Meeting Minutes – 6/25/2005

Attendance: Kriztian, Yviara, Mourdeyan, Eahlstan, Shirkon, Murgin, Koleph and I were present for the meeting tonight.

Together we have come up with our next be held on the 21st of Phoenatos (August).

The event will begin with a small tour of the Holding, we will give a tale or two of the founding of the Order and perhaps the battle with Hochstib, then we will have a trivia contest with some prizes and a chivalric discussion on Chastity, being lead by Murgin. (you know those halfings)

A committee consisting of Kriztian, Mourdeyan and Yviara will come up with trivia questions and answers..will be about who is who in our history. So if you have some good questions, then feel free to pass then along to the committee, either via our missive system or in person.

We shall need to provide an announcement for the calendar and event, which we can send to the town council for approval. So, keeping in mind the events, come up with some ideas so ALL can contribute, edit and such. Send announcement ideas via the missive, then I will look at synthesizing into one final one.

We also talked about Morvule, Ablen, Kendryth and Ulstram have shown their faces the past two weeks or so, Morvule more recently.