Meeting Minutes - 5/7/2000

Fellow Members,

Since Asglyn was not present at this evening's meeting, I'll take a stab at trying to fill in for him (please let me know if I've omitted anything or made any errors in the following):

Meeting Minutes for the 7th of Ivastaen (May)

In the absence of Sir Brinn, the meeting was called to order and conducted by Sir Ruffelin. Notes of the meeting were made by Drallen, as Bireka was unable to stay for the duration.

Attending the meeting were: Maldon, Welan, Cemb, Cryheart, Thrudh, Zyanna, Ruffelin, Metadi, Khazaan, Jeanius, Kriztian, Geijon, Drallen, Tilarium, Pyranth, Yarx, Evia, and Humongor.

As no one recalled any new Apprentices being taken the previous week for the month of Ivastaen (May), Sir Welan announced his intention to take Lord Eahlstan on as his Apprentice. Barring objections, this will become official with the next meeting.

Cryheart spoke about the Public Relations Task Force project. The current proposal is to hold an event called an "Open Holding" (or Open House). Invitations would be sent out to the Houses of Elanthia and their members. The evening's festivities are suggested to include a brief tour of the Holding, refreshments (procured by Evia), a telling of tales by volunteer Members, followed by a question and answer session. Thrudh was our first "volunteer" to tell a tale (to be translated by Zyanna or other volunteer). Anyone with ideas for this event is encouraged to contact Cryheart within the next two weeks. At the next meeting, a more formalized plan for the event will be presented and a tentative date will be scheduled.

An announcement was made to advise the Members that Metadi has agreed to serve as Acting Council Member in Wanton's absence.

Khazaan was welcomed back after a long sojourn from the Landing.

Geijon reminded us that, several weeks prior, a request had been made for the testing of Kriztian. Due to various scheduling problems, the test had not been conducted. A vote was held, Sir Cemb officiated the testing (by Cryheart), and Kriztian was accepted as a full Member.

Due to the upcoming holiday honoring mothers, there will be no meeting on the 14th. The next meeting will be held on the 21st.

Looking forward to the speedy return of Asglyn and Sir Brinn,