Meeting Minutes - 4/7/2002

In attendance:
Brinn, Cemb, Cryheart, Deavon, Drallen, Eahlstan, Humongor, Morgiest, Ruffelin, Seesfar, Skorrian, Typhus, Yviara, Zyanna

Guests: Yviara is the guest of Zyanna.

Sir Ruffelin opened the meeting.

I. Squire Issues
Sir Cemb put forth Seesfar to be tested next meeting.
Zyanna took on Yviara as squire.

II. Inactive Members
Sir Brinn tabled the discussion of inactive members until after the elections.

III. Hunts
A hunt was agreed upon for one week from the meeting.

IV. Officer Nominations
Sir Cemb, Cryheart, and Typhus were nominated for leader and accepted.
Sir Ruffelin was nominated for First.
Sir Brinn, Sir Cemb, Cryheart, Dame Deavon, Drallen, Haephestues, Typhus, and Zyanna were nominated for council positions. Voting will take place by mail throughout the interim before next meeting.

Sir Ruffelin closed the meeting.