest of Cosannie)

Shirkon called the Meeting to order.

I. Squire issues: Caeledon has nearly completed training with the Simple Quarterstaff that Tebon has had him use in lieu of losing his weaponry recently. Tagari, Shirkon's squire, remains missing.

II. Scion Issues: Cosannie has begun training Denissa as a Scion. Denissa is in stage one of the process. Upon the 2nd step she can be put forward. Cosannie tasked her with creating 10 amulets, anklets, bracelet and amuletsimbedded with haste, which Cryheart then gave out a few days later. Most speedily accomplished.

III. Tales and Purpose is coming up. Here is the News Item:


Come join the Order of the Silver Gryphon in celebrating the importance of Duty, complete with tales of the early days of the Order and the War of Nations. Come meet the Knights and Members, and see if the Order may be your calling as well. The discussion will occur on the 24th of Olaesta, (April) at the Hearthstone steps, near the town of Wehnimer's Landing, at 9 PM elven (eastern.)

We need volunteers to tell Tales and we need to discuss an event timeline. Cryheart mentioned the arrow meant to kill Dame Deavon, Sir Yax being thrown off the tower roof, The War of Nations, the early days such as Korm's rescue. We skimmed over the V'reen, and Terate a bit as well. If you need help with some of these stories Geijon can point you in the direction after you speak the magic words and check our library first. Cryheart wants submissions of the tales you will be telling. I have listed volunteers below to start the process.

Volunteers so far: Xanith (Unknown Tale)

After we tell some tales we'll attempt to guage and track interest in potential squires. This will probably be discussed more as the timeline/agenda is laid out. As an aside our event is on a real world day called Easter Sunday.

IV. We then discussed Grishom Stone as he was named Hero of Mestanir for supplying weaponry that pushed back the invading demons. We also discussed Stone personally, but that is restricted to Member Only. We talked about the warehouse in eastern Wehnimers burning down along with the discovery of the alchemist apprentice corpse and an incomplete book of ingredients and locations. Balantine sent out additional information on this regarding the Apprentice Corpse. Refer to that for those details.

V. We discussed Blood golems also. We're uncertain if weaponry can harm them and continue to investigate ways to combat their menace if they are on the field in the fray again. This was one of the primary reasons Denissa was tasked with haste imbeded items for everyone.

VI. Grishom Stone came up again. Cryheart stated we should attempt to detain and apprehend him, but as he has appeared again recently we do not have the full support of the authorities yet and should proceed with caution and be wary. Follow appropriete codes of conduct when dealing with him. We have to catch him actively breaking laws or hurting citizens.

VII. Stump the Knight or since it's more than one I'm suggesting Quandrary the Knights perhaps. Aydan and the Order of the Azure Sun have expressed interest in running this event jointly. We'll discuss this again, but please be aware this is on our agenda and will likely be our May event.

We then adjourned for the evening to Hearthstone.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree