Meeting Minutes - 6/27/1999

Heyo all,

There will be no hunt or meeting next week. The week after, the 11th, we will have a regular meeting.

Cryheart was elected as PR leader with Wanton as co-leader.

This Thursday there is the first PR talk for the public. It will be held at Kai's Shrine at 9:30 pm Elven time. The topic will be chivalry and respect and will be led by Hyoko.

Brinn suggested perhaps a talk could be given via the amulet's little used white channel sometime.

Brinn outlined what he's been considering regarding the inclusion of other professions in the Order and how they would operate. He reminded us that nothing would be decided without a lot of discussion and not until after the Baron has struck.

Both Strathe and Welan have acheived Legendhood status!

Good hunting and see you all on the 11th. :)