Meeting Minutes - 5/15/2011

In attendance: Evia, Sir Metadi, Geijon, Perivan, Xanith (What!? Way on time), Sir Cryheart, Sir Brinn, Shirkon

During the invasion: Goldstr was out with Onoir, Sir Yarx, Tebon and his Squire Caeledon would join us also.

I. Squire Issues
Brinn as taken on Denissa's training from Cosannie as a Scion/Friend of the Order.

II. The Scion Documentation
We've been unable to locate the Scion documentation. It is an amendment to Friends of the Order and Evia will be working on a rough draft for the document that the Order as a group will probably critique until it's adequate to make official again.

III. Honoring the Chosen Commemoration
See news 4 70 for June 19th, 2011.

Evia is looking for volunteers for the the six virtues in giving a speech, poem, or short statement regarding Truth, Piety, Humility, Faith, Courage, and Honor. Cosannie, Goldstr, and Denissa have agreed to do several of them leaving Courage, Honor, and either Piety or Humility open. We are also looking for a Cleric of Lorminstra in place of Truekillr, who is unavailable, but has agreed to make ready some written words. Godefroy was suggested and will be contacted. If anyone has other suggestions please make them.

Onoir will be charged with carrying white roses to the four corners of Elanthia while Phoenix will hold the central ceremony and the Gryphons will act as Honor guard for the trek to Icemule and the Drake's Shrine.

This commemorative wreath has been woven of interlocking leaves and branches of fragrant laurel entwined with white-veined ivy. Carefully arranged amongst the greenery, perfect blossoms of white chrysanthemums, passionflowers, white roses, irises, red roses, and white lilies signify the virtues of truth, piety, humility, faith, courage, and honor. Set at the heart of the wreath, small stones in clear crystal, milky white, dull grey, flawless silver, veil iron and reflective glass have been pierced and wrapped with thin gold wire to form a cluster. A large white satin bow near the bottom of the wreath flutters twin streamers of gold edged white ribbons. Embroidered down the length of the first ribbon are the words, "Truth, Piety, Humility, Faith, Courage, Honor", while on the other are the names "Merry, Beldin, Nyte, Heathyr, Terate, Tedra"."

The 6 names mentioned do not list all 13 of the chosen as these 6 were those who went into the Ice Shrine and faced the Eye with Terate on the final fateful night. As this needs to be explained we may request that ribbon be removed, but it may be too late because the support request has been completed.

As an addendum. We did manage to correct the wreath. The names were removed to prevent any confusion.

IV. Brinn then mentioned that a contact in the Azure Sun had made them aware of a impending invasion tonight. Omlor had appeared the night before and joined us in an attack against demons later in the evening. At that exact moment reports of troll scouts in Wehnimer's were noted, but the scouts were dispatched. After this occured winged Vathors flew over us and scouted where the trolls failed. During this time an argument was ensuing in Mayor Walkar's office regarding the Orcs that have made refuge near out city.

Onoir, the Drakes Vanguard, and Gryphons along with various defense groups such as the DDR and House Dreadnaught's who are stationed in the west to aid us were well positioned and dug in for the assault. It took some time until the attack actually began, but we fended it off with considerable voracity. Fiends, Vathors, Oculoths, Constructs, Gargoyles, Undead Warriors, and Golems made up the primary forces.

We heard reports of movement at the abandoned inn that Tebon investigated. We later learned that Allanano and some of the Ta'Mori engaged one another, but that it was likely a diversion. A fiend set upon us around this time and cries from within the city were heard that Council members had been killed. We then heard of a Shadow Wall and militia trainees being murdered at the barracks and rushed to investigate and intervene. While weakening the shadow wall with flares and light spell Eoghain by use of an evil eye killed a large portion of the gathered forces (38 of us) gaining the Drakes Vanguard enmity and likely enforcement of the banishment laws. (Walkar has released a statement on this and a supporting general city announcement about the chaos was made as well). Ta'Mori and several new suspected allies were then engaged, but mostly escaped once the Wall was taken down.

Investigation and response remains ungoing. As always the Gryphon as an Order and its members will only defend against such against and proper lawful response by the City officials will carry out any appropriete justice or advisement on these Outlaws.

By my hand,
Geijon Khyree